Status Asthmaticus is the 10th episode of Teen Wolf Season 5.

In medicine, "Status Asthmaticus" refers to a severe condition in which asthma attacks follow one another without pause.


Scott and the pack face what may be their biggest threat yet.

Full Recap

Seconds after the end of Lies of Omission, Liam confronts Scott about his refusal to give Hayden the bite.

Scott explains that, in her weakened condition, the bite would likely kill her. Liam feels Scott is breaking his promise to do everything he could to save Hayden. Scott begins to have trouble breathing and Theo tosses him an inhaler. He takes a deep pull off the device and says there is another way to save Hayden.

The girl’s condition seems to be getting worse and Theo says, while he doesn’t know the statistics for surviving a werewolf bite, Hayden won’t survive unless they do something.

Stiles' Jeep begins to smoke as the engine coughs. He pulls over. Angry, he pulls out his wrench set and throws it on the ground. He throws back the hood and retrieves the tools. Inside the case, one slot is empty. It is the wrench he lost when confronting Donovan (See A Novel Approach). He throws the box of wrenches in a fit of rage then slams down the hood and circles to the passenger side to retrieve the bloody tool. He makes as if to throw it down the road with the others but instead turns and throws it into the Jeep’s windscreen.

Stiles sits in the road with his back against the vehicle’s front tire.

What follows is radio traffic between different Beacon Hills Sheriff’s Deputies and a dispatcher inside the station. None of the action is shown in this scene. We see only the dispatcher and the Sheriff and have only the descriptions provided by the officers.

Dispatch – Unit 7 can you 10-9? I didn’t quite get that.
Unit 7 – 10-4 Dispatch. I’m southbound on Fryman following suspicious individual loping in the middle of the road.
Dispatch – Seven, clarify “loping.”
Unit 7 – Running on all fours. Suspect is possibly a large animal.
Unit 5 – Unit 5 to Dispatch, I’m turning the corner on Lincoln. Suspect is no longer loping but running.
Dispatch – 10-4 Unit 5. Clarify “running?”
Unit 5 – Two legs. Moving fast.
Dispatch – Copy. What’s your speed?
Unit 5 – 45 to 50. Advise that suspect is too large to be human.
Dispatch – 10-4 Unit 5. Back off and maintain eyes. Dispatch to all units; be on the lookout for suspicious bipedal animal.
Unit 8 – Unit 8 to Dispatch, advise coming up on Taft. Animal is back on all fours and… HOLY… (sound of car skidding)
Stilinski – Unit 8 this is Stilinski, report.
Unit 8 – 10-4 Sheriff, suspect just leapt over my car.
Unit 5 – Dispatch, I have eyes on the suspect, corner of Union headed north toward  Beacon Hills High School. Confirm: back on all fours.
Dispatch – 10-4. Can you give his ’20?
Unit 5 – In my rearview mirror coming right toward me! Advise suspect is OH MY GOD!
Stilinski – Clark! Back off! (sound of car crash)
Dispatch – All available units to Beacon Hills High School proceed with caution.

A few minutes later, Sheriff Stilinski is running down the hallway at the school and is intercepted by Deputy Clark. She has a cut on her head and explains that she totaled her patrol vehicle and ran a half mile to get to the school. The sheriff tells her not to worry about the car because insurance will cover the cost. Clark says she wonders how much insurance the school has. She leads the sheriff around the corner to where something has tossed the large brick “Beacon Hills High School” sign through the roof. It is cracked in half in the middle of the hallway.

Unseen behind the two law officers, the Dread Doctors observe the wreckage of the school. The Surgeon says “Success imminent.”

The next morning, Melissa McCall has joined Scott, Theo and Liam at Beacon Hills Animal Clinic. Hayden is lying on the exam table as Melissa explains that she is going to try chelation therapy to remove the heavy metals (mercury) from Hayden’s blood. She is concerned because the process can injure the patient’s kidneys and “Hayden only has one to begin with.”

Hayden reacts when the intravenous needle is inserted into her vein and Liam grabs Melissa’s wrist yelling that the nurse is hurting Hayden. Melissa calmly says that Liam is hurting her and he backs off. Theo reminds them all that they are there to save a life and not to kill each other. Scott points out that they can feel the effects of the full moon during the day as well. Theo says it’s the Supermoon and Melissa asks if that means they get super strong or super aggressive. Scott says “both.”

In his office, the Sheriff examines a notebook with pictures labeled “Know Chimeras.” Underneath the book he finds an envelope with his name. Inside is Stiles’ Library Keycard which he claimed he lost weeks earlier. A post-it note from Melissa says “Maintenance found this in the hospital trash.”

Theo and Scott sit in the waiting room at the Animal Clinic. Theo says Scott is going to need help handling Liam but Scott believes he will be alright. Theo points out that Liam is 16 and in love. He says those emotions mixed with the supermoon will be bad. Theo says “We need help.” He says Scott needs the pack with him. Scott says he’s not sure he has a pack anymore. Theo offers to talk to them on Scott’s behalf.

Lydia and Parrish are sitting with the bars of the jail cell between them. They discuss Parrish’s powers. Lydia says he finds bodies like she does. He wonders if he is a harbinger of death.

Scott has fallen asleep at the clinic. Liam stands over him and his eyes glow yellow.

A tow truck drives away with Stiles’ Jeep on the back. Malia has arrived to pick him up. During the drive, she asks if they can fix the Jeep but Stiles says it’s too far gone. He explains that the vehicle has a bad alternator, needs all new belts, the transmission is going and the brake pads are “metal on metal.” She asks why he let it get so bad. Stiles says there have been “a few distractions if you haven’t noticed.” Malia says “I notice. More than you think I do.”

Stiles tries to apologize but she asks if she should take him home. He says he needs to see his dad at the Sheriff’s Station.

Parrish asks if it helps that Lydia knows what she is. She says it doesn’t scare her as much. She then wonders aloud if she scares him. He says he was only scared of her once, when he was attacked by the werewolf with the big talons (See Creatures of the Night). He explains that he thought he was dying and then he saw Lydia. She asks what she was doing in his vision and he says she was trying to keep him alive.

Lydia says that night she was actually just trying to stay out of the rain. Thinking about that night reminds her of the story of “The Wild Hunt” a myth about ghost riders in the sky with big black dogs that Kira’s parents were talking about during that storm. This gives her an idea and she leaves Parrish at the jail.

Liam believes the treatment isn’t working. Melissa says she should be showing signs of improvement. Hayden whispers that they should call her sister Valerie Clark. Scott says Theo just texted about cops being everywhere at the high school. Hayden asks him to find her sister because she doesn’t want to die without her there. Scott says he will.

Malia offers to go into the Sheriff’s station with Stiles. He says it will probably take a while and opens the door to get out. Malia asks if Stiles is going to tell his father about Donovan. Stiles gets back into the car. Malia explains that she guessed after she saw the bite on his shoulder while he was sleeping. She never said anything because it didn’t matter to her that he killed Donovan. Stiles says it matters to him and gets out of the car.

In the jail cell, Parrish has his recurring dream of taking bodies to the Nemeton.

A deputy tells Stiles that his father left about a half hour ago. Stiles says he’ll wait in his office.

The station seems to be getting hotter.

Lydia is flipping through a book on mythology at the high school library. She finds the section on the Wild Hunt and reads about the dogs that accompany the ghost riders.

Woden’s Hunt, also known as the Wild Ride or Wild Hunt. A myth of devilish riders in the sky accompanied by black dogs, spectral beasts whose eyes glowed with fire... A Bearer of Death and Guardian of the Supernatural, the black dog is also known by its more common name, the Hellhound."

Parrish opens his eyes, they glow with fire.

Lydia begins hearing banshee voices. The whispers are mostly unintelligible but we hear Liam roar and Scott says “I can’t let you kill me.”

Theo is in the library and startles Lydia. He says she knows what’s coming. She says someone is going to die there, and he says he can’t let her warn anyone because he wants her and he wants all of them. She is confused. He back hands her and knocks her unconscious.

Malia returns to the cave where she lived for so long as a coyote. As she holds her sister’s doll (See More Bad Than Good), she remembers the night of the crash that killed her mother and sister. Her biological mother, Desert Wolf was standing in the road firing a gun at the car.

She is surprised when a wolf enters the den and transforms into naked Theo. She wants to know how he did it.

Melissa draws Hayden’s blood. Gray spots have begun appearing on her skin and Melissa decides that they need to take her to the hospital because she needs human medical supplies. She says they won’t “take her through the front door.”

Alarms begin sounding at the Sheriff’s station as the temperature continues to rise. In his cell, Parrish grabs the bars with both hands and they begin to glow red hot. He bends them apart.

Theo offers to show Malia how to do the full shift. Theo says he has nothing to hide. Malia apparently does though. Theo asks if she’s told Scott that she plans to kill her biological mother. He says he’s not judging and wants to help her. She asks why he would help and he says because he knows Scott won’t. He says if Scott isn’t strong enough then someone else needs to take the lead. He explains that they’re moving Hayden to the hospital and that there are two more chimeras still unaccounted for. He says “they need help. They need you.”

Scott looks at the damage done to the school hallway by the chimera the night before. He gets a text from Lydia that simply says “Library.”

Parrish is smoking. He walks slowly through the station. His fellow deputies pull their weapons but Stiles warns them to let him go and not to get in his way. They listen and Parrish exits without further incident, Stiles follows.

Growls can be heard from behind a locked door in an “under construction” part of Beacon Hills Memorial Hospital.

Theo tosses away a key.

Hayden slumps in a wheelchair as Melissa and Liam take her up to the 4th floor in the elevator. She groans with pain and a small cloud of black liquid backwashes into the intravenous bag. Liam grabs her hand and she repeats that she wants her sister to come. Melissa assures her that Scott is out looking for her and will bring her as soon as he can. More black spots appear on Hayden’s neck.

In the library, Scott calls out for Lydia. There is no answer. His own phone is blowing up with texts from Liam –

“Call me”

“She’s getting worse! Call!”

“Where r u?”

“Call me now!”

“CALL ME!!!”

He tries Lydia’s cellphone and hears a buzzing off to the side in the stacks. He finds her phone and notices a line of Mountain Ash running down the length of the Library’s main floor. He emerges from the stacks to find Theo completing the Mountain Ash circle sealing Scott inside the library.

Theo explains that he can hold the Mountain Ash because he is a chimera, the first chimera, and therefore not really supernatural. He says that he is part coyote which is why Malia was more trusting of him. Theo says an alternate definition of chimera is “something impossible to achieve or unrealizable dream.”

He says the Dread Doctors “came close with me.”

Scott takes a run at Theo but the chimera steps over the mountain ash line and Scott crashes into the supernatural barrier and is bounced back into the room.

Theo then flips on one of the cell phone jammers Stiles procured to trap the Dread Doctors (See Strange Frequencies) meaning Scott won’t be able to call for help.

Mason rushes down the unfinished 4th floor corridor at the hospital. His arms are full of medical supplies. He asks Melissa if they should get a doctor. Melissa says she’s been wrestling with that idea for hours. She wonders if she should let doctors treat Hayden like a normal patient while Melissa knows it’s not going to work.

Should she let the doctors do everything medically possible to save her while her body does things that shouldn’t be medically possible. Mason asks if she is dying. Melissa says with the amount of mercury in her body she shouldn’t be alive.

Scott pushes against the Mountain Ash barrier but cannot cross. He chastises himself because he managed to cross a similar barrier once before. He takes another hit off the inhaler that Theo threw to him earlier and makes a run at the barrier. He is repelled halfway across the room. As he picks himself up, he sees a storage room and gets an idea. Inside there is a latter to the roof. Scott begins to climb.

On the under-construction 4th floor of the hospital bags of “Donor Marrow” lay in a bloody mess on the floor. There are slurping sounds. The lock from the room where we heard the growls is twisted and broken on the floor near the bags. Malia walks cautiously toward a shadowy figure behind some plastic sheeting.

The chimera has a large bony spike sticking out of the back of his hand and another, shorter spike coming from his wrist. He slurps on a bag of marrow as he stares at Malia with deep-set eyes. He rises and the bag slips from his lips landing on the floor. He growls and runs at Malia. She bares fangs and meets his advance.

Scott makes it to the roof of the library but finds that the Mountain Ash barrier extends at least as high as he can reach and still blocks his exit.

He is struck by another bout of asthma and reaches for the inhaler. He tries to take a puff but it doesn’t seem to help. In frustration he crushes the device and a puff of purple gas curls up from his hand. He realizes that the inhaler, given to him by Theo, was full of wolfsbane. He’s been weakening himself each time he used it.

Liam is on the roof. He is furious. Scott wonders aloud if Theo let him in. Liam wants him to save Hayden with the bite. Scott tries to explain that he can’t save her that way. Liam says he’s thinking about alternatives saying Scott will keep his promise to save Hayden even if it kills him. Scott says the supermoon is feeding his anger and making him more aggressive.

Hayden’s vital signs are dropping and Melissa tells Mason to find Liam saying if he wants to be with her he needs to get there now because she is dying.

Liam and Scott fight on the roof. Scott is holding back but Liam is going full throttle. They fall through a skylight into the library below.

Malia faces the spiked chimera takes a bit of a beating. Braeden shows up and shoots it with tazer darts. The creature is knocked down but manages to get back up and escape.

Parrish arrives at the impound lot. Most of his clothes have been burned away. Stiles follows as Parrish finds two bodies (one is Corey) in the back of a van. He takes the vehicle.

Braeden informs Malia that the Desert Wolf knows she is alive and she’s coming back to Beacon Hills.

Stiles is trying to call Scott when Theo pulls up at the impound lot. Stiles wants to find Scott but Theo says Scott doesn’t want to talk to him.

Scott and Liam continue their fight. Scott is taking a beating and is bleeding. Scott says he can’t let Liam kill him then turns to the full moon, transforms, and allows himself to fight back with more force.

Theo taunts Stiles with the lies he told the Sheriff about Donovan’s death. He has Stiles library ID suggesting that he somehow took it from the Sheriff. Stiles worries that Theo has hurt his father.

Theo explains that he came to Beacon Hills to take Scott’s pack. “I came for the Werecoyote, the one whose first instinct is to kill. I came for the Banshee the girl surrounded by death. I came for the dark Kitsune, the beta with anger issues. I came for Void Stiles. That’s the pack I want. Unfortunately it doesn’t include Scott.”

Theo says he can hear Stiles heartbeat rising and he knows it isn’t out of fear. He says the Nogitsune is gone but Stiles still has more blood on his hands than anyone. Stiles says he is about to get more blood on them.

The fight in the library rages on.

Theo says he will tell Stiles where the Sheriff is but only if he promises not to help Scott. Stiles punches Theo much to the chimera’s amusement. Stiles hits him again. Theo is still trying to recruit Stiles saying “you’ll get it eventually.”

Theo says Stiles can’t save the sheriff and help Scott but that he still has time to save his father’s life.

Liam’s face is also bloodied as the fight in the library continues. Scott does a flip onto the second floor and tries again to talk Liam down.

He explains that Theo is using Liam because Liam is the only one who can take away Scott’s True Alpha status. He says once Liam has taken the status, Theo will then take it from Liam. Scott says that’s why Theo wants Liam to kill Scott. Liam says he would want to kill Scott even without Theo’s interference. The fight resumes with Liam gaining the upper hand.

Hayden dies. A single tear of mercury runs down her cheek.

Liam has Scott down and begins clawing away at him rapid fire. Scott raises his arms to fend off the blows.

Mason screams Liam’s name and snaps him out of his blind rage. Scott is covered in blood.

Mason tells him that Hayden is dead.

Liam runs through the school.

Mason helps Scott to his feet as Theo arrives. The chimera slams Mason into a table knocking him out.

Theo says he should have stayed and made sure. He jabs his claws into Scott’s abdomen. He says Scott’s pack will come around but Scott says they won’t because Theo is “barely even human.” Theo, enraged, drives his claws in deeper and pushes Scott down onto the floor.

As Theo walks away, the red glow fades from Scott’s eyes.

In the abandoned house used by the Dread Doctors, Stiles finds his father lying on the floor bloodied and beaten.

Liam cries as he holds Hayden’s body. Parrish arrives to take her away and Liam gives her one last kiss.

Mason’s hands are covered in Scott’s blood. Melissa arrives and begins performing chest compressions on her son. Mason says Scott has been without a pulse for over 15 minutes. He says you can’t bring someone back like that. Melissa says “He’s not someone. He’s my son and he’s an Alpha and he’s too strong to die like this!”

She continues compressions and blows air into his lungs. She continues to talk to him as she presses on his chest, urging him to roar. With one final blow to the chest she screams at him and his eyes, glowing, snap open ad he roars.

In the lair of the Dread Doctors, Lydia is lying on the floor. Her head hurts from where Theo knocked her out.

Theo rushes in and jabs his claws into the back of her neck saying, “I’ve never done this before, and I know how dangerous it is but it’s a risk we have to take.” He gets visions of the Nemeton and then jerks his claws out of her neck. Lydia seems paralyzed and just kneels there, mouth agape.

Theo goes over to the large body-holding tube of liquid and fills a large syringe.

Back at home, Melissa tends to Scott’s wounds in his room. She explains that every leader suffers loss and sometimes it is more than you think is bearable. Scott says he’s lost everyone, but she is optimistic that he will get them back “because you’re their leader and even when a leader thinks they have nothing left to give, there’s one thing – hope.”

Theo drags Lydia through the woods to the Nemeton she still seems catatonic.

Theo injects several of the chimeras with the fluid from the syringe. Each one comes back to life. Tracy, Corey, Josh and Hayden are revived. Theo says he is their Alpha and they all belong to him. They follow him out of the woods.

Back in the lair, The Surgeon uses his cane to hammer into the wall revealing a painting of two creatures fighting. As he hammers he says “Le Bete, Le Bete, Le Bete, Success.”

EDITOR’S NOTE: La Bete is French for “The Beast” as in La Bête du Gévaudan mentioned in Season 1


  • Vancouver Sleep Clinic - “Everything’s Not Gone”
Scene: Malia gives Stiles a ride to the Police Station.
  • BANNERS - “Ghosts”
Scene: The red glow fades from Scott’s eyes, Stiles finds his father and Liam holds Hayden.

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