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Teen Wolf Season 3 debuted on MTV at 10PM EDT on June 3, 2013 and scored the highest ratings of the series up to that point.

The season was divided into two, different storylines each running 12 episodes. The first 12 episodes were completed between December 2012 and May 2013 and aired over the summer.

Production on the final 12 episodes of the season began on July 29, 2013 with principal photography ending on December 19, 2013 and debuted on MTV on January 6, 2014.


Jeff Davis remains Executive Producer and Head Writer of the show. MTV's order of 24 episodes for Season 3 is double the 12 episode orders seen for Season 1 and Season 2.

Move to Los Angeles

Season 3 marks major changes in the show's production.

After receiving tax credits from the State of California, production moved from Atlanta, Georgia to Los Angeles, California.

In addition to the tax credits, which will reduce the cost per episode, the move is also more convenient for most of the cast and writers as they live in Los Angeles full time.

New Locations

The change in location meant a number of changes to the sets.

Most of the interiors are shot on a sound stage meaning those sets could be shipped whole to the new Teen Wolf Studio in Northridge, California.

A significant new interior set, Derek's Loft, was designed and built on site.

With the move came new exteriors locations.

Palisades Charter High School doubles for Beacon Hills High School.

Various areas around Los Angeles - Griffith Park, The Westlake area etc double for the Beacon Hills Preserve, the warehouse district and other familiar Teen Wolf locations.

New Teen Wolf Season 3(a)locations included Soledad Canyon Road near Acton, California, a mid-century modern motel in Glendale, California and a loft/event space in downtown Los Angeles known as Majestic Halls.

In Season 3(b) the production made use of natural areas within the Malibu Creek State Park (Tapia Co. Park, Hidden Valley Ranch) as well as the neighborhoods of Northridge (Petit Ave, De Celis Place), Granada Hills (Lisette St.) and Westlake (Mary Andrews Clark Memorial Home).

Fort MacArthur, a former military base in San Pedro, was used toward the end of the Season 3(b) shoot and they returned to the LA Arts District for some work inside abandoned warehouses.

They also shot inside the Los Angeles Police Museum in Highland Park.


Filming began on December 3, 2012.

Production shut down May 9, 2013 for a three month hiatus.

On July 7, 2013 at San Diego Comic-Con, Jeff Davis announced that the second 12 episodes of Season 3 (Season 3b) would debut on January 6, 2014.

Production on the final 12 episodes of the season began on July 29, 2013 with principle photography ending on December 19, 2013.

Behind the Scenes

We have details and photos from the set at our Behind the Scenes page.

Wolf Watch

Starting with Season 3(b), MTV will present Wolf Watch. The pre-recorded half-hour chat show will follow the initial broadcast of each episode.

Jill Wagner will host the show which will feature cast members, celebrity fans, and others related to the show.

In pre-publicity, MTV Official said it would be similar to Talking Dead, which follows new episodes of The Walking Dead. However, unlike that show, Wolf Watch is pre-recorded weeks in advance of airing.


Season 3 Main Credits
Season 3(b) Opening

The plot in Season 3 picks up four months after the events of the Season 2 finale, at the beginning of Scott McCall's junior year of high school.

Show Creator Jeff Davis explains that the gap was designed to allow the characters to recover from the events of Season 2, to allow them to get back to being normal teenagers again before the next supernatural threat manifests.

Cliffhanger elements from Season 2, namely the fates of Boyd and Erica as well as the arrival of the new "Alpha Pack", are resolved.

The Season 3(a) story arc focuses on The Alpha Pack's plans for Derek and Scott and a mysterious killer (Darach) that used a dark druid ritual to murder several students, teachers, and others.

The Season 3(b) story arc features Japanese mythology and includes a new shapeshifting creature.

The second half story picks up a few weeks after the events of Lunar Ellipse.

According to MTV -

While Scott struggles to find his place as an Alpha, he, Allison and Stiles begin to experience strange side effects as a result of reigniting the power within Beacon Hills. They soon discover that the answer to their problems may be found in a new student named Kira, a girl with remarkable powers of her own.

New Opening Credits

While the production slightly altered the opening credits for the beginning of Season 3, the package was completely reworked for the winter premiere.


Teen Wolf Season 3B Opening Titles



While it is confirmed that Colton Haynes and Gage Golightly did not return for Season 3, their characters are seen in flashbacks, photographs etc.. and in that way remain part of the plot. Actors Eaddy Mays and Jill Wagner appear in hallucinations and flashbacks even though both their characters are dead.



New This Season

Other Cast

Episode Guide

Image # Title Writer(s) Director(s) Airdate
Teen Wolf Season 3 Episode 1 Tattoo Scott Fights Alpha Ennis.png
#301 Tattoo Jeff Davis Russell Mulcahy June 3, 2013
In the season premiere, a new Alpha Pack arrives to wreak havoc on Scott's life while Derek and Isaac search for Erica and Boyd in the Season 3 premiere.
Teen Wolf Season 3 Episode 2 Bank Vault Sinqua Walls Tyler Posey Scott McCall and Boyd fight.png
#302 Chaos Rising Jeff Davis Russell Mulcahy June 10, 2013
Allison and Lydia stumble upon a possible clue to finding Boyd and Erica while a childhood friend of Stiles goes missing.
Teen Wolf Season 3 Episode 3 Tyler Hoechlin Derek Hale School Boiler Room post fight.png
#303 Fireflies Lucas Sussman Tim Andrew June 17, 2013
Scott and Derek seek help from an unlikely ally.
Teen Wolf Season 3 Episode 4 Unleashed Kali impales Derek.png
#304 Unleashed Alyssa Clark & Jesec Griffin Tim Andrew June 24, 2013
Scott tries to prevent a deadly confrontation. Stiles defends the werewolves.
Teen Wolf Season 3 Episode 5 Frayed Tyler Posey Scott McCall Alpha Eyes.png
#305 Frayed Angela L. Harvey Robert Hall July 1, 2013
A preemptive strike against the Alphas leaves several injured and possibly dead.
Teen Wolf Season 3 Episode 6 Motel California Alexander Argent Suicide.png
#306 Motel California Christian Taylor Christian Taylor July 8, 2013
Scott and the gang undergo strange experiences when they are stranded at a motel, causing them to believe members of their own group may be the mysterious killer's newest targets.
Teen Wolf Season 3 Episode 7 Currents Tyler Posey Scott McCall pushes through.png
#307 Currents Jeff Davis Russell Mulcahy July 15, 2013
Scott's trusted mentor and boss is threatened. Deucalion, Kali and the Twins go after Derek.
Teen Wolf Season 3 Episode 8 Visionary Ian Bohen Peter Hale Eye Glow.png
#308 Visionary Jeff Davis Russell Mulcahy July 22, 2013
Seeking answers, Scott, Allison and Stiles turn to two unlikely narrators for help.
Teen Wolf Season 3 Episode 9 The Girl Who Knew Too Much Dylan O'Brian Stiles worried.png
#309 The Girl Who Knew Too Much Jeff Davis Tim Andrew July 29, 2013
Allison becomes suspicious of someone close to her. Lydia learns her true nature and the Darach is revealed.
Teen Wolf Season 3 Episode 10 The Overlooked Melissa Ponzio Gideon Emery Felisha Terrell Melissa McCall Deucalion Kali You're the Bad Guy.png
#310 The Overlooked Jeff Davis Russell Mulcahy August 05, 2013
Trapped in the hospital, Scott and the gang have to work with the Darach against the Alpha Pack.
Teen Wolf Season 3 Episode 11 Alpha Pact Tyler Hoechlin Derek Hale Roar.png
#311 Alpha Pact Jeff Davis Tim Andrew August 12, 2013
Derek and Peter try to save Cora's life.
Teen Wolf Season 3 Episode 12 Lunar Ellipse Gideon Emery Tyler Posey Deucalion and Scott.png
#312 Lunar Ellipse Jeff Davis Russell Mulcahy August 19, 2013
The final confrontation between the Darach and the Alpha Pack with three innocent lives in the balance.
Teen Wolf Season 3 Episode 13 Anchors Dylan O'Brien Stiles dreams the Nemeton.png
#313 Anchors Jeff Davis Russell Mulcahy January 6, 2014
The "Winter Premiere" picks up a few weeks after the events of Lunar Ellipse
Teen Wolf Season 3 More Bad Than Good Werecoyote.png
#314 More Bad Than Good Jeff Davis Tim Andrew January 14, 2014
Scott and Stiles continue to hunt the Werecoyote.
Teen Wolf Season 3 Episode 15 Galvanize Lydia Screams.png
#315 Galvanize Eoghan O'Donnell Robert Hall January 20, 2014
When a convicted murderer escapes prior to a surgery, Scott and his friends try to help his target.
Teen Wolf Season 3 Episode 16 Kitsune fox full.png
#316 Illuminated Alyssa Clark Russell Mulcahy January 27, 2014
Beacon Hills is under curfew from the power outage; the teens throw a blacklight Halloween party; Scott tries to earn Kira's trust.
Teen Wolf Season 3 Episode 17 Silverfinger Cary Hiroyuki Tagawa is Silverfinger.png
#317 Silverfinger Moira McMahon Leeper Jennifer Lynch February 3, 2014
No synopsis provided by MTV
Teen Wolf Season 3 Episode 18 Riddled shiny teeth.png
#318 Riddled Christian Taylor Tim Andrew February 10, 2014
Stiles goes missing; Scott and the others set off on a search; Lydia tries to master her new abilities.
Teen Wolf Season 3 Episode 19 Letharia Vulpina Stiles with Ultrasonic emitter.png
#319 Letharia Vulpina Jeff Davis Russell Mulcahy February 17, 2014
Scott and the others try to prevent a disaster; Lydia and Allison seek out an unlikely teacher.
Teen Wolf Season 3 Episode 20 Echo House Eichen House.png
#320 Echo House Jeff Davis Tim Andrew February 24, 2014
No synopsis provided by MTV.
Teen Wolf Season 3 Episode 21 Fox and Wolf Fly.png
#321 The Fox and the Wolf Ian Stokes Tim Andrew March 3, 2014
An important clue is revealed in the story of a World War II internment camp; Kira's role is more crucial, and she discovers unusual abilities.
Teen Wolf Season 3 Episode 22 De Void Stiles Breaks Free.png
#322 De-Void Jeff Davis Christian Taylor March 10, 2014
Scott and Lydia join forces. Meanwhile, Stilinski faces a review board.
Teen Wolf Season 3 Episode 23 Insatiable Allison's Arrowhead.png
#323 Insatiable Jeff Davis Tim Andrew March 17, 2014
Kira faces an unexpected enemy.
Teen Wolf Season 3 Episode 24 The Devine Move Nogitsune Stiles.png
#324 The Divine Move Jeff Davis Russell Mulcahy March 24, 2014
One last stand is made by Scott, Derek and their allies in the Season 3 finale.


In the 8 months between the end of Season 2 and the debut of Season 3, Teen Wolf and MTV engaged with the audience through photo releases and videos from set as well as online “question and answer” sessions with Executive Producer Jeff Davis.

For more on the marketing push and to see the video releases prior to Season 3(a), visit Season 3: Marketing. After Season 3(a) ended in August, interaction with fans from Teen Wolf's official social media channels dried up. In September 2012 there were 22 posts to the Teen Wolf Official Tumblr - in September 2013 we saw only 8. There was only one set video released during the 3(b) hiatus, on November 11.

The First Trailer for Season 3(b) was released on December 11.

Teen Wolf used an online "GIF Puzzle" Game to release the video in four parts throughout the day.

More than 20 thousand fans played through the various parts of the puzzle to see the video three hours before it was released to the rest of the world.

All who played were entered into a contest to win a trip to the Teen Wolf Set in Los Angeles. The visit will come during filming of Season 4. The date is TBD.

On December 17th, a second trailer with some new scenes was released on tumblr. This was followed on December 18th with the release of a third trailer via the MTV Teen Wolf website.