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Talia Hale was a powerful Alpha Werewolf who was the matriarch of The Hale Family before her death in the Hale House Fire.

She had a rare, unique ability to shapeshift into an actual wolf. This made her an important leader in the werewolf community.

While making only two appearances, Derek Hale and others mention her throughout the show, and her beliefs such as "We're predators, but we don't have to be killers" continue to survive through Scott McCall and his pack.

She is played by Alicia Coppola.


She lived with her younger brother, Peter, and her children, Laura, Derek, Cora in Beacon Hills and protected the town against supernatural threats.

She is indirectly mentioned in Teen Wolf: Search for a Cure when Conrad Fenris says she came into his office with an arrow in her. When it was removed, she healed much to his surprise.

In Visionary, she met with the Alphas Deucalion, Kali and Ennis after one of the latter's Betas was killed by Hunters. While Kali didn't care and Deucalion wanted to make peace, Talia insisted that Ennis had a right to avenge his Beta. With that, Ennis made The Spiral and thus began conflict between the werewolves and The Argent Family.

Talia and her Emissary, Dr. Alan Deaton, advised Deucalion when he wanted to make peace with the Argents. She felt Gerard wasn't the right one to make the negotiation as she deemed him a "complete psychopath who cuts people in half with a broadsword" and insisted that the Alpha meets him on neutral ground and not to go alone.

After Derek killed Paige in the root cellar to end her suffering from a failed werewolf bite, Talia consoles her son and tells him that his eyes are still beautiful regardless of what color they are.

She erases the memory of Nemeton from Derek and Peter afterwards to prevent them from going back there. (Alpha Pact)

Talia's Claws[]

The only remains of Talia Hale recovered from the fire, her claws were placed in a jar made from wood from the Nemeton made by Deaton. As time passed, the jar made its way to The Calaveras who placed it in a box made of Mountain Ash with a pile of mountain ash dust covering it.

Derek and Peter managed to recover her claws. (More Bad Than Good)

Peter attached the claws to his fingers, puncturing Derek's neck to allow him to see and communicate with Talia. (Galvanize)

Peter gives the claws to Lydia so that she can hear the whispers from the claws to find a memory that Talia took from him. (Letharia Vulpina)

The jar is later used to trap the Nogitsune after its defeat. (The Divine Move)

Season 2[]

Deaton reveals that he made a promise to Talia to protect and help Derek when he needed it. (Read More...)

Season 3[]

While confronting Derek in his loft, Deucalion feels Derek face and claims that he looks like Talia. (Read More...)

She makes her first appearance in Peter's and Gerard's flashbacks relating to Derek's and Deucalion's respective developments. (Read More...)

Derek communicates with her through her claws. She appears as a wolf during the meeting where she reveals information that terrifies him. (Read More...)

It is revealed that Talia took the memory of his child, Malia Tate, for unknown reasons. (Read More...)

Season 4[]

Satomi Ito mentions to Derek that she and Talia were good friends and often visited the Hales. Satomi always brought tea made from Reishi mushrooms as it was her favorite. (Read More...)

In a flashback, Peter claimed that Talia's leadership made her family weak and that she made them "prey" for the Argents which led to the decimation of the family. (Read More...)

Deaton's promise to her is mentioned again when visiting Dr. Valack for information on Derek's condition. (Read More...)

Season 5[]

Corrine reveals that Talia supervised her pregnancy and despite Talia's pleas to see the beauty her experience, the Alpha knew that Corrine would kill Malia to take back the power given to her. In secrecy, Talia put Malia up for adoption before the child was even named. (The Sword and the Spirit, Apotheosis)