Nurse Cross was a nurse working in the closed unit of Eichen House and was also a henchman to Dr. Valack.

She is played by Mandy Levin.

Season 5Edit

She believes Lydia Martin to be faking her vegetative state and taunts her. Later, she orders Schrader to give her a high dose of medicine that would indeed make her comatose. (Read More...)

Cross continues her cruel taunts at Lydia saying that someone as "dangerous" as her could be locked up forever. (Read More...)

She assists Schrader in checking on Lydia when they think they heard her scream. (Read More...)

As Stiles Stilinski finishes his visit, she prepares Lydia for her shower. (Read More...)

She goes with Valack to an old room beneath Eichen House where he places a Dread Doctor mask on her head. She thrashes about and screams in pain until she lies motionless on the floor. (Read More...)

Lydia sees her body in a Plexiglas cell within the old room. Valack says she wasn't strong enough to handle the mask. (Read More...)


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