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Theo Raeken is a Chimera appearing in Seasons 5 and 6 of the MTV Series Teen Wolf. He was a former 4th grade classmate of Scott McCall and Stiles Stilinski and claimed to be a bitten werewolf but is, in fact, one of the Dread Doctors' experiments.

As a Chimera, Theo is made of Werecoyote and Werewolf parts. He can fully shift into a wolf and his eyes remain golden yellow despite the fact that he killed several people, these canonical contradictions are possible because, as Chimera, Theo is not restricted by the rules of the supernatural.

Theo is played by actor Cody Christian.


Theo is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Raeken and was a an old acquaintance of Scott and Stiles when they were kids. Like Scott he too suffered from asthma and had an inhaler. His sister, according him, always looked out for him. Officially, Theo's sister, Tara, died of exposure after being lost in the woods 8 years ago but Theo was apparently with her and did nothing as he watched her suffer from a broken leg in a freezing creek.

He claimed to return to Beacon Hills with his parents specifically to join Scott's Pack, but his true plan was to take away the pack and Scott's Alpha status.

Stiles found portions of Theo's story don't add up, specifically his father's signature on a school form seems to be forged. Theo's "parents" seem terrified of him and he is seen preparing to crush his father's hand with a hammer to explain away Stiles "evidence" against him.

Lydia, through her visions, learned that Theo killed his sister on purpose so that the Dread Doctors could transplant her heart into him making him a natural chimera.


Theo- The Talented Mr. Raeken

When Theo's plan to kill Scott failed, he created his own pack of resurrected chimeras and tried to steal La Bête du Gévaudan's power. Deucalion, under the pretense of helping Theo, manipulated him into killing some of his pack members for their power. The former Alpha Pack leader further convinced Theo not to use Belasko's talons to siphon the Beast's power.

Realizing he was tricked, Theo attempted to use his stolen electrical powers to kill Scott's pack. Kira Yukimura then opened a hole in the Earth and Theo's dead sister (Tara Raeken) dragged him to hell.

When the Ghost Riders come to Beacon Hills, Liam, out of desperation, summons Theo back from hell. He returns without the stolen powers from his pack. Despite this, Theo slowly gains the trust of Scott and the pack and helps to bring down Garrett Douglas, the Anuk-Ite, and Tamora Monroe's Hunters.

Season 5

Theo arrives just in time to help Scott fight off Belasko and explains why he returned to Beacon Hills. (Read More...)

Theo helps Liam Dunbar tell Mason about the supernatural. Theo can become an actual wolf through unexplained means. (Read More...)

Theo comes to the Animal Clinic and helps Scott, Stiles and Dr. Deaton to their feet after Tracy's attack. (Read More...)

Theo is revealed to be associated with the Dread Doctors in some, as yet unexplained, way. They allowed him to manipulate Donovan into attacking Stiles. (Read More...)

Theo points Scott to the real author of the book and reports back to the Doctors that the pack is heading to Eichen House. (Read More)

Theo joins Scott and the gang as they settle in to read "The Dread Doctors" novel. He kills chimera Josh Diaz when he attacks Stiles. Theo then blackmails Stiles to keep quiet about the killing. (Read More...)

Theo and Stiles watch over the vet clinic waiting to see who comes to take the chimera's body. Theo saves Stiles from a fire. (Read More...)

Theo finds and recovers Hayden and Liam from the Dread Doctors. (Read More...)

Theo lies to Scott and Sheriff Stilinski about Donovan's death. He pushes the Dread Doctors to keep Hayden alive. (Read More...)

Theo reveals himself as a chimera and tries to take Scott down on the night of the supermoon. (Read More...)

Dr. Valack says that experiments on Theo marked a turning point in the Dread Doctors' research. Theo continues to entice Stiles onto his side. In the future, he breaks into Eichen House for Lydia Martin. (Read More...)

He helps his pack develop their abilities and devises ways on how to control them. (Read More...)

Theo and Tracy Stewart track the Beast and confront the Dread Doctors. He later offers to help Malia Tate find Dr. Deaton and The Desert Wolf. (Read More...)

Theo uses the Dread Doctors' technology to help Malia find her mother. He double crosses Braeden and Malia, and The Desert Wolf hands him a jar containing the glowing talons from Creatures of the Night as payment. (Read More...)

He offers to help Scott get Lydia out of Eichen House but is refused. He and his pack break in to lure Jordan Parrish into the facility. (Read More...)

Theo and Stiles search for Lydia in the tunnels of Eichen House. He leaves with Valack's Dread Doctor helmet in hopes that it will help figure out who the Beast is. (Read More...)

After killing Josh and taking his power, Theo works along side Scott and Liam in order to find Mason and steal his power as well. (Read More...)

After killing Tracy, Theo shows up in the tunnels and takes out Scott, Liam and Lydia. He catches up to Sebastien and tries to take his powers but he fails. He is double crossed by Deucalion, and his dead sister drags him down into the earth. (Read More...)

Season 6

Liam releases Theo from the ground for his power. Theo restrains Liam against a wall, demanding to know where his sister is. Liam and Hayden remind him that she's dead. It is discovered that he no longer has the power he absorbed from Tracy and Josh. (Read More...)

Theo suffers a recurring nightmare, each one ending exactly as the last, with Theo's sister tearing his heart from his chest. The cycle continues until he tells her it's okay, she doesn't have to stop. (Read More...)

He agrees to tell the pack everything he knows about Garrett Douglas if they break the sword. Upon completion, he lives up to his end, explaining Douglas' past with WWII and the Dread Doctors. (Read More...)

Theo saves Liam from the Ghost Riders by pushing him in the elevator and shutting him in. He takes on the Riders all by himself, the confrontation ends with single gun shot. (Read More...)

Theo is revealed to be alright and gives Liam more time to get into the rift before joining Scott, Malia and Peter in fighting Garret's army of Ghost Riders. (Read More...)

Apparently homeless, Theo lives in his SUV. He finds and removes a mysterious spider from his back. Later, multiple hunters open fire on him as he sits in his vehicle. (Read More...)

After escaping Schrader, he and the other captives seek out Scott and gets caught up in the new Hunters' siege of the Sheriff's Station. (Read More...)

Theo and Liam act as decoys for the hunters at Hill Valley Zoo, which would have provided Scott, Malia, Argent, and Lydia with enough time to steal Gerard's weapons from the armory. (Read More...)

Theo finds Liam attacking Gabe after the shooting of Scott's house. He reminds Liam that there's a lot more problems that come with killing someone, and that he should think it through. (Read More...)

Theo and Mason check the tunnels for Aaron. After hours of searching for him, Aaron attacks them. Theo fends him off, but Aaron returns for more. He stabs himself with Theo's claws before knocking him to the ground. (Read More...)

After defeating the hunters at the hospital, Theo successfully takes Gabe's pain in a genuine act of kindness as Gabe takes his final breaths. (Read More...)

Theo's Pack

Teen Wolf Season 5 Promo Theo and Squad.png

Theo used chemicals from the Dread Doctor's lair to resurrect four of the failed chimera lying dead at the Nemeton. After he revived them, he said they are his pack and expected them to follow him.

While all of them had enhanced strength and were immune to Mountain Ash, each pack member had unique abilities of their own.


Teen Wolf- The Worst Chimera

The pack dissolved when Hayden and Corey defected, and Theo absorbed the spark of power from both Josh and Tracy, killing them in the process.

Pack Members



  • You know Stiles, I came back here for Scott but I also came back for you. Someone like you, someone whose willing to walk into the woods in the middle of the night to protect his friends. I don't have anyone like that, Scott does, you all do. I know I'm in the right place, I'm meant to be here, I'm meant to be apart of this pack.” — Theo to Stiles Stilinski in Dreamcatchers
  • Let me help, it doesn't have to mean I'm part of the pack, like you've excepted me or anything like that. It just means I can help catch this girl.” — Theo to Scott McCall in Parasomnia
  • A werewolf's eyes are suppose to change color when you take an innocent life.... these look blue to you? It was self defense, for me and for you.” — Theo to Stiles Stilinski in Strange Frequencies
  • I'm the first chimera, its the coyote part you don't notice. Its why Malia trusted me first even though she probably didn't know it. You found the perfect word though Scott.. because a chimera isn't just a monster with different parts, it can also mean something impossible to achieve, an unrealizable dream.” — Theo to Scott McCall in Status Asthmaticus
  • I never lied about why I came to Beacon Hills, I'm here for a pack. I came for the werecoyote, the one whose first instinct is to kill. I came for the banshee, the girl surrounded by death. I came for the dark kitsune. The beta with anger issues. I came for void Stiles, that's the pack I want. Unfortunately, it doesn't include Scott.” — Theo to Stiles Stilinski in Status Asthmaticus
  • I know you saw the fresco, two seriously pissed off creatures, the hellhound and the beast fighting over a pile of dead bodies. I don't want to be one of the bodies, its that simple. I can get you to Lydia or we can see who gets to her first.” — Theo to Stiles and Scott in Amplification
  • Yeah, I was nine years old, I also believed that a guy in a red suit came down the chimney to deliver presents. So when three people in leather masks showed up and said that my sister wanted me to have her heart, I believed them too.” — Theo to Stiles Stilinski in Lie Ability
  • I found Deucalion. You're right, I'm going to help Parrish stop the beast. I'm going to take its power and then I'm going to break its neck. So maybe I'm not the good guy in your eyes, but I might end up being the guy that saves all your asses.” — Theo to Stiles Stilinski in Lie Ability