Sydney is an over-achieving sophomore student at Beacon Hills High School introduced in Season 4.

She is played by Claire Bryétt Andrew, a daughter of frequent director Tim Andrew.

Season 4Edit

Like many others, she sickened by the genetically enhanced distemper during a PSAT exam. When she gets better, she asks Natalie Martin if she can retake the exam. (Read More...)

She is seen in the crowd cheering for Liam Dunbar at a lacrosse match. (Read More...)

Season 5Edit

Now a junior and a classmate of Scott McCall in AP Biology, she stands next to Lydia Martin while Mrs. Finch explains her course. (Read More...)

Sydney is present when Scott attempts to read over a previous assignment for their class. (Read More...)

Sydney is berated by Mrs. Finch for using Wikipedia from her phone to find an answer and is handed a drop form. (Read More...)

She drops the class due to stress after realizing her hair is falling out and is comforted by Lydia. (Read More...)

She sits next to Hayden at the charity lacrosse game and unknowingly knocks Stiles Stilinski in the head after he tries to get a look at her shoe. (Read More...)

She hides in the library of the school with several other students as The Beast of Gevaudan attacks. (Read More...)

Season 6Edit

Sydney is tasked with taking photos of each student for the yearbook. However, several interruptions from Stiles forces Malia Tate to leave before she could take her photo. (Read More...)

Sydney is attends the lacrosse game with Lori where the Ghost Riders appear and take people. (Read More...)

Now a senior, she and other students freak out when rats invade the classroom. (Read More...)

She is sitting the behind Mason during lacrosse practice. (Read More...)

Sydney is with Mason during math class where she unintentionally reminds him that he's doing nothing. (Read More...)

Sydney is briefly seen in Mrs. Finch's biology class. (Read More...)

She is present during Monroe's speech condemning supernaturals and is tasked with helping Nolan "taking care" of Ethan. (Read More...)


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