Nolan is a new character introduced in Teen Wolf Season 6B. He is played by actor Froy Gutierrez.


Nolan is a shy, sensitive sophomore at Beacon Hills High School. He plays on the lacrosse team and doesn't have friends. Nolan suffers from multiple mental illnesses and is driven by a need for acceptance and feelings of loneliness.

Season 6

Nolan is shaken up from the wolf showing up at lacrosse practice. He visits Tamora Monroe where he reveals that he doesn't believe a "large animal" was responsible for the library attack witnessed in Maid of Gevaudan. (Read More...)

Prompted by Aaron, Nolan tests out his theory about supernatural creatures by stabbing Corey in the hand with a pen. He shows everyone in the library that the wound healed instantly. (Read More...)

Nolan and Gabe make several attempts at exposing Liam Dunbar as a werewolf at school. They beat him senseless in front of classmates. (Read More...)

He attempts to use wolfsbane on Jiang and Tierney but is stopped by Liam. While handcuffed to a desk, he witnesses a deputy hang himself under the influence of the Anuk-Ite. (Read More...)

Nolan follows Mason to the Hill Valley Zoo, where he believes Scott's pack is hiding. Gerard hands him a crossbow and tells him to shoot to kill. Nolan is unable to follow through. (Read More...)

Gabe gives Nolan credit for the attack on the McCall House in an attempt to keep him on good terms with Tamora. (Read More...)

Nolan helps Liam by giving him information on Gerard and Monroe's plan and unwittingly leads Scott's Pack into a trap. (Read More...)

Nolan joins Melissa, Theo, Liam, Mason, and Corey in defending the hospital against the hunters. (Read More...)


Froy Gutierrez tells Teen Wolf News that Nolan is one of the more complex characters we've seen on Teen Wolf.

“Nolan is frail, both mentally and physically, so I ended up losing 15 pounds while I was playing him. I stopped doing muscle training at the gym and only worked on cardio. Most of the preparation for Nolan, however, was mental. I had to go to some dark places in my mind to bring out honest moments.
The most complex aspect of Nolan that is explored the most this season are his psychological issues. Nolan suffers from social anxiety, depression, insomnia, mania and paranoia. His only real motive is to stop feeling alone, which makes him the perfect pawn for the larger, darker forces at work in Beacon Hills.


'Organisms Can Change' Official Sneak Peek Teen Wolf (Season 6B) MTV

'Organisms Can Change' Official Sneak Peek Teen Wolf (Season 6B) MTV