Teen Wolf is a 1985 fantasy/comedy film directed by Rod Daniel and starring Michael J. Fox as the eponymous "teen wolf."


Scott Howard is an average basketball player who pines for his dream girl while his best female friend pines for him.

When he finds out that a werewolf gene runs in his family, he's shocked and upset until he finds that he can use his "wolf-ness" to his advantage.

Scott becomes increasingly popular until his recognition takes a turn for the worse and he decides not to morph anymore.

Although his basketball team could use a boost, Scott wins the game without supernatural means and gets together with his best friend, Boof.


A sequel, Teen Wolf Too, came out in 1988.

Scott's cousin Todd inherits the family's ability to be a werewolf.

Connections to MTV's Teen Wolf Edit

  • Lead character is named Scott.
  • The "Best Friend" is named Stiles Stilinski.
  • The Coach is named Bobby Finstock.
  • Writers of the original film, Jeph Loeb & Matthew Weisman, get a writing credit on the MTV show due to union rules.


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