Second Chance at First Line is the second episode of Teen Wolf it originally aired on Monday June 6, 2011.


Scott tries to adjust to his werewolf powers and contemplates whether to play in the big lacrosse game coming up.

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After the preceding events, Scott worries a lot about Allison’s father being a hunter and is distracted during practice with the lacrosse team. Coach asks Jackson to take the long stick during practice and Scott gets knocked around by Jackson. He gets angry and senses the werewolf inside him, so when Coach gives him a second chance he ends up dislocating Jackson's shoulder. Stiles gets him off the field before disaster strikes. And we see Derek watching from the sidelines.

In the locker room, Scott shifts into the wolf and tries to kill Stiles. When he calms down Stiles tells Scott that he can't play this Saturday, even if he is first line. Back at his house, Melissa informs him that she is taking off work to watch him play on Saturday. She then asks if he is okay because he has been acting strange, jokingly asking him if he is doing drugs. When he comes back asking her if she's ever done drugs, she leaves the room, telling him to sleep if he's tired. He is on a Skype call with Stiles when Derek confronts him about shifting on the field during practice. He tells him that if he shifts everyone will find out about their kind and if he tries to play, Derek will kill him.

Scott tells Coach that he can't play the game the next night and Coach doesn't understand. Scott tells him that he's having personal issues, to which Coach asks if it's a girl or if it's a guy. Scott tells him that it's neither of those, he's having problems with aggression. Coach tells him that you play lacrosse to deal with aggression and that if Scott doesn't play, he won't be first line.

Scott and Allison talk in the hallway about her coming to see the game. She tells him that Lydia, Jackson, and them are going out after the game and that he should invite Stiles, too. Allison goes to her locker and finds her jacket from the party.

Lydia and Scott are solving math problems on the board. Lydia asks Scott why he isn't playing in the game the next day and tells him that he is playing because he injured Jackson. When he says that it'll save people if he doesn't play, she says that if he doesn't play they'll probably win and Lydia will introduce Allison to all of the hot guys on the team.

In the hallway, Scott hears the Sheriff telling the principal there is now a curfew because of the body. Stiles suggests that they try to find the other half of the body so that they can help catch Derek, who they believed killed the girl. Scott then sees Allison being introduced to one of the lacrosse players by Lydia. Scott gets annoyed by that and asks her where she got her jacket. When she says she thinks it was Lydia, he asks if it might have been someone else and gets annoyed further at the mention of Derek, causing Allison to walk away.

Scott goes over to Derek's house to confront him and sees that something was recently buried on the property. Scott tells him to leave her alone because she doesn't know anything. Derek tells Scott that maybe she does, and he is just trying to look out for Scott.

Stiles goes to Scott's house and asks what he found. Scott tells him he smelled something buried on Derek's property and he thinks it was blood. Scott tells Stiles that when they find out whose blood it was, Stiles dad arrests Derek and Scott learns how to control the shift because he needs to play the lacrosse game.

Stiles and Scott go to the hospital to see if the blood Scott smelled at Derek's is the same as the body. While Scott is in the morgue, Stiles sees Lydia who is waiting for Jackson. He admits he has a crush on her, but she is on her Bluetooth and didn't hear anything he said. She asks if it was worth repeating to which he says no.

Meanwhile, Scott is looking in the morgue for the body. He is very upset when he pulls the tray out and sees the body again. When he confirms it's the same body he very quickly pushes the tray back in.

Back in the lobby, Jackson comes out and tells Lydia that the doctor gave him a cortisone shot but told him not to make a habit of it. Lydia tells him to get another one just before the game. When he begins to argue she tells him that all the pros do it, so he should if he wants to go pro. They kiss as Stiles looks on disgusted. Scott comes out of the morgue and tells Stiles that the smell is the same and Stiles says they use the fact that they have proof it was Derek. Stiles asks Scott if he's doing this because he wants to play the game or if he wants to stop Derek. Scott tells Stiles there were bite marks on the legs and Stiles tells Scott that they're going to need shovels.

In the night, Stiles and Scott go back to Derek's property. Scott tells Stiles that something is different but he doesn't know how. They dig until they hit the body but then they find the head of a wolf, not a person. Stiles sees wolfsbane and pulls it up to find a rope surrounding the grave in a spiral. When it's all pulled out they see that the wolfs head is now the other half of the girl.

The next morning, Derek is arrested by the Sheriff for murder. Stiles confronts Derek to ask him about why the girl was different, could turn into a real wolf. Derek tells Stiles that maybe he should be more concerned with Scott shifting during the lacrosse game. The Sheriff pulls Stiles out of the car and asks why they were in the woods the night before. He tells his dad that they were looking for Scott's inhaler from the night he lied about Scott being in the woods.

When Stiles is driving them away from Derek's house, Scott gets very agitated when Stiles is talking about Scott being a werewolf so much. He is having trouble breathing because Stiles still has the wolfsbane in his bag. Scott begins to shift and runs away. Stiles calls the Sheriff's station to ask if anyone has reported seeing Scott before they hang up on him.

He runs to Allison's house and almost goes into her room before he sees in his reflection that he has shifted. He runs into her driveway in front of her father's car, which hits him, making him shift back to human. Allison runs out to make sure he is okay and Scott tells them both that he is and that he was just there to make sure she was going to the game. She confirms that she is and her father says he will be there as well.

Stiles tries to convince Scott not to play because he could lose control which could have many consequences. Lydia tells Scott that nobody likes a loser as he's walking to the bench. Coach asks Jackson how his shoulder is and tells him to play through any pain. Nobody passes to Scott per Jackson's instructions. Scott's frustration causes him to shift, which he uses to win the game. He almost attacks another player until he hears Allison in the stands which brings him back.

Once the game is done, he runs off the field so nobody sees him shifted. Allison goes to the locker room to look for him and finally finds him after he's controlled the shift. He apologizes for being so weird, telling her that she makes him nervous and he's worried about not getting his second chance. She accepts his apology and they kiss before she leaves.

Stiles tells Scott that his dad got a call saying that Derek had to be released from police custody because they have evidence that the girl was killed by an animal, not a person. They also discovered that the body was Derek's sister, Laura Hale.

Back on the field, Jackson picks up Scott's glove - which has claw marks in it. He turns to see Derek standing behind him, before he walks away.

Quotes Edit

  • I mean, I can't play the game tomorrow night!” — Scott to the Coach.
    You can’t wait to play the game tomorrow night!” — Coach in return.
  • Mr. McCall, you're not even close to solving your problem.” — Math teacher to Scott.

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Teen Wolf Episode 2 Preview

Teen Wolf Episode 2 Preview

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Scene: Scott talks to Mom

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Scene: Lacrosse game

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Scene: Lacrosse game

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Scene: Scott gets wolfy during lacrosse game

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Scene: Scott wins game

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Scene: Allison kisses Scott

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