Severo is a member of the Calavera Hunters who acts as Araya Calavera's second in command.

Ivo Nandi plays Severo.

Season 3Edit

Severo interrogates Derek Hale and Peter Hale about "La Loba" and tortures them with electricity and threatens to cut them in half with a chainsaw. (Read More...)

He and some hunters break into Derek's Loft and ask once more about La Loba who turns out to be Kate Argent. She sets off smoke bombs and attacks the group. He crawls away from the loft before she captures Derek. (Read More...)

Season 4Edit

Severo welcomes Lydia Martin and Stiles Stilinski to the family's dance club and takes them to Araya for a meeting. Later, he helps capture and interrogate Scott McCall over who took Derek Hale. In a flashback, he and Araya take Kate back to their home and he locks her in an industrial bathroom with a straight razor to use on herself. (Read More...)

Severo and Chris have a standoff with guns before Araya enters. He assists in convincing the man to return to hunting to capture Kate by reciting the code. (Read More...)

He is among many of the hunters to capture Kate at La Iglesia and is one of the few survivors of her onslaught. (Read More...)



  • Now my friend, You're going to tell us about La Loba. Where is the shewolf?” — Breaking into Derek's loft in The Divine Move
  • Cora? Who the hell is Cora?” — Severo to Derek in The Divine Move
  • We hunt those who hunt us.” — To Chris in I.E.D.
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