While never officially called the "McCall Pack" or "Scott McCall's Pack" on the show, from the time Scott McCall was bitten by Peter Hale and became a werewolf, he was surrounded by a group of friends that served as his pack.

Pack Formation

The earliest group included Stiles and Derek who were both trying to help him understand his changes. Within weeks, Allison and then Lydia joined him. Derek commented that while Scott remained an Omega Werewolf, he was already leading a pack.

Since attaining True Alpha status, Scott has been steadily building his Teen Wolf Pack with the addition of Kira, Malia and Liam, the first beta werewolf Scott made through a bite. Through Liam, Mason and Corey joined Scott's orbit.

While the membership has changed over time, the goal of Scott's pack remains the same, to protect Beacon Hills against any and all supernatural threats.


Teen Wolf creator and executive producer Jeff Davis told Teen Wolf News on a number of occasions that the packs on Teen Wolf correlate with friend groups in the real world.

"The pack actually makes all of them stronger, which is part of the theme of our show, the bonds of friendship can make you both emotionally and physically stronger."

Davis says those bonds of friendship are at the core of how potential members join Teen Wolf Packs.

"It's sort of a connection. I think it's an emotional bond. In wolf packs, other wolves are brought into the pack. They are accepted into the pack, and it doesn't have anything to do with their blood relation. I think it's a good story for teenagers to hear, that you can be accepted into a pack just because of the person you are and not because of your social status, not because of your blood relation but just by being a good person."

Current Pack

Former Pack Members

Pack Allies

Former Pack Allies

EDITOR'S NOTE: At some unknown point in the future, Scott will add a new beta to his pack. Scott finds Alec on the run from Tamora Monroe and brings him into the pack.


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