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Teen Wolf Season 5 Linear Timeline

This isn’t canon but is my way of piecing together this seasons sometimes confusing timeline.

18th Century

  • Sebastien Valet is a killer in France. His friend Marcel covers up for his crimes.
  • Sebastien and Marcel go off to war in Canada fighting the British.
  • Sebastien falls down and drinks from a wolf’s paw print.
  • Sebastien writes a letter to his sister discussing how badly the war effort is going.
  • Sebastien transforms into a werewolf and starts killing folk.
  • Sebastien and Marcel take refuge in a house as a British search party surrounds them. 
  • The woman inside the house warns of a “Demon Wolf” in the area.
  • Sebastien transforms and kills the woman and all the soldiers outside the house.
  • Sebastian and Marcel arrive home in Gevaudan.
  • A beast begins killing in parts of France near Gevaudan.
  • Wild rumors about the creature spread.
  • Marie-Jeanne Valet agrees to lead a hunting party for the beast.
  • She hunts the beast but can’t stop it.
  • She meets up with Henri Argent. He explains the supernatural and they hatch a plan.
  • Sebastien kills a bunch of people and Marcel hides many of the bodies in the basement of his pub.
  • Marie-Jeanne slips Wolfsbane into the wine and makes everyone drink.
  • Sebastien is exposed as the beast and says Marie-Jeanne will never catch him.
  • MJ and Henri create a pike of steel. Her blood coats the tip.
  • MJ hunts for her brother for three years and kills him in 1767.
  • They erase all public and private information about Sebastien.
  • Marcel retrieves the pike, turns it into a sword and creates the first Dread Doctor mask. Out of his deep love for Sebastien, he sets about bringing the supernatural and scientific together to get his friend back.

20th Century

  • Marcel and the other Dread Doctors collect a Nazi Werewolf and keep it alive to further prolong their lives.
  • The Dreads begin experimenting on human chimeras in an attempt to bring Sebastien back.
  • Doctor Valack discovers the Dread Doctors and begins working against them.
  • He is disgraced and removed from his position at Eichen House after his experiments on supernaturals are exposed.
Teen Wolf Season 5 Episode 4 Condition Terminal Dread Doctors Book.png
  • He writes a book about the Dread Doctors to help people remember encounters with them.
  • Mason is born a genetic chimera having absorbed a twin in his mother’s womb.

21st Century

  • The Dread Doctors set up shop in Beacon Hills
  • Theo Raeken allows his sister to die and the Dreads transplant her heart into him making him a genetic chimera.
  • Theo is deemed a minor success in the Dread’s efforts to restore Sebastien.
Teen Wolf Season 5 Episode 14 Sword and Spirit Parrish after Blast.jpg
  • Jordan Parrish is killed while trying to disarm an improvised explosive device in Afghanistan.
  • The Hellhound takes over Parrish’s body and he moves to Beacon Hills.
  • The Dreads begin kidnapping genetic chimeras and transforming them into pseudo-supernatural creatures.
  • Theo moves back to Beacon Hills.
Teen Wolf Season 5 Episode 8 Ouroboros Kira gets a power boost.jpg
  • Kira is attacked by the Dreads.
  • Scott McCall and his friends begin their senior year in high school.
  • Scott learns of the Dread Doctors experiments and starts trying to stop them.
  • The Hellhound begins stealing the bodies of the Dread’s failed experiments and taking them to the Nemeton.
Teen Wolf Season 5 Episode 5 Donovan impaled.png
  • Stiles kills Donovan by accident.
  • Lydia and Stiles visit Valack at Eichen House and unwittingly facilitate his escape.
  • The Dread Doctors invade Eichen and take Valack’s third eye.
  • Valack takes over Eichen House in an effort to resume his experiments to stop the Dread Doctors.
  • Mason is taken by the Dread Doctors.
  • Deaton is kidnapped by the Desert Wolf.
  • The Dreads manage to use Mason to host the Beast and it begins killing.
Teen Wolf Season 5 Episode 10 Status Asthmaticus Scott comes back.png
  • Scott gets killed and is brought back to life.
  • Theo brings several chimeras back to life to form a pack.
  • Lydia is badly injured. Her mother has her transferred to Eichen House.
  • Scott contacts Deucalion about Theo. Together they plan to double cross him.
  • Scott and Argent plan to bring Gerard back to help bring down the beast. Together they plan to double cross him.
Teen Wolf Season 5 Episode 13 Codominance The Skinwalkers.png
  • Kira loses control of her fox spirit and her mother takes her to the skinwalkers. 
  • Scott and Stiles rescue Kira and her mother from the skinwalkers.
  • Valack questions Lydia about the events surrounding the Dread Doctors in an effort to figure out their plan.
  • He drills a hole in her head to enhance her abilities and allow her to see the identity of the chimera inside the beast.
Teen Wolf Season 5 Episode 16 lie ability Lydia under Eichen.jpg
  • Stiles and the rest of the pack break into Eichen House and save Lydia.
  • They discover Mason is the Beast.
  • The Beast remembers its true identity and becomes Sebastien Valet.
  • Scott’s pack, with the help of the Argents and Deucalion, manages to save Mason and Parrish destroys the beast.
  • Theo gets pulled into the ground by his dead sister.
  • The Nazi Werewolf the Dreads kept in a jar breaks out and walks away.

I am 100% positive I left out a bunch of stuff that y’all have questions about. Hit me up in the comments with stuff I left out and I’ll do my best to add it to the right spot on the list.

Jeff Davis Answers Teen Wolf Questions

As promised, I inundated Teen Wolf showrunner Jeff Davis with your questions this week. As is his way, Davis answered some of them straight up and with some others he made with the cryptic.


There are a number of areas like casting and spoilers that he really can’t talk about due to edicts from the network. Other stuff he keeps vague because the writers need to leave themselves some wiggle room for future stories.

What’s coming in Season 6?

Q. Which main characters are for sure leaving the show and who is for sure staying?
A. “Too much of Season 6 is uncertain (and there are still a few outstanding actor deals to work out) so I have to leave some of the who is staying and who is leaving to MTV Press. But I can tell you that we’ll definitely be focusing more time on Liam, Mason, Hayden and Corey and the ups and downs of those relationships in future episodes.”
Teen Wolf Season 5 Episode 20 Apotheosis Theo being dragged by his sister.jpg
Q. Are you going to miss writing for Theo?
A. Cody was always a pleasure to write for. And there’s something about writing dialogue for a villain that allows you to tap into your darkest side. It’s kind of cathartic. I may be saying 'goodbye' to his character as I step back from the show a bit, but for the audience it may be more of a 'see you later.'"
Q. Multiple fans asked about possible returns – Any chance Peter, Danny, Kate, (insert name here) will be returning for a Season 6 appearance?
A. “MTV Press prefers that I not mention. But yes, there will be another returning character or two this season. We almost had one person return this season but the negotiations didn’t work out unfortunately.”
Q. What's your favorite thing about your concept and the early scripts for Season 6?
A. I love the new mythology we’ve come up for this season. It reinvents the show in a way that we hope is satisfying to the audience.”
“If last season was a “Monster Movie” this season will be more of a psychological thriller, more of a ghost story actually. It’s definitely a challenging season, having to rush back into production, working around actor schedules and trying to keep things fresh after eighty episodes. But we’re still excited by the stories and the relationships. And we’re still trying to scare the hell out of the audience.”
Q. S6: Nazi Werewolf?
A. “As you’ve seen from the final image of the last episode, we may be exploring this in the future.”

What Might Have Been

Q. February last year I learned that you were considering a Season 6. Before that point it seemed Season 5 would be the last. How different was this Season Finale from what you and the writers initially conceived as the Series Finale?
A. “We’ve had various and vague ideas on how to end the show for a while, but nothing actually concrete because the network had been hinting for a while that this might not be the end. It’s now getting a bit hard to tell when the show might actually end. No one has ruled out a Season 7 yet.”

Stydia or Stalia or Why Not Both?

Q. No one deserves the “It’s Complicated” Facebook relationship status more than Stiles and Lydia and Malia. In your head, where do all these folks' relationships stand now?
A. “This very question becomes a main focus of Season 6 and is dealt with heavily in the first episode.”
Q. Do you want to elaborate on the love that drove Marcel to dedicate more than a century of his life to bringing Sebastien back? Also, I assumed but might as well ask, Sebastien was an evil killing bastard before he became a werewolf, right?
A. No elaboration necessary :) and yes, Sebastien was born a monster.

Canon Questions

Q. Does erbody know Scott be a werewolf now? You know, after the fight in the library last week.
A. The traumatized witnesses in the high school that night probably gave police reports that described 'two lacrosse players bravely taking on what appeared to be a giant, rabid bear in the library.' There might be a few kids who look at Scott differently, but most will probably chalk it up to 'It’s Beacon Hills, dude.'"
Q. We saw an obvious physical effect of Scott putting his pack back together this season. Was his speedy healing something psychological on his part (like in Season 3a in Angela Harvey’s wonderful Frayed) or are we getting into the whole “Packs make an Alpha stronger” territory?
A. "We believe it’s a little bit of both. The loss of healing ability can be psychological. It comes from guilt, as we’ve seen before with both Scott and Derek. But the pack actually makes all of them stronger which is part of theme of our show. That the bonds of friendship can make you both emotionally and physically stronger."
Q. Along that line, when Scott roars, members of the pack light up (literally) and seem to get stronger. Is this an adrenaline rush sparked by the roar or some sort of “pack membership makes Betas stronger” thing? Also, does the effect extend to the non-supernatural members of the pack?
A. “The roar is a kind of clarion call for Scott’s betas. And that can certainly extend to the non-supernatural members. We use the eye glow to show how his roar can actually give his Betas strength and courage at the same time. For us it’s a little like King Theoden striking his sword against the spears of the Rohirrim, rousing them to battle."
Q. Putting aside the Desert Wolf’s motives, methods and future plans for a moment, is “loss of power in child birth” a common occurrence among weremoms or was this a one-off situation with Malia?
A. “In the world of Teen Wolf, it's specific to Werecoyotes. So far...”
Q. Should wannabe werewolves be looking for any old wolf paw print to sip from? Why bring this obscure piece of werewolf lore into the TW universe and create, what appears to be, a whole new type of werewolf?
A. “We love obscure lore in Teen Wolf. Just look at the myth of the Kanima. Almost nothing is written about it. This does not mean it’s a whole new werewolf, however. In effort of not over explaining, the Beast was definitely a very powerful werewolf, but that may have more to do with just how purely evil Sebastien Valet was.”

Canonicum Minutus

Q. Was that a real Oni in the desert or just a manifestation created by our new Skinwalker friends?
A. “Manifestation created by the Skinwalkers.”
Q. What kind of Kitsune is Noshiko?
A. “Celestial. Also called Light or Heaven.”
Q. If you can, please clear this up - Demon Wolf is just hyperbole or a real thing that someone might actually become?
A. “Hyperbole.”
Q. Blackbirds flying out of Belasko’s chest, significant or just really cool effect?
A. “We considered it part of the bizarre process of heightening his power. Belasko (Belasco) also means son of the raven.”

As is always the case, I probably left out one of your burning questions. I apologize if that is the case. While Jeff is "stepping back" from the day to day on Teen Wolf, we plan to stay in touch and will have future opportunities to overload him with questions.

Behind the Scenes

Teen Wolf Season 6 filming continues this week without Dylan O'Brien. He has reportedly arrived in Vancouver to begin pre-production work for the new Maze Runner movie. Teen Wolf is working around his schedule to keep O'Brien on the show. He will be returning to Los Angeles occasionally to continue work on Teen Wolf in the coming weeks.

This week the only evidence we saw of Stiles was his jeep at Palisades Charter High School which doubles for BHHS on Teen Wolf. Holland Roden was on set along with Tyler Posey and Shelley Hennig.

They'll be filming later this week at a location just a few miles away from their Northridge HQ. While they're still close to home, the locations available in this area of Los Angeles offer everything from suburban to Saharan.

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