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The Last Chimera is the 11th episode of Teen Wolf Season 5.

It  first aired on Tuesday January 5, 2016 at 9pm on MTV. The episode marked the debut of the second half of Season 5 and a new  broadcast night and time assigned by the network.


In spite of the deep rift in their friendship, Scott and Stiles must strive to figure out what’s behind the mysterious infection that’s killing Sheriff Stilinski.

Full Recap

At some future point in time, Lydia Martin has a vision of standing in a fast-moving water. Dr. Valack is guiding her through the vision and asking her to describe what she sees. It’s night and she can see the bridge where we last saw a young Theo watching his sister Tara Raeken (Makenna James) die in Parasomnia. Valack urges Lydia to give him more and more details because he says he needs to know why Theo let his sister die.

Theo’s sister Tara (Micaela Wittman) rises from the water. She has a large gaping hole in her chest through which we can see her ribs. Her heart is gone. Once Lydia, with a fresh trepanation hole in her head, relates this news to Valack, the doctor speculates that Theo wanted her heart for a transplant to make himself a biological chimera. He says leaving his sister to die in the cold water in hypothermic conditions would keep the organ viable.

The Dread Doctors are shown with the heart and a young Theo prepared for surgery. Valack doesn’t understand why the DD wanted Theo, “A ten-year-old willing to kill his own sister.” A groggy Lydia asks Valack why he cares. He explains that Theo was the first step in the right direction for the Dread Doctors. He explains they are para-scientists who have prolonged their lives and twisted the laws of nature in an effort to create the “perfect killer.”

He says they’ve now reached that goal but Lydia says Theo doesn’t know who their last chimera actually is. Valack says that doesn’t matter because there is a reason they chose Theo, a reason he failed and a reason they changed their methods and finally succeeded. Valack says it all starts with Theo.

Still in the future, Tracy disables an Eichen House guard with Kanima venom. Josh disarms one of the guards by grabbing his taser and absorbing the electricity from it. Corey becomes visible from where he had been camouflaged against the lobby wall (Location: Mary Andrews Clark Memorial Home).  Orderly Schrader (Clayton Fronning) informs them that visiting hours are over. Theo joins his pack and says they are there for Lydia.

Dr. Valack continues questioning Lydia. She says Scott and Stiles found out the Doctors succeeded on the night of the supermoon but that they didn’t really know yet because there was too much going on. She explains the events of Status Asthmaticus, Liam’s attack on Scott, Kira Yukimura’s absence, Malia’s attempts to find the Desert Wolf and Sheriff Stilinski’s injuries.

In the present, the Sheriff is wheeled into the operating room at Beacon Hills Memorial Hospital. Dr. Geyer, Liam’s stepfather, says Stilinski has a lacerated liver and a perforated intestine. The Sheriff removes his oxygen mask and asks for his son.

Stiles is at the admissions desk where the person on duty can’t seem to find the Sheriff’s insurance information and mistakes him for a deputy which frustrates his son. Melissa McCall arrives and takes control. She explains she texted Scott and he is on his way. She offers to call Malia but Stiles tells her not to call anyone. The person behind the desk asks if there is any next of kin she should contact. Stiles explains he’s all the family there is.

Scott is caring for his wound in his bathroom. He drops a bloody rag into the sink. The wounds inflicted by Liam seem to have healed but the stab to his gut from Theo is still ragged and bleeding. He stares into the mirror and tries to spark his Alpha Werewolf eyes. With great physical strain, he manages to get them to glow red briefly but they quickly flicker out and return to normal. He pounds the sink in frustration.

He retrieves some bandages from the medicine cabinet, gets dressed and exits his room into the hallway. His vision shifts and the hallway seems to warp away from him. He passes out and collapses to the floor.

At the hospital, Stiles sits in the waiting room all alone crying.

Jordan Parrish is in the shower. Dirt and pieces of charred leaves fall from his body. Suddenly Lydia is there. They kiss for a moment but then he notices that the nail of her right index finger is broken and bloody. He notices the dirt and leaves on the shower floor and questions what’s happening. Lydia explains that he is a “harbinger of death” and asks, “Don’t you know?” He doesn’t and she says someone is dying. Parrish wakes up behind the wheel of an SUV in the middle of traffic. Horns blare as cars swerve out of his way.

EDITOR’S NOTE: This traffic scene is the first at a new location for the production. It was filmed at the historic Municipal Warehouse No.1 on Signal Street inside the Port of LA back in September. Many of the scenes in The Last Chimera were done here including the search for Noah and confrontation with the Dread Doctors late in the episode.

Parrish calls Deputy Clark at the Sheriff’s Station to let her know that Lydia is missing. She explains that he is missing too and says people there are really confused by his behavior. He says he’ll explain but tells her that she has to get everyone available to search for Lydia. She points out that there is a lot going down, recounting the attack on the school, the mostly trashed library and the fact that “there might be a prehistoric animal running around the streets.” She also says she is thinking of transferring out of Beacon Hills. Parrish says he understands but he has to find Lydia. He leaves on foot and ends up in the woods near the Nemeton. He calls out for Lydia. His flashlight dies. He lights a flare and, as the flame passes near his face, his eyes flash orange and he sees something in the distance. He drops the flare and sets off.

Stiles is asleep at the hospital. He hears his father saying he needs to get up. As he returns to consciousness it is Melissa calling his name. She explains that the Sheriff came through surgery fine and he is going to make a full recovery. Stiles wants to see him but she says it will be two hours yet before the anesthesia wears off. Stiles thanks God and begins to cry again.

Scott is unconscious on the hallway floor where he collapsed. Parrish wakes him and notices he is bleeding. Scott says it’s not that bad and questions why the deputy is in his house. Parrish says he needs help and turns to show Lydia standing catatonic at the end of the hall. Parrish explains that he found her in the woods and that she was practically hypothermic. Lydia had broken her nail and bloodied her finger drawing a sheriff’s badge on a nearby rock. Scott says the badge is a warning.

The Sheriff is breathing heavily and raggedly through his oxygen mask. His skin looks dry and bruised.

Mason chases Liam from the school to the Sheriff’s Station. Deputy Clark exits the building and takes one of the department’s SUVs. Liam wants to tell her about Hayden’s death but Mason stops him saying that looking like Liam does, bloodied and torn clothing from the fight with Scott, the authorities might think that Liam killed Hayden. Liam feels he might actually be responsible for her death. Mason says no. He says while the past few hours weren’t Liam’s best turning himself into the police isn’t the way to fix it. Liam suddenly smells Hayden’s scent. She appears as a reflection in one of the car windows but the boys don’t actually see her. Mason reminds him that he saw her dead body.

Scott and Parrish rush Lydia into the hospital emergency room. Scott makes for the elevator while Parrish explains Lydia’s condition to the doctors and nurses.

Upstairs, Scott sees Stiles becoming more and more upset as he talks to Dr. Geyer and Melissa. He says his father is getting worse, that he was fine and now “it looks like someone took a baseball bat to his neck.” Dr. Geyer says there may be some minor internal bleeding. Stiles becomes more agitated as Scott makes his way down the hall and peeks in on the Sheriff in the recovery room. Melissa admits that they don’t know what’s wrong with the Sheriff. At that moment, Stiles spots Scott and runs down the hall toward him. He tackles him and screams at him demanding to know where he was while his father was getting attacked. He blames him for trusting Theo and demands again to know where he was.

Security guards separate the two as Scott explains that the Sheriff isn’t the only one who got hurt. Stiles is dismissive and says, “You’ll heal.” Scott says he’s not talking about himself.

Downstairs, Natalie Martin is stroking Lydia's forehead and explaining that everything will be all right. Lydia turns away from her mother and toward the door a few seconds before Stiles comes in. Natalie freaks out on the boy, screaming at him to get out and blaming him (all of them) for Lydia’s injuries. Stiles urges her to check the back of Lydia’s neck. Natalie seems not to be listening as she forces Stiles from the room and closes the door behind him but she checks Lydia’s neck. There are deep and ragged gashes from Theo’s attempt to take her memories. (See Status Asthmaticus) Lydia begins speaking, repeating “I told you to stay in the car” which is what her mother told her when she wandered into Eichen House as a child and witnessed her grandmother’s trepanation wound. (See Required Reading)

Parrish, Scott, Stiles, and Melissa verbally download all their information to each other about Lydia’s condition, why Theo might have attacked her and Stilinski. Stiles says Theo said he didn’t want the Sheriff today and told him where to find him. Stiles believes that Theo might know how to save his dad. Scott says he will go with him but Stiles declines saying he doesn’t want to fight he wants information.

As the sun comes up Theo finds Stiles at Scott’s house. There is a line of Mountain Ash across the doorjamb but Theo crosses it with ease since he is a chimera and not supernatural. (See Dreamcatchers)

At the hospital, Natalie Martin holds an admission form that will send Lydia to Eichen House. Conrad Fenris assures her that Lydia will safe there because Eichen is a “very different place now.” Natalie signs the form. Parrish exits the elevator and calls out to her. He catches up to her and asks about Fenris and where she’s sending Lydia. Natalie says she did what she had to.

Scott is upstairs listening to Stiles and Theo’s conversation. Theo’s eyes drift to the top of the stairs as if he senses the Alpha’s presence. Stiles throws Scott’s torn and bloodied shirt to Theo saying, “You killed my best friend.” Theo questions their friendship but Stiles changes the subject and asks if Theo plans to let the Sheriff die.  Stiles explains that some toxin is poisoning the Sheriff.  Theo denies knowing about it saying he’s not “the bad guy.” He says he’s a “realist” who knows what’s coming, what the Dread Doctors created and what Parrish is.

Liam and Mason go to the hospital to question Dr. Geyer (Liam’s stepdad) about any bodies that might have been brought in. They’re looking for Hayden. Dr. Geyer says there have been none and asks Mason to take his stepson home since it’s 6 in the morning. The boys figure out that they need to find the Nemeton to find Hayden’s body.

Theo tells Stiles that he saw that Parrish is a Hellhound in Lydia’s memories. Theo calls Lydia’s catatonic state “collateral damage” and says things are going to get a lot worse. Stiles says he doesn’t care. Theo says if the elder Stilinski does survive he won’t be Sheriff of anything much longer. Stiles demands to know what’s happening to his father. He rushes Theo who easily throws him back on the stairs where Stiles’ head hits the wood and he is knocked unconscious. Again he hears his father’s voice and sees his face saying “Stiles you need to get up. You’ve got to get up now.”

Scott is standing over him as Stiles wakes. He brushes off Scott’s extended hand. He wants to know if Scott sensed anything while Theo was talking. Apparently, the chimera’s heart rate jumped briefly when Stiles explained that his father was poisoned. Stiles takes this to mean that Theo was surprised to learn the Sheriff is still dying. Scott posits that Theo didn’t attack his father and that something else did.

In the hospital, Sheriff Stilinski whispers “Chimera” over and over.

Scott follows as Stiles climbs into an SUV and locks the doors. Stiles says he doesn’t need any help. Scott says he can help find the clues that Stiles can’t and places himself in front of the car. Scott says Stiles needs the whole pack’s help and offers to text Liam. Stiles points out that Liam just tried to kill him. Stiles is still upset that Scott believed Theo’s lies about how Stiles killed Donovan. (See Lies of Omission) Scott points out that Stiles trusted Theo’s lies too. Stiles says Scott still doesn’t know the real story. Scott says he doesn’t need to. He says all that matters right now is Stiles father. He points out that they survived an Alpha Pack, a dark druid, and professional assassins so they can survive Dread Doctors and chimeras too. This last bit sparks a thought in Stiles. He realizes that they’re not looking for a missing chimera, they’re looking for a missing teenager.

Mason and Liam go to the school library to look up a map of the ley lines reasoning that the Nemeton would be at one of the spots where the lines cross. Liam flashes back to his fight with Scott the night before reliving much of it as he walks through the ruined library. Liam explains that finding the Nemeton is a near impossible task because the supernatural tree has to want to be found in order for people to see it.

Parrish watches as Lydia is loaded into an ambulance. Natalie gets in with her. Parrish promises that he’ll find a way to get her out of Eichen House even if he has to break through the walls. Fenris wishes him good luck with doing that. As he gets into the ambulance his reflection shows that it is not Fenris at all, somehow Dr. Valack was able to change his appearance to look like the other Doctor. Orderly Schrader is behind the wheel of the ambulance and points out how attractive Lydia is. Valack points out that Lydia could shatter his skull with her voice is someone taught her how.

In Stiles room, he and Scott review police calls about a missing sophomore named Noah Patrick who didn’t come home last night. Noah is on the list of natural chimera’s that were potential subjects for the Dread Doctors.

Scott breaks into Noah’s locker at school and retrieves a shirt so they can track his scent. Malia shows up. Stiles doesn’t seem happy but Scott says he should be calling everyone. Malia points out that she knows what Noah looks like.

Noah runs through a warehouse loading bay, looking over his shoulder as if something is chasing him. As he hides behind a concrete barrier, he hears and then sees the Dread Doctors approaching.

Mason and Liam wander the woods. They’ve found the intersection of ley lines on the map but can’t find the Nemeton. Liam laments that he couldn’t save Hayden. Mason says no one could and recounts all Melissa’s efforts to keep her alive. Liam expresses guilt over trying to kill Scott but Mason points out that there were “like 800 extenuating circumstances” including but not limited to losing Hayden, fear, anger, and Theo. He also points out that Theo is a werewolf and there was a supermoon. This sparks an idea.

Mason figures if the stump acts as a supernatural beacon then Liam should be able to see it if he looks with his werewolf eyes. He does and spots the tree. Mason still can’t see it until Liam puts his arm around him and guides him to look in the exact spot.

Scott, Stiles, and Malia arrive at the warehouse where Noah was hiding. Malia says she and Stiles “kind of broke up.” Scott says he and Stiles broke up too. Scott says Malia can talk to him if she wants. She says she’s only there to help find the kid and save Stiles' dad. Malia catches Noah’s scent.

Dr. Geyer confronts Melissa about the weird stuff that goes on in the hospital the latest being how the Sheriff seems to be dying for no medical reason. He says nothing phases her and he believes she knows something. Melissa says knowing something is different from understanding it. She says she could tell him really bizarre things but nothing that would save the Sheriff.

Mason and Liam count the bodies around the tree but only find four. Hayden isn’t among them. Liam believes this means Hayden is alive. Mason suggests they get the cops and at that moment headlights flash on and Hayden leads a group of deputies in claiming she found the bodies.

Scott, Stiles, and Malia are searching the tunnels for Noah. Scott realizes that these tunnels look like the tunnels they searched under the water plant when they were looking for Hayden and Liam. Stiles doesn’t care. He goes off on Scott about wasting time while his dad is dying. Noah jumps out of the shadows and attacks Stiles, driving his head into the concrete and knocking him unconscious.

Once again Stiles hears his father’s voice urging him to get up. He remembers being a child at his mother’s funeral and his father telling him that he would have to get up from where he was kneeling by her casket. In the memory, Sheriff Stilinski tells his son that, “You still got me.”

EDITOR'S NOTE: Jeff Davis confirmed to Teen Wolf News that this scene is a flashback to the funeral of Claudia Stilinski. Actor Anthony Lapenna plays Young Stiles.

Scott helps Stiles to his feet. Malia and Noah fight but she gets the better of him quickly. He transforms and begs for mercy. Noah warns them that the Dread Doctors are coming. They approach slowly from the tunnel. Noah runs away but Stiles catches him. The chimera says he doesn’t remember anything when he is transformed. Stiles explains that the boy clawed his father half to death and he’s now dying from poisoning.

Scott and Malia plan to stand their ground and give Stiles and Noah time to escape back to the hospital to save the Sheriff. Scott assures Malia that they’ll be okay. She is unconvinced saying they will die. She wonders how he can be so sure they won’t and he says, “Because you’re not the only one that I called.” Chris Argent steps into the tunnel and tells them both to get down. He fires his high-powered rifle at the Dread Doctors but The Pathologist projects an electromagnetic shield from his fingertips which deflects the bullets. Argent keeps firing and tells Scott and Malia to run.

Stiles and Noah run into a locked gate. Noah offers to transform and break through it but warns Stiles to get back because he tends to lose control. Noah grunts with effort as large, bony spikes grow out of his arms. He slashes through the chain holding the gate and opens it. Stiles realizes that one of Noah’s bony spikes is broken and covered in blood.

Melissa runs to Dr. Geyer and explains that there is a piece of bone somewhere inside the Sheriff that is causing his decline. She says Stilinski is being poisoned by bone marrow and even though she knows it makes no sense she says the doctor has to open him up. Geyer complies, they find the small piece of bone and remove it.

EDITOR'S NOTE: The Sheriff was apparently suffering from a form of Fat Embolism Syndrome. In some cases, your own bone marrow from a broken bone can make you seriously ill. A severe case presents as acute cor pulmonale, respiratory failure. This may lead to death within a few hours of injury. In the Sheriff's case, with the bone marrow of someone else in leaking into his bloodstream, his body was also rejecting the foreign matter which exacerbated his symptoms.

Scott, Stiles, Malia, and Argent arrive at the hospital. Melissa smiles as they come in signaling that everything is all right.

The Sheriff wakes up and reaches out for Stiles. He says, “It’s okay Stiles. You still got me.”

Theo and Hayden track Noah to the warehouse. Hayden wants to know how she was able to find him and Theo explains that she is part Werejaguar and Noah is part Berserker and that they are drawn to each other.

She questions why she is there with Theo and he points out that he saved her life. Hayden senses that Noah is dying and says that means the Dread Doctors will find him. Noah is gasping and bleeding mercury in another part of the warehouse as the doctors close in.

Theo laments that they could have used Noah. Hayden asks why and Theo ignores the question. They notice a symbol clawed into a piece of nearby metal. It is one circle inside a larger circle, the same as Scott McCall’s tattoo. Theo explains that it’s the symbol of Scott as Alpha and his pack.

In the future, Valack says the symbol was a promise to reunite his pack. He asks Lydia if he’s managed to put them back together again and if they’ll be coming for her. They hear a gate buzzer down the hall. Lydia says someone is coming but it’s not Scott.

Theo leads Josh, Tracy, and Corey down the hallway. Valack warns Theo that Lydia is safe inside because the Dread Doctors don’t know how important she is yet. Tracy knocks him into the wall.

Theo examines Lydia’s trepanation hole and scoffs that Eichen House calls itself a medical establishment. He orders the other Chimera’s to pick her up and take her out. Valack questions what a pack of chimeras would want with a Banshee. Theo says he doesn’t want a Banshee but Lydia will lead him to a Hellhound.

Parrish arrives and burns through the wire mesh gate with his hands. His eyes glow and his body is on fire. It appears he now has lower fangs. Dr. Valack says if Theo wanted a Hellhound now he’s got one. 


  • Jill Andrews - “Lost It All”
Scene: Scott tries to recover in the bathroom.
  • Delta Spirit - “The Wreck”
Scene: Scott, Malia and Chris arrive at the hospital to find out the good news.
  • Alex Clare - “Blow Up the Outside World”
Scene: Theo and his pack confront Dr. Valack at Eichen House.

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