Tamlyn Tomita is a Japanese-born American actor who played Noshiko Yukimura of MTV's Teen Wolf from Season 3 to Season 6.

Early LifeEdit

Her father was a police officer who was interned with other Japanese-Americans during World War II.

Before beginning her acting career she became a beauty queen by winning the title of Queen at the Nisei Week Pageant in 1984 and Miss Nikkei International in 1985.


Her big breakthrough came when she debuted as Ralph Macchio's love interest in The Karate Kid, Part II.

She would later make film appearances over the next decades with films like Common See the Paradise, Picture Bride, Requiem, The Day After Tomorrow, The Eye, and The Joy Luck Club as Waverly Jong.

Her television credits include Law & Order: LA as Miwako Nishizawa and Santa Barbara as Ming Li. Her other credits include Days of Our Lives, Glee, Eureka, The Burning Zone, and JAG.

She also has contributed to the Star Gate franchise as Shen Xiaoyi in Stargate SG-1 and Stargate: Atlantis.

She also released a brief Japanese singing debut in 1987 with Polydor Records.

Prior to Teen Wolf, Tomita had a recurring spot on the supernatural show, True Blood.

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