February 01, 2020 marks ten years since the first day of filming on MTV's Teen Wolf. Principal photography began on location at a sports field in a suburb of Atlanta, Georgia and featured Dylan O'Brien, Tyler Posey, Colton Haynes, and Orny Adams.

Pre-Production[edit | edit source]

Development on Teen Wolf began in 2008 when Jeff Davis was hired by MTV to come up with an ongoing series about a teenage werewolf. While loosely based on the existing MGM film from the 1980s, Davis created an entirely new cast of characters and an original mythology for his pilot script.

In August 2009, based on the strength of Davis’ script, the network ordered a “pilot presentation” or short pilot episode as a proof of concept[1]. Casting was completed in December 2009 [2]

The cast met in a converted office space in Atlanta for an initial table read of the pilot in early 2010.


Filming[edit | edit source]

Filming of the presentation pilot began in Atlanta, Georgia on February 01, 2010.

In a Teen Wolf Wiki exclusive on the tenth anniversary of filming, Jeff Davis shared his memories of those early days.

"We started with lacrosse. And the first day was a disaster. It was freezing cold. We were way behind from the first minute and barely got the shots we needed."

Dylan O'Brien Atlanta, Georgia February 01, 2010

"So this photo I took of Dylan was on our actual first day of shooting. We were all terrified and thinking this whole thing might be a disaster. I'm pretty sure Dylan might have been thinking the same thing here."

"Our second day of shooting saw Tyler in the bathtub going through his first transformation."

Tyler Posey Atlanta, Georgia February 02, 2010

"It was here we started to feel like we were getting something sort of cool, but it wasn’t until another scene several days later when I finally thought 'Okay, I think we’ve actually got a shot at making something good.'”

Tyler Posey Atlanta, Georgia February 2010

"The reason for that feeling is right there in Tyler’s look to Crystal in the veterinarian scene. There was real chemistry there and that was the start of it."

It would be ten months later, in November 2010, when MTV ordered a full 12 episode season. Production of additional scenes to flesh out the pilot and filming for the rest of the episodes began in earnest.[3]

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