The Mute is a human assassin appearing in the third episode of Teen Wolf in Season 4. He is a professional assassin chasing who is chasing The Benefactor's kill list for money. He is the first such killer to come into contact with members of Scott's Pack.

The Mute is portrayed by Joseph Gatt (Star Trek, Z Nation)


He looks mostly human but has only smooth skin from his nose to his chin. He is a trained military fighter and used tomahawks to hack up his victims and a wrist keyboard with a computer-generated voice to communicate.

EDITOR'S NOTE: While he appears to be based of a creature known as a Astomi, there is no true evidence to support this fact.

Season 4Edit

He kills the Walcotts, a family of Wendigos, and leaves young Sean Walcott on the run for his life. The Mute kills Sean after the boy attacks Scott and Liam on the roof of the hospital. (Read More...)

The Mute attacks Peter Hale and warns him that Derek is next. He sets up a claymore mine at the school to kill Derek Hale but is thwarted by Sheriff Stilinski. As he reads him his rights, Peter appears and slashes the assassin to death. (Read More...)

He appears as a hallucination in Scott's dream state where he informs him that he's evolving and encourages him to kill to save his friends. (Read More...)

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