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Posey Steps Away from Social

Tyler Posey made a somewhat shocking announcement around the holidays; the Teen Wolf left social media.

He posted a pic of himself, his brother and his late mother, Cyndi Garcia Posey who died in 2014. In the caption, he explained his reasons for stepping away.


“I was inspired by a good friend to post this. My family and I lost my mom 2 years ago last month. It's put a lot of doubt and trouble in my head, even writing this right now I'm not really sure what to say. But I do know that I love this woman more than anything :) losing her has put some priorities into perspective.

I'm going to take a break from this app and other social platforms for a while. I love you guys and will forever be grateful for the support. I'll still be around, just in a different way. Happy new year, happy holidays, happy life I hope this inspires more than saddens :)

Teen Wolf is on hiatus for a little while longer, but we expect Posey to return to the set sometime this month. It remains to be seen how long his self-imposed social media hiatus will last.

Behind the Scenes in Canaan

The Teen Wolf cast and crew filmed their visit to Canaan from Ghosted back in May. They traveled to Pomona, about an hour from their studio, to the Lanterman Developmental Center. Like the town portrayed, Executive Producer Jeff Davis tells us Lanterman is largely a ghost town in real life. “The Pomona neighborhood was already abandoned,” Davis explains.  “I believe it was once a mental facility.”


TWN did a little digging and found out Lanterman opened as Pacific Colony back in 1927 and was, in the language of the time, designed to warehouse the “feebleminded.”

The State of California describes the situation like this, “Thinking "feeblemindedness" to be a menace, the California Legislature created Pacific Colony as a Southern California facility to detain the "feebleminded". People with developmental disabilities were "inmates", needing to be locked away from society forever because of their "insanity." The present location welcomed its first 27 "inmates", on May 2, 1927.”

Over the years, as society gained a better understanding of mental illness and how to better and more compassionately treat those afflicted, Lanterman expanded its services. The word “inmates” quickly became “patients” and then “clients.” The name changed from “state hospital” to “developmental center.” Lanterman closed in 2014 and is now under the control of California State Polytechnic University. The entire facility is now abandoned, a real life ghost town

You’ve likely seen it in other shows in the past few years since the 300-acre site offers everything from the quiet residential street Teen Wolf used to a rundown desert shack and almost every other type of California scenery you could imagine. It even came with its own creepy carousel (the bloody horse and a few other touches were added by the production).

One thing that isn't really on the site is this image of an abandoned downtown. This was created via computer graphics and a ginormous green screen they constructed on the site.

While the street was already a ghost town when Davis and crew arrived, a lot of work went into changing it into Canaan. “We did do a ton of set dressing,” Davis recalls. They first shot the abandoned version of the street, then reset and redressed it for the 1980s-style street party in the pre-Ghost Riders town.

The initial casting notice for the Canaanites asked for “80's HAIRSTYLES 18-50," further described as like "Duran Duran" and early "Madonna” which gave Jeff Davis a chuckle, “I wasn't expecting Duran Duran hairdos," he told Teen Wolf News at the time.

Teen Wolf director Russell Mulcahy was busy working out the details of the 80s flashback scene but the show’s original director wasn’t too busy to clown around a bit on set during filming.

This trip to Canaan ended up costing around $25 thousand just to get the location. It costs $6 thousand to shoot on the street and inside a single home for one day. You pay about half that amount for each day of set up and tear down. Teen Wolf was on site for several days with the set dressing and those cool ‘80s extras adding a considerable amount to the price tag.

LINK: Canaan Location -

LINK: Details on Lanterman Center -

 Next on Teen Wolf: Episodes 607-610

After a two-week holiday break, Teen Wolf came out swinging with Ghosted. We got the one-two punch of a new Banshee and the return of Theo from whatever dirty hell dimension his sister dragged him into last season.

Next up is Heartless.


Currently, we don’t have an official synopsis for the episode because MTV doesn’t make it a priority to update their TV listings. We do have the preview video included in last night’s episode again, no thanks to MTV who still hasn’t posted it in an easily embeddable format.

Teen Wolf 6x07 Promo (HD) Season 6 Episode 7 Promo

Teen Wolf 6x07 Promo (HD) Season 6 Episode 7 Promo

Luckily for TWN readers, we don’t have to rely on MTV to find out the titles of each of the next three episodes we’ll see on the network in the coming weeks.

608 – Blitzkrieg

The title means "Lightning War" in German. That sounds like a reference to the Ghost Riders mode of transportation. The actual word entered the lexicon during early Nazi military campaigns during World War II. While the word is commonly used by historians to describe the tactics of the German war machine, it was only used in twice in official military documents prior to 1939. In both instances, the word described a "swift strategic knock-out." It has since come to mean a strategy whereby the military throws everything they have into an overwhelming initial attack. For more on the real-world use of Blitzkrieg, visit our partner Wikipedia.

609 - Memory Found

While we can’t really read a lot into the earlier episode titles, this one seems pretty self-explanatory and since we know Dylan O'Brien returned to set last month to finish up work for this first half of the season, we can only hope that the "memory found" is Stiles.

610 - Riders on the Storm

This is the title of the song Lydia kept hearing in Memory Lost. It’s originally by a group called The Doors. There’s nothing here to really tell us what the episode will be about but check out the lyrics anyway. 

The Doors - Riders On The Storm (HQ Audio Lyric)

The Doors - Riders On The Storm (HQ Audio Lyric)

Teen Wolf is a Global Hit

According to a New Zealand company, an analysis of internet searches, pirated episodes, streaming data, and other “proprietary” techniques show Teen Wolf is one of the most popular shows on this planet. As you might expect, shows like Game of ThronesPretty Little Liars and The Walking Dead top the list but Parrot Analytics claims the MTV production is also among the top 20 shows in “demand impressions” worldwide.


Most in the television industry now agree that the old-fashioned Nielsen ratings no longer accurately reflect the popularity of television. We live in a world where most people would choose anything but traditional TV. Some other companies are now trying desperately to fill the knowledge gap with viewing numbers for streaming-only channels like Netflix and Amazon Prime and other metrics. The makers of TV are desperate to know just how valuable their products actually are in this brave new world. One of those companies claiming to know is Parrot. They say their “artificial intelligence” can tell what people are watching and also what those people want to watch in future.

Parrot’s top guy explained a bit of his process to a year ago after the BBC tapped the company to run some numbers on Sherlock.

“If I want to express my demand for a piece of content, say, House of Cards, I can stream it on Netflix or I can watch clips on YouTube or (post comments) to microblogging sites like Reddit, where 200 million people discuss TV content,” said Parrot Chief Executive Wared Seger. “You look at all of this and essentially you now have a truly ubiquitous measure that tells you how much demand there is for a piece of content.”

The science behind Parrot’s snake oil apparently comes from entertainment industry experts. Their AI uses pattern identification with overlays that contextualize the data from 249 countries to gauge viewer sentiment. In other words, they can tell if you’re complaining about a show or if you love it to the moon and back. They’re looking at every available place people might be talking about or watching a show in order to produce their list.

1. Game of Thrones - 7.2 million demand expressions per day

2. The Walking Dead - 4.7 million demand expressions per day

3. Pretty Little Liars - 3.8 million demand expressions per day.

4. Westworld - 3.5 million demand expressions per day

5. The Flash - 3.1 million demand expressions per day

6. The Big Bang Theory - 2.9 million demand expressions per day

7. The OA - 2.8 million demand expressions per day*

8. Stranger Things - 2.5 million demand expressions per day

9. Running Man - 2.4 million demand expressions per day

10. Suits - 2.4 million demand expressions per day

11. Arrow - 2.1 million demand expressions per day

12. Quantico - 2.1 million demand expressions per day

13. Teen Wolf - 2.0 million demand expressions per day

14. One Piece - 1.9 million demand expressions per day

15. Gotham - 1.9 million demand expressions per day

16. The Vampire Diaries - 1.8 million demand expressions per day

17. Marvel’s Luke Cage - 1.8 million demand expressions per day

18. Naruto: Shippuden - 1.8 million demand expressions per day

19. Vikings - 1.7 million demand expressions per day

20. Mr. Robot - 1.7 million demand expressions per day

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