Tamora Monroe is part of a group of werewolf hunters introduced in Teen Wolf and worked as the new high school humanities teacher/guidance counselor in Season 6.

Tamora Monroe is portrayed by actor Sibongile Mlambo.


While leaving a faculty meeting, Tamora and others were attacked by the The Beast of Gevaudan when sought shelter on a school bus. Monroe was injured but survived. She used a dead body to hide herself. She saw Jordan Parrish, Scott McCall and members of his pack who failed to see if she was alive. (A Credible Threat)

Tamora was found by Sheriff Stilinski who called for an ambulance but, since then, has blamed Scott and the pack for the deaths in town. She believes they allowed people to die so they could keep their secret and carry on as if nothing ever happened.

She began to look for signs of supernatural activity and sought to destroy it for good.

Season 6Edit

Monroe meets with the students and subtly questions Mason on what's going on at the school. Later, she shoots Halwyn in the woods. (Read More...)

She goes after Brett Talbot after learning he's a werewolf. He overpowers her until she is rescued by Gerard. (Read More...)

Under Gerard's guidance, the two of them tracked Brett in the woods and tunnels. While she was anxious to go for the quick kill, Gerard showed her a more efficient way of hunting werewolves. (Read More...)

Tamora agrees to meet with Scott in the tunnels for a peace summit. Although, she had no intentions on stopping the upcoming war. She relates her story to Scott. (Read More...)

She leads a hunting party to the Sheriff's station for the two werewolves who killed some of their members and gives Scott and Stilinski until midnight to hand them over before they use force. (Read More...)

Tamora joins Gerard as the army invades the Hill Valley Zoo. She is concerned with Nolan's well-being after Gerard sends him into the south side of the zoo with a crossbow and little to no training. (Read More...)

Tamora is called down to the sheriff station for questioning in regard to the attack on Scott's house. Tamora quickly turns the tables. With the support of Stilinski's deputies, she takes over the station. (Read More...)

She gives lecture on how Beacon Hills should protect themselves against supernatural creatures before leading a group to kill Scott and his pack. (Read More...)

Tamora shoots Scott with a yellow wolfsbane bullet. However, she takes off after failing to kill him and his pack. She later builds a network of hunters. (Read More...)


'The Hunt For Brett' Official Sneak Peek Teen Wolf (Season 6B) MTV

'The Hunt For Brett' Official Sneak Peek Teen Wolf (Season 6B) MTV


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