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The Wolves of War is the 20th episode of Teen Wolf Season 6. It is the show's 100th episode overall and the final episode in the series.

This episode is approximately 50 minutes as opposed to the average episode length of 40-42 minutes.

The title is a play on a quote from William Shakespeare's Julius Caesar in which Mark Anthony says "Cry 'Havoc!' and let slip the dogs of war". The original meaning is open to interpretation as to whether the character uses "dogs" to mean literal animals trained for warfare or the weapons and machines of war or the soldiers and Roman citizens that Mark Anthony hopes to incite to violence.


Gerard initiates his final attack on the Supernaturals of Beacon Hills.

Full Recap

At some unknown point in the future, Scott McCall awakens on a bed in a motel room. Hearing a knock at the door, he rises and opens it to find Chris Argent. Chris gets in his SUV. Scott gets on his motorcycle. The skyline of Los Angeles can be clearly seen in the background.

Over various scenes of a young man running through back alleys, Scott narrates.

“I’m going to tell you a story. Maybe it will sound familiar. There was this kid, 16, alone, and running for his life. He couldn’t see them, but he could hear them getting closer. They had guns, crossbows. They were hunting him.”

Two hunters catch up to the teen and fire a crossbow at him. He begins to run again. They give chase. Firing on him with the bow twice more. One arrow apparently hits him in the thigh. There is a trail of blood in an abandoned office space. The boy is limping badly as Scott continues.

“It started on the night of a full moon. Something came at him. Something bit him and it changed his life. It changed everything.”

The young man hears a roar, the sounds of gunfire and fighting behind plastic sheeting hanging from the office ceiling. He can go no further and sinks to the floor. Scott comes around the plastic, his eyes glow red. The boy’s eyes light up golden yellow. Scott and Argent approach the boy, and the Alpha pulls the arrow from his leg. The boy screams.

Later, in Argent’s SUV, Scott asks the boy his name and if the story he's telling sounds familiar to his own experience. The young man’s name is Alec (Benjamin Wadsworth), he asks if Scott was telling his own story. Scott says there were a number of things he didn’t expect including that fact that people who he thought would be with him forever were the ones he lost. He also notes enemies who became allies and saved his life more than once.

Alec says everyone in his story is dead. Scott points out that Alec is not dead and he’s now with them. Alec wonders aloud how Scott’s story will end.

Battlefield Reunion

Tamora Monroe and the hunters move in on Scott's Pack from all sides. Peter, Malia, Lydia, and Scott take cover behind concrete columns and steel barrels. One hunter gets in position for a clear shot directly at Scott. He is mowed down by Stiles’ Jeep. Stiles and Derek join the fight. The latter leaps into the air, flashing eyes and fangs, he wades into the hunters without mercy. He disarms and takes down several. Malia and Peter join the fray and remove enough of the hunter’s numbers that the armed men and women retreat to their vehicles and flee.

Stiles manages to grouse a bit about how Lydia didn’t tell him about any of the stuff going on since he’s been away. She says they had really good reasons.

Scott bends over Deucalion who appears to be dying from the several bullets he took at the beginning of the hunter’s attack (See Broken Glass). He manages to say that Gerard fears Scott the most because he knows he can’t beat Scott. Deucalion appears to die.

Scott brings Stiles up to speed saying the conflict with the hunters is now an all-out war. Scott hugs Derek tightly. Peter wonders why he came back. Derek explains about the pack in Brazil and “Beacon Hills” written in blood on the wall. Scott asks if he came back for Beacon Hills and Derek says no. He came back for Scott.

Gerard’s voice comes from the police band radio in Stiles’ Jeep.

“Blood and destruction, dreadful objects so familiar. All pity choked with custom of fell deeds. Caesar’s spirit, ranging for revenge, with Ate by his side come hot from hell, shall in these confines with a monarch’s voice …”
EDITOR’S NOTE: This is not the complete quote. Gerard paraphrases quite a bit. You can find the original here

The radio signal futzes out. Then Gerard asks if Scott knows his Shakespeare and knows the next line. Derek motions for Scott to that he knows.  Scott holds up the radio handset and Derek says “Cry ‘Havoc!’ and let slip the dogs of war.” Gerard recognizes Derek’s voice and welcomes him back. He then asks if Scott is pleased with his family reunion and takes credit for gathering them all together. Scott invites Gerard to come join them so he can thank him in person.

Gerard says he also has visitors from London. Jackson is dangling from a pipe with his hands chained over his head. Gerard sticks him with a taser stick and Jackson cries out. The young man mocks Gerard and says he’s going to shove the taser up the old man’s ass.

Gerard explains that they’ve lured all Scott’s allies into traps. Jordan Parrish is trapped in Eichen House after he was sent there by a Sheriff’s dispatcher. Scott’s dad, Agent McCall is locked up after being intercepted by hunters on his way back from San Francisco. Liam, Corey, and Mason are trapped in the hospital with hunters searching for them and one hunter playing possum in a hospital bed.

Gerard seems very proud of himself saying the strategic positioning of “your army against theirs” is how you wage war. He says Scott’s resources are spread thin, meaning he won’t be able to save them all and will have to come to Gerard in the end and will ultimately fail. He then says the dogs of war are coming for Scott.

Calling All Allies

Scott calls Theo and asks him to rescue the pack members and his mother stuck in the hospital. Scott says it will buy them more time to both come up with a plan and to get help.

Scott, Lydia, Malia, Derek, and Stiles hunker down inside the vet clinic. Stiles relates how, on his first day with the FBI, he learned Derek was a fugitive in North Carolina. (See Said the Spider to the Fly). Derek was trying to get information about a group of hunters down there and the FBI apparently found out about it and planned to move in. Stiles managed to talk his superiors into taking him along on the operation to capture Derek. He claims he saved Derek’s life by practically carrying him out of the battle.

Derek says it happened differently, he actually carried Stiles out of the fray after he apparently lost a toe to friendly fire and was unable to walk.

Scott brings them back to the war and explains that they’re also fighting the Anuk-Ite.

At the hospital, Mason and Corey are still hiding. Cell signals are jammed and Mason says they can’t wait around for help, but they also can’t leave without Liam. They decide to take the fight to the hunters who are searching for them. Mason tells Corey that he loves him and Corey says it back. Mason says they might die, but Corey says they won’t. The couple kisses. Corey grabs his hand and they disappear.

Melissa McCall cracks a package of ammonium carbonate under Nolan’s nose. The boy awakens in the morgue. She asks who knocked him out, whether it was her friends or his. Nolan says he doesn’t have any friends. She gets him to his feet and says they’ll need his help to take back the hospital.

Gerard offers Monroe a Yellow Wolfsbane-filled bullet. He says it’s very rare and there is no more. Monroe says it’s more than enough to kill an Alpha.

Scott continues explaining the Anuk-Ite. He says it can get inside your head and make you see things. Stiles asks what it looks like and Lydia explains how it merged from two people into one creature (See Genotype) and ads that it’s made of two faces, one human the other supernatural. Scott adds that the supernatural creature was a shapeshifter just like them and says it knows what you fear most. Malia adds that it can kill you just by looking at you.

Stiles is incredulous that they have to go up against it blind and face their deepest fear. He says he fears blindness the most making the current predicament “a situation of unfortunate overlap.”

Scott sends Lydia and Stiles to find Chris before heading to Gerard’s armory to rescue Jackson. Lydia says there’s no time to wait for Chris. She says they’ve gotten through the armory door before and can handle it. (See Triggers)

Stiles questions why they’re doing exactly what Gerard wants them to do. Scott says his plan rests on stopping the Anuk-Ite. He believes doing that will stop the war because not all of Gerard’s army are hunters. The ordinary people of Beacon Hills who’ve joined against the supernatural are doing so out of fear. If they can remove the supernatural component of that fear, they have a chance to end the war.

Malia is on board with the plan but points out that they still need to figure out how to catch the Anuk-Ite. Scott says they’ll do it because they always do. Lydia says they’ll buy Scott some time to figure it out and Malia suggests Chris Argent might come back with one.

Scott says he’ll need Peter, Derek and Malia to help him fight the creature at the High School. He is confident the Anuk-Ite will find them there.

A Series of Harrowing Rescues

Peter Hale is at the school examining two hunters who’ve apparently been turned to stone. He’s on the phone with Malia. Once he describes the state of the bodies, she tells him to close his eyes. He appears not to hear her and disconnects the call. He walks into the school and hears Malia’s voice calling him “Dad.” He feels something coming up behind him and turns to look. Peter is turned to stone by the Anuk-Ite.

In the Armory, his hands still cuffed and chained to a pipe over his head, Jackson begins to taunt the hunter guarding him. He explains that the young man should be afraid of him because he is part Kanima. He points out his claws and invites the guard to have a look. This somehow manages to lure the man over to him. Jackson explains how his claws produce paralyzing venom and, with what appears to be quite a bit of effort, shows him his Kanima eyes. Jackson says he can no longer change completely and compares it to having a Tiptronic transmission which allows a car to switch from automatic to manual drive. Jackson says his Kanima traits are like that, he can switch at will.

He then begins talking about cars and explains that he used to drive a Porsche but had to give up sportscars because there was no room for his tail. With visible effort, he flips his tail up, wraps it around the guard’s neck, and slams him into the wall.

Scott and Malia find Peter’s petrified body at the school. Malia doesn’t want to believe her father is dead. Derek listens and hears a faint heartbeat inside his uncle’s chest. They hear footsteps, but Scott seems mesmerized by the statue-like Peter. He stares at the former alpha and says he thinks he knows how to catch the Anuk-Ite.

Jackson prepares himself to break down the door and make his escape from Gerard’s armory. At that moment, he hears gunshots and a Banshee scream right outside the door. Stiles bursts in much to Jackson’s surprise. Lydia, squealing, runs full force into Jackson’s arms and hugs him tightly. Jackson smiles and embraces her. Stiles finds this a bit awkward and eventually pries the former lovers apart.

Jackson is impressed that Lydia managed to take out all the guards. Stiles claims he kicked down the door. Jackson says they can’t leave without Ethan. Lydia and Stiles don’t understand why the former Alpha Pack twin is there “with” Jackson. The truth dawns on them and Lydia says, “Oh my God. I thought you’d never figure it out.” Jackson laughs and they set out to find his beau.

Scott calls Stiles and, upon learning he’s still at the armory, tells him to grab something from Gerard’s hidden vault, which he does.

Liam is still hiding out in the hospital with the four patients on the wolfsbane IVs. The man in the last bed is only pretending to be unconscious. He retrieves a gun from his bedding and gets off several shots before Liam throws him into the hallway unconscious.

Liam enters the hall to check on the downed man and several hunters are waiting, guns drawn. Gabe tells them to wait. He wants to take the shot himself. He tells Liam to run because that would be more fun. Liam backs toward the elevator. The doors open and Theo pulls him inside to safety as the hunters open fire.

Hunters continue patrolling the school. Hiding out of sight on the stairs, Malia is impatient. She says Peter won’t last long in his petrified state. Scott insists they wait for Stiles but Malia goes off on her own. Scott follows her into the hallway where Monroe is waiting. She fires one shot and strikes Scott in the shoulder.  He says he’s okay and tells Malia to get Monroe. With fangs and blue eyes flashing, Malia chases the other woman.

Derek realizes that the bullet inside Scott is filled with Yellow Wolfsbane and says it will kill him.

Removing Pieces From The Board

Invisible, Mason and Corey manage to take out two hunters with a partially filled bedpan.

Lydia, Stiles, and Jackson find Ethan who is curious how Jackson escaped before he did. Jackson says he talked his way out of it, but Ethan says he used the tail. This information surprises Lydia. Ethan says the tail is “so gross.”

In the elevator, Liam and Theo agree to fight the hunters together. The doors open to gunfire, but the werewolf and the chimera manage to dodge the weapons and take out several hunters. While it appears they got them all, one man is still able to kneel and aim at the pair. Melissa McCall steps around the corner with her taser stick and incapacitates him. Nolan then runs up, grabs one of the discarded guns and rams it into the head of another hunter who is trying to fire.

Nolan then sees Gabe at the end of the hall and shouts a warning just before the young hunter opens fire.

Derek manages to get Scott into one of the classrooms. He says there’s only one way to get the yellow wolfsbane out and that is to burn it. He finds a small torch inside one of the cabinets. He says Scott won’t be able to help anyone until he heals. Scott protests and says they just need to wait for Stiles to get there. Derek lights the torch and places the jet of blue flame against Scott’s wound. He roars in agony and collapses to the floor unconscious.

Derek is struck by fear. He flashes his eyes and fangs and wanders out into the hallway.

Lydia, Ethan, and Jackson arrive at the school and are instantly overwhelmed by fear. Lydia tells them to shut their eyes.

Inside Eichen House, three deputies have Parrish inside Halwyn’s cell. They’ve turned on the freezer and Parrish shivers. They wonder aloud if he’s dying and Noah Stilinski pipes up that he doubts it because Parrish is a Hellhound and they are notoriously hard to kill. One of the deputies draws his sidearm and says they’re not letting Noah take Parrish out. Noah says there’s only three of them. This is amusing to the deputy. He scoffs, “What are you, like 60?” Noah beats them all and leaves them bloody. He opens the door and orders them to help Parrish up and out. They comply and call him by his proper title once more.

Inside the school, Lydia has become separated from the London werewolves. She finds Malia turned to stone inside the councilor's office.

Jackson is trying to make his way through the locker room with his eyes closed. He calls out to Ethan, who apparently calls back. Jackson asks where he is and hears “right in front of you.” When he opens his eyes, the Anuk-Ite is staring back at him. Jackson turns to stone. As the creature exits, it passes an equally immobile Ethan.

The Sheriff and Parrish return to the station and retrieve Agent McCall from the cell where the hunters were keeping him. The sheriff’s plan is for the officers to disarm the civilians who got their guns from Gerard.

The Familiar And The Fatal

Derek wanders into the hall, he is still on high alert with eyes glowing and fangs visible. He hears the voice of Jennifer Blake and sees a shadow coming around the corner. He turns away and shuts his eyes tight. The Anuk-Ite comes around the corner wearing Jennifer’s false face.

She asks if Derek is willing to give her another chance or does he plan to leave her to die again. She tells him to open his eyes. He lashes out with his arm, but she catches his wrist and caresses her body with his hand. She whispers that she knows he wants to look at her one more time. He manages to hold out a little longer, snatching his hand back and taking a breath, but, eventually, he gives in and raises his eyelids. The Anuk-Ite is reflected in his pupils as he turns to stone.

Kate Argent searches the armory, growing ever more frustrated that she can’t find what she’s looking for. Gerard laughs at her saying he would never trust her with the last few ounces of Yellow Wolfsbane because she’s one of “them.” Kate is livid that he apparently gave it all to Monroe. Gerard says he kept enough for one last bullet. He shoots Kate in the gut.

Kate writhes on the floor of the armory bleeding from the gut. Gerard says it’s over because everything fell into place. Chris arrives and says Scott is still alive and knows how to save everyone.

Hunters discover petrified Peter at the school. They radio to Monroe about their find saying Peter looks vulnerable.

Scott makes his way into the library and hides as he continues to heal. He hears what seems to be Stiles voice taunting him about hiding. It’s not Stiles, it is the Anuk-Ite in the guise of Void Stiles. He urges Scott to open his eyes. He claims all Scott’s friends are gone. He says they saw his face and “it drove them insane.” He says they’re gone because Scott failed them.

The creature switches his appearance to the original bandaged and bomber-jacketed Nogitsune and continues his taunts by saying Scott failed everyone especially Allison. This last draws Scott out as he tries to attack the creature without looking. He swings and misses. The Anuk-Ite takes the appearance of Derek and swipes at him with his claws. It then appears as Malia and again tells Scott to open his eyes while trying to claw at him.

Scott screams but keeps his eyes tightly shut. As Scott tries to use his echolocation, A banshee scream shakes the building and the doors to the courtyard slam closed.  Scott covers his ears but his hearing seems damaged since he was so focused on picking up where the creature might be.

It appears again as Void Stiles and tells Scott to open his eyes. The nogitsune reappears and explains that Scott’s fear is different. He says there’s power underneath his fear. He says Scott’s fear brings it freedom and that it won’t allow itself to be caught and caged again. It grabs Scott by the throat and demands he open his eyes. Scott does not comply. He says he now knows how to fight and how to catch the Anuk-Ite.

Scott breaks free and knocks the creature back. Scott then jabs his claws into his own eyes, and, screaming, blinds himself.

Once More Unto The Breach Dear Friends

Liam tries to wrestle the gun away from Gabe. A hunter is watching the fight with gun drawn, but he radios Monroe that he can’t get a clear shot because Gabe is in the way. Monroe orders him to shoot them both. Liam gets in a headbutt and separates from Gabe. The other hunter opens fire, hitting Gabe several times in the chest. Nolan comes up behind and bonks him on the head with a fire extinguisher, knocking him out. Gabe falls to the floor.

Scott is blind. He uses his other sense – hearing, touch, and his ability to sense heat – to survey the area around him. The Anuk-Ite appears as a Berserker and attempts to take Scott out with its boney armor. Scott successfully dodges. It comes at him again as an Oni and The Pathologist, but Scott shoves it away and announces that he’s not afraid of it anymore.

Monroe instructs the hunters at the school to put a bullet into stoned Derek’s head and another one in his heart. She prepares to do the same to statue Peter.

Chris informs his father that even if the Yellow Wolfsbane was just meant to weaken, Scott figured it out like he always does.

Scott engages the Anuk-Ite explaining that he understands that the creature wanted enough power to avoid being trapped again. He says the creature wanted the power of a shapeshifter. Unfortunately for Anuk-Ite, when it took that power from Quinn, it is also bound by all the rules and inherited all the weaknesses of a shapeshifter.

It dawns on Gerard that Scott figured out that Mountain Ash can now trap the Anuk-Ite because it is part shapeshifter.

Stiles runs into the library with eyes wide open. In the second the Anuk-Ite registers his presence, Stiles throws a jar of Mountain Ash on the ground. The powder spreads out from the impact point and envelopes the Anuk-Ite in a cloud. The creature is coated with it and begins to turn to stone.

In the hallway, the stone covering Derek begins to crack. Once free, he takes out the hunters that were about to shoot him. Peter does the same.  Monroe runs away but Peter knocks down the remaining hunter.

Jackson and Ethan find themselves free in the locker room. Just when they think it’s over, a hunter comes in with a large rifle and aims it at them. Coach appears screaming from the lockers and beats the hunter senseless with a lacrosse stick. He announces, “Now it’s over,” and heads for his office. Jackson says, “Good to see you Coach.” He replies, “You too Jackson.”

Gabe, bleeding, crawls across the hospital floor toward a bank of lighted storage containers. He manages to sit up and says it hurts. Theo comes over to the boy, takes his hand and begins taking his pain away as Corey and Mason join the group. Nolan is in tears.

Gerard snarls at his son, “You let this happen.” This strikes Kate as very funny despite her wounds. She says Gerard let it happen and calls him a stupid old man for solely focusing on Scott. Gerard says Scott destroyed their family. Chris says his family is standing right in front of him and turns to walk away. Kate transforms into a Werejaguar and attacks Gerard. Chris walks out to the screams of his father.

Noah Stilinski, Parrish and Agent McCall face off with some hunters inside the hospital. The sheriff shouts for them to drop their weapons. When they don’t comply, he turns to Parrish and tells him to “drop their weapons.” A wave of heat rises off Parrish and envelops the hunters, the metal of their guns heats up until they can no longer hold them and they drop them to the floor. McCall says Parrish needs to teach him how to do that.

Monroe is frantic. From the school, she calls over the radio for a status report and becomes more agitated when none of the hunters respond. The bodies of fallen hunters litter the floor. She yells, “pick up the radio and tell me what’s happening!” At the hospital, Liam picks up the radio and says, “You lost.” Monroe throws the radio.

Malia rushes into the library where Stiles, Derek and Lydia are leaning over Scott who is, as yet, still not healing his eyes. Derek warns if he doesn’t heal soon, his eyes will not recover. Stiles urges him to concentrate. Scott says he’s trying, but it’s not working. Malia begs him to concentrate. He says he can’t focus.

Stiles reaches out and takes Lydia’s hand. She looks at him and gets an idea. Lydia suggests Malia kiss Scott. After a short pause, the werecoyote kisses her Alpha. As they separate, red lights up the vacant sockets as Scott’s eyes grow back.

And The Adventure Continues…

Parrish, Noah and Agent McCall oversee the cleanup of Gerard’s armory. At school, it seems everything is back to normal. Coach Finstock is shocked that Nolan and Liam want to be Co-Captains of the lacrosse team. Nolan explains that they’ve “gotten past their differences.” Coach says it doesn’t sound very competitive. Liam says they learned it from him because he’s a great coach. Coach agrees, he is a great coach.

In the future, Scott concludes the story he was telling Alec (as images from the past appear).

“They ran that night (Monore running out of the school). Gerard put guns in people’s hands, but a lot less than he thought were actually willing to use them. More people know our secret now, but more of them are on our side. They weren’t afraid of us anymore. Now, we have allies who used to be enemies (Theo). We have protectors (Peter). We have friends willing to fight for us (Mason, Corey, Deaton). (Chris and Melissa kiss in her kitchen.) The rest of us have been looking for others like you (Ethan and Jackson embrace in their apartment in London).”

Scott, Alec, and Argent arrive at an inner-city parking lot. Scott clasps hands with Argent and says goodbye.

Scott explains to Alec that the people hunting them have a leader named Monroe. She has thousands of followers all over the world. Alec wonders what they’re doing in an abandoned parking lot. Scott explains –

“We’re meeting up with some people who can help us. Some of them are always with us. Others come when we need them, but, tonight, we need everyone we can get.”

Stiles and Lydia arrive in his Jeep, Derek in his Camaro. Malia pulls up in her car with Liam. Alec asks if they’re all different. Scott says -

“Some of them are. Some can do things you’d never believe (Malia), and others might only be human, but they make up for it by being really smart (Stiles and Lydia) or really good in a fight.”

Alec wants to know who they are and Scott says, “My friends. My pack. And you can be with us if you want, but you’re going to have to fight.”

Alec says Monroe promised to find him, hunt him down, and kill him because he is a monster. Scott repeats a line he once said to Liam, “You’re not a monster. You’re a werewolf like me.” (See The Benefactor)

Scott’s eyes glow red for a moment, he motions Alec to follow him. The pack comes together and walks away under the light of a full moon.


Sneak Peek


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Episode List

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#02 Superposition #07 Heartless #12 Raw Talent #17 Werewolves of London
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#04 Relics #09 Memory Found #14 Face-to-Faceless #19 Broken Glass
#05 Radio Silence #10 Riders on the Storm #15 Pressure Test #20 The Wolves of War


There is no soundtrack for this episode aside from the opening credits and scene orchestration.