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Read all about how they revealed her return.

Our original story, based on the emails from Gage's Agent and Manager, is below.

Gage Golightly “is no Longer on TEEN WOLF”

Gage Gone Cover

I was getting exhausted listening to the speculation over Gage Golightly’s future on Teen Wolf.

So I went directly to the source.

Friday I emailed Gage’s agent to request an interview.

Today he and Gage’s manager responded.

“Hi Paul –

Kim Callahan here, Gage’s manager.

Gage isn’t doing any press right now and is no longer on TEEN WOLF series either so not doing any press or interviews for the show.

Thanks for reaching out though!


-The full email exchange, minus everybody’s addresses, is in the image below. -

I reached out this afternoon to the MTV Teen Wolf Social Media folks but haven’t heard back.

As of now we don’t know the why of it or how her absence will be handled within the narrative of the show.

It's official, as far as her management is concerned, Gage ain’t coming back.

We’ll keep looking for more on the “whys?” and the “what the hells!” of all this and have the latest for you as it becomes available in our Teen Wolf News Section.

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