Pack Mentality is the third episode of Teen Wolf.


Scott is shaken when a nightmare coincides uncannily with the mauling of a school bus driver, an attack that puts Sheriff Stilinski and the rest of Beacon Hills on high alert. Meanwhile, Scott is excited for his first date with Allison, until it becomes a confusing group date with Lydia and Jackson to the bowling alley.

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The episode begins within Scott’s dream. He is on a date with Allison, but the dream becomes a nightmare when he murders her on a bus. The next day, Scott tells Stiles about the dream and how oddly clear it was. Stiles is about to convince Scott to let it go when they open the door and are faced with the ravaged bus. Scott becomes worried that the dream was real, and goes off to find Allison. She is nowhere to be found, and he becomes enraged and accidentally damages Jackson’s locker. Scott is stunned at his loss of control, and attempts to leave school but bumps into Allison. He is relieved to see her alive, then turns around to see Jackson dumbfounded over the state of his locker. Later, in chemistry, Scott and Stiles are discussing the recent change of events. This is noted by teacher Adrian Harris, and he separates them. Student Harley alerts the class to activity at the crime scene outside the window, and they see a clearly traumatized man being loaded into an ambulance. Scott believes that he is responsible for this.

Later at lunch, Scott and Stiles are still trying to wrap their heads around recent events, but are suddenly joined by Lydia, Allison, Danny, Jackson, and Brian, who Jackson quickly dismisses. Table conversation turns to the incident and the man found, who Jackson assumes was a drug addict. Stiles plays a news update on his phone, revealing that the man had been identified as the bus driver, Garrison Myers, who Scott realizes he knew. At Lydia's request, the subject changes to nightly plans. Allison and Scott are surprised that Lydia seems to have invited herself and Jackson on their date, therefore turning it into a group date. Realizing that they don’t have anything planned, Lydia suggest bowling, as Jackson loves it. When asked about his bowling skills, Scott is unsure, which causes Jackson to taunt him and for Scott to boast that he is a great bowler; a decision which he later regrets, but has no time to reconsider as he is late for work at the Animal Clinic. When he arrives, he is unnerved by the arrival of the Sheriff, as he believes that they have found some connection between him and the attack. However, he is only there to have his dog's stitches removed. While he is there he gives Dr. Deaton some case files so that he can help identify the animal. He identifies it as a wolf but notes some abnormalities.

Later, Scott stops by the hospital to make a dinner delivery to his mother and decides to see the bus driver. He begins having a panic attack at the sight of Scott, worsening his fears. The next day, the Sheriff’s office has dispatched a car to canvass Derek Hale's home, however, Derek uses his werewolf ability to scare off the deputy. As his car pulls away, Scott appears behind it, asking for Derek’s help. Scott asks Derek if he will hurt or kill someone, to which he replies, "Yes." He then offers to teach Scott how to recall his memories and control the shifts, leaving unclear what he wants in return. Derek tells Scott to go to the bus and let his body remember for him.

Later that evening, Scott goes to the bus to recall his memories, while Stiles keeps lookout, much to his displeasure. After Scott recalls his memories, he and Stiles quickly speed off, seeing someone else's arrival. Scott reveals that he remembers trying to help the man, and another wolf, who he believes to be Derek attacked him, which Stiles finds curious. Meanwhile, Allison and Lydia are picking out outfits for their group date, when suddenly Mr. Argent walks in and forbids her to leave the house due to the recently enacted curfew. Allison, however, resolves to sneak out anyway, much to Lydia’s surprise. Derek decides to pay the bus driver a visit to interrogate him on what he saw. Much to Derek’s surprise, the bus driver recognizes him. As Derek ask him what he remembers, the bus driver repeats, "I'm sorry, I'm sorry." He lays his head down. Mrs. McCall, working as a nurse, sees that his heart monitor has stopped and runs to the bus driver’s room, only to find him dead and Derek gone.

Later at their date, Allison and Jackson show great skill at bowling whereas Scott and Lydia do not. After becoming annoyed at Lydia and Jackson’s increased smugness, Allison decides to give Scott some pointers to keep his mind off the game and on her naked. This raises his blood pressure, allowing him to use his werewolf abilities, and greatly improves his game, to everyone's astonishment. Suddenly Lydia begins flirting with Scott, who quickly shoots her down. Clearly annoyed with this, she begins to bowl with perfect form, revealing that she was only pretending to be terrible for Jackson’s sake. Meanwhile, Mr. Argent and the other hunters corner Derek at a gas station to bait him, hinting that they know he is a werewolf and his history.

As the group date ends, Scott attempts to bury the hatchet with Jackson, who tells him that he knows that something strange is going on with Scott, which he knows Scott doesn't want Allison to find out. He vows to find out. After driving Allison home, she and Scott kiss goodnight.

At home, Mrs. McCall stops in to say goodnight to Scott, but sees that he isn’t in his room. She leaves the room, then hears someone coming in through Scott’s window and nearly attacks Stiles with a baseball bat. Scott then comes in behind her, much to her relief, and she then questions whether either of them care about the police-instigated curfew, to which they reply “No!” She decides to go to bed, leaving Scott and Stiles to talk. Stiles then reveals that the bus driver is dead. Scott goes to confront Derek and accuses him of murdering the bus driver and his sister, threatening to tell the sheriff everything. Derek attacks Scott, forcing him to shift, and he pushes Derek through a wall. Commenting that Scott’s stunt was “cute,” Derek then shifts and dominates Scott in the ensuing fight. After they shift back to their human state, Derek tells Scott that another werewolf, The Alpha, killed Laura Hale and the bus driver. It was also this werewolf that bit Scott and now wants the boy to kill with him and join his pack. Derek explains that his sister was an Alpha type werewolf but that he and Scott are both Beta types.

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  • Passion Pit - "Tonight Tonight"

Scene: Scott and Allison make out on bus

  • Miniature Tigers - "Bullfighter Jacket"

Scene: Scott is relieved Allison is safe

  • Research Material - "The Sun"

Scene: Scott and Stiles in cafeteria

  • The Vaccines - "Wreckin' Bar (Ra Ra Ra)"

Scene: Scott decides to go bowling

  • Au Revoir Simone - "Tell Me (Clock Opera Remix)"

Scene: Allison picks through outfits with Lydia

  • Tokyo Police Club - "Wait Up (Boots of Danger)"

Scene: A fun night of bowling

  • Art Vs Science - "Take A Look At Your Face"

Scene: Derek arrives at gas station

  • Oberhofer - "o0O0o0O0o"

Scene: Allison gives Scott sage bowling advice

  • Graffiti6 - "Stone In My Heart"

Scene: Scott bowls strikes

  • Ellie Goulding - "Starry Eyed"

Scene: Allison and Scott kiss

  • Paper Route - "You Kill Me"

Scene: Scott confronts Derek

  • My Chemical Romance - "Destroya"

Scene: Scott and Derek fight

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