The Beast of Beacon Hills is the 19th episode of Teen Wolf Season 5.

It aired first on Tuesday March 1, 2016 at 9pm on MTV.


With the identity of the Beast finally revealed, Scott and his friends are in a race against time to stop the Dread Doctors from implementing their final plan.

Full RecapEdit

Corey and Mason are asleep in each other’s arms in the tunnels beneath Beacon Hills. Mason shakes awake. Corey explains that he brought him underground because Scott can’t track his scent down there. Mason doesn’t want to accept that he’s the Beast of Gevaudan but Corey says he felt something after they turned invisible on the bus (See: A Credible Threat). It was Mason who figured out that transmissions and frequencies played a role in the Beast’s manifestations. He then forces Mason to recall where he was during each of the Beast’s appearances. Mason doesn’t remember.

Mason realizes that the Dread Doctors can still track his unique frequency. They do, appearing in the tunnels and giving chase. The boys escape to the rain-soaked street above (Location: 7th Street, Long Beach, California) where they are once again surrounded by the Dreads. Corey turns Mason invisible but The Surgeon strikes out with his cane and knocks him unconscious. The doctors take Mason.

Theo, Tracy and Deucalion discuss the Dread Doctor mask stolen from Valack’s operating room (See Lie Ability). They want Josh to put it on since his powers are electrically-based and the properties of the mask are based in electromagnetism. Deucalion says the mask was originally manufactured by The Surgeon using “practices at the farthest edges of pseudoscience.” The process harnessed electromagnetic fields in the masks “infusing them with a unique and deadly power.”

Josh refuses to put it on.

Jordan Parrish is heading out of town. Lydia Martin and the Sheriff want to stop him. The Sheriff reports that Parrish was spotted near the highway. Sheriff Stilinski deployed a spike strip. Parrish drives over it and it shreds his tires. The Sheriff is waiting nearby. Lydia arrives moments later. The both try to get Parrish to stay but he is adamant that, if he does, a lot of people are going to die. Lydia points out that her visions of death don’t always come true. The Sheriff adds that him leaving might be the cause of the deaths he’s been seeing, because he wasn’t around to protect them.

Scott is still recovering from his run in with the beast last episode. Kira helps him to bed where he sees his application for a scholarship. He failed to send it in before the deadline. Kira says they’ll figure it out but first he must heal. Stiles enters. Kira nods. Stiles closes the door.

In the hallway of the McCall House, Malia and Braeden inform Stiles that The Desert Wolf may want to kill him too. He asks for a gun and makes his case that he should have one. Braeden removes the clip from her pistol and tosses it to Stiles. He bumbles it and drops it to the floor. He decides he shouldn’t have a gun.

Liam is looking for Mason in the woods. He finds Hayden instead and they set out together to find their friend.

Scott wakes up the following morning fully healed. Kira, Malia, Liam, Lydia and Stiles are in the kitchen discussing the search for Mason. The sheriff has issued an All-Points Bulletin (APB) for Mason. Liam still thinks his friend might not be the Beast. Hayden is at school looking for him. Malia volunteers to search the woods while Scott joins the conversation and says his mom can check all the hospitals in the county. Scott says they will find him and figure out a way to save him.

Lydia wants to know where else they can look. Scott says they should ask Corey and, reaching behind him, yanks the invisible boy forward. Corey becomes visible and explains that the Dread Doctors have Mason.

Mason hits the floor in the Dread Doctors Lair. He props himself up next to the bubbling tank with the body inside. They attach a long, glowing tube with a needle to the back of his neck. Mason screams in pain.

Tracy brings Theo the jar of garuda talons he got from the Desert Wolf (See The Sword and the Spirit). Theo says they’re useless unless they have the beast. Deucalion says they’re just useless as he explained to Hayden (See Amplification). He suggests that Hayden and Corey have deserted Theo.

Josh steps and says he’s leaving. Tracy blocks him. Deucalion continues to play on his theme of Theo’s dwindling pack. He orders Tracy to paralyze Deucalion’s tongue. Before she can, he turns his manipulations on her. He questions her about how powerless she was before her transformation. He says the truly powerless are always all too willing to demonstrate their newfound strength.

He then shows that he’s been a willing captive all along. Saying again that he want’s Scott McCall’s eyes, he tears out the wolfsbane drip attached to his arm and explains that he “let” them take him in the first place.

Ken Yukimura warns Kira that putting her sword back together would be dangerous. She argues that she needs her sword. He argues that the sword, although it brings out her fox spirit, is just a weapon. She is the critical part to saving her friends but needs to find balance. She says she has “800 years to find balance” but needs to help Mason immediately. Mr. Yukimura explains that Kira’s sword was forged with a “unique power” and it takes a unique power to put it back together and that Kira will need help.

Deucalion says he’ll show Theo how to take the power of another werewolf. He begins by breaking Theo’s arm. He explains that pain is the secret to taking power. “Take their pain, take their life, take their power.” “You take till there’s nothing more to give. That’s where you find the spark of power. Then, you take that as well. Pain, life, power in that order and only that order.” Theo resets the bones in his arm and says he understands “perfectly.” He then jabs his claws into Josh, taking his power and killing him.

Deucalion points out that he just cost himself another member of a “small and inexperienced pack.” Theo turns to Tracy and asks what she thinks. She says Josh was “small and inexperienced.” She also points out that, with Josh’s power, Theo can now wear the Dread Doctor’s mask.

Parrish and Lydia return to the Nemeton. Parrish flashes back on his dreams. He touches the tree. Lydia touches his arm and Parrish has a vision of her dead at the stump. An orange glow begins to suffuse the rings of the tree.

Deucalion encourages Theo to put on the mask saying the kind of power he seeks requires risk. He tells him to “discover the beast’s identity and guarantee your place as an Alpha, as a real werewolf.” Theo puts on the mask and begins to scream.

Scott and Liam meet up with Theo and Tracy in the locker room at school. Theo explains that he didn’t see Mason when he put on the mask. He says they all want the same thing which is to get Mason back. Scott says they want him back alive. Theo says he’s open to compromise. He wants the map of Beacon Hills telluric currents and tells Scott to bring it to the Dread Doctor’s old lair in two hours.

Deucalion is also in the locker room. After Scott and Liam exit he explains that Theo and Tracy will need them if they want Mason to trust them. He says Theo can only take the power from the beast, not from Mason, which means they’ll need to get up close after he transforms. Theo says Tracy will need to paralyze him. She argues that her venom didn’t work on Parrish. Deucalion says that’s because he is a Hellhound but the beast is still a werewolf.

Stiles, Lydia and the Sheriff discuss the merits of using Theo to help find Mason. They all agree that he is also using them. Stiles says they’re covering all the places Mason could show up. Malia and Braeden are at Scott’s house. Melissa McCall is covering the hospital while Hayden and Corey are at school.

Theo explains to Scott and Liam that the body the Dread Doctors keep in the bubbling tube is called “Der Soldat” or “The Soldier” in German. He was apparently a Nazi Alpha Werewolf that the doctors have been keeping alive in order to prolong their own lives. Theo says that wherever the Dread Doctor’s new lair is, Der Soldat will be there too. He says keeping the Nazi Werewolf alive requires the bubbling tube be set up with a power source and on a convergence of telluric currents. They decide it must be in the Beacon Hills Preserve.

A teenager comes into the hospital with severe injuries. Melissa thinks for a moment it might be Mason but it’s not.

Malia and Braeden are at the McCall house. Braeden has established a Mountain Ash barrier to keep the Desert Wolf out but Malia feels trapped and says she might lose her mind. Lydia, by phone from the Sheriff’s office, explains that the ash is there to keep her safe. Malia says she should be keeping Stiles safe.

Outside the Sheriff’s Station, The Desert Wolf is listening to their phone call.

Hayden tries to comfort Corey at school.

Braeden is eating pistachios. As she shells them, she arranges the half shells in a straight line along the table.

Lydia, Stiles and the Sheriff wait for word at the Sheriff’s Station.

After nightfall, Scott, Liam and Theo walk through the woods. Scott asks about Deucalion, telling Theo not to trust him. He points out that Scott is the one who let him live (See: Lunar Ellipse). Scott says that’s because he’s not a murderer. Theo laughs at the idea that Scott thinks he can get through the current crisis without killing someone.

Liam catches Mason’s scent and says they’re close. He hesitates, saying Theo wants to kill Mason. Theo claims he only wants his power. He says Parrish is the only one who wants to kill Mason. Liam questions Theo further about who he saw when he put on the Dread Doctor’s mask. Theo explains he saw a man dying in the snow impaled on a pike (See Maid of Gevaudan). Liam reluctantly points them in the right direction.

They find an old wooden door and pause, listening. They can hear a heartbeat and Liam says it’s Mason. They descend into the lair and find Mason attached, by the glowing tube needle, to the bubbling tube of Der Soldat.

Kira leaves a voicemail for Scott explaining that she has to leave to help find a way to save Mason but that she will be back to help.

Mason says he can feel the needle in his skull. They try to remove it but he screams in pain at the merest touch.

Stiles is asleep on the couch in his dad’s office. Lydia wakes him and they both check their phones looking for updates on Mason. Melissa arrives and explains that they missed Mason on the genetic chimera list because he had absorbed a twin while in his mother’s womb (Twin Embolization Syndrome AKA Fetal Resorption). He had two sets of DNA, his own and the bits of the twin that remained in his body. She has an ultrasound image of a normal sized fetus with another, smaller fetus attached. They don’t know if this new information will help save Mason but Melissa says it’s “just bizarre enough to sound like it might be important.”

The Dread Doctors return. The Surgeon mocks Theo as a failure but also near miss. He says they learned from Theo. Scott says they can’t take on the Dreads but Theo says he’s taking Mason.

After a call from Stiles, Malia yells to Braeden that something is wrong and they need to go. She stops in the hallway upstairs at the McCall House when she senses her mother nearby. Braeden is down stairs and sees the mountain ash barrier across the kitchen door has been broken. Tracy is outside smiling as she walks away. The Desert Wolf is in the house.

Gerard and Chris Argent discuss the beast’s identity. Chris wants to tell Scott “the rest” but Gerard says they don’t have to. Chris says “the pike” could save him. Gerard says it will kill him. Gerard believes the boy is already gone. They don’t actually know where the pike ended up. Chris says it might have been melted down and turned into a cup. Gerard thinks it’s close and they’ll find it. Parrish joins them, his eyes glow a fiery orange.

The Surgeon continues to mock Theo saying he has “the entitlement and narcissism typical of your generation.” Liam tries to remove the spike from Mason’s neck. Mason screams, a lot. The head Dread further explains that Theo’s failure taught them an important lesson. It taught them the banality of evil. He says Theo will always be an ordinary evil. They thought they needed perfect evil to resurrect the perfect killer but found that corrupting something truly good actually did the trick.

Theo and the Dreads fight. Liam joins in and Scott tries to stop him.

Mason manages to stand. He reaches behind him and pulls out the needle himself. He begins to transform. His eyes glow a whitish blue. The Dreads are thrilled at this “transformation without frequency.” The clouds of shadow form around Mason and the beast comes into focus.

The Desert Wolf stalks Braeden through the McCall house. Braeden has spread her pistachio shells across the floor. Malia’s mom breaks one and Braeden strikes. They wrestle over the shotgun discharging the weapon into the ceiling below Malia’s feet. Braeden knocks her opponent to the floor and escapes. She reestablishes the mountain ash barrier across the doorway, trapping the Desert Wolf inside with her daughter.

Kira has returned to the desert. She lays out the pieces of her sword and calls out to the Skinwalkers for help. They appear from the darkness and say they can help her but it will come at a cost.

The beast is ripping apart the Dread Doctors. The Geneticist lays on the floor twitching and dripping liquid from one of the masks many tubes. The beast picks up The Pathologist and rips off its head. It rolls across the floor landing at Theo and The Surgeon’s feet. The beast knocks Theo aside, stabs The Surgeon with its enormous claws and drags it outside. Scott and Liam follow as the Beast drops the Surgeon on the ground. Parrish, on fire, attacks the beast from behind. Chris begins firing large shells at it. The Beast begins to transform. Instead of Mason, Sebastien is standing in the moonlight.

Gerard calls out that he knows its name and asks if Sebastien remembers his name. Sebastien says “Argent” and runs away into the shadows. Parrish chases after him.

Scott is confused wanting to know who came out of the Beast. Gerard explains that it was the “man of Gevaudan.” Chris explains it was Sebastien Valet.

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  • Pim Stones - "Neon Lights"
Scene: Kira leaves a voicemail for Scott.
  • Hidden Citizens - "I Ran"
Scene: Kira asks the Skinwalkers for help.

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ALL NEW! Teen Wolf - 5x19 "The Beast of Beacon Hills" Official Sneak Peek 1!

ALL NEW! Teen Wolf - 5x19 "The Beast of Beacon Hills" Official Sneak Peek 1!

Teen Wolf 5x19 "Only Villains Survive" Promo 1

Teen Wolf 5x19 "Only Villains Survive" Promo 1


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