Said the Spider to the Fly is the 11th episode of Teen Wolf Season 6 and marks the beginning of the final ten episodes of the series.

The title is a reference to Mary Howitt’s poem The Spider and the Fly. First published in 1829, the work stands as a warning to avoid the seductive allure of flattery and charm.

Said the cunning Spider to the Fly, “Dear friend what can I do,
To prove the warm affection I 've always felt for you?
I have within my pantry, good store of all that's nice;
I'm sure you're very welcome — will you please to take a slice?”
“Oh no, no,” said the little Fly, “kind Sir, that cannot be,
I've heard what's in your pantry, and I do not wish to see!”


As Scott readies Beacon Hills for his imminent departure, a mysterious presence breaks out of Eichen House.

Full Recap

Assistant Coach Scott McCall preps the Lacrosse field for a nighttime pre-season practice. He calls out several players with praise as they run plays on the wet field. He specifically mentions Diaz (Cory Smoot) and Nolan.

Coach Bobby Finstock berates Scott for heaping praise on the players and giving them hope. He points out that he never once gave Scott hope during the entire time he was on the team. Scott agrees that he never did and Coach suggests that nothing motivates more than withering criticism. Liam is not on the field yet. Scott promises Liam will be there saying he is the “backbone” of the team. He describes Liam as a born leader who can handle anything Coach throws at him.

The Best Year of Their Lives

Liam meanwhile is lying prone on a bench in the locker room lamenting the fact that Hayden has left town. Mason explains that she left town to protect her sister from the supernatural.

A text comes in from Scott saying Coach is pitching a fit that Liam isn’t at practice.

Liam says Scott is going to leave him too. Mason points out that Scott is going to college, it’s not the same thing as leaving. He says they are all growing up and will soon go off to different colleges too. Corey is confused and says he and Mason are both applying to UCLA. This fact sends Liam into another fit of pique. Mason and Corey grab Liam by the arms and drag him from the locker room. Mason says summer is almost over, they’re about to be seniors, and it will be the best year of their lives.

EDITOR'S NOTE: It appears the show chose to advance Liam and Mason a year to make them seniors in this season. During Season 4, they are repeatedly referred to as "Freshmen." During Season 5 and 6a (which both take place during the same school year) they are referred to as "Sophomores." This rise to Senior year conflicts with previous canonical references. Jeff Davis tells Teen Wolf Wikia it is a case of the writers using poetic license, "It was decided that, as principal, Natalie Martin pushed them for early graduation after the events of the Beast (in order) to get them the hell out of Beacon Hills High School a little faster."

Coach has had it. He says if Scott doesn’t get Liam on the field in “three,” it’ll be Scott’s last day as Assistant Coach. Scott points out it is already his last day. Coach threatens to dock his pay. Scott says he’s a volunteer. He asks if Coach wants to take away his whistle. Coach wants to know who gave him a whistle.

Scott texts Mason again and says Coach is threatening to make Diaz team captain.

The Wolves in the Woods

On the field, Diaz dodges all other players as he weaves his way down the field. The goalie is terrified as it seems nothing can stop number 88 from scoring a goal. Diaz flings the ball toward the goal. Out of nowhere, Liam does a twisty backflip onto the field and blocks the shot.

Coach is impressed, heaps praise on the play, and asks Scott, the name of the player. Scott is confused; he explains it's Liam. Coach brushes off his lapse in memory, saying he can’t possibly know who’s who on the field since they’re all dressed the same. Scott says they’re wearing numbers.

Liam is running down the field full speed when Diaz ducks under him and flips him to the ground. Liam begins to lose control. His eyes flash yellow, and he lets out a guttural growl. Scott rushes to his side. Everyone is watching them until something else catches their attention.

A gray wolf has wandered onto the field. Its fur is matted with blood. It growls at Scott. He urges the players to step back, Nolan doesn’t move until Scott makes him. The wolf wanders off into the woods. Liam and Scott follow.

They find the wolf lying dead on the ground. What appears to be spiders pour from its eyes and mouth. A little further into the woods, dozens of other dead wolves lay dead.

EDITOR’S NOTE: While much was made in Teen Wolf Season 1 about the fact that there are no wolves in California, a pack was found living in Siskiyou County in 2014. This was the first confirmed wolf habitation in the state for nearly 100 years (since the 1920s). A second pack was discovered just this summer in Lassen County. These wolves migrated into the state from Oregon. The discovery of a large pack of wolves in this episode, while exaggerating the possible numbers, is not inconsistent with canon or reality.

Malia’s Flight is Rerouted, Not Delayed

Malia lays on Lydia’s bed reading a book about France. Lydia has apparently just told her of Scott and Liam’s discovery in the woods. Malia wants to know if these were wolves or werewolves. Lydia explains they were the former and Malia says she’s not interested. Lydia says Liam asked for help from the werecoyote not the banshee because no one understands mysterious animal situations better. Malia says she’s done with mysterious animal situations. She now wants mysterious French men.

Lydia says her flight is delayed anyway so she has time to help. Malia protests, saying the flight is not delayed, only rerouted. Lydia points out those are synonymous. A severe weather alert pops up on the laptop on the bed. There’s a storm shutting down on Charles de Gaulle Airport near Paris. Malia protests it’s just a minor shower.

Lydia gives her a look that says, “You need to go.” Malia continues to protest saying Liam has everything covered and dead wolves in the woods doesn’t sound supernatural.

Three Things Cannot Long be Hidden

As Scott is trying to close his overstuffed suitcase, Liam is trying to convince him that whatever happened to the wolves is definitely supernatural. Scott points out it could have been a parasitic infection. He explains bot flies can burrow into animals and people. The bugs lay eggs inside the host body, which hatch and burst out of the skin.

Scott wants to address Liam’s loss of control on the lacrosse field. Scott says he must remember his mantra and makes Liam say it aloud. “What three things cannot long be hidden? The Sun, the Moon, the truth.”

Scott can hear Liam’s heart rate slow as he focuses on the words and anchors himself.

Calmer now, Liam glances back at the impossible-to-close suitcase and asks Scott if he has a second one. Scott says no, but he has duct tape.

While they banter, it is clear the young man does not want his Alpha to leave him.

Eichen House Security Fails Again

An orderly follows Doctor Conrad Fenris, through the special ward at Eichen House. Fenris says what the orderly claims to have seen is impossible. He says the patient in question has been in residence ever since the facility opened in 1912.

He opens the door, and a cold mist pours out. There is a layer of ice on the floor. On a table in the center of the room is what appears to be humanoid form made of rock. Fenris says the patient is covered in a layer of pyroclastic rock, primarily volcanic material, ash mostly, spewed from the ground into the air.

Fenris reaches out and taps the form, and the rock layer immediately begins to crack. The damage spreads. The doctor and orderly back up. Fenris reaches to lower the temperature in the room some more, but he is caught in the blast as the cracking form explodes outward in a rush of fire and gas. What appears to be a Hellhound (Halwyn) steps out of the cell and growls at Fenris.

Senior Registration Today

Rising Beacon Hills High seniors are lined up in the hallway waiting for a meeting with recently hired guidance counselor Tamora Monroe.

She talks Liam out of taking Latin after he admits he’s only signing up because he heard it was an easy A. He needs better grades because it’s been a hard year and his GPA sucks. She offers him counseling to talk about Hayden but only during the posted “guidance hours.” She turns the conversation back to his class schedule and suggests he take Spanish instead.

Corey wants to take AP Calculus. In a conversation laden with double meanings, Monroe talks him out of taking hard classes just to avoid feeling metaphorically “invisible.” Corey protests that he’s never invisible and that she can see him because he’s right there. Monroe says she’s seen many things at the school, even when everyone else had their eyes closed. She suggests he take creative writing instead.

She describes Mason’s proposed class schedule as perfect and says he’s given it a lot of thought. She probes further asking him to come and talk to her and share his thoughts. She says she knows students at the school have seen and been through things that don’t exactly come with easy explanations. He tries to leave, but she presses him to come and talk to her, promising confidentiality for anything he shares. Mason says he’s good and exits.

Nolan is next. He’s a nervous kid.  Monroe says she thinks he needs to talk about more than his class schedule. He protests, saying other students are waiting for her time. She asks if the wolf on the lacrosse field has him upset or the other stuff they spoke about over the summer, what happened in the library, the animal attack. Nolan snaps at her that it wasn’t an animal attack. He says the animal on the field was “some kind of wolf.” She asks, “What other kinds of wolves are there Nolan? What kind of wolves have you seen?”

Ah, Rats!

Liam and Mason hit the library to find North American Cryptozoology, a book with an entire chapter on spiders and a section on scarabs. Unfortunately for them, the entire Mythology and Superstitions section is empty. Every book is missing.

Sydney screams from her perch on top of her desk in one of the classrooms. Dozens of rats scurry across the floor. They’re coming from one of the ventilation ducts on the wall. Sydney laments, “Why does this keep happening to our school?”

A man, apparently the hellhound we saw earlier at Eichen, is standing in the doorway watching. He closes his eyes and listens, focusing on each student in turn. Nothing apparently catches his interest, and he leaves.

Mason and Liam come rushing into the classroom. Mason says they’ll need a book on rats too.

Later in an underground tunnel, Mason explains that the vent in the classroom eventually leads into the tunnels. He believes that’s where the rats originated. As they walk through a viscous goo covering the base of the tunnel, Mason explains the evolutionary advantage to humans’ innate fear of spiders, snakes, and rats.

They find a large star-shaped pile of dead and mutilated rats. Mason calls it a “Rat King” which is a real-world phenomenon.

Preparing Moms

Natalie Martin is moving into her new office as principal of BHHS. Lydia left her a list of all the supernatural people in Beacon Hills, starting with the students. Natalie says she doesn’t need it. Lydia says her mom knows stuff, which obligates her to do stuff when things go bad. Natalie says her obligation is to educate and not to eliminate all the problems of Beacon Hills.

Lydia presses her further, but her mom puts a stop to it. She says she cares about Lydia’s friends, but mostly she cares about Lydia. With Lydia “safe” 3000 miles away at school, she no longer has to “deal with this.” Natalie exits saying it's not their problem anymore. Lydia slips the list of supernaturals into a desk drawer.

Scott has one of Chris Argent’s 800,000-volt “light saber” stun batons. He tries to get his mom to practice defending herself with it, but Melissa McCall refuses to hold down the button. She says if something happens, she’ll call Liam. If he’s not around, she explains that she’s a nurse, and she’ll defend herself with what she knows.

She reveals a cache of herbs she keeps in the hospital morgue and says if something supernatural happens and people get hurt, she’s got it covered. Scott wonders where she got it all. Melissa changes the subject and says Scott should be focusing on orientation at UC Davis and his classes instead.  They hug, and Melissa accidentally holds down the button on the stun baton, shocking Scott.

Dead Rat Dinner

Malia joins Mason and Liam in the tunnels. She examines the Rat King for a second and explains it perfectly. “Rats freaked out, crawled all over each other, got their tails knotted up, tore each other apart trying to break free.” Mason is impressed, asking if Malia read up on Rat Kings. “What’s a Rat King?” is her reply.

She picks up one of the bloody and mutilated rats, holding it to her nose. She shoves it toward Liam who flinches backward. Mason scurries to another part of the tunnel. She urges Liam to smell the fear coming off the dead rat. Liam says the ones in the Math classroom smelled the same. Malia is confused by this revelation of rats in a classroom, but that doesn’t keep her from ditching them so she can head off to Paris. She says it probably is a real problem, but they’ve got it covered, and she’s got a plane to catch.

An unconscious deputy lays on the floor at the Sheriff’s station. The hellhound from Eichen sits at the radio dispatch desk listening. Jordan Parrish radios for Highway Patrol after a large, ten-plus-vehicle pileup with multiple injuries. Hearing this, the hellhound (Halwyn) rises and exits the station.

He arrives at Beacon Hills Memorial Hospital in the midst of chaos. Multiple patients are coming in as doctors and nurses rush back and forth attempting triage. Halwyn walks purposefully down the hallway right past Melissa McCall who calls after him. He doesn’t stop, and Melissa is quickly drawn away by two road-raging men arguing over who caused the accident. She tells them to separate, or they’ll be last to get treated. Deputy Parrish arrives and reinforces her order, telling the men to step away.

She asks him to stay and keep an eye on the argument-prone drivers, but Parrish spots Halwyn and follows him instead.

Liam and Mason arrive with a white plastic bag. Melissa mistakes this for dinner. It’s not. It’s one of the dead rats. Liam wants her to take a look at it, but she says she doesn’t have time for a rat autopsy. She orders them out of the hospital.

Visions of Hell

While Parrish is looking for Halwyn, he has a vision of the hospital corridor in flames and the hellhound toward him. He closes his eyes and the vision clears. The hallway is filled with patients and doctors.

Halwyn secrets himself in an office with the door ajar. He again seems to be listening for something. He can hear the heartbeats and voices of all the patients.

The two accident bullies begin to fight again. Melissa calls for security. Liam steps in between the pair just as one of them throws a punch. He lands a solid hit on Liam. It triggers his transformation. Everyone sees his eyes flash and his fangs. He digs his claws into the palms of his hands, drawing blood. Security arrives and grabs the aggressors. Liam is helpless to regain control. He starts running away.

He passes the door where Halwyn is still listening. Something about Liam’s heartbeat draws his interest and he follows him. Halwyn bares his fangs and rushes toward Liam, but the young man is too concerned with his own situation to notice. He whispers his mantra - Sun, Moon, truth - and makes it into the elevator, which closes before Halwyn can get to him.

Lydia arrives at Scott’s house with suitcases. She calls to him, but there is no reply. Suddenly the light in the room begins to shift with a spider web pattern appearing on the walls. Lydia is having a vision. She hears something crawling. The phone rings. She picks it up and places it to her ear. A piercing electronic squeal comes from the handset.

Suddenly, she is in the high school A massive spider web tunnel stretches the full length. As she touches it in different spots, she hears voices, screams, gunshots, the crawling sound, doors locking, more screaming, more gunshots, growling, and then a clear voice. It says, “You let it out. It was supposed to ride with The Hunt forever.”

She jerks away and ends up wrapping herself up in the web. Suddenly she’s back in Scott’s living room. She is terrified.

How Not to Fight a Hellhound

Mason apparently dropped the bag with the rat in the hospital during the fight. He and Liam discuss the fact that Melissa is going to be mad at them as they walk into the school for a late-night study hall.

Halwyn has followed Liam to the school. Parrish has followed Halwyn. The pair squares off at opposite ends of the hallway. They exchange a few words explaining that they’re both hellhounds. Parrish questions why he’s in Beacon Hills just as Liam and Mason walk in.

Halwyn says he’s there because of something “you let out.” He looks past Parrish to Liam and says “It must be stopped.”

Both he and Parrish flame on and rush at each other prepared to fight.

In the school parking lot, Tamara Monroe places some textbooks into her car trunk. She hears the hellhounds growling, and quickly dumps out her purse and finds two vials of liquid. One appears to be full of Yellow Wolfsbane.  Monroe then retrieves a gun from her trunk.

Inside the school, Parrish is getting tossed around by the older hellhound. He manages to get in a few hits, and Halwyn suffers a severe clawing on his torso, but he eventually picks up Parrish and tosses him down the hall and out the doors, leaving him unconscious.

Liam tells Mason to run and then takes on the hellhound. He gets in some good hits, but Halwyn pins him against the lockers and says, “If the Wild Hunt couldn’t keep you, nothing can.” He again listens to Liam’s heartbeat. It is pounding, but something about it convinces Halwyn that he’s made a mistake. “No, no, it’s not you,” he says.

Mason picks this moment to attack the hellhound with an aluminum bat. Halwyn grabs it mid-swing, and it begins to melt under his hand. He snatches it away and bats the human into the lockers with it.

Liam gets free and pounds on the hellhound. Halwyn slashes at the werewolf, but Liam goes off. He punches and ducks and weaves and eventually knocks his opponent solidly into the lockers.

Halwyn is amused and begins laughing. He says, “It won’t stay hidden. It must be stopped. Nothing else matters.”

Liam breathes deeply and starts his mantra again. When he opens his eyes, Halwyn is gone. Mason regains consciousness and rejoins his friend.

We Can’t Leave

Scott packs up Stiles’ Jeep in preparation to drive down to UC Davis. His coaches whistle hangs from the rearview mirror. As he settles in the seat, a note falls down from the sun visor. It’s from Stiles. It says, “Be gentle.”  After one false start, Scott cranks the Jeep. The head lights come on illuminating Lydia. She still looks scared. “We can’t leave,” she says.

Mason helps Liam to the locker room. The wounds inflicted by hellfire won’t heal as fast as other injuries would. Liam is in a lot of pain, and his body is ripped up in several places.

Liam feels defeated, but Mason is impressed that he fought a hellhound on his own without Scott. Liam says he doesn’t want to get used to that but Mason says, “Wounds heal. People move. Things change.” Liam says it still hurts.

Malia stares at a computer screen. It shows a map of the world and flight information from SFO to CDG (San Francisco International to Charles de Gaulle airports). “Flight Delayed” flashes in red.

She refreshes the screen and it now flashes a green “On Time” banner. She gasps and collects her luggage, and turns toward the door. Lydia and Scott are blocking her exit. She beings to protest, “No! It’s just rats, rats and wolves, and maybe a little bug problem.” Lydia insists that they need her.

Malia turns toward the window and opens it. Lydia explains that Liam and Mason called. Malia insists that they’ve got it covered. Scott says he can’t make her stay and won’t try. Malia says she doesn’t want to and pushes past Lydia and out the door.

After a few seconds, Malia’s bag flies back into the room. Scott catches it. She returns. She asks what they’re supposed to do, and Scott says they’re looking for a hellhound.

Killing the Unkillable

Halwyn, apparently badly injured during the fight, stumbles through the woods.

Lydia explains to Malia and Scott about her vision and what she learned. She says they opened a door to another world and something came out with them. She says they need the hellhound to stop it. Malia says they can put it back because they’ve put things back before. Scott says it might not be that simple. Lydia says there’s always a price to pay for meddling in things like the Wild Hunt. Scott says they learned that lesson from the Nemeton.

Monroe catches up with Halwyn in the woods and shoots him the chest. It hurts, he screams in pain and falls back. She thinks she killed him, but he’s soon back on his feet and growling. They struggle. She drops her gun. She manages to get it back and shoots him the forehead. He drops, apparently dead.

Scott and the pack arrive at the school just in time to hear the fight between Halwyn and Monroe, but they arrive at the scene after the guidance counselor is gone. Halwyn is apparently dead leaving them to ponder what could kill an unkillable creature. They find a bullet casing nearby with a fleur-de-lis etched on. This is the symbol for The Argent family.

Lydia says, “Then it’s true.” Malia presses to know what else she heard in the web during her vision. Lydia continues, “The sound of people who’ve never lifted a hand against another human being.” “Something was killing them?” Scott asks. “They were killing each other,” She says.

To illustrate this point of normal people turning into killers, Monroe returns to her car. She appears badly shaken and wipes blood from her face. As she calms herself, she looks in the mirror and a half-smile creeps across her face and all the way up to her eyes.

Stiles: Loyalty, Courage, Integrity

Lydia, Malia, and Scott sit on his bed questioning if they should call Stiles or not. Lydia wonders if they could just say they forgot. She’s worried saying they almost lost him last time. Malia and Scott both think Stiles wouldn’t forgive them if this current crisis turns out to be something big.

Scott says, in the voicemail he left, that Stiles sounded really excited to be there. Malia urges him to play it and Scott does.

“Hey Scott. So, I’m here. I’m in Quantico, Virginia at the FBI. I’m at the frickin’ FBI. It’s real. I’m really here.  I kind of told Lydia that I miss her, and I can’t wait to get home, but … Listen Scott, whatever you’re doing right now, just make sure you’re still getting out of Beacon Hills. Maybe you think you can’t leave, you know, like the whole thing falls apart if you’re not there, which I get, but you have to. I know you’re supposed to drive out tonight, so, if you don’t call me back, promise me you’re actually going. Just get in the Jeep and go.”

Stiles, dressed in a white shirt, black tie, a laminated badge on a lanyard, black pants, and shiny black dress shoes arrives at the “Division of Justice.” He enters a classroom with other men and women dressed in the same type clothing. As Stiles fumbles with his backpack, removing pencils, pens, and a metal water bottle, the man at the head of the class explains that the FBI seal includes three words, Loyalty, Courage, and Integrity. These are also the qualities the bureau expects from all their “interns.”

He explains that their six-month internship will include field work with actual FBI agents. Stiles keeps interrupting him with questions and continues to fumble with his stuff.

The agent explains that one recent manhunt included the crisis response team chasing down a “bizarrely feral, UNSUB (Unknown Subject of an investigation) in the wilderness of North Carolina.” On the screen, images of Derek Hale running flash. Stiles does a spit take, spewing water onto the intern seated in front of him. The instructor looks down at his sheet to address him. Seeing the name Mieczyslaw Stilinski, he simply calls him “young man.”

Stiles asks why they’re after the UNSUB (Derek), the answer is mass murder.

EDITOR’S NOTE: As many fans picked up during the broadcast, the images of Derek running on the FBI footage are from Season 1. Jeff Davis tells us they hired a back double for the character to use in this scene but ultimately didn’t like the new video and decided to go with archival images instead. Tyler Hoechlin does return later in the season.

Episode List

Season 5 Season 6
#01 Memory Lost #06 Ghosted #11 Said the Spider to the Fly #16 Triggers
#02 Superposition #07 Heartless #12 Raw Talent #17 Werewolves of London
#03 Sundowning #08 Blitzkrieg #13 After Images #18 Genotype
#04 Relics #09 Memory Found #14 Face-to-Faceless #19 Broken Glass
#05 Radio Silence #10 Riders on the Storm #15 Pressure Test #20 The Wolves of War


  • Tony Romera - "Feel"

Scene: Scott runs a lacrosse practice as assistant coach while Liam is in the locker room.

  • Big Gigantic ft. Natalie Cressman - "No Apologies"

Scene: While Malia thinks about Paris, Lydia attempts to get Malia to help the pack.

  • Fakear - "My Own Sun"

Scene: The new guidance councillor, Monroe, talks to Liam, Corey, Mason and Nolan.

  • Sorne - "Gun-Shot Soldier (Scissorbox Remix)"

Scene: Lydia, Malia and Scott find Halwyn in the woods.


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