Jennifer was a nurse who worked at Beacon Hills' Long Term Care Facility and Peter Hale's accomplice in his vendetta against Kate Argent.

Desiree Hall plays Jennifer.


While Peter was in her care, she discovers that he is a werewolf and helped him with his crimes as well as his recovery.

She would stop Beacon Hills Animal Clinic to get a copy of a picture of the deer with the The Spiral its side. She used the image to help lure Laura Hale back to Beacon Hills so Peter could kill her and become an Alpha.

After his identity is discovered, Peter kills her in between Wolf's Bane and Code Breaker as she was no longer needed.

Season 1Edit

She chastises Scott McCall and Derek Hale for entering without permission. (Read More...)

When Derek starts shouting at a comatose Peter, she stops him and tells him to let him respond in his own time. (Read More...)

She assists Peter in cornering Stiles Stilinski at the center until Derek knocks her out with a punch. (Read More...)

In a flashback, Jennifer witnesses Peter wake up during a full moon. (Read More...)

Her corpse is seen in the trunk of her car by Stiles. Peter justifies with "I got better." (Read More...)



  • What are you doing here? Visiting hours are over” — To Stiles in Wolf's Bane
  • He'll respond if you give him the time.” — To Derek in Heart Monitor
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