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Shantal Rhodes (Shantal Nyree Rhodes) is an American theater and television actor who plays Beacon Hills High School student Danielle in MTV's Teen Wolf.

Her first appearance, in the Season 2 episode Party Guessed came as the result of an MTV contest.

She was asked to return in Season 3, appearing in the episodes Chaos Rising and Alpha Pact.


Shantal Rhodes was born in Bridgeport, Connecticut in October of 1990.

She began acting at the age of nine but Teen Wolf marked her first television appearance.

Before, Rhodes mainly appeared in community theater productions near her home.

She has appeared on stage in a number of local theater productions including Hairspray, Honk! and Copacabana.


Rhodes is notable in Teen Wolf history due mainly to the circumstances surrounding her casting.

In December of 2011, MTV announced via the Official Teen Wolf Facebook page that one fan would be chosen to appear in a small role on the show.

Rhodes entered along with several hundred others by “Liking” the page and posting a brief video.

She describes Teen Wolf as her “favorite show” and jumped at the chance to be part of the production.

MTV labeled her as "a Superfan” in subsequent promotional articles about the contest and her on set experience.

They produced a behind the scenes video and released it as part of the promotion in advance of the Season 2 episode Party Guessed.

While it is not unusual for television shows to offer fans the chance for a walk-on part, it is very unusual that the winner would be brought back for more episodes after their initial appearance.

Teen Wolf Aftershow[]

In 2013, MTV paired Rhodes with internet celebrity Tyler Oakley to co-host a short internet interview show posted at MTV.com after the first episode.


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