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This is a collaborative project to create the most definitive, accurate, and accessible encyclopedia and reference for everything related to MTV's Teen Wolf.

We welcome you to add to our knowledge base as long as what you add is concise, accurate and well written.

Repeated posting of false information will get you blocked from this site.

The forum is now open for discussing the show but be aware that nothing in the forum section is verified or accurate and you should believe nothing you read there.

What is Canon?-

Canon is, as far as this site is concerned, the events that transpire on screen during each episode.

It also takes into account past events as described by characters on the show as well as some of the information relayed via props on the show.

The latter (props) has proven, more often than not, to conflict with prior established canon. When a conflict occurs we make note of it but give precedence to the information provided via dialog as this is more likely to convey the writer's intent than would a prop they did not create themselves.

External comments by writers or creators of the show can inform or expand on the canon as presented on screen. Any such statements must be weighed against the veracity of the on screen canon before a change is made.

So far, Teen Wolf (TV series) and Teen Wolf: Search for a Cure are the only canonical pieces recognized by Teen Wolf Wikia.

On Fire: A Teen Wolf Novel and Teen Wolf: The Hunt are not canonical. Neither is the information provided by the Teen Wolf Calendar or the Bestiary produced as "swag" by the network and production company.

NOTE: Individual pages of the latter publication have become canon once they were also shown on screen.

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