Pressure Test is the 15th episode of Teen Wolf Season 6.

MTV broadcast the show as the second part of a two-hour Teen Wolf block on August 20th.

Episode 615 marks the Teen Wolf debut of Dylan Sprayberry's sister Ellery Sprayberry and is the only episode in the series' run written by Jennifer Quintenz.


When Scott and his pack try to protect two new werewolves, an unlikely ally joins the fight.

Full Recap

At Gerard’s hunter HQ, two young werewolves - Jiang and Tierney (Brandon Soo Hoo and Ellery Sprayberry) - and Theo are tied to a metal scissor gate while former Eichen House orderly Schrader pokes them with a high-voltage taser stick. The two new werewolves keep telling him they’ll never give him any information and aren’t afraid to die, but Schrader says he doesn’t have any questions for them. Theo says he’s not with them and will cooperate in any way necessary.

Schrader throws a bucket of water on them and then electrifies the entire gate. Theo tries to reason with Schrader, offering again to help him, but Schrader continues to shock them. Theo says if they make it out alive he’ll kill the werewolves himself.

Then, realizing that the electricity is beginning to melt through the plastic handcuffs holding the prisoners to the gate. He begins to taunt Schrader, reminding him of his sadistic treatment of the patients at Eichen House and calling him a psycho and a freak (See Creatures of the Night). Schrader dials the electricity up to 11. The surge burns through the cuffs and Theo breaks free. He easily incapacitates Schrader and straps him to the metal gate.  Theo turns to leave the other two werewolves to their own devices. They say they want to get a “couple hundred miles” away from Beacon Hills and decide to steal the former orderly’s car.

Theo notices a pack symbol tattoo on the young girl’s arm. It’s represents stacked rocks and marks her as part of Satomi’s pack. The young man reveals that Satomi is now dead and the rest of the pack either dead or scattered. Theo says he doesn’t care but suggests they find Scott McCall because the True Alpha has a “thing for taking in strays.” They’re very excited by the prospect of finding Scott and urge Theo to help them. He offers to in exchange for the keys to Schrader’s car.

As they leave, Theo dials the electricity on the gate up to 11 again and Schrader screams in pain as the voltage courses through his body.

Later, Sheriff Stilinski arrives in a parking lot and arrests Theo and the strays. He says the charge is murder.

Doctor Deaton Faces His Fear

An orderly opens the gate to the special ward at Eichen House to allow Dr. Deaton inside. He quickly closes it behind the vet claiming he’ll go no further. Deaton asks if he’ll need a weapon. The orderly says they stopped allowing them in this part of the hospital because people tended to kill themselves after only thirty seconds of exposure to whatever is down there.

Alan makes it only a few feet down the corridor before he is struck with overwhelming dread. He manages to fight through it and into the cell Halwyn called home for more than a hundred years. Still terrified, he manages to find a crack in the wall and begins prying at the plaster and underlying stone. After about 35 seconds he emerges from the cell with a piece of stone with something carved into it.

In the holding cell at the Sheriff’s station, Theo loudly professes his innocence and then turns on the two young werewolves demanding to know who they killed and which one did the killing. At first, they stay quiet but he persists, and, eventually, the young man (Jiang), begins to spill his guts. He says they didn’t have a choice because the hunters came after them and killed their pack.

After this confession, Theo turns his face to the security camera and asks, “We good?” Sheriff Stilinski, watching a monitor nods to Deputy Parrish who heads over and releases Theo.

Remember the Alamo

Scott's Pack with Quinn (Lucy Loken) in tow insists the Sheriff release the two werewolves arguing that they killed hunters in self-defense. The Sheriff refuses saying he has to follow the legal process. Scott argues it’s not safe but the Sheriff insists his station may be the safest spot in town.

Lydia brings up Stiles and questions if he would agree with his father. Malia points out that it was a deputy that shot Quinn. The Sheriff doesn’t believe that, saying he knows and trusts all of his deputies well enough to recognize if one of them were a hunter. Liam says the supernatural fear thing is changing people and Scott says the sheriff can’t protect his prisoners from hunters if they’re already on the inside.

Quinn explains that she saw a police car, flashing lights, a badge, and a gun just before she was shot in the head. The sheriff claims there are holes in her story.

Parrish is processing Theo’s release when the chimera hears hunters surrounding the building outside.

The sheriff is still arguing to keep the pair in custody when bright lights flash on outside the station. Tamora Monroe and a dozen well-armed hunters are waiting there. The sheriff orders all his officers to put their weapons away and get away from the windows. He disarms himself and prepares to go outside to seek a peaceful resolution. Parrish wants to go with him but Noah orders him to check the exits to see if they’re completely surrounded and tells him to watch his fellow officers to make sure they’re all on the same side.

He and Monroe face off. The hunters brandish their weapons, cocking shotguns.

Fear Creeps In

Malia is suddenly panicked. She demands that they all get the hell out of the station. Scott urges her to give Stilinski a chance to negotiate. Liam questions how they could get Jiang and Tierney out. Malia is having none of it. She says, “Screw them!”

Theo enters. Liam offers to kill him. Malia says to leave him and, still panicked, insists they leave. Quinn goes off on the werecoyote yelling, “We’re not going anywhere. Don’t you get it? We’re trapped. They have all of the windows and doors covered. We’re going to die in her!” Theo offers to kill her. Malia screams for him to “Shut up!”

Scott holds Malia’s hand and finds that she’s shaking. Lydia points out that there are only a dozen hunters and that they can “take them.” Liam again points out that they need to save Jiang and Tierney because they’re the last of Satomi’s pack. Scott agrees that they’ll escape and take the two young werewolves with them.

Corey and Mason Seek Knowledge

Corey is in the school library trying to figure out what came out of the Wild Hunt when they all escaped back in the spring. Mason urges him to go back to his math homework saying “figuring out stuff is my thing.” His boyfriend says he needs a thing too but Mason points out that Corey has the “invisibility thing,” which is a good thing. Corey feels guilty for just standing by as Liam got his ass kicked (See Face-to-Faceless). Mason says Liam healed but Corey points out that Mason would not if he were the target next time. Corey is worried about the coming war between supernaturals and humans. He says he’s pretty sure supernaturals will win. He worries about what that means for his love.

Mason takes charge of the conversation. He says the whole thing is about fear and they need to find what’s causing it. They decide to start at the beginning with the first manifestation of the uncontrollable fear, the wolves in the woods (See Said the Spider to the Fly).

The sheriff attempts to reason with Monroe saying that the judicial system will take care of the two murder suspects. She scoffs that “Justice is about fairness” and there’s nothing fair about a werewolf versus a human. Gabe and Nolan are watching nearby. The sheriff says if she thinks he’s handing two kids over to a lynch mob, it’ll be a short conversation.

The Not-So-Great Escape

Liam keys the jail cell open and tells Jiang and Tierney that he’s getting them out. He rushes out of the room, but they don’t follow. He returns to see why they’re still in the cell. They say they can hear the hunters outside. Liam says their choice is to either come with him or be locked in a cell if they hunters get inside. They follow him out.

Outside, Monroe uses the description of a “subduction zone” where two tectonic plates crash into one another as an analogy of their current situation. She says either the pressure of the crash is relieved in small bursts of energy or one massively destructive earthquake. She says they need to release the pressure of the current situation. He balks once again at handing over his prisoners to be murdered. Monroe says she’s the only thing stopping the hunters from storming the station. She says all the sheriff has to do is hand over Jiang and Tierney to avoid a bloodbath.

Scott’s Pack and Theo prepare to storm outside. The sheriff comes back in and orders them to stop. Lydia assures him that she can get through the hunters, but he insists they get back from the windows and orders Parrish to return Jiang and Tierney to their cell.  The Sheriff says Monroe has given them a deadline of midnight to hand over the two young werewolves. 

Jailhouse Reunions

The deputies and Scott’s Pack prepare for a siege by moving metal desks and cabinets in front of the doors and windows. Deputies load their weapons as the Sheriff and Parrish discuss the pros and cons of calling for outside help. Any person they call risks exposing Scott and the other supernaturals, and, if backup arrived and saw werewolves, they wouldn’t know the good guys from the bad. They also fear that one of their deputies is a secret hunter.

The hunters are apparently jamming the cell phone signals around the Sheriff’s office. The department two-way radio also doesn’t work. Lydia tells Quinn that there’s not really a jammer that could do that suggesting someone inside the station sabotaged it.  Suddenly the power goes out.

Fear begins to grip some of the others. Deputy Morrow (Jessica Bues) stands paralyzed looking toward the lights outside until the Sheriff catches her attention and orders her back.

Another deputy throws Nolan to the floor. She holds a pair of bolt cutters and implies that Nolan cut the power. Liam is incensed. He says Nolan is a liar and is sick in the head. Nolan begs to stay because if he returns to Monroe, “She’ll know I screwed up.” The Sheriff tells Parrish to lock him. The deputy handcuffs him to the bench outside the cell where Jiang and Tierney are incarcerated. Nolan immediately begins working on releasing himself from the cuffs.

Theo wants out. He tells Liam that nothing will get the hunters to just leave and they should hand over the two werewolves they want if Liam doesn’t want to watch his whole pack die. It’s clear that Liam wants to save Jiang and Tierney to somehow make up for his inability to save Brett and Lori. Theo scoffs at the idea saying, “Your dead friends are dead, and they’re going to stay dead no matter what you do.” Liam punches Theo hard in the face and leaves to look at the surveillance feed from the jail cell. He sees Nolan get to his feet.

Jiang knows Nolan. Jiang says he almost didn’t recognize Nolan who points out that it’s been five years since they’ve seen each other. The young hunter says a lot can change in that time pointing out that the last time he saw his former friend, Jiang was human. Jiang says he’s still human. Nolan changes the subject and asks if Jiang actually killed the two hunters. Jiang says they killed his family. Nolan corrects him and says, “Don’t you mean your pack?”

Someone throws a smoke grenade inside the main lobby of the Sheriff’s Station. Parrish notices and yells for everyone to get down just before it explodes with bright flash of light and an ear-blasting bang.

Nolan has freed himself and approaches the cell. He says he didn’t know it would be his old friend, but Tierney points out that Nolan is going to kill them anyway. Nolan says he’ll do what he has to and lifts a vial of what appears to be Purple Wolfsbane liquid. Liam rushes in and incapacitates the young hunter and snatches away the deadly poison.

In the lobby, as the smoke begins to clear, Scott realizes it was a distraction for something else the hunters were doing.

Hunting the Hunters

Noah is incensed because Monroe said they had until midnight. Parrish says the grenade came from inside the station. Deputy Vargas is holding the pin from the grenade as she watches the chaos.

Liam brings Nolan in and shows Scott the wolfsbane liquid claiming Nolan was trying to kill them. He also says Scott needs to look at the young werewolves’ eyes. Scott follows him to the cell and demands, - with a loud roar and a flash of his red eyes - that Jiang and Tierney show their eyes. They glow blue indicating they’ve killed an innocent.

Scott interrogates the pair about what went down with Satomi’s pack. Jiang says Satomi tried to talk to them as they killed almost her entire pack. On he and Tierney were left, hiding in a storm drain, when the hunters killed Satomi. Tierney says their Alpha died so that they could keep running.

One day, they decided to stop running and started hunting the hunters instead. They used public records to track down suspected hunters and killed them, but Scott says they didn’t actually kill the hunters who killed their pack. Liam reiterates that they can’t kill innocent people but Tierney counters that none of “them are more innocent than us.” Scott says he doesn’t know what they’ll do with the pair.

Parrish tells a fellow deputy to watch Nolan after he handcuffs the boy to the chair. Once Parrish leaves, the other deputy no longer sees Nolan. Instead, the faceless bloody lump is in the boy's place.

Outside, Tamora Monroe offers encouraging words as Gabe aims a crossbow at the station. He says Gerard taught him to inhale, breathe out slowly, and fire right before you run out of breath. Gabe wonders how he’s supposed to kill anyone inside the station from outside. Monroe says the point isn’t to kill anyone, it’s to send a message.

Scott tells the sheriff that he can’t save Jiang and Tierney from their fates because they’ve killed innocent people. Noah says it doesn’t matter because in war you have to kill people and they won’t always be guilty or innocent. In war, there’s only your side and the other side.

Gabe’s arrow breaks the window and sticks into a wooden post in the lobby of the station. People inside panic a bit. Malia pulls it free from the wood and releases a piece of fabric. It’s a bloodstained number seven on a green background. It’s Brett’s number. Lydia says the hunters are trying to rattle them. Theo says it’s working.

It’s In Here With Us

Deputy Morrow screams at the sight of one of her fellow officers hanging by the neck from a rafter. The sheriff and Parrish rush to cut him down. Nolan says he didn’t do anything, the officer just lost it. Morrow begins to panic, removes here service weapon from her holster and aims it at her own head. Outside, Monroe and the Hunters hear the shot and turn to look.

Liam hustles Nolan into the jail cell and locks the door to keep him safe. Gabe informs Monroe that they’re now 10 minutes till midnight.

Lydia examines the two dead deputies. She says their suicides weren’t just panic. She says “it” is in there with them. The sheriff says he’s already got two bodies and he’s not giving Monroe two more. This gives Scott an idea. They decide to substitute the dead deputies for Jiang and Tierney since Monroe never actually saw or spoke with them. The sheriff fires two more shots to simulate killing someone. Then they load up two body bags and present them to Monroe. He says the werewolves tried to run and harm deputies along the way so they killed them.

She’s not convinced and demands to see their pack tattoos. Just as both sides brace for a fight, Agent McCall shows up and calms everybody down. Agent McCall says he's there to make sure no one else dies.

The New Big Bad: Anuk-Ite

Corey and Mason get caught after breaking into the vet clinic to find the body of one of the dead wolves. Deaton is cool about it but says they should have knocked. He brings out the corpse of one of the wolves and they examine it for anything the fear creature might have left behind. Deaton realizes they’re looking for whatever came out of the Wild Hunt and is intrigued that they believe it started with the wolf because he had the same thought.

Deaton says his examination showed nothing about the creature, so he started looking for more information on Halwyn since he’s the one who imprisoned it. He reveals the piece of etched stone he found at Eichen House. He says it appears to be a dead end but Corey says there’s another side to the picture. He shifts to invisibility and his vision shifts to see the same frequency that showed him the Ghost Riders and the portal to the Wild Hunt. Glowing green lines appear on the stone, mirroring the etched part. Corey reappears and traces out the lines only he could see.

Deaton recognizes it at once. He explains that “It is an ancient shapeshifter, a creature of disharmony. It can turn neighbor against neighbor sowing the seeds of discord and hate. It doesn’t need fangs. It doesn’t need claws. It uses something far more sinister. When paranoia turns to anger, anger turns to violence, entire communities tear themselves apart. The creature feeds off the fear and grows more powerful.”

He says it’s called the Anuk-Ite. Mason says if they know what it is then they can stop it. Deaton is unsure. He says Anuk-ite is also sometimes called Double Face. One face is beautiful and the other is hideous. Mason questions if the thing has two faces or is it two people? Deaton says two faces could mean two creatures and when they combine they would be unstoppable.

Double, Double, Double Cross

Agent McCall of the FBI says Scott and his friends are required to leave Beacon Hills. The pack thinks it’s a terrible idea but the hunters agreed to it and McCall senior believes de-escalation is the best option. He reveals that Sheriff Stilinski called him for help for just that reason. Scott agrees that everyone will leave.

With the hunters clear out from the Sheriff’s Station still surrounding the sheriff’s station, Scott and his friends exit. Nolan returns to Gabe’s side. Agent McCall leads Jiang and Tierney to a waiting prisoner transport van and loads them inside. Tierney nods to Scott as the door closes and the van drives away.

Later in Scott’s room, his father explains that them leaving is the best thing. Scott kind of ignores him and continues packing. The Agent says he’d rather Scott be mad at him and leave the state than to have to watch him die. Scott says he’s not mad and understands why.

Malia arrives and Rafe excuses himself to head downstairs. Malia grabs Scott’s hand. He says something lame about how she could have grabbed one of his suitcase bags. She does pick up a bag and they smile at each other.

A similar, but more spirited exchange is going on in the locker room at school. Mason is pissed that Corey and the rest are leaving because they’ll be handing Beacon Hills over to the hunters. Corey explains that Scott and Stilinski believe it’s the only way.  Mason begs to come with him so he can help figure things out and protect him. Corey says this time he’ll protect Mason.

The prison transport pulls into a deserted portion of the town’s warehouse district. The driver gets out, opens the back and kills both Jiang and Tierney with a shotgun. He closes the doors and walks away.

In her office at school, Nolan apologizes to Monroe for failing her. She explains that the wolves didn’t get away and were “taken care of.” She promises it will be easier for him to kill next time. Nolan assures her that he won’t fail again. She says she’s glad to hear it but still needs him to prove it.

Mason and Sydney are at the blackboard in math class. Mason can’t concentrate. He looks from the blank board, down at his book, then back at the board in front of him. The words “Animal Clinic” are now printed there. He turns around to the class. When he turns back, the word “NOW” is underlined on the board. He drops his book and exits. Sydney looks after him and when she looks back to the blackboard a smiley face has appeared in the middle of her math problem.

Mason arrives at the clinic and finds Corey. He’s a little mad that his boyfriend liked to him but the rest of the pack is there too and reveal that this was their plan all along. They needed everyone to be absolutely sure that they were gone. Now the plan is to fight back.

Episode List

Season 5 Season 6
#01 Memory Lost #06 Ghosted #11 Said the Spider to the Fly #16 Triggers
#02 Superposition #07 Heartless #12 Raw Talent #17 Werewolves of London
#03 Sundowning #08 Blitzkrieg #13 After Images #18 Genotype
#04 Relics #09 Memory Found #14 Face-to-Faceless #19 Broken Glass
#05 Radio Silence #10 Riders on the Storm #15 Pressure Test #20 The Wolves of War


  • MILCK - "Monster"

Scene: Sheriff Stilinski takes kids out of the station.

  • Ed Tullett - "In Cure"

Scene: Scott and Malia hold hands and pack their things while Corey says goodbye to Mason.


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