Triggers is the 16th episode of Teen Wolf Season 6.

Episode 616 is written and directed by longtime Teen Wolf Writer and Co-Executive Producer Eric Wallace.

For as yet unexplained reasons, MTV Canada did not run this episode as scheduled on September 3, instead, Triggers airs back-to-back with Werewolves of London on September 10.


Liam and Theo attempt to draw the Hunters away from Beacon Hills.

Full Recap

The students at Beacon Hills High School seem to have suffered a rash of hand injuries. All are wearing bloody white bandages on their hands. Edgar (C. J. Hoff) moves quickly but nervously down the hallway and into the library. He’s cornered by Aaron and Gabe who grab him and cut his hand with a scalpel. Aaron says everybody has done it. Edgar protests that he’s “not one of them,” but Aaron cuts his hand anyway. He runs from the library. Aaron calls Gabe off and says he’ll go after Edgar himself. The other students do their best to ignore what’s happening.

In the locker room, Edgar washes the blood from his hand, and there is no sign of injury. Aaron is suddenly behind him. He demands to know what Edgar is. The boy’s eyes flash yellow, and he says he’s a werecoyote, his whole family too. Aaron wants to know what “else” he is, saying he’s looking for someone who “can do more than just shift, someone like me.” He grabs Edgar’s wrist, and something under the skin moves down Aaron’s arm and into Edgar’s. The veins of his arm turn a dark red as whatever is in him crawls up the arm, into his neck and head.

FBI Agent McCall is questioning Nolan in Tamora Monroe’s office.  McCall says that Jiang and Tierney escaped police custody “last night.” Monroe adds that they injured a deputy, but McCall says he’s heard the officer’s wounds were self-inflicted. McCall wants to know if Jiang’s been in touch with Nolan since they knew each other. (to see what really happened to Jiang and Tierney – See Pressure Test). Nolan explains that they’re no longer friends. Seeing the student is in distress, Monroe ends the interview.

She chides the agent for harassing a student. He counters that she put a gun in his hand. She says she’s teaching him how to protect himself. He says Nolan isn’t in danger, the missing Jiang and Tierney are. She reminds him that the missing pair are the real killers. She then speculates that, because McCall doesn’t have FBI backup, his bosses either don’t believe there’s a problem, or he hasn’t told them “exactly what you’re investigating.”

Grumpy Old Gun Man and Killing Spider-Boy

Nolan runs to the locker room to catch his breath. He ears Edgar moaning for help. He finds the other boy laying on his back. There are small moving bumps under his skin. Suddenly his eyes, nose, and mouth erupt with thousands of spiders that quickly obscure his face.

Gerard meets with Agent McCall and someone from the US Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms. The old hunter presents them with files he says are his “FFLs” or Federal Firearms License forms. He says they’re all up to date. McCall examines the tag on one of the cases; it says 625, Stock No. 711432, Serial NO. AA-612243, Brand Name Colt Remington AR-15, Type Semi Auto, Caliber/Gauge .223, Barrel Length 20”. Gerard says the first number is the price and offer’s a law enforcement discount of 10% off to Agent McCall.

Looking around at the high shelves stacked with guns and ammo, McCall asks why Gerard has so much firepower. The old man counters that he’s a federally licensed wholesaler and some people like to feel safe, “My staff and I sell peace of mind.” McCall says Gerard’s EDD (California Employment Development Department) roster says he has 30 employees, but there are enough guns in the room to arm 3000 people. Gerard says selling guns is the way he makes his living.

McCall asks about his security arrangements. Gerard explains that they have a dozen employees on site during business hours. He says cameras in the warehouse keep everything under a 24 watch while their surveillance room monitors landline cellular and online communications within the building at all times. While the ATF agent is fine with all Gerard’s paperwork, McCall presses further. He says Gerard has a lot of firepower for such a small market. Gerard says business is booming.

In the locker room, Nolan apparently sought out Tamora Monroe and Gabe after discovering Edgar’s body. The boy is still alive, choking on the floor. Monroe tells them to get rid of it. Nolan points out that he knows the boy from his trig class. She says it’s not human and instructs that “one of you put it out of its misery.” Gabe asks how they’re supposed to do that to which she replies “Just do it.” Gabe chokes the boy until he stops moving. He then looks stricken at what he’s done. Nolan seems about to pass out. He barely registers when Monroe tells him to help Gabe get rid of the body. She tells him that Gabe just proved she could count on him and asks the same of Nolan. He looks completely dazed and out of it.

Field Trip To The Zoo

Later in class, several students have their hands bandaged. Nolan is staring at his exam paper without comprehension. He looks up and sees Mason carrying an armful of blankets down the hall. He follows him.

In the parking lot, Mason dumps the blankets into the back of Lydia’s car. He sets the SatNav to take him to Hill Valley Zoo. It is apparently only 4.1 miles from the school at 7610 White Ave, Beacon … The route takes him along Cyclone Street for 3.6 miles and then a half a mile on White Avenue.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Hill Valley is the name of the town from the Back to the Future films. Teen Wolf used the name before during the Season 3 Episode The Overlooked. One of the frequently seen surgeons at BHH lived there and the town flooded during a storm.

Nolan watches as Mason pulls away from the school. He’s phoned the hunters claiming he’s found Scott's Pack. He follows Mason at a laughably close distance. Liam calls and asks if the plan worked. Mason says it did. Liam tells him to be careful. The SatNav tells Mason to turn right in one mile onto Oak Avenue even though that street is not on the route listed at the beginning of the trip.

Liam and Theo are waiting for Mason at the entrance to the Zoo (Griffith Park in Los Angeles). They unload the car and Mason offers to come with them. Theo says Nolan’s friends shoot to kill so, no. Mason says Lydia would kill him anyway if he damaged her car. Liam tells him not to worry about it because Nolan will do the rest.

Outside Gerard’s fortified arms warehouse (Teen Wolf HQ with some CGI assistance), Lydia, Chris Argent, Scott, and Malia are waiting for the hunters to leave and follow Nolan to the zoo. Lydia gets a text and tells the others that their plan worked. Unfortunately, Scott and Malia still here several heartbeats inside suggesting that most of the hunters are still there. They argue whether they should still break in. Chris advises caution.

Two hunters arrive at the zoo. Nolan is worried that they only sent two. He warns them that they’re not just facing a pack because “there’s an Alpha and a Banshee, they’re all here.” The hunters see no one. Nolan gets defensive and explains that he saw Theo and Liam bringing a carload of food and supplies to the zoo with at least “six sleeping bags.”

Hidden inside the Zoo, Liam and Theo are worried that they only sent two hunters. They were expecting 20 for the plan to work, but since they don’t believe Nolan, they didn’t send everybody. Theo starts shouting. He fakes a shouting match with an invisible Scott about Liam. He then punches Liam and shouts to invisible Malia too. The hunters hear the ruckus and move to investigate. Theo punches Liam again. Theo yells that Liam is only good in a fight when he’s angry, which, of course, just makes Liam angry.

Should We Stay Or Should We Go

Chris Argent begins to crank his SUV to leave the parking lot at Gerard’s base. Malia snatches the keys from the ignition saying that as long as Gerard thinks they’re gone, it’s a good plan. Lydia points out that it’s their only plan. Chris says the plan has failed, but Malia is optimistic.

The windshield begins to crack in front of Lydia. She zones out what the others are saying as she examines the finger-length crack. It begins to spread out like a spider web.

Chris points out that they have 10 minutes until Gerard’s people notice their vehicle as suspicious.

Lydia is still zoned out, and the web of cracks continues to grow. Scott snaps her out of it, and the windshield shows no signs of damage. Chris again says they should call off the mission. Scott believes Jiang and Tierney are “missing” and says they need to get into Gerard’s warehouse because the hunter is always one step ahead. Chris argues that they’re too exposed. Malia sees potential in the fact that they still have 10 minutes.

Theo’s nose is bloody, and Liam’s shirt shows claw marks. He asks if they need to keep going. Just then, a hunter below them says they need to call for backup. Liam points out that Theo ripped his t-shirt. Theo counters that Liam broke his nose twice. He says “It healed, and you broke it again.” Liam punches him in the nose again.

Scott decides that he should lure the hunters away so they can get inside the warehouse. Malia reaches over him and locks his door. Scott protests, but Malia says the plan is dumb. They’ve brought “thermite charges” presumably to help burn up the weapons inside the warehouse. Malia suggests they use the tunnels under the building. Chris points out they’d still need to get in undetected.

The hunters load up their SUVs and leave the parking lot.

Liam and Theo are still worried that only two hunters and Nolan are pursuing them. Theo mocks the choice of the zoo. Liam says he picked it because the old rock tunnels and cages are like the streets of Mykonos. He correctly explains that the Greek city was designed with very long, narrow, winding streets that create a kind of maze for those unfamiliar with the town. The idea was that invading armies would get lost if they tried to take the city. Liam says he likes history. Theo says he’s impressed and that it’s a good idea. Liam points out that it only works if the invaders actually show up.

As if on cue, the two SUVs filled with hunters, Gerard, and Monroe arrive at the zoo.

Theo says they need to go deeper into the structure. Liam won’t budge, he just keeps staring through the bars at the hunters below. Theo leaves him there.

Gerard orders his men to spread out.


Agent McCall is demanding that his ex-wife tell him where their son is. Melissa says Scott told her not to tell his father. He presses her, pointing out that Gerard has enough firepower to “arm a small country.” He says he can’t call in the FBI. Melissa says it’s too late now and tells her ex not to worry because “you did your job. Now it’s Scott’s turn.” She points out that he’s known about the supernatural for about five minutes, while they’ve been at it for a lot longer. She says “these kids can handle it” and are best at “saving our asses.” McCall questions if Scott has a plan, Melissa says he does.

Chris, Lydia, Scott, and Malia break into the warehouse. Chris knocks out one of the surveillance cameras with a paintball gun while Scott and Malia knock out the guards. Chris says he thermite should take care of the weapons, and reminds Scott to be clear of the scene before they detonate.

Chris takes out the guy in the surveillance room with the butt of his rifle.  Malia takes out the one remaining guard in front of the armory door. Lydia and Chris watch via the camera feeds. Lydia hears a gunshot. She asks Chris about it, but he heard nothing. She then hears shell casings dropping the floor. She tells Chris that she also saw his windshield crack and then heard it shatter. She says they should have called this off.

Gerard hands Nolan a crossbow and tells him to take the south side of the zoo. He says the boy should shoot to kill. Nolan agrees and walks into the zoo. Monroe points out that Nolan could get killed. Gerard is fine with that saying, “Hopefully he takes one of them with him.”

Lydia hears another gunshot and more invisible shells hit the ground. She tells Chris that they need to leave right now. Chris is the hesitant one now. Lydia says Scott and Malia could die and that’s not worth the risk. Chris has changed his tune; he says they’re in it, and the risk versus reward balance has changed. He says if they stay, they could succeed, if they go, they might not get another chance. One risk is known, the other is unknown so they should stay. He keys something on the control board that apparently releases the locks on the armory.

Scott and Malia enter to find the shelves empty. All the weapons and ammo boxes are gone.

Several well-armed hunters spread out around the zoo. Liam and Theo watch Nolan from behind a concrete wall. Theo points out that the boy will see him unless he hides better. Liam refuses. Theo says he doesn’t plan to die just because Liam wants payback for the beatdown Nolan and Gabe delivered earlier (See Face-to-Faceless. Theo finally pulls Liam away.

Liam Gets Triggered

Liam demands that Theo release him. His eyes flash yellow. Theo wonders what’s going on with the young beta. He says his reckless behavior can’t be just because of Nolan. He says something about the Zoo is triggering Liam. He wonders if it’s the hunters, the cages, the heights. Liam says he’s fine.

Nolan finds the pair and calls out to the other hunters. Liam tackles the young hunter, and they both tumble off the edge of the zoo enclosure.

Scott and Malia are ready to leave, but they smell Jiang and Tierney behind a locked door. Scott and Malia both pull to open the door. Chris notices that the door is wired to the control board in the surveillance room and yells for them to stop. It’s too late, the door pops open, an alarm sounds on the control board, and the doors to the armory close and lock.

Gerard and Monroe locate the supplies Theo and Liam planted in the zoo. Monroe says someone has triggered the “armory failsafe” and she can’t reach anyone there. She says it’s suspicious, but Gerard says it’s not worthy of his time. He already knows it’s Scott. She questions why they’re still there playing hide and seek when it’s obviously a ruse. Gerard says he wants to kill Scott’s beta and drop his body at the Alpha’s feet. He explains that the relationship between beta and alpha is like parent and child. Taking out Liam will break Scott, and, without the Scott, the whole Teen Wolf Pack falls apart.

Chris explains that they can’t do anything about the doors from the control room. Lydia notices a flashing light. Chris explains the display is showing motion sensors attached to halon fire suppression system. If the sensors are triggered, all the oxygen would be pulled from the room to put out a fire. Lydia wonders how long a werewolf can hold their breath.

Scott and Malia explore the room where they smelled Jiang and Tierney. Inside they find a map with red dots marking northern California, Greenland, western Europe, Egypt (or Sudan), China, and Siberia.

Scott and Malia explore the room where they smelled Jiang and Tierney. Inside they find a map with red dots marking northern California, Greenland, western Europe, Egypt (or Sudan), China, and Siberia. Scott is drawn to a display case off to the side of the map. Malia joins him asking him where the werewolves they smelled are. Scott points to the case and says “they’re here. That’s all that’s left of them.” Inside the case is a piece of skin with a tattoo depicting stacked rocks, the pack symbol for Satomi Ito’s pack. It appears that two hairy earlobes are mounted in another case nearby.

Outside this room, a red laser begins to sweep across the warehouse. Malia is about to rush out of the room and into the beam, but Scott pulls her back.

Liam is unconscious and sees Brett Talbot and some other members of the Devenford Prep lacrosse team. After a loss, the captain (Brett) brought him to the zoo and hit him repeatedly with lacrosse balls as punishment for letting “every single player” get passed him. A sign at the end of the zoo cage says “Warning, Dangerous Animals, Please do not Tease or Touch.”

Suddenly the Devenford Prep guys are gone. Nolan is there with the crossbow. Liam is all fangs and glowing eye. Nolan says “She wants me to kill you. She’ll kill me if I don’t” Liam lunges at him, rips away the weapon, and begins punching the wall next to Nolan’s head until his hand is broken and bloody. Liam looks as though he might claw Nolan, but Theo punches Liam and knocks him unconscious. He tells Nolan to run.

Mission Impossible

Chris explains that the communications system is shut down and the armory is soundproof. Chris finds a pipe that leads into the room and uses it to communicate, telling Scott and Malia to avoid the sensors. The first beam, about a foot off the floor, continues to sweep back and forth. Another beam, at about five feet, begins to sweep across in the opposite direction.

Scott and Malia manage to avoid both beams as they jump up onto one of the racks that formerly held firearms. They land with Malia on top of Scott. She rises to get off him just as the beam sweeps their way. Scott pulls her back down. Scott wonders if she’s uncomfortable, but she says no. They look around for some way to get out. Malia sees a padlock on a skylight above them. She says she has a plan, which Scott says is great. He doubts Malia can reach it or thinks she might trip a sensor. She assures him that she can make it.

Chris is trying to rewire the control board to reset the sensors. Lydia notices Malia move to a standing position and wonders what the hell she’s doing. Malia swings across and wraps her legs around a pipe, just above the sensor sweep. She successfully reaches out and manages to knock the lock down. Scott cheers, but the lock breaks on the floor and a small piece bounces and strikes the beam. The Halon fire suppression system fires jets from the ceiling, both Scott and Malia fall from their perches to the ground below and can’t catch their breath.

Sometime later, Scott holds Malia as they both gasp. Lydia wonders how long they have, Chris says minutes as a group of hunters moves to retake the warehouse. Through the speakers, they hear the hunters’ orders – shoot to kill.

Seconds later, a smoke grenade rolls down the hall toward the hunters. Chris rounds the corner and shoots out the lights above the corridor sending a shower of sparks down on the confused and coughing men. He manages to knock most of them out with the butt of his gun. Lydia follows him and throws a bag to distract one of the hunters. She then delivers a kick that sends him sprawling.

Suddenly, Lydia is no longer in Gerard’s warehouse. She is back in Scott’s house. She flashes back and forth between the locations and hears glass breaking.

Inside the armory, Scott warns Malia not to talk. She doesn’t listen. She says she is not dying here pointing out that she is supposed to go to France. She says she’s 18 and she’s never been anywhere and there’s still so many things she wants to do.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Malia Tate is not 18 in the canonical Teen Wolf Timeline. She went missing when she was 9 years old and was found roughly 8 years later in the first half of Season 3. She was at least 17 when she was found, which was at least two years ago in-universe time meaning she is at least 19. This is another case of the “Teen Wolf Can’t Tell Time” trope.

Scott holds her hand as they both gasp for breath. Chris says the door to the armory will stop a bullet, not a Banshee. Lydia takes a really deep breath and screams until the steel door buckles and falls inward. Scott and Malia can breathe again.

Gerard’s Master Plan

Liam regains consciousness in Theo’s truck as they’re driving. Theo explains that he had to knock Liam out five times. Liam is sad because he almost killed Nolan. Theo compliments his restraint in breaking his hands trying not to hurt the boy. Theo says the next time they come up with a plan, they should pick a place that doesn’t trigger a murderous rage. Liam said he didn’t know it would happen. Theo believes Liam brought him along because the Anuk-Ite is affecting him. He says Liam needs to figure it out before he completely loses it.

Liam points out that the new thing causes fear, not anger. Theo says people only feel one emotion at a time, which is why Liam gets angry when he’s afraid. Liam wonders, if the Anuk-Ite can have this effect on him, what might it be doing to everyone else.

Monroe is upset because Scott got Gerard’s map and may figure out what they’re planning. Gerard says Scott won’t. She berates him for trapping the pack and then letting them get away. She demands to know there’s a plan. He reminds her of the story of the strong bond between Alpha and Beta. He says she should never make the mistake that the same applies to their relationship.

Scott and Malia are in his room at home. Malia reminds him that she said she didn’t want to die before she did a bunch of things. One of those things is apparently kissing Scott, which she does. They break and then he kisses her.

Downstairs, Melissa, Lydia, Chris Argent, and Mason examine the map. Chris says it shows Nemetons elsewhere in the world. Lydia hears glass breaking. Mason says nemetons they’re beacons for the supernatural. Chris says if you wanted to kill every supernatural in the world, you would start with the nemetons. Melissa says it appears Gerard isn’t going to stop with Beacon Hills. Chris agrees saying his father wants the whole world.

Agent McCall arrives and says no one can leave. Scott and Malia enter. He explains that Gerard has distributed the weapons to the residents of Beacon Hills free of charge. Lydia hears more shell casings. Chris says he’s armed his army.

Lydia stares at the window sensing something. She screams for everyone to get down and pulls Mason to the floor. Two arrows equipped with flash-bangs break the window and embed in the wall. Malia pulls Scott down to the floor. The arrows explode and gunfire peppers the room from outside the window. Chris has Melissa on the floor. Agent McCall draws his firearm.

The gunfire stops. Scott notices a widening pool off blood spreading across the floor and a bloody hand reaches up.


Teen Wolf 6x16 Promo "Triggers" (HD) Season 6 Episode 16 Promo

Teen Wolf 6x16 Promo "Triggers" (HD) Season 6 Episode 16 Promo

Sneak Peeks

'Theo & Liam's Plan' Official Sneak Peek Teen Wolf (Season 6B) MTV

'Theo & Liam's Plan' Official Sneak Peek Teen Wolf (Season 6B) MTV

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Sneak Peek The Kiss MTV

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  • ITG Studios - "What Would You Say To The Dark"

Scene: Beacon Hills has become a scary place.

  • Autograf ft. WYNNE - "Nobody Knows"

Scene: Liam and Theo have a moment of understanding.

  • PORTS - "I'd Let You Win"

Scene: Scott and Malia kiss.


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