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The Tate Family is a family of characters featured in Season 3 of MTV's Teen Wolf.

Malia Tate's adoptive mother and sister died in a car crash 8 years prior to the events of Anchors. It was believed at the time that coyotes had gotten to the bodies before authorities found them because both showed signs of clawing and biting. It was further believed that Malia's body had been dragged away by the same animals.

Having learned of the supernatural, Sheriff Stilinski reopened the case believing werewolves might have been involved.

Henry Tate

Mr. Henry Tate was grief stricken by the loss of his wife Evelyn and two daughters, Kiley and Malia, in a car accident.

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He was not pleased when Sheriff Stilinski reopened the case as a murder investigation after having lived so long with the idea that his family died in a tragic accident. (Read More...)

When Scott and Stiles find the coyote's den full of Malia's clothes, he becomes obsessed with trapping the animal he believes to be responsible for his daughter's death. (Read More...)

He returns in Season 5 during the storm several cars are trapped in a parking lot and he organizes the effort to remove a downed tree to free them. There he witnesses his daughter pick up the large tree one-handed. (Read More...)

Mr. Tate is portrayed by Todd Stashwick.

Malia Tate

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Malia Tate is played by actor Shelley Hennig.

Thought dead for eight years, Malia was actually living fully transformed as a Werecoyote.

Malia is the long lost daughter of Peter Hale adopted by the Tate's shortly after her birth.

She and Peter are now trying to track down Malia's birth mother, a woman known only as "The Desert Wolf."

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