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Linden Ashby Deserves All The Awards

Linden Ashby did the best work of his career on Teen Wolf this season, and at least one awards nominating committee took notice. The Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror Films nominated Ashby for “Best Supporting Actor On A Television Series” at the 43rd annual Saturn Awards.

Voting for the Saturn Awards is underway now for members of the Academy. Teen Wolf Wikia and Teen Wolf News are attempting to reach those folks with custom ads touting Ashby’s performance.


Here are just a few of the accolades he garnered for this season’s episodes –

Out of everything in this beautiful episode, my hat goes off to Linden Ashby and the Sheriff’s final scene with Claudia.  If I had an Oscar statue, I would literally be mailing it to him right now. -Three If By Space
Linden Ashby’s powerful performance as a father and husband at a devastating crossroad was an unexpected gut-punch six seasons in the making, one we’re immediately filing alongside the all-time bests. That final speech about Stiles may have felt a little too much like a eulogy for our liking, but only because of Ashby’s eerily genuine delivery. -TV Line
Linden Ashby delivered a phenomenal emotional performance that brought me to tears multiple times. – TV Fanatic

There are many more such reviews and deservedly so. We just need to draw the Saturn Award voters’ attention to Ashby’s award-worthy performance.


So far, these “For Your Consideration” ads were seen by at least 50,000 people, but we need your help to spread the word further. Please share these images wherever you can.

On a Personal Note

Look, I know there are people reading this who hate me and - by association with me - everything about this site and Teen Wolf News. I’m asking you to please put aside that hate in this instance.

Some of you run sites and social accounts with large followings who could put these ads in front of tens of thousands more people with a single keystroke. I’m asking you to steal these images and post them on your own.


There are no Teen Wolf Wikia markings or anything else to tie back to me.

Linden Ashby deserves this award. The competition in the category is tremendous. Please help spread the word.

The Beyoncé-Teen Wolf Connection

If you’ve ever played “Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon,” you know how incestuous the entertainment industry can be. Everybody is connected to everybody else through his or her work, but it turns out Teen Wolf is connected to the world’s biggest star through blood relations.

Two years ago, Beyoncé's mom married Bianca Lawson’s dad meaning Bey and the show’s Ms. Morrell are now stepsisters.

Beyonce-Bianca-Lawson-Solange at Tina-Knowles-and-Richard-Lawson-Wedding

Yes, it’s a tenuous connection to Teen Wolf seeing as how Lawson’s character is M.I.A. for a few seasons now, but hey – when you can claim a connection to Beyoncé, YOU CLAIM THE CONNECTION TO BEYONCÉ!  


Cody Christian’s New Movie Role Revealed

Jeff Davis told us last week that Cody Christian went straight from filming his final scenes on Teen Wolf to the set of his new movie. Christian will appear alongside Bella Thorne and Joel McHale in Assassination Nation. The flick is said to be a thriller and Christian is playing a football player named Johnny.

Cody Christian on set of Assasination Nation 2017

It doesn’t sound like a large role, but it sounds like Christian is once again playing the bad boy.

“Johnny is the star of the school football team who is abusive towards a teammate and plays a key role in an attempted attack.”

Suki Waterhouse, Bill Skarsgard, Lukas Gage, and Colman Domingo round out the cast. They are apparently filming now in Louisiana.


The Last Days of ‘Teen Wolf’

We’ll see the final day of principal photography on Teen Wolf this week. The series wrap is currently slated for Friday/Saturday and things are slowly grinding to a halt at Teen Wolf HQ in Los Angeles.

“I finally finished my rewrites the other day,” series creator Jeff Davis said on Wednesday. “(It) feels very strange to be completely done writing Teen Wolf.”

After six years together, the cast and crew are in the process of saying goodbye to each other. It’s equal parts joy and sorrow as actors film their final scenes.

Tyler Posey JR Bourne carleigh herbert final days working on Teen Wolf

JR Bourne wrapped his last Chris Argent scene last week and immediately flew to Vancouver to start a new show, Somewhere Between, which is expected to debut this summer on ABC.

JR Bourne - Wrapped an incredible 6yr journey Friday night. #emotional So much love for my entire #teenwolf family!
Carleigh Herbert - First day of tears. I adore you @jrbourne1111.
Shelley Hennig – Some people aren’t good at saying goodbye. I’m one of them. Thank you @jrbourne1111 for always capturing my essence. #teenwolf

Cody Christian also bid farewell to the show last week to start work on his movie Assassination Nation.

Cody Christian Wraps Teen Wolf Final Season
Cody Christian - What a great way to spend the last two years. Thank you Beacon Hills.

Linden Ashby was a bit melancholy on his last day.

Linden Ashby - My last day shooting here. For me, the years I've spent on this set are measured in something other than time. An amazing gift, thank you.

There were also “wrap gifts” going around. The Teen Wolf Camera Team apparently gave out trucker hats emblazoned with the production’s wolf logo.

Teen Wolf Make up crew show off their wrap gift hats from the camera department

We expect to see more of this sort of thing in the coming days and will be sharing some exclusive images from the Teen Wolf set via @teenwolfwikia on twitter.

No More Braeden

Meagan Tandy revealed this week that she will not be returning to Teen Wolf for the last half of Season 6, but it is not for lack of trying. “They asked for me, I said ‘HELL YES!’  but at the end of the day it didn't work out,” Tandy explained on Twitter this week.

Teen Wolf Season 4 Episode 12 Smoke & Mirrors Braeden ready for action

She went on to say that Braeden’s planned return was to be epic. “The story and the return were apparently so, so badass, but it just didn't work.” While she didn’t say directly, it’s assumed her schedule on Survivor’s Remorse (which is filming now in Atlanta) didn’t fit with the marathon final weeks of shooting on Teen Wolf.

Tandy took to Snapchat for her final goodbye to her Beacon Hills family.

Teen Wolf Season 4 Behind the Scenes Meagan Tandy Weapons Training June 5

“I want everyone at Teen Wolf to know that I absolutely freaking love you. I just love all of you. I miss you. Everyone, can we just give it up for Braeden? Braeden was one badass chick. I am really going to miss that girl. She is dope. For the fandom, I love you. Seriously, thank you so much. You guys are awesome.”

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