Teen Wolf: Search for a Cure is a webseries sponsored by AT&T.

The webisodes are available at MTV's Teen Wolf Website as well as AT&T’s Facebook page.

The story revolves around Stiles tracking down a werewolf expert named Dr. Conrad Fenris in the belief that he may be able to cure recently bitten werewolf Scott McCall.

Each episode features the characters using an AT&T product.

Dr. Fenris is played by Tyler Posey’s dad, John Posey. John Posey joined the cast of the television show in Wolf's Bane.

The webisodes are written and directed by the show’s creator, Jeff Davis and, as such, are considered canon within the mythology of the show.


Episode 1 Edit

Episode 1 begins with Stiles in his jeep. First, Stiles hears a noise on top of his jeep. The noise was made by Scott. He is startled when Scott appears. Similar to what Stiles did to Scott in the beginning of Wolf Moon Scott asks Stiles, what did you find out? Then, he shows Scott a video on his phone.

The video shows a man detailing research about werewolves to a group of his peers. In the end the man is showed being laughed at for his belief and research in werewolves. At that point Stiles pauses the video and tells Scott, "This is the guy. This is your cure." [external 1]

Episode 2 Edit

Episode 2 begins with Stiles telling Scott, "This is the guy. This is your cure." Stiles tells Scott the man's name is Conrad Haberlind. He changed his last name to Fenris due to the reaction of his colleagues when detailing his research on werewolves.

Scott asks Stiles, “Ok. So what makes you so sure he's got a cure?” Stiles says he not sure but that he has reason to believe Fenris might due to information Stiles has gathered watching other videos on Fenris.

Scott and Stiles watch more of the video. Stiles tells Scott that Fenris is the closest thing they got to a certified expert. In the end, Scott asks, how are we going to find this guy? Stiles replies, "I already did." Dr. Fenris is seen leaving a building. [external 2]

Episode 3 Edit

In Episode 3, Stiles and Scott track down Dr. Fenris. They see him in the parking lot, but instead of introducing themselves, they just scare him away.

Stiles jumps on top of him. The man gives him his car keys thinking they are muggers. Stiles and Scott say they don't want anything just his help on werewolves. Dr. Fenris declines and says he doesn't do that anymore. He drives off.

Stiles says he has a plan B ready. Scott asks, "Am I going to regret plan B?" Stiles replies, "Only if we get caught."[external 3]

Episode 4 Edit

In Episode 4, Stiles executes his plan B on Dr. Fenris. In this case plan B is to break into his house to see him. Scott says it's a bad idea. Stiles says he says all of his ideas are bad. Scott answers by saying because they are all bad. Stiles replies, "You learn more from failures than successes." Scott replies back, "Well, you must be a genius by now."

Stiles attempts to break through the window but can't. Scott laughs and says, " What did we learn from that failure?" Stiles sarcastically laughs and replies, "Oh, that's funny. Wolf's got jokes tonight!"

Scott, then looks under the mat near the door. As expected, he finds a spare key. The two let themselves in. Scott says what will they do now. Stiles wants to steal all of the files Fenris has on werewolves and put it on his phone.

Fenris appears with a gun and sarcastically says to Stiles it's a good plan. Scott and Stiles look on in horror as they have been discovered. [external 4]

Episode 5 Edit

In Episode 5, Dr. Fenris finds Stiles and Scott and plans to gun them down after they tried to break in his house. Scott says that he wouldn't shoot because as a doctor he has an oath to help people. Fenris has second thoughts and lets them stay.

He talks about a woman, a patient, he met who was severely injured in an accident. To his surprise, he sees that she has miraculous healing powers. Fenris says she was probably a werewolf.

He talks about the werewolf mythology and why hunters want to kill them. Near the end of the webisode, he shows Stiles and Scott a picture of her and a picture of someone whom they recognize - it's Derek Hale. Dr. Fenris says that the woman could have possibly been his mother. [external 5]

Episode 6 Edit

In Episode 6, Scott and Stiles are talking to Dr. Fenris. Dr. Fenris talks about the difference between those who are born and those who are bitten. He tells Scott and Stiles about the ritual known as wolf moon. Dr. Fenris mentions that as a right of passage, the wolves strolled together in packs. The Alpha, Beta and Omega, Omega being the lowest member of the pack. 

As Dr. Fenris is talking he grows frustrated because he cannot find his cigarettes. Stiles replies, You're a doctor and you smoke cigarettes?" At that point the doctor tells them their time is up. Scott asks for one more question. Is there a cure? The doctor replies, "Yes. Cut them in half. Death cures all ailments."

Dr. Fenris apologizes but says he has never heard of cure. Then asks "Really, why are you so interested in this. It's just a myth." The doctor goes on about how he ruined his personal and professional life because of his belief in werewolves. He insists that Scott and Stiles leave.

As they leave Scott tells Fenris that he still believes in it. "Don't you?" Fenris replies, "Sometimes. But then I snap back to reality." After a few moments, Scott tells the doctor Stiles was right, smoking is bad, but if he really wants his cigarettes. "They are on the shelf behind the books." Scott flashes his werewolf eyes and walks away.

Dr. Fenris goes back inside and looks where Scott said they were and he found them. He rushes back outside only to find that Scott is gone. [external 6]

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