There is no Teen Wolf Season 7. The MTV show ended with Season 6 after network executives and Executive Producer Jeff Davis agreed the series had run its course.

Davis tells Teen Wolf Wiki that he had no firm plot in mind for Season 7 because they never planned to make it.

Potential Plot

When pressed, Davis says Season 7 might have followed Alec and picked up where Season 6 ended.

"I think if we did it, I would have hired Ben Wadsworth to be the new Teen Wolf with Posey handing over the reigns. I'm sure the seventh season would have been about taking down Tamora Monroe while some new supernatural threat reared its head."

Potential Movie

For years Davis and Teen Wolf star Tyler Posey discussed the possibility of doing a Teen Wolf movie based on the show. This never went beyond the "wouldn't it be cool" stage of development. There are no plans for a Teen Wolf movie.

Potential Reboot

There remains hope for a reboot of the show. Both MTV and Davis have expressed interest and talks have continued since the original show ended. Again, there are no plans at this time to make a new version of Teen Wolf, but the possibility remains with all parties involved interested in the idea.

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