Raw Talent is the 12th episode of Teen Wolf Season 6. The title is a reference to Gerard Argent's assessment of would-be werewolf hunter Tamora Monroe. He says he can recognize "raw talent" when he sees it.

This is the first and only episode of Teen Wolf written by Brian Millikin. He was a writer on the former SyFy show Haven and a co-producer on the short-lived ABC time travel show Time After Time.


Scott and Malia search for the owner of a unique bullet, fearing that a new breed of werewolf hunter has come to Beacon Hills. At the same time, Lydia must face her own fears of Eichen House.

Full RecapEdit

Theo Raeken is apparently homeless. Night after night he curls up in the backseat of his SUV, and every morning he is awakened by cops knocking on the window. One night, as he is alone again in his vehicle, a spider is seen outside the window. It appears to be trying to get into the vehicle. On another night, Theo notices a spider crawling on his arm. More interested than scared, he watches as it moves quickly to his hand. Suddenly, it breaks the skin and crawls inside of him. Theo tracks its movements up the inside of his arm and around his shoulder.

He breaks into the Beacon Hills Animal Clinic, and, with the aid of a mirror, spots the spider under the skin of his mid back. He stabs at and pulls it out. Theo watches as the spider flails on the end of the scalpel for a moment before exploding in a puff of black smoke.

He considers calling Scott McCall. He has his contact information up on his phone (415-555-0165), but, before he can dial, there is a familiar tap on the window. Thinking it is yet another deputy telling him to move along, Theo looks up to find several guns are pointed at him. He raises his hands in surrender. Several shots fire.

Fear and LoathingEdit

Scott runs through the woods at night. It reminds him of a night several years ago when he was being chased by hunters shortly after his first transformation. He remembers the story Chris Argent told him about a rabid dog breaking its teeth to get out of a cage. (See Magic Bullet)

He is roused from his memories by Malia saying they can still catch whoever killed Halwyn. (See Said the Spider to the Fly) Scott says they need to get the casing they found to Argent even if he is the one who fired the bullet.

Scott hears several heartbeats in the woods. His vision blurs for a moment and he can actually see the hunters that were just haunting his memories. He tells Malia and Lydia to run. As he flees, Malia calls for him to wait. When he looks back, he can see a cadre of hunters pursuing. Scott is stopped short by several red laser-sight beams crisscrossing the woods.

He bares his fangs and growls as his eyes go red. He runs and tackles the closest figure. It’s actually Sheriff Stilinski but it still takes a second for Scott to realize this and stop struggling. Stilinski has his handgun pointed at Scott’s heart.

Scott’s fangs and extra hair are visible to the rest of the dozen or so deputies in the woods. The sheriff attempts to calm them by saying it’s just a kid, but Deputy Vargas (Maria Russell), with her gun still pointed at Scott, pipes up “What’s wrong with his eyes?” Deputy Jordan Parrish steps in front of the woman and tells her to stand down.

Lydia and Malia catch up just as Scott’s face returns to normal. Scott worries that the other deputies saw him, but Parrish says it’s not anything they haven’t seen before. They discuss the fact that Halwyn was a hellhound, which is supposed to be unkillable. Noah senses that Scott has more to tell. Scott says he doesn’t believe it was a regular bullet that killed the hound, Parrish says he hopes that is the case. Scott doesn’t reveal that he has the bullet casing, instead, he puts it in his pocket.

Later, Scott, Lydia, and Malia agree that they won’t say anything about the bullet casing until they talk to Argent. Lydia says they need to do it soon because of her earlier (last episode) premonition of people screaming and killing each other.

Eight-Pack Abs/Misquoted Sun Tzu/Spider-BoyEdit

As Liam suits up for lacrosse drills, Mason says the prospect of a mythical creature so powerful that only the Wild Hunt could hold it presents a serious problem.

Liam explains that Brett Talbot has agreed to help him run drills with the freshman hoping to make first line. Mason gets a little excited at the prospect of seeing Brett whom he describes as “Incredibly hot Brett with the 8-pack abs.” Liam says Brett was the only person who would volunteer to help. Mason says that’s because it’s unlikely any of them will make first line before junior year. Liam says Scott and he both did it. Mason points out they had supernatural help.

Aaron (Rhenzy Feliz) thanks Liam for the equipment and the extra help. He acknowledges that they probably won’t make first line, but he’s still grateful. Mason tries to be encouraging but takes it overboard.

In the hallway, Tamora Monroe stops Mason and Liam. She encourages them to come by her office to talk. Mason says Liam has a lot to talk about. Liam demurs, but she persists saying he doesn’t want to start the senior year with “any heavy burdens” on his shoulders and sets a time at 2 PM. She gives him a form and asks that he consider it. She says she has an open-door policy.

She opens the door to her office and sees a large hunting knife stuck into her desk. On the whiteboard, someone wrote “OPPORTUNITIES MULTIPLY AS THEY ARE SEIZED” in red marker. Mason catches sight of the quote and says that he loves Sun Tzu.

EDITORS NOTE: This is not a Sun Tzu quote but is often misattributed to the Chinese general, military strategist, and philosopher.

Monroe tries to block his view of the knife sticking out of her desk and sends him away. She manages to pry the knife out of the desk.

In the locker room, spiders are swarming over Aaron’s helmet. He puts it on and they swarm over his face and into his mouth.

Back to EichenEdit

Parrish tries his key card on the cell as Lydia listens intently. She says that was not the sound she heard while inside the giant spider web (last episode). Parrish says it could be any public building, but Lydia suddenly remembers. It was one of the doors in the “closed unit” at Eichen House. Parrish refuses to let Lydia go to Eichen because every time she goes there someone tries to kill her. He agrees to go himself instead.

Malia and Scott search Argent’s bunker. They go through his bullets but they don’t match the casing they found. The hunter isn’t answering their calls or texts and Malia suggests he just doesn’t want to be found. They decide to break into his laptop to check his calendar. Malia tries several incorrect passwords “Gun” “Lots of guns” “Hunter.” She realizes it wouldn’t be “hunter” because Argent isn’t a hunter anymore.

She also probes why Scott would think there were hunters in the woods since there are apparently no more hunters in Beacon Hills. He ignores her question and she drops it.

Scott breaks the lock from a crate and opens it. It is packed with guns. Scott says he thinks Argent is back in business selling weapons. He finds a compound bow in another box and realizes what his computer password would be. He types in ALL …

At Eichen House, Conrad Fenris (John Posey) explains about Halwyn’s past. He says the Hellhound built the closed unit at Eichen House back in 1912 so that “he'd always have a room.” Fenris says no one knew the hellhound’s actual age and that he remained in Eichen for hundred years in a “state of hibernation in case IT got out.”

Fenris tries the lights, but they simply fizzle, he says something’s wrong. A woman’s voice calls for help from down the hallway. Parrish asks him to open the door, but Fenris acts scared and says he won’t. Parrish’s eyes go orange and he insists. Fenris opens the door then quickly locks it and runs away after Parrish enters.

Liam Gets His Little Werewolf Butt KickedEdit

Brett (Cody Saintgnue) is running rings around Liam on the lacrosse field. He shows off a “perfect hitch,” a “perfect split/dodge,” and a “perfect rocker.” Liam turns to the freshman and tells them to remember to cover their back “especially if your opponent is a dick.”

Brett brings up the fact that Liam will have big shoes to fill when Scott leaves. They square off again and Brett easily knocks him out of the way and scores.

Mason and Lori arrive. Mason explains that Corey practiced all summer to play goalie and has actually gotten really good. Brett promptly scores easily and Corey falls down out of the goal. Lori tries to be encouraging pointing out that the season doesn’t start for a week. Liam again tries to stop Brett from scoring but gets driven back into Corey and they all three fall into the goal.

Liam is so angry, he squeezes the lacrosse ball so hard he leaves claw marks on the rubber surface. Brett comes at him again. This time, Liam gets under him and flips him over. He scoops it up in the pocket and runs down the field toward Corey. Liam shoots, the ball flies right at Corey’s head. He falls backward and the ball cuts right through the net of the goal.

Brett gets in Liam’s face saying, “There he is. That’s the I. E. D. I remember.” He teases Liam about his Intermittent Explosive Disorder and asks what it will take to make him explode. Liam’s eyes have gone yellow. Brett says he’s trying to help because Liam is out of control and unless he can fix it, someone will get hurt.

Tamara Monroe (Sibongile Mlambo) returns to her car and finds the lacrosse ball Liam just shot. She notes the claw marks in it and notices Brett on the field. Brett shoots. Corey manages to catch with his stick but is propelled back to the ground by the force of it. Brett helps Corey up.

Parrish and Argent Get Double CrossedEdit

Jordan Parrish follows the voice in the darkened halls of Eichen House. He finds the large shower room filled with dead and dying people. One woman is still alive. He reaches her and sees a large electrical cable has been cut and dropped on the wet floor. The current killed everyone but her and is still flowing. She says, “It’s here” just as Fenris enters. He says he put the people in the shower room then picks up the electrical cable and jabs it into Parrish’s chest.

Liam repeats his mantra (sun, moon, truth) as he enters the locker room. It’s not working, He’s still angry and punches his locker door several times leaving deep dents in the metal. Finally calm, he’s a little freaked out by the dents in the door.

In a deserted concrete stall (Location: City Market in Downtown LA), Chris Argent (JR Bourne) is doing a gun deal with a group of men wearing military fatigues. He says Major Delane is his contact at Camp Robertson and wonders why Delane didn’t tell him about the change in protocol. One of the men, Colonel Harper (Brandon Morales), says Argent’s contact was sent overseas. When Argent comments that he didn’t know the Army worked that fast and Harper agrees, the former hunter realizes these guys are not legit because the Major is not Army, he’s a Marine.

Argent demands to know who’s buying all the guns because he doesn’t sell to “weekend warriors.” Harper says they’re taking the guns, ammo, and crates. He raises one of the automatic weapons at Argent. They’re unloaded, but the men brought their own clips. Argent says he has a backup plan. At that moment Malia knocks out one of the soldiers as she and Scott step in behind Argent.

He’s surprised to see them. They say they’re his backup, but, it turns out, the guy Malia just knocked out and is currently standing on was his “inside man.”

All of Harper’s men begin firing. Once they exhaust their clips, Argent returns fire with both of his large pistols. Malia pulls the “inside man” to safety. Scott takes out one bad guy, Malia another. Harper gets Malia in his sights, but Argent puts a gun to his head.

Instead of telling Argent who the guns are really for, Harper drops a grenade. As Scott and the rest dive for cover, Harper escapes.

Scott explains that they broke into Argent’s laptop to find him. Chris says he needs to change his password.

Conrad Fenris Has Lost His MindEdit

Fenris carries a nearly unconscious Parrish back to Halwyn’s old cell. He explains how angry he’s become struggling each day to protect the world from the things in the “closed unit.” He says he realized they shouldn’t cage the supernatural, instead they should kill them to protect humans.

Parrish says the cell can’t hold him, but Fenris reminds him that they’ve held a hellhound before. He turns the dial to drop the temperature in the cell. He gloats that most of the human body is water and that he can freeze Parrish solid.

Brett returns to his car at the school lacrosse field. Tamora Monroe is waiting for him. She says she saw him play and that he’s “something else.” She tosses him the ball she found earlier. Tiny puffs of purple smoke rise from it as Brett holds it. He drops to the ground. Monroe informs him that it’s wolfsbane.

Lydia’s phone chimes. A reminder pops up that says “Last day to register for MIT Today, 6:00 PM” she looks at it but is distracted by the sound of radio feedback. She sees a deputy place a police walkie talkie into a charger. She picks it up and turns up the volume. There’s nothing but static. She keys the mic and says “Hello.” More static follows but then she hears Conrad Fenris’ voice say, “Even you can freeze solid Deputy Parrish. We should be killing them.” This is followed by the sounds of screaming.

The Role Of Fear-BaitingEdit

Monroe breaks Brett’s lacrosse stick. She claims she has nothing against him personally, but, she says, “You don’t deserve this much power. You don’t deserve to terrify people.” She then stabs him in the chest with the pointy end of the broken stick. She rips the stick from his chest and knocks him across the face.

Apparently amazed by his healing (which we can’t really see in the video) she is agape. She says no one should be able to do that and takes out the large knife she found in her desk earlier. As she comes at Brett, he swipes at her with his claws, catching her neck. He runs away.

Argent explains that he hasn’t been avoiding the McCall Pack, he’s been busy investigating why gun sales are so high recently. Scott questions him about the shell casing they found, but Argent says he hasn’t “stamped a bullet” since Allison died. He’s surprised and concerned that someone killed a hellhound using an “Argent” bullet. Scott’s lost the casing, but Argent says if they can find the slug, they can find the killer.

Liam tries in vain to fix his dented and broken locker door but only manages to hit himself in the head. He sees the “Counseling Request Form” Ms. Monroe gave him earlier and considers it. Hearing someone coming down the hall outside, he quickly rips the door off his locker.

Corey and Mason have been looking for him. They need to study for a History test on Mussolini and the role of fear-baiting in the rise of fascism. Mason notices blood on the floor. They follow it to the shower where they find a human-shaped bloody blob. Mason, Liam, and Corey decided to search for Aaron because all the other lacrosse players are accounted for. They find him sitting alone in a dark classroom. He smiles at them. They complain that they’ve been trying to call him. He pulls out his phone and says, “Must have died.”

Lydia Kicks AssEdit

Lydia arrives at Eichen House to find the gate unlocked. She enters and, as she walks the halls, begins to have flashbacks of all the terrible things that happened to her there. (See all of Season 5) she turns to flee, but then hears Fenris voice in her head again, “We should be killing them.” She also hears something breaking and a scream.

Fenris has a handgun. He tells a near-frozen Parrish that he’s never liked guns and that there were far better ways to solve problems. Fenris says he must be having a crisis of faith. He says he can’t be afraid anymore and places the gun to Parrish’s head.

Lydia screams and knocks Fenris into the far wall.

Werewolf Hunting For BeginnersEdit

Scott and Malia return to the spot where Halwyn died. Malia, explaining that she lacks subtly, questions Scott on why he freaked out about hunters in the woods the night before. He admits that he freaked out, which he believes freaked out Malia. Malia denies this leaving Scott confused. He thought that was why she was trying to get him to talk about what happened. She says she wanted him to talk because she’s worried about him. Scott says he’s okay.

They share stories of being hunted by loved ones, Malia by her dad and Scott by his girlfriend’s dad. They laugh. Scott asks if the fear of being hunted ever goes away. Malia says there’s a red laser sight right behind him. Scott doesn’t believe her but turns and sees it’s true.

It’s just Argent. He says the laser sight it to determine the trajectory of the bullet that killed Halwyn. He finds it in a tree and has Scott use his werewolf eyes to see if he can spot it too. He does. Argent says it’s because the bullet is made of silver “an element with a higher heat signature than regular metal” that shines infrared.

They speculate on who would actually try to use silver bullets since it’s only a myth that silver kills werewolves. They believe it’s someone who is new to werewolf hunting and doesn’t know any better.

Later at Scott’s house, Lydia explains that Fenris killed every supernatural in the “closed unit.” Lydia says she did it because he was afraid. Scott says everything (dead wolves, dead rats) keeps coming back to fear. Scot believes everyone is afraid of them. “We don’t know what fear will do to somebody. It could change them. They’ll look at us differently. They’ll do things that they’ve never done before.”

As he’s speaking there are flashes kids at school looking at Liam in a weird way. One girl moves to a different station in the chemistry lab when he sits down.

Malia says people are stupid. Lydia corrects her saying people are scared. Scott says scared people will do things you wouldn’t believe.

Back in the woods, Tamora Monroe is searching for Brett. He’s up a tree and jumps down on top of her. She drops her knife. He picks her up and is about to claw her when an arrow punctures his shoulder. He runs away.

Gerard Argent comes out of the shadows and says he recognizes raw talent in Ms. Monroe.

Episode ListEdit

Season 5 Season 6
#01 Memory Lost #06 Ghosted #11 Said the Spider to the Fly #16 Triggers
#02 Superposition #07 Heartless #12 Raw Talent #17 Werewolves of London
#03 Sundowning #08 Blitzkrieg #13 After Images #18 Genotype
#04 Relics #09 Memory Found #14 Face-to-Faceless #19 Broken Glass
#05 Radio Silence #10 Riders on the Storm #15 Pressure Test #20 The Wolves of War


  • Katie Garfield - "Gallows"

Scene: Theo takes a few too many naps in his vehicle for the likings of the police.

  • Bang La Decks - "Utopia"

Scene: Liam and Brett play lacrosse together.

  • WENS - "Bones"

Scene: Lydia saves Parrish in Eichen House.

  • No Wyld - "Afraid"

Scene: The gang talks about the frightening experiences that have been occuring.



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Teen Wolf News Season 6B Behind the Scenes Location Shoot

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