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DVD Release Hints at Teen Wolf Debut Date

Since Season 2, there is a method to how MGM and Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment release Teen Wolf DVDs. The releases always come prior to the debut of the show and usually two to three weeks before the debut. There are exceptions. Sometimes it’s longer, and one time it was far shorter, but two to three weeks is a good guess.

DVD Release

Show Debut

Days Elapsed

May 22, 2012

June 3, 2012


May 21, 2013

June 3, 2013


Dec 10, 2013

Jan 6, 2014


Jun 17, 2014

June 23, 2014


Jun 9, 2015

June 29, 2015


Dec 15, 2015

Jan 5, 2016


Oct 18, 2016

Nov, 15 2016


Jul 18, 2017


06 to 28

The first half of Season 6 on DVD releases on July 18. That suggests the Teen Wolf debut will follow toward the end of July or early August. It could be as late as mid-August if the pattern holds.


The Big 'Teen Wolf' Promotional Push That Wasn’t (Editorial)

To say many Teen Wolf fans were confused and angry about how MTV chose to promote the show this week would be an understatement.

While the network promised we would get a “sneak peek” at the MTV Movie and TV Awards show, they actually pushed out a scene during the Pre-Pre-Show to the awards show which only appeared online. Adding insult to injury, fans were directed to a live feed of the Pre-Pre-Show that cut away to an empty red carpet before the Teen Wolf clip aired.

To their credit, the promotions people immediately posted the clip on their Twitter and on YouTube, but once folks saw it, they were even more confused. Scott, Lydia, and Malia are running to show a bullet to Argent who may have fired the bullet but then they hear heartbeats and start running.

'We Find Them, We Kill Them' Exclusive Sneak Peek Teen Wolf (Season 6B) MTV

'We Find Them, We Kill Them' Exclusive Sneak Peek Teen Wolf (Season 6B) MTV

There was an additional clip that appeared a while later. It apparently aired as a commercial during the awards and seems to be the final 20 seconds of the clip they’d posted online earlier. The trio is still running, but they stop, and they’re surrounded by guns with laser sights, and Scott growls. It’s kind of cool, but without the context of a set up explaining what’s going on, it’s of no particular promotional value. It could just as easily be a clip from Season 4. It tells fans nothing about the season and does little to whet the appetite for lapsed fans to return and watch the show live again.

ALL NEW! TEEN WOLF (Season 6B) 6x11 Official HD Sneak Peek 1 "Scott Roars at Hunters" (TWC)

ALL NEW! TEEN WOLF (Season 6B) 6x11 Official HD Sneak Peek 1 "Scott Roars at Hunters" (TWC)

This was the network’s largest ratings stage. The awards were broadcast across several of VIACOM’s other networks garnering an audience of about 3.5 Million. It appears promoting their new reality lineup was the priority. If you happened to miss that 20-second random clip, you wouldn’t know Teen Wolf is coming back at all.

Making fans jump through hoops and then failing to deliver, only promoting the show online and not during the ratings bonanza of the main show, and failing to actually promote the show with a decent trailer added to the impression that Teen Wolf and the show’s fans just aren’t a priority for MTV anymore.

Jeff Davis Talks Trailers

In the aftermath of the nothing that was the promotional effort on MTV, Teen Wolf News contacted Executive Producer and Teen Wolf Creator Jeff Davis. To provide the full context of his response, I’ve included my original email to him.

TWN - I'm hoping you might want to expand on the "sneak peek" shown during the pre-pre-show at the awards. Beyond the fandom's anger because MTV didn't support TW during the actual awards show, the clip they used in the pre-pre has been widely criticized as "generic" and "confusing." I know how much insanely cool stuff y'all actually have coming.  Can I get some sort of "you ain't seen nothing yet!" official quote from you or some inkling as to when folks can expect an actual trailer?
Jeff Davis - I myself was a bit confused. People started texting me about how they were excited to see our first trailer. Since I haven’t even seen a cut of a first trailer—and I’m very involved in the editing of the trailers—I was a little alarmed. I think some of the messaging must have gotten mixed up which is understandable with all of the changes happening at the network. The clip was just a brief glimpse of what’s to come. Rest assured, there will be an epic and explosive full trailer very soon!

The First Episode Is Called …

Episode titles sometimes tell us much about what we’ll see on screen. In the case of Season 6b, folks with severe arachnophobia will pray that’s not the case. According to our source, Episode 611 is called Said the Spider to the Fly.

The title and the episode itself are all wrapped up in a poetic web according to sources close to the production.

The title is a reference to Mary Howett’s poem The Spider and the Fly. First published in 1829, it is still, to this day, the go to warning to avoid the seductive allure of flattery and charm. What’s missing in Teen Wolf’s episode title is the opening line, "Will you walk into my parlour?” which is then followed by “said the spider to the fly; ’Tis the prettiest little parlor that ever you did spy.'”

When characters in television and film quote this poem, it is the universal signal to run away as quickly as possible because whoever is offering to help you or shelter you or shag you is actually trying to kill you or maim you or steal from you.

As to how Teen Wolf is deploying this little bomb of cultural wisdom remains to be seen. Teen Wolf returns with new episodes “this summer.”

Shelley Goes Country

Shelley Hennig popped up this week as a dancer with a dream in a new music video from Maren Morris. The country phenom’s new song is called I Could Use A Love Song and Shelley is at the heart of the video.

Maren Morris - I Could Use a Love Song

Maren Morris - I Could Use a Love Song

This isn’t the first time Shelley’s gone country, she appeared a few years back in a video for The Band Perry’s remake of Gentle On My Mind. Her relationship went south in that one as well.

Russell Mulcahy working on Flynn Biopic

Teen Wolf Director Russell Mulcahy is moving on from the show he helped bring to life. According to Variety, Mulcahy is working on a movie about swashbuckling actor Errol Flynn currently called In Like Flynn. Turns out Flynn was the Page Six party guy of his era and the movie will likely explore some of his brushes with the law and underage girls.

Mulcahy’s best-known film work remains Highlander and Resident Evil: Extinction. He’s actually better known now for his work on legendary TV shows like Queer as Folk, The Hunger, and Teen Wolf.

In Like Flynn is expected to be out sometime next year.


Posey Says Finale Will Tie It All Up

One good thing came out of MTV's aborted attempt to promote Teen Wolf at Sunday’s awards ceremony. We got to see Tyler Posey hyping the show to a number of media outlets. We even got some intel on how the last ten episodes will play out.

"You'll get a lot answered. There's always going to be stuff where you're going to be left hanging on, just some minor things, because, the way I want Teen Wolf to progress, it's that maybe we come back one day as a movie or a TV show again. I, in my heart, would love that to happen, so I kind of want to leave some small things open, but we do get a really nice wrap up of everybody and everything, and all the really die-hard fans are going to love it. It's for them."


Ryan Kelley in Bangkok

Beacon Hills' resident Hellhound is working in Asia this month.

“Production has commenced in Bangkok on the upcoming independent film "Realms" which stars Ryan Kelley ("Teen Wolf," "Prayers for Bobby"), Madison McKinley ("Vinyl," "The Wolf of Wall Street"), Southeast Asia Superstar Priya Lundberg, Thai Heartthrob Golf Pichaya and Asia TV Personality Air Phantila.”

It's apparently a horror movie that features a bank robbery and a haunted house in Bangkok.

Kelley, always a prolific social media poster, is keeping fans updated on his progress on the film via his Instagram and Twitter.

We’re not sure when this one will come out or if it will make it to theaters or be a VOD release, but we’re sure of one thing. Kelley looks dapper AF in a tuxedo.


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