Paige was Derek Hale's first love when he was a student at Beacon Hills High School.

She was portrayed by Madison Blaine McLaughlin.


She first met Derek when he and his friends were playing basketball in the hallway while she was practicing Schubert's Ave Maria on her cello. Shortly after showing off, Derek apologizes and introduces himself, but she claims to already know who he is and they start dating.

Paige and Derek would hook up in an abandoned distillery most of the time. One night, they discovered a rope covered in blood and left before his mother and the other Alpha Werewolves arrive.

After growing more in love with her, Derek began to fear she would leave him when she found out his true nature. One night, when she was at the school, she is attacked and bitten by Ennis at Derek's request. Derek tried to prevent it but was too late.

However, her body rejects the bite and begins to slowly and painfully die. At the Nemeton, Derek attempts to relieve her pain and comfort her. She confides that she knew he was "different". Knowing she was going to die, Paige asks him to end her pain. He does so by breaking her neck.

Her body was placed in the woods where it would be found and attributed to an animal attack and Derek's eyes turned from yellow to blue as a result of taking an innocent life.

Season 3Edit

Her story and how Derek's eyes turned blue is told by Peter Hale to his niece Cora Hale and Stiles Stilinski. (Read More...)

Jennifer Blake reveals to Derek that he unintentionally sacrificed Paige at the Nemeton and it was her virgin blood that gave the tree enough power for Jennifer to alive after being attacked by Kali. (Read More...)


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