Time of Death is the 8th episode of Teen Wolf Season 4.

According to the Nielsen Company, approximately 1.7 million people saw the episode upon it's initial airing on MTV.


Scott carries out a dangerous plan. Meanwhile, Malia confronts her past.

Full Recap

Stiles is in bed alone. He tosses and turns but cannot get to sleep. Suddenly, Malia is there with him. He tells her he always sleeps in the center of the bed. They maneuver about a bit and then settle on spooning with Stiles taking the “big spoon” position behind Malia. When his arm begins to fall asleep, they flip back-to-back but this doesn’t please Stiles either. Malia finally settles it by taking the “big spoon” position behind Stiles. He declares “this is good.”

Stiles awakes and realizes that he is alone in bed.

Agent McCall removes the rounds from his clip and places them and his gun into evidence bags. He records his incident report on his phone. He explains how he witnessed the assailant, armed with a sound suppresser-equipped Walther P88, threaten the potential victim with the weapon pressed to his head (see Weaponized).

Scott is listening to his father as he explains that he felt he had no choice but to use deadly force. Mr. McCall comes out of his office in the Sheriff’s Station and explains that he has to drive down to the FBI field office in San Francisco for a “review.” He apologizes that he may miss Scott’s first lacrosse game of the season saying he feels it’s a big deal because he is “keeping his promises this time.”

Scott’s Dad then explains that what he did was “necessary, justifiable.” Scott asks if he’s killed before and his father admits that he’s done it twice. He says it’s not easy and to deal with it you have to remove emotion and compartmentalize your feelings. He says he used to do that by drinking. They embrace for a moment before Agent McCall tells Scott that he and his friends are not reacting to the tragic events around them the way he would expect them to react. He says this makes him think they know something he does not and, when he returns from San Francisco, he wants to know what they know.

Stiles, Liam, Scott, and Kira are gathered in Scott’s kitchen. They have three Apple laptops which are apparently part of a plan of some sort. Stiles describes what they’re doing as “incredibly dangerous and borderline idiotic.” Scott gives Liam the option to not take part but Liam says he's not scared.

The plan has to do with the “visual confirmation” requirement mentioned on The Benefactor cassettes. The crux of the plan is “what if you kill someone on the dead pool but you can’t send the visual proof?” They believe that if someone high on the The Dead Pool dies without confirmation, The Benefactor will come seeking visual proof – thereby allowing them to learn the identity.

An unseen patient is brought by ambulance to Beacon Hills Memorial Hospital. Dr. Geyer is called to the ER where he escorts the gurney into “Trauma 2” an exam room. They attempt chest compression and shock the patient’s heart with a defibrillator twice but the monitor still shows a flat line, no pulse. The doctor calls time of death at 21:02 hours (9:02 PM) and asks that someone page Melissa McCall. Scott McCall is lying dead on the exam table.

Braeden wakes up in Derek’s bed at the loft. She sees him sleeping on the nearby couch and creeps over to him, lifts his shirt and looks at the bullet wound he sustained from the last assassin (see Weaponized). He wakes and asks her what she’s doing. She repeats what he said to her in the hospital earlier claiming she is “protecting my investment.” She wants to know why Derek is not healing, he brushes her question off saying some wounds take longer to heal than others. She demands to see his eyes, his real eyes. When he turns back to her, his eyes do not have a werewolf glow.

Melissa McCall’s screams echo through the halls of the hospital. She collapses to the floor in obvious pain after learning about Scott’s death.

Earlier in the afternoon, we see that Scott, Liam, Kira and Noshiko Yukimura were gathered around Scott’s bed. Liam is nervous about what they’re planning and Kira seeks reassurance from Scott who says it’s going to be alright. Liam asks Noshiko if she’s done this before she says she’s “seen it done.” She says it’s a terrible idea but when Kira threatens to do it without her mother’s help, Noshiko acquiesces.

She instructs Kira to place her hand over Scott’s heart but Scott stops her. He wants to know what will happen while he’s out. Noshiko explains that it will feel like he’s dreaming. Scott wants to know if the dreams will be good or bad but she says that depends on him. Kira places her hand over Scott’s heart and releases foxfire which causes him to seize and gasp.

Back at the hospital, Melissa has regained her composure. She enters the morgue where Scott's body lies. She tells Stiles, Kira, Noshiko, and Liam how much she hates the plan. She says it’s “pretty significantly terrifying” because Scott looks dead. Noshiko takes her hand and places over Scott’s heart. She holds it there until Melissa feels a single beat. She questions if that is enough to keep a werewolf alive and Noshiko says it is for an Alpha.

Noshiko explains that they have 45 minutes for Kira to bring him back with another foxfire shock. If she can’t do it before time runs out, Scott will be dead.

Chris Argent and Stiles write to The Benefactor alerting him to Scott’s death. The Benefactor requests visual confirmation. They reply that it is impossible to get confirmation because the police will arrive in 40 minutes to take the body. The Benefactor is adamant about visual confirmation. They reply “number one on the list is dead. I killed him and if the wire transfer isn't completed in 40 minutes… I’m coming after you.”

Braeden bandages Derek’s wound pointing out that it’s just a graze but could get infected. They discuss how Derek hasn't had to worry about that sort of thing before. She realizes that all of his Werewolf Abilities (smell, hearing, speed, and strength) are gone along with his glowing eyes and healing. When Derek claims he can still win a fight even without the werewolf part of him, Braeden challenges him to arm wrestle. As they begin, she pokes him in his bullet wound causing him to lose. She explains that when humans are fighting supernaturals, they have to bend the rules. She says she’ll teach him how to bend.

On the roof of the Hospital, Chris Argent attaches a device that taps the building’s internal security cameras. He calls Stiles on his SAMSUNG Gear 2 wrist device to ask him if they are ready downstairs. Stiles, Kira, and Liam have set up the laptops in one of the empty patient rooms. With a single keystroke, all three light up with multiple images from the hospital’s security cameras.

Scott wakes up. He is inside one of the refrigerated vaults at the hospital’s morgue. When he looks behind him, the narrow square container seems to go on forever. He crawls through and emerges from a locker in the darkened hallway of Beacon Hills High School. Liam yells “catch” and Scott catches a lacrosse ball as it wizzes at his head. Liam says “that’s why you’re team captain” then jogs off down the hall and into a classroom. Scott follows, but Liam is gone. There is a laptop open on the teacher’s desk. On the screen, The Benefactor’s code scrolls to a stop and the “Keyword” prompt flashes. Scott types in his own name and the list of assassins scrolls out.


Scott says he can’t kill them (taking the list to be his own personal Dead Pool) but Liam says “someone has to.” Liam says it has to be Scott because he is the Alpha. Scott says he’s not a murderer but Liam counters that “you are a predator.” Scott tries to remember what Derek told him on top of the Video Store (see The Tell), he begins “we’re predators but we don’t have to…” and can’t remember the rest.

He slams the computer shut and turns to see The Mute removing his tomahawk from Liam’s back. Liam pleads with Scott to help him. The Mute places his finger over the area where his mouth should be in the “shush” motion before raring back with the weapon and slamming it down into Liam again.

Malia is exploring the Hale Vault. Her phone rings, a call from Stiles, and she turns it off. She reaches the safe, rips off the handle and opens it. Inside there is a folder labeled “Malia Tate – Adoption Records.” Peter shows up and complains that he’s got to find a better safe.

Chris Argent is in the hospital corridor. His Gear 2 shows 28:01 (a countdown until they have to revive Scott). Outside the hospital, Noshiko and Melissa are sitting in Kira’s car watching people come and go in hopes of spotting a stranger that might be The Benefactor. The countdown on Melissa’s phone now reads “00:26:44.” She questions why they are asking their children to fight these kinds of fights. Noshiko says the only alternative would be to ask them to run and hide.

The camera feed from the roof goes out and Liam and Kira decide to investigate. Kira takes her sword in case it is more than a malfunction.

Peter explains that he can’t let Malia leave the vault with her adoption records. Malia challenges him saying she thinks she can take him. Peter understands that she has heard rumors that he isn’t as strong as he used to be. He punches one of the stone supports, breaking off a chunk, and proving the rumors wrong. Malia makes to hand over the file but Peter stops her saying “I said you can’t leave with it. I didn’t say you couldn’t read it.”

In the boathouse at Lydia’s Grandmother’s place, Lydia is searching for clues to explain why Meredith would have been in a photograph taken in the lake house (see Weaponized). She hears footsteps and wheels around with a paddle as a weapon scaring her mother.

Natalie Martin has followed her because she’s become worried that Lydia is spending so much time at the lake house, every weekend and sometimes during the week, without explanation. She says she is even more perplexed because Lydia isn’t there meeting a boy. Lydia shows her mother the picture of Meredith taken in the Lake House. Natalie knows the girl in the photo by name.

Scott wakes up. He is inside one of the refrigerated vaults at the hospital’s morgue. When he looks behind him, the square chamber seems to go on forever. He crawls through and emerges from a locker in the darkened hallway of Beacon Hills High School. Liam yells “catch” and Scott catches a lacrosse ball as it wizzes at his head. This time Scott’s claws are extended and Liam says “that’s why you’re the Alpha.”

Suddenly they are both in the locker room. Scott is examining his teeth in the mirror saying he noticed that he has “more fangs” during the quarantine (see Weaponized). He says he doesn’t know why. Liam speculates that it might be part of being an Alpha, “like you’re becoming more of a werewolf.” Scott counters with “or more of a monster.” Liam thinks it might make Scott stronger “like you’re growing.” Then the automated voice of The Mute says “Evolving.”

Scott turns and Liam falls into his arms, a tomahawk sticking out from his back. Again, The Mute makes the “shush” sign.

On the hospital roof, a transformer begins sparking and surging. Liam says he thinks someone did something to it. They hear a growl. He and Kira turns to see a Berserker walking toward them. Kira whips out her sword and takes a defensive stance.

The lights inside the hospital are flickering on and off. Stiles catches up to Chris Argent and explains that power is out all over whole building. Chris says he should stay with Scott and to text him if he sees or hears anything. The countdown on Chris’ Gear 2 reads “18:02.”

Braeden places a gun on the table. She explains that it is a SIG Sauer P2 26 9mm. Derek says he doesn’t like guns. She believes this is because he never learned to use them but Derek says it’s because he’s been “shot repeatedly.” Braeden explains that the legal clip size in California is ten rounds. She says you always have to count how many you’ve fired because running out of bullets can get you killed and “also makes you look stupid.”

She slides the clip in and hands the weapon to Derek explaining that with guns you need distance from your attacker. She explains that an average person can move “21 feet in 1.5 seconds” meaning they could gut you before you can pull your weapon and fire.

She challenges Derek to pull the gun on her. He does and she takes it from him quickly and easily. They repeat the exercise with the same results until Derek leans in to kiss her and, while she is distracted, pushes the barrel of the gun into her stomach. She says he cheated. He says he’s “learning to bend.” Braeden leans in and kisses him. He picks her up and places her on the table, knocking the other weapons out of the way as she removes his shirt.

Malia looks at her birth certificate which says:

This Certifies that Baby Malia
Midtown Memorial Hospital
on 11-28-98 A.D. 1998
7lbs 4oz. Sex F
EDITOR'S NOTE: According to her birth certificate, Malia was born late in 1998 - this would make her just 13 in the established show timeline since it is now early 2012 in Beacon Hills. This seems to be another case of the production willfully ignoring their own timeline - suggesting they meant to make the character 15 years old. We have more details about this latest timeline error and how it impacts what we learned about Malia in Season 3 in the Teen Wolf News.

There is also a picture of an infant and two tiny inked footprints on the form.

Also in the file, there's a paper labeled “Adoption Request.” The page is torn and bloodied. While mostly obscured, the adopting parents’ names are listed as “Evelyn Tate” and “Henry Tate.” The agency handling the adoption is listed as “Beacon Adoption.” The court hearing took place on “12/22/98” with a case number of “BDH093892.”

Peter makes a joke, “Wanna talk about it, see a family counselor?” Malia is frustrated saying there is nothing in the file. Peter then launches into his defense of his actions in Season 1 (See The Alpha Werewolf) saying Malia only heard one side of the story.

On the roof, Kira and Liam take their shot at the berserker. Liam is picked up and tossed away while Kira manages to get some hits in with her sword before she too is taken out with a right hook to the jaw.

While she struggles to remain conscious, Kira remembers discussing the plan with Scott earlier in the day. The couple lay face to face on his bed reassuring each other that theirs is a good plan. They decide they should go on a real date after they get through the latest supernatural threat. They settle on seeing a movie and kiss.

Liam struggles to wake Kira, pulling her to her feet and retreating back from the berserker.

Noshiko and Melissa find the room where Stiles had set up the computers – the kids are gone and the counter on the laptop reads “00:16:13:21.”

Stiles is in the morgue frantically calling Chris Argent on his phone. Chris flies through the doors and lands on the floor. He yells for Stiles to run as Kate steps in says she’s taking the body. She assures them she is not the benefactor but can’t tell them why she needs the body. Chris manages to get a gun to her head.

Peter explains to Malia why he killed a bunch of people in Season 1. He says the fire nearly burned him alive and left him in a coma for six years. He says he was fully aware during all that time but unable to move and listening to his own thoughts driving him “absolutely and totally insane minute by minute, day by day.” He admits he’s done horrible, terrible things but says others have committed similar acts and those things will keep happening as long as there is a Dead Pool with Malia’s name on it.

She points out that his is the only name not on the list. He says that’s true but he is not the benefactor. He says he’s just the guy out millions of dollars, some of which he was using to help track down Malia’s mother. He says it’s a way for the bad guy to prove he’s not so bad, “by doing an act of kindness.” He says he’s also interested to know since Talia Hale stole the memory from him. So far, all he managed to find out is that her mother is a woman known as “the desert wolf.” Malia says that means Coyote.

Hospital workers run screaming past Melissa and Noshiko in advance of a Berserker. Melissa asks if Noshiko is still a Kitsune and she says “technically” as they begin backing away down the hall.

At the lake house, Natalie removes an urn which Lydia recognizes as the ashes from someone who died at Eichen House. Natalie explains that Lydia’s father had a difficult relationship with his mother and when she started saying weird stuff and hearing voices they put her away because he thought she was crazy.

Lydia’s grandmother left instructions for her to spread the ashes across the lake on her 18th birthday. Natalie says since the date is “only a few weeks” away – now is as good a time as any.

Lydia opens the urn that supposedly contains the remains of her father’s mother but instead finds Mountain Ash. She casts a handful of the stuff toward the opening to the lake and it falls in a perfect line. Lydia realizes that the whole building is made of Mountain Ash and she’s just laid down the final part of the protective seal.

Chris demands that Kate back off explaining that they have a plan. She misunderstands and thinks their plan included really killing Scott. She says she is there because she is on the Dead Pool. She notices the countdown on his Gear 2 which reads “03:04” and eases her grip on him. He urges her to take the Berserkers and go.

Liam is battered and bleeding. Kira tells him to run but instead he rises for another attack, jumping on top of a transformer bank and diving at the Berserker. Scott wakes up. He is inside one of the refrigerated vaults at the hospital’s morgue. When he looks behind him, the square chamber seems to go on forever. He crawls through and emerges from a locker in the darkened hallway of Beacon Hills High School. Liam yells “catch” and Scott catches a bloody tomahawk as it wizzes at his head.

Liam is lying at Scott’s feet, bleeding from a tomahawk wound in his chest. He pleads to know “why’d you do that?” The Mute appears behind Scott and takes the hand holding the tomahawk. His automated voice device says “let me help you” as he thrusts Scott's hand and the tomahawk down repeatedly. Scott then begins to chop at Liam on his own. His fangs extend, his eyes go red and blood spray covers his face.

Suddenly Scott is back in the real morgue and he’s screaming. Kira kisses him. He wants to know if it worked but they shake their heads "no." Liam runs in and says Kira’s mother is hurt. Melissa holds Noshiko as she bleeds profusely from a wound in her side. Liam’s dad arrives and helps Melissa get the injured woman to her feet.

In the sewer, Kate reports to Peter that Scott isn’t really dead. Peter says “thank God.”

Malia is in Stiles' room when he gets home. She is staring at the part of the Dead Pool that includes her name as “Malia Hale.” She explains that she’s been talking to Peter. Stiles questions if it’s a good idea to involve him but she says she doesn’t care as long as he can help her find her mother.

Stiles tries to assure her that she isn’t like Peter but Malia says she might be. She explains that, on the day she killed her adoptive mother and sister, they’d argued and Malia had said she wanted them all dead. She says maybe killing just runs in her family. She tapes the Dead Pool list to Stiles murder board and leaves.

Derek wakes up next to Braeden in the loft. He walks over to the table with a wide array of guns and simply stares at the weapons.

Kira explains that her mother was airlifted to a hospital in Palo Alto, California and that she is going there to be with her. Scott explains that he has to go back to the hospital for a bunch of tests since he was officially dead and the doctors are confused.

Scott says the fact that the plan didn’t draw the Benefactor to the hospital implies they must have some other way of verifying that someone from the list is dead. Kira says “a banshee.”

At the lake house, Natalie shows Lydia a scrap of paper saying it was the last thing her grandmother wrote down before she died. Lydia looks at the paper then asks if they’re sure grandmother is really dead. The scrap of paper includes what looks like the Benefactor’s code.


  • Jerome Holloway – "Who Will Love Me"
Scene: Stiles trying to get comfortable sharing his bed with Malia.
  • Chet Faker – "Gold"
Scene: Derek and Braeden in the loft.
  • I Break Horses – "Heart to Know"
Scene: Kira and Scott discuss going on an actual date.
  • Justin Nozuka - "Sweet Lover"
Scene: Malia talks to Stiles about being related to Peter.

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