The Teen Wolf Wiki Timeline is designed to chronicle the relative timing of events within the Teen Wolf Universe.

The Teen Wolf production has a history of not following the consistency of time within the show. This systemic inconsistency makes it nearly impossible to assign exact dates to events.

There are also inconsistencies between information presented by the characters and established canonical time. This Teen Wolf Wiki Timeline attempts reconcile the differing accounts and present a reasonable approximation of when events happened in relation to each other.

Teen Wolf Year One encompasses Seasons 1, 2, and 3. Teen Wolf Year Two covers Seasons 4 and 5. Season 6 takes place in Teen Wolf Year Three.

Events Prior to Season 1

Classical Period
  • Lycaon and his sons are turned into wolves and they seek out the Druids for help. (see Druid)
  • 900 years ago, Noshiko Yukimura is born a Celestial Kitsune and over time controls her abilities and gains tails.
16th-17th Century
  • La Iglesia is built over a Nagual temple during the Spanish colonization of Mexico.
  • King Louis XIV gives the Argent family a French flintlock turn-over pistol in 1645. Sometime later, at the Palace of Versailles, an Argent shoots his brother to prevent him from being a werewolf and a dual is used as a cover story. (Silverfinger)
18th Century
  • Sebastien Valet and his friend, Marcel, are fighting in the French and Indian War in Canada.
  • Sebastien drinks water out of a wolf's paw print and becomes a monstrous beast composed of shadow.
  • In the winter of 1764, Sebastien and Marcel return to their home in Gevaudan where the former begins a killing spree.
  • In the winter of 1767, Marie-Jeanne Valet succeeds in killing Sebastien with steel tipped pike forged in mountain ash, wolfsbane, and her blood. Afterward, she and the town initiate Damnatio Memoriae to destroy evidence of her brother's existence.
20th Century
  • Marcel takes on partners and continues his efforts to restore the beast. (see Dread Doctors)
  • In 1912, Eichen House opens its doors on a lay line in a Telluric current. (Eichen House)
  • Noshiko, Satomi Ito and other Japanese-Americans are interned during World War II. (see Oak Creek)
  • A Nogitsune is summoned and reeks havoc until it is trapped in the Nemeton. (The Fox and the Wolf)
  • In 1943 Garrett Douglas hunts for the Ghost Riders as a means to gather power in Nazi Germany. He ends up a prisoner of the Dread Doctors instead. (Blitzkrieg)
  • In 1977, Alexander Argent commits suicide at the Motel Glen Capri to prevent his werewolf transformation.
  • April 5, 1987; the town of Canaan is taken by the Ghost Riders leaving only Lenore behind. (Ghosted)
  • Chris meets Katashi and is confronted by the Oni. (Silverfinger)
  • Derek Hale meets Paige and they begin dating until her death from a werewolf bite. (Visionary)
  • Deucalion is blinded and forms The Alpha Pack. (see Deucalion)
  • Kali's emissary, Julia Baccari is left for dead but survives due to the Nemeton regaining enough energy through Paige's virgin blood. (The Overlooked)
  • Peter Hale and Corrine conceive a child. (see Desert Wolf)
  • 16 years prior to Year One, Gordon and Margaret Miller die in a car crash, but their unborn son is delivered while his mother is on life support. (see Jackson Whittemore)
  • U.S. Marshall Braeden starts hunting Corrine. She would pursue her throughout until she is let go and later becomes a mercenary for hire. (see Braeden)
21th Century
  • Rafael McCall comes home drunk and accidently hurts Scott which leads to his divorce from Melissa McCall. He leaves Beacon Hills partially out of guilt and shame. (Insatiable)
  • 8 Years prior to Year One, Sheriff Stilinski's wife Claudia is hospitalized with frontotemporal dementia which eventually kills her. (see Claudia Stilinski)
  • The Desert Wolf tracks her daughter down and shoots at the car before it crashes into the woods. (see Malia Tate)
  • 6 years before Year One, Kate Argent sets up a plan to kill The Hale Family. (see Hale Arson Conspiracy)
  • Cora escapes to South America to hide after the fire. (see Cora Hale)
  • Meredith shares a hospital room with a badly burned Peter. They form a telepathic link. (see The Benefactor)
  • 6 years before Year One, Matt Daehler nearly drowns at the Lahey House and develops trauma from the event. (see Matt)
  • Theo Raeken kills his sister, Tara, so that the Dread Doctors can make him a chimera. (Theo)
  • Liam Dunbar gets into a fight with a student which involved him accidentally punching Hayden Romero who in turn punches him back. (see Liam Dunbar)

Teen Wolf Year One

Year One
  • Shortly after Peter's death, Gerard returns to Beacon Hills to avenge Kate and a plan to cure his cancer. (see Gerard)
  • Derek begins to recruit pack members. (see Derek Hale (Season 2)
  • Jackson turns into a Kanima and is controlled by Matt and later Gerard. (Fury)
  • Victoria learns of Allison's and Scott meetings and decides to kill Scott. (Raving)
  • Victoria takes her own life with Chris' help to prevent her werewolf transformation. (Party Guessed)
  • Lydia, under Peter's control, captures Derek, for his Alpha blood, to resurrect Peter. (see Lydia Martin (Season 2)
  • Allison becomes the leader of the Hunters after her mother's death. (see Allison Argent (Season 2)
  • Gerard has Derek bite him only for his plan to backfire thanks to Scott. (Master Plan)
  • Lydia's love for Jackson saves him and he becomes a blue-eyed werewolf. (Master Plan)
  • Allison breaks up with Scott and her and spend their summer in France to work out their issues. (Master Plan)
  • Erica and Boyd escape only to be captured by The Alpha Pack. (Master Plan)
  • Erica is killed by Kali. (Erica)
  • Some time after the events of Season 2, Jackson moves to London, England at the behest of his father. (Jackson Whittemore)
  • Four Months later, Isaac is rescued by Braeden from The Alpha Pack as Scott and his friends begin their junior year in high school. (Tattoo)
  • A Darach commits sacrifices to revive the Nemeton. (see Darach)
  • Boyd and Cora Hale are found and cause havoc. (Chaos Rising, Fireflies)
  • The two packs fight in a mall. (Frayed)
  • Ennis dies at Deucalion's hands. (Frayed)
  • Scott, Allison, Stiles, Lydia, and the track team spend a night a the Motel Glen Capri. (Motel California)
  • Kali forces Derek to kill Boyd. (Currents)
  • The Darach is revealed to be Kali's former emissary and kidnaps Melissa, Stilinski and Chris. (The Girl Who Knew Too Much, The Overlooked, Alpha Pact)
  • Scott, Stiles and Allison sacrifice themselves to revive the Nemeton. (Alpha Pact)
  • The Hellhound is born and possesses the body of Jordan Parrish after an explosion. (A Credible Threat)
  • Jennifer kills Kali and incapacitates Ethan and Aiden. (Lunar Ellipse)
  • A lunar eclipse occurs, resulting in the werewolves temporarily losing their powers. (Lunar Ellipse)
  • Scott becomes a True Alpha. (see Scott McCall (Season 3)
  • Peter kills Jennifer. (see Peter Hale (Season 3)
  • The Yukimura Family move to Beacon Hills. (Anchors)
  • A few weeks later, Scott and Stiles find Malia and helps her revert to human form. (see Malia Tate (Season 3)
  • Derek, Peter, and Braeden retrieve Talia Hale's claws from the Calaveras. (Anchors, More Bad Than Good)
  • Stiles is possessed by the Nogitsune that had been trapped in the Nemeton. (see Stiles Stilinski (Season 3)
  • William Barrow, under the Nogitsune's influence, uses Kira to recharge his powers. (Galvanize)
  • Noshiko summons the Oni to stop the dark spirit. (Galvanize)
  • Chris Allison and Isaac find Silverfinger for info on the Oni. (Silverfinger)
  • Deaton stuns the spirit with Wolf Lichen. (Letharia Vulpina)
  • Stiles stays Eichen House and gets close to Malia before the spirit retakes control. (Echo House)
  • The real Stiles is removed from the Nogitsune, but Lydia is captured. (De-Void)
  • Void Stiles takes control of the Oni and Allison is killed in a confrontation. (Insatiable)
  • Stiles and his friends figure out how to defeat the spirit by giving him a werewolf bite and trapping his essence in a jar made from the Nemeton. (The Divine Move)
  • Derek is captured by a resurrected Kate Argent. (see Kate Argent)

Teen Wolf Year Two

Year Two
  • The pack goes to Mexico to rescue Derek whose mind and body are regressed to that of a teenager. (The Dark Moon)
  • Meredith initiates the Benefactor plan with Brunski's help. He robs the Hale Family Vault for the cash. (117)
  • Assassins come and kill various supernaturals for profit while Scott's pack protects as many as possible. (see The Benefactor)
  • Scott bites Liam Dunbar after the teen is attacked by a wendigo. (Muted)
  • Liam struggles to come to terms with his new life. (see Liam Dunbar (Season 4)
  • Derek loses his powers and forms a connection with Braeden. (see Derek Hale)
  • The Calaveras encourage Chris to return to hunting the supernatural. (I.E.D.)
  • Malia discovers her lineage to the Hale Family and The Desert Wolf. (Weaponized, Time of Death)
  • Kate and Peter form an alliance to kill Scott. (Orphaned)
  • Parrish discovers that he is a supernatural creature but is unsure what kind. (see Jordan Parrish (Season 4)
  • Meredith is discovered as the Benefactor after Brunski is killed. (see Meredith Walker)
  • Kate captures Scott and Kira and turns the former into a Berserker. (A Promise to the Dead)
  • Kira discovers her healing powers and gains her first tail. (Kira Yukimura (Season 4)
  • Scott breaks free of his Berserker influence and defeats Peter. (Smoke & Mirrors)
  • Derek dies and evolves into a wolf. (Smoke & Mirrors)
  • Kate escapes. (Smoke & Mirrors)
  • Peter is incarcerated at Eichen House with Valack as a cellmate. (Peter Hale (Season 4)
  • Senior year begins and The Dread Doctors begin creating chimeras in Beacon Hills. (see Dread Doctors)
  • Theo returns with a sinister plan to take Scott's pack for himself. (see Theo)
  • Donovan attempts to torture Stiles but is killed in self-defense. (see Stiles Stilinski (Season 5)
  • The pack go to Eichen House to interrogate Valack. (A Novel Approach)
  • Kira's power causes the Dread Doctors to enter the facility to steal Valack's third eye before he escapes his cell. (A Novel Approach)
  • Hayden Romero is targeted by the doctors. (see Hayden)
  • Kira's fox spirit begins to take over and leaves Beacon Hills to regain control. (see Kira Yukimura (Season 5)
  • Malia collaborates with Braeden to track down and kill the Desert Wolf. (see Malia Tate (Season 5)
  • Dr. Deaton is kidnapped by the Desert Wolf. (Ouroboros)
  • During the supermoon, Liam tries to kill Scott in a rage but fails. (Status Asthmaticus)
  • Theo kills Scott but is brought back to life thanks to Melissa. (see Scott McCall (Season 5))
  • Theo incapacitates Lydia and resurrects dead chimeras for his pack. (see Lydia Martin (Season 5)
  • Valack interrogates Lydia on the recent events. (Valack)
  • Kira fails the Skinwalker's test. (Codominance)
  • Malia and Braeden rescue Deaton from the Desert Wolf. (The Sword and the Spirit)
  • Both Scott's and Theo's packs break into Eichen House for Lydia. (AmplificationLie Ability)
  • Peter escapes from Eichen during the chaos only to be taken by the Ghost Riders. (Radio Silence)
  • Deucalion manipulates Theo and his pack. (see Deucalion)
  • Tamora Monroe is left for dead on a bus until she is rescued. (Tamora Monroe)
  • Parrish learns more of his Hellhound counterpart from Chris and Gerard. (A Credible Threat)
  • The Doctors resurrect the Beast of Gevaudan through Mason Hewitt. (The Beast of Beacon Hills)
  • Scott, Lydia, and Parrish bring back Mason and destroy the beast once and for all. (Apotheosis)
  • Malia fights her mother and takes the rest of her power. (see Malia Tate (Season 5)
  • Kira uses her sword to have Theo dragged into the Earth by his dead sister. (Apotheosis)
  • Hayden allows Scott to turn her into a werewolf. (Apotheosis)
  • Kira says goodbye to Scott and goes with the Skinwalkers to learn control over her fox spirit. (Apotheosis)
  • Garrett Douglas escapes his containment tube. (see Garrett Douglas)

Teen Wolf Year Three

Year Three
  • Three months later, Stiles is taken by the Ghost Riders. (Memory Lost)
  • Chris and Melissa begin to form a relationship. (see Chris Argent)
  • Three more months pass, and Lydia and the others begins feeling something or someone is missing from their life. (Superposition, Sundowning, Relics)
  • Stilinski's dead wife, Claudia, tries to convince him that Stiles doesn't exist. (see Claudia Stilinski)
  • Douglas kills people for their pineal gland before going up against the Riders. (see Garrett Douglas)
  • In the Wild Hunt, Stiles helps Peter escape and contacts his friends. (Radio Silence)
  • Scott, Malia, and Lydia visit Canaan and find Lenore. (Ghosted)
  • Liam uses Kira's sword to bring back Theo to help stop the Riders. (Ghosted)
  • The group traps a Rider but Douglas kills it and takes its pineal gland, gaining their abilities. (Heartless)
  • Corey is taken and is hooked up to an intercom. (see Corey)
  • Scott, Malia, and Lydia remember enough Stiles that he is able to cross back into the real world. (Memory Found, Riders on the Storm)
  • Stiles, Lydia, and Stilinski take down Ghost Rider Claudia. (Riders on the Storm)
  • Scott, Malia, Theo, and Peter fight Douglas and the Riders. (Riders on the Storm)
  • Liam, Mason, and Hayden find Corey and disconnect him from the intercom, returning captured souls taken by the Riders. (Riders on the Storm)
  • The Ghost Riders depart with Douglas as a new recruit. (Riders on the Storm)
  • School ends and Scott and Stiles leave protection of Beacon Hills to Liam and Mason. (Riders on the Storm)
  • Halwyn escapes Eichen House to find a Anuk-Ite that Scott's pack let out after the Wild Hunt was stopped. (Said the Spider to the Fly)
  • Tamora Monroe becomes the guidance counselor at the high school. (Said the Spider to the Fly)
  • While training at the FBI, Stiles discovers Derek is on the run for mass murder and rescues him from the FBI manhut. (Said the Spider to the Fly, The Wolves of War)
  • Dr. Fenris kills all creatures in the closed unit of Eichen House (Raw Talent)
  • Through Nolan and Aaron, the Anuk-Ite reveals the supernaturals of Beacon Hills. (After Images)
  • Gerard and Monroe recruit the entire town of Beacon Hills to fight and kill all supernaturals. (Face-to-Faceless, Triggers)
  • Satomi's Pack is decimated. (After Images, Pressure Test)
  • Scott's Pack discover Gerard's plan to kill all supernaturals globally. (Triggers)
  • Scott and Malia discover a savage pack known as The Primals decimated by the Anuk-ite who now possesses a werewolf in that pack. (Werewolves of London)
  • Ethan and Jackson Whittemore return to Beacon Hills. (Werewolves of London)
  • The Anuk-Ite merges as Halwyn dies. (Genotype)
  • Argent finds Derek in Brazil. (Broken Glass)
  • Deucalion teaches Malia and Scott how to "fight blind". (Broken Glass)
  • Gerard launches his final attack on Scott's pack which results in his own apparent and others demise. (The Wolves of War)
  • Scott and the other face the Anuk-Ite who masquerades as loved ones and past villians until it is imprisoned in Mountain Ash. (The Wolves of War)
  • Monroe escapes and leads her own hunters to continue her vendetta against the supernatural. (The Wolves of War)
  • Some time later, Scott finds Alec whom he adds to the pack to fight Monroe (The Wolves of War)