The Stilinski Family

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The Stilinski Family refers to a group of characters featured in MTV's Teen Wolf.


The Stilinski's have a history of participating in both the army and in law enforcement.

Stiles Stilinski lived with his father Noah Stilinski prior to his graduation from high school.

Stiles' mother, Claudia, died prior to the beginning of Season 1.

Noah ignored evidence of supernatural activity until Stiles forced him to admit the truth.

Both Stilinskis do everything their power to help Scott McCall protect Beacon Hills.

Elias Stilinski


Elias Stilinski is the Sheriff's father who resides at Goodwater Assisted Living facility due to dementia. Beforehand, he was an army engineer who had a poor relationship with his son.

In Sundowning, Scott, Lydia, and Malia visit him in order find someone named "Stiles" after the Ghost Riders remove their memories.

The Sheriff forces them out of his father's room, Elias, in a moment of clarity, taunts him to crawl back to his dead wife and loser son. He then becomes confused again.

He is played by Patrick Gorman.

Claudia Stilinski

Teen Wolf Season 5 Episode 6 Required Reading Claudia Stilinski.png

She was married to the Sheriff until her death and left behind one son, Stiles. She suffered from frontotemporal dementia which caused mental deterioration.

In Season 6, when the Ghost Riders erase Stiles from existence, she appears alive and well.

Claudia Stilinski is played by actor Joey Honsa.

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Sheriff Stilinski

Teen Wolf Season 3 Episode 1 Tattoo Linden Ashby Sheriff Stilinski.png

Sheriff Stilinski is Stiles' father and the Sheriff of Beacon County including the town of Beacon Hills.

He is portrayed by Linden Ashby.

The Sheriff was clueless about the supernatural world around him until Season 3. Since then, he has helped his son and Scott's pack on numerous supernatural problems.

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Stiles Stilinski

Teen Wolf Season 3 Episode 6 Motel California Dylan O'Brien Stiles confronts Lydia.png

Mieczyslaw “Stiles” Stilinski Scott McCall's best friend.

He is portrayed by Dylan O'Brien.

He is also the investigator among his group of friends, often finding connections and clues the others (including his father) miss.

He recently told his father all about the supernatural goings on in Beacon Hills and their familial bond has grown closer because of it.

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Young Stiles Stilinski

Teen Wolf Season 5 Episode 11 The Last Chimera Young Stiles.png

He is present when his mother was going through her bout with dementia. At one time, she attacked him when she believed he wanted to kill her. (Required Reading)

The Sheriff says that Stiles was with Claudia when she died. At her funeral, his father tells him that Stiles still has him around. (The Last Chimera)

He is portrayed on screen by Anthony Lapenna.

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