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Radio Silence is the fifth episode of Teen Wolf Season 6.


Trapped inside the Wild Hunt, Stiles reunites with an unexpected ally while Scott, Lydia and Malia discover Stiles’s Jeep may be connected to his disappearance.

Full Recap[]

Stiles Stilinski sits with dozens of other people in what appears to be a rundown train station. The people are silent and seem distracted. Stiles realizes that the keys to his Jeep are in his hand. He speaks to Doctor Sandra Hugo (the doctor Lydia saw in class back in Superposition). He says, "Where are we?" She says they're at train station 137 but doesn’t seem to remember how long she’s been there or much anything else including why she's still wearing her scrubs from work. A businessman (Barry Livingston) sitting next to her reading a paper says they've been there for at least six hours.

Stiles gets up and walks to the ticket booth. The sign says "Back in 5 Minutes" but the dust on the counter is thick. Stiles turns to ask if anyone works at the station when a voice comes over the intercom. "The following stops have been canceled: Hollatine, Baddon, Bay Burry, Deer Ridge, Red Oak, Trenton, Anderson, King Springs." All the people get up from their seats and head for the tunnel marked "To Trains." Stiles follows asking them if they know which train is coming.

Wind sweeps through the tunnel bringing with it rustling leaves and the sound of the Ghost Riders on horseback. The people in the waiting area panic and flee, taking refuge behind the rows of pews as the Riders enter and dump a tied man onto the floor. The man's bonds disappear in a puff of green smoke. The riders tear through the station knocking people down as they ride. Someone grabs Stiles and thrusts him behind a column. It's Peter Hale.

Where Peter Spent Season 5[]

The riders return through the tunnel and everyone in the station, save Stiles, immediately returns to their seats and their formerly docile disposition.

Stiles questions Peter who explains that he's there to catch a train. When pushed on how he got there, he says he probably took a cab. He appears to have forgotten about the Ghost Riders already. Stiles seems to the only person to remember as the others are as docile as before including the guy the riders just dumped. Peter asks Stiles to move because he's "blocking the board."

The board is a list of arrivals and departures. The towns of Beacon Hills, Bodie, Boneville, Pripyat, Bannack, Skido, Canaan, Garnet, Harappa, and Red Bird are listed under the heading Arrivals. With each listed as "arrived" except Beacon Hills which is listed as "on time."

The Departures board shows all towns are "delayed." They include Springville, Batten, Red Oak, Trenton, Anderson, King Springs, Cannon Creek, Hollatine, Bay Burry, and Deer Ridge.

Stiles reminds Peter that the last time anyone saw him, he was being locked away in Eichen House and the memories start flooding back. Peter remembers screaming as he is locked in a cell with Dr. Valack (See Smoke & Mirrors). Peter remembers carving The Spiral pattern signifying revenge on the floor of his cell. The power went out and his door opened (See Amplification). He left his cell and beat down a guard that tried to stop him. Then he ran from Eichen. At some later time, as he is getting into his car, he hears thunder and the Ghost Riders appear and shoot him.

Stiles explains that the lockdown and power outage at Eichen House was three months prior. Peter is shocked and annoyed that nobody missed him in all that time. Stiles explains how the Ghost Riders erase memories. Peter is surprised to learn of the Ghost Riders. He's familiar with the story and says, "They ride the lightning. They are an unstoppable force of nature. But I promise you they don't make pit stops in train stations."

Stiles is looking for a way out but Peter says there is no escape that he and Stiles are "doomed to ride the storm forever." Stiles believes there must be a way out of a train station but Peter says it's not real because Beacon Hills doesn't have a train station.

EDITOR'S NOTE: In Season 2, Derek Hale made his home in an abandoned Train Depot. This has caused some fans to question Peter's statement. The easiest way to explain it is to say that all train stations are depots but not all depots are stations. A train station is a regular stop along a route and typically has facilities for passengers whereas a depot could be lacking these facilities and be designed primarily for cargo and car maintenance. The difference is a source of lively debate among train fanciers.

Stiles Tries the Doors[]

Peter breaks the chain off one of the station doors and Stiles walks through. He emerges back in the station. Peter notices a man watching them, curious since everyone else is either "comatose or catatonic." They approach and the man (the same one who yelled at Lydia in the Stilinski house in Relics), and demand to know why he's watching them. He says he's been trying to escape too.

He says the exit is right in front of their face but they've not seen it. The tunnel the Ghost Riders came through causes fear and people go out of their way not to notice it. The man says it's all part of the illusion, that the Ghost Riders want them to be afraid. Peter says he's not afraid and walks briskly toward the tunnel. He can't go in though and asks Stiles to push him inside. Once he does, the man walks briskly forward and into the dark. Stiles hesitates until Peter pulls him inside the tunnel.

Tow Away Zone[]

Mrs. Finch is teaching about the structures of the brain. She explains that the corpus callosum is the largest white matter structure in the brain and the bridge connecting all parts of the brain to each other. She says the ability for everything in the brain to communicate and work together allow for leaps in cognitive thinking. She adds that the structure is also credited with giving people a sense of intuition.

Lydia is distracted. There is a blue jeep in the parking lot. A tow truck driver is hooking it up in preparation to tow it away. She is so distracted by this, she eventually leaves class with Scott following close behind. Mrs. Finch asks the remaining students if they understand that class attendance is not optional.

Lydia runs to the parking lot. The tow driver (Kevin Will) claims the jeep is abandoned. Lydia says it's hers to keep him from towing it way. Scott joins her and together they produce a $150 "drop fee" for the driver to leave the jeep.

Tunnel of Death[]

Deeper into the darkened tunnel Peter, Stiles, and their guide find another platform and an abandoned waiting area of what Peter calls "the phantom train station." The tracks lead off into another darkened tunnel beyond. It's the only way in or out according to the young man. The Ghost Riders return with another victim. They seem to appear out of a greenish tear in reality in the middle of the darkness.

The young man says been watching and timing the riders and thinks that by jumping on one of the horses on their way out, he can go with them and be free. Peter says he should try it. Stiles wants to stop him because a lot could go wrong.

The riders come back on their way out. Stiles still wants to stop him but Peter wants him to try and holds Stiles back as he reaches for the boy. He jumps and lands on the back of a horse. He rides up to the barrier and bounces off screaming. In a green flash, his body disintegrates.

Peter says that settles it. There's no way out. Stiles is still optimistic. Peter attempts to disabuse him of his optimism. He takes his wallet and throws the money and license in the air. He takes Stiles car keys and throws them onto the platform. Stiles is unmoved. He says Scott, Lydia or Malia will remember him and will come for him.

On Air with Stiles Stilinski[]

Back in the main waiting area, Stiles sits next to the old woman who wandered through the Stilinski house in Sundowning (Eve Sigall). She says she's going to see her grandchildren and asks who he's on his way to visit. He says no one. The intercom voice again announces the cancelled stops. Stiles follows the wire from the speaker and finds the radio room filled with disused but working equipment.

Stiles has apparently explained to Peter about the magnetic disturbances that accompany the Ghost Riders (See Memory Lost) because Peter believes his theory is ridiculous. He says he can't use a ham radio to communicate across a supernatural barrier. He says Ghost Riders can't be seen, heard, or remembered and would not leave a gadget around so Stiles could call his friends.

Peter turns a dial and high-pitched squeal fills the air. It's so loud both Peter and Stiles cover their ears.

At Beacon Hills High School, Scott exits a classroom looking for the sound. Malia joins him the hall. She heard it too. They go in search of the source and find Lydia standing in front of the blue jeep. The sound is coming from the police band radio inside. Scott breaks the lock on the door and they get in.

Back in the radio room, Stiles is pushing buttons trying to get the microphone to work. Peter hears the Riders returning and gets Stiles to safety just before the rider, gun drawn, enters the radio room. Peter points out that he's saved Stiles' life twice.

The sound in the jeep stops. Scott suddenly catches a scent of himself, Lydia, and Malia inside the vehicle but he and Malia both say they've never been inside the jeep. Lydia says they have but they don't remember. Malia seems frustrated that she's back to her "Stiles" theory again. Scott points out that Jordan Parrish checked the VIN and found it was not registered to anyone. Lydia says it didn't just park itself outside the school. Malia says again that Stiles is not real but Lydia searches the glove compartment and comes up with a registration from 1996. It lacks a name but has an address: 129 Woodbine Lane. Lydia says she knows the house.

The History of the Jeep[]

Claudia Stilinski claims she hasn't seen the Jeep in almost 18 years. Lydia points out it's registered in her name. Claudia says it was stolen and the Sheriff says it was a junker back then and he doesn't know how it ended up at the high school or who would want it. He suspects that her questions about the jeep have something to do with Stiles.

Claudia suggests it's time for Lydia to talk to her mother. Lydia begins to cry. She asks to be excused and goes back to the spot in the middle of the hall. She presses her hands against the wall, inspects the bit of wallpaper she tore earlier and eventually sits. In a split-screen we see Stiles sitting against the wall in the train station so it appears they are back to back.

The tow truck driver returns to the school to tow the jeep. Scott tries to talk him out of it but eventually Malia shows up and breaks the truck's hook meaning he can't take it.

Peter's Revelation[]

The Ghost Riders return and everyone in the station panics and hides. The riders deposit Gwen and she is reunited with her sister Phoebe (Luwam Mikael). Stiles recognizes her.

Stiles asks how long the riders have been bringing people into the station. Peter looks at the "arrivals" board and realizes something. He says, "This isn’t a train station. This is a waystation. It's not going to stop." Stiles realizes that Peter knows something about the cities listed on the board. Peter doesn't say what he knows but is suddenly desperate to get out of the station. He says nobody is safe. He says everybody Stiles has ever known is going to be taken and runs off toward the tunnel.


Stiles and Peter Hale are low-key psychic bros on Teen Wolf

Stiles follows and catches up to Peter on the abandoned platform. Peter explains that the Ghost Riders are never going to stop. He says he's going through the portal. He believes that he will heal from whatever injuries it causes. Stiles urges him to find his friends and tell them he's alive. Peter balks and says his main goal will be to get clear of Beacon Hills. Stiles reminds him of Malia and suddenly all Peter's memories of her return. He remembers smelling her during his escape from Eichen House while she was locked in the morgue. Knowing he couldn't get to her he escaped the hospital alone. Stiles says he believes Peter is risking being incinerated for Malia.

Peter asks Stiles to stall the riders when they come back through. Stiles throws a bench onto the tracks. As Peter prepares to jump, he realizes he's standing on Stiles' keys. He then jumps onto one of the horses and while the rider fights him, Peter manages to hang on.

The final rider through notices Stiles, flips his whip around the boy's neck, and pulls him to the tracks. Stiles sputters but appears unharmed by the fall.

Peter rides through the barrier and out of the tunnel.

The air in the Beacon Hills Preserve splits, an iris of green lightning opens, and Peter Hale flies out of the breach. He is badly burned but manages to growl loudly.

Scott, Malia, and Lydia hear his cry. Lydia urges them to go find out who made the sound. Scott and Malia can smell Peter. They say it smells like he's burning. They find him and Malia says she knows his scent. She looks closely at his face and realizes it's her father. Scott still doesn't know him at first but then the memories of Peter come flooding back. They both wonder how they could have forgotten him.

They realize he is holding something in his charred hand. They both reach down and use their ability to take away his pain. Once they've eased him a bit, his hand opens and they find Stiles' keys.

Find Canaan[]

Stiles stares at the arrival board again trying to figure out the significance of the towns listed.

Lydia tries the key they found in Peter's hand in the blue jeep. After some rough cranks and a warning from Scott not to flood the engine, it starts.

Stiles works to get the radio room operational again. He manages to get a signal and the radio in the jeep squeals to life. He calls out through the microphone and Lydia hears him. She picks up the mic on her end and says, "Stiles." Scott calls his name too. He recognizes their voices and asks Lydia what the last thing he said to her was. She says, "Remember I love you." Stiles is overwhelmed with relief. Scott asks his location and says they'll come and get him but Stiles says it won't work. He tells them to remember Canaan. They have to find Canaan. The radio cuts out and Stiles is alone in the radio room.

Episode List[]

Season 5 Season 6
#01 Memory Lost #06 Ghosted #11 Said the Spider to the Fly #16 Triggers
#02 Superposition #07 Heartless #12 Raw Talent #17 Werewolves of London
#03 Sundowning #08 Blitzkrieg #13 After Images #18 Genotype
#04 Relics #09 Memory Found #14 Face-to-Faceless #19 Broken Glass
#05 Radio Silence #10 Riders on the Storm #15 Pressure Test #20 The Wolves of War




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There are no songs aside from the theme song and scene orchestration in this episode.