A potential Teen Wolf Reboot by MGM was being discussed as of late 2020. In March 2021, MGM Studios executive Steve Stark left the company and the reboot was declared "dead" at MGM.

History[edit | edit source]

Shortly after the announcement that MTV's Teen Wolf was to end with Season 6, there was talk of developing a reboot of the popular series at MTV, another Viacom network or social media platform.

Nothing developed in the ensuing four years and, in 2020, Teen Wolf Wiki learned that ViacomCBS (MTV) lost the rights to make more Teen Wolf when their 2009 agreement with MGM ended.

MGM Reboot[edit | edit source]

While MGM owns all rights to the original Teen Wolf movie, they cannot do anything new within the existing Teen Wolf television universe without MTV's participation.

With the current state of affairs, and unless MTV releases its hold on the characters and existing stories, MGM would have to start over from scratch to do a new Teen Wolf project. Jeff Davis says the company was discussing this kind of "complete reboot".

In November 2020, Teen Wolf creator and executive producer Jeff Davis told Teen Wolf Wiki's Paul Rea, "Has there been talk of a Teen Wolf reboot? Yes. I have discussed with MGM, who want it to happen [emphasis added]. This would have to be a complete reboot. Any characters, stories or mythology from the original MTV show would require MTV and MGM coming to some sort of agreement. I haven’t heard anything about that."


Teen Wolf Season 7 - Jeff Davis Official Statement

The MGM executive working with Davis on the potential reboot was Steve Stark. Stark oversaw all the successful MGM television efforts during the past decade and was largely responsible for the companies successful exploitation of its existing IP like Fargo, Handmaid’s Tale, Silence of the Lambs, Vikings, and Teen Wolf. He left the company in early March of 2021.

According to Davis, Stark’s exit from the studio means the reboot is now dead.


The Teen Wolf Reboot is Dead but Hulu May Save us all

Season 7[edit | edit source]

This contractual stalemate also precludes any development of a Season 7 of the MTV show. Even if another network or streaming service were interested in continuing the series, MTV would have to be part of the deal and they've shown no interest to this point in giving up their hold on the characters.

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