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On Location With Teen Wolf

Teen Wolf News: On Location With Teen Wolf

This article was first published on October 19, 2016 at Because that site is now defunct, I've republished it here so that the historical record can be preserved.

  • 1 A Dark and Cold Night in LA
  • 2 Filming Among the Ruins
  • 3 Controlled Chaos
  • 4 Linden Ashby: All Around Great Guy
  • 5 Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close
  • 6 Shelley Hennig Gets Me Water
  • 7 Tyler Posey Glares at Me
  • 8 A Lot of Work for One Joke
  • 9 Lunch is Served
  • 10 Final Thoughts

My Uber driver Elvira seems nervous as we pull up outside the old “City Market” in downtown Los Angeles, “Are you sure you want to get out here?” It’s 7:30, just after dark, on a Friday night in a not-so-nice part of town. I check the Teen Wolf call list in my email and assu…

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Paul.rea Paul.rea 10 March 2018

Teen Wolf News March 2018

Teen Wolf News March

  • 1 Five Shows You Should Be Watching
    • 1.1 The Magicians
    • 1.2 Heathers
    • 1.3 Channel Zero
    • 1.4 DARK
    • 1.5 Ghosted
  • 2 Tyler Posey Hits the Road
  • 3 Shelley Hennig as One Busted Mother
  • 4 MTV Talks Teen Wolf Reboot (Again)
    • 4.1 THERE IS NO REBOOT … yet
    • 4.2 Jeff Davis Says Talks Continue
  • 5 Colton Hits Balls for Charity
  • 6 Arden Cho Stars in Studio L Launch
  • 7 Hoechlin and Sharman Stun Milan

It’s been exactly a year since the cameras rolled for the last time on Teen Wolf and six months since the final episode aired. While I still miss my weekly Beacon Hills fix, I’ve found some other brilliant genre shows to partially fill the gaping hole in my heart. Here are five current shows Teen Wolf fans might like.

I recently described this show as Hogwarts meets Narnia meets your ga…

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Paul.rea Paul.rea 8 January 2018

Teen Wolf News 010918

Teen Wolf News 010918

The following story is true. Teen Wolf News has changed or removed names, locations, and almost all other identifying details. This obfuscation is necessary to protect the minor child in the story and the private medical information of the patient discussed.

A Teen Wolf fan named “Tony” sent us an email over at This isn’t unusual. We get lots of mail from folks who believe the publisher’s address on the website somehow reaches the Teen Wolf production office. It doesn’t. Usually, I just respond with a quick, “Hey, we’re not connected to the production” message and call it a day. I got Tony’s email at the end of December, and it broke my heart.

Hey Teen Wolf,

Christmas at my house sucked this year.  How was y…

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Paul.rea Paul.rea 7 December 2017

Teen Wolf News 120717

Teen Wolf News 120717

  • 1 Arden Cho to Chicago Med
  • 2 Fans Discover Cody's New Project
  • 3 Hoechlin’s Beach Booty
  • 4 Teen Wolf News Year in Review 2017
    • 4.1 Biggest News Story of 2017
    • 4.2 Best Performance of the Year
    • 4.3 Biggest Behind The Scenes Scoop
    • 4.4 That’s a Wrap!
    • 4.5 Actors Land New Gigs
    • 4.6 MTV And The Summer Of Our Discontent
    • 4.7 Bright New Faces
    • 4.8 The Pack Skips Junior Year
    • 4.9 Interviewing Orny Adams
    • 4.10 Teen Sweep
    • 4.11 No Canada?
    • 4.12 The End Arrives
    • 4.13 Happy New Year

Our beloved Arden Cho (Kira Yukimura) is following Melissa Ponzio in joining the interconnected world of NBC’s “Chicago” shows.  While Ponzio plays the good wife on Chicago Fire, Cho will land as the bad sister on Chicago Med this season.

According to an exclusive from TV Line, Cho will play Emily, the …

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Paul.rea Paul.rea 6 November 2017

Teen Wolf News 110617

Teen Wolf News 110617

  • 1 Teen Wolf Fam: Where Are They?
  • 2 GLOW Hits Town
  • 3 ‘Jane’ Fans React to Posey
  • 4 Colton Gets Hitched
  • 5 Holland’s Next Show: Channel Zero

With the end of the series, the hundreds of folks who made Teen Wolf for us have scattered all over the entertainment industry. It’s tough to keep up with what a lot of the “below the line” folks are doing because they don’t have teams of publicists and legions of fans updating their IMDB pages, but we have managed to find out what some of our favorites are up now that they’ve left Beacon Hills.

I don’t get to stay in touch with Jeff Davis as much as before, but we managed to catch up last week, “Hey Paul, I’ve been good! Was off on vacation for a little while but getting back to work now. We hand…

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