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Teen Wolf Fans Well Fed

In the span of just five days, MTV seems to be trying to make up for the nearly four-month-long silent treatment suffered by Teen Wolf fans. Variety published the debut date and a short tease on Thursday. Entertainment Weekly introduced a new hellhound on Friday, and Monday saw the wide release of the first trailer for Teen Wolf Season 6b on several different platforms.

They packed the first trailer with semi-spoilery goodness including a first look at all the former cast members who are coming back for the final season, the new villains threatening Scott's Pack, and an unexpected new relationship developing in a steamy shower.

With all that coming at us all at once, Teen Wolf News turned to executive producer Jeff Davis to unpack the action and answer some burning questions.

As I said, this stuff is semi-spoilery. We do not get into too many plot specifics, so it will not ruin the outcome of any episode, but, if you want to enter the season on July 30 with a clean slate, don’t read further.

Derek And Ethan And Jackson – OH MY!

Here, watch the trailer if you’ve not seen it.

'The Final Ten Episodes' Official Trailer Teen Wolf (Season 6B) MTV

'The Final Ten Episodes' Official Trailer Teen Wolf (Season 6B) MTV

Derek, Stiles, Ethan, and Jackson are back in Beacon Hills. Davis tells us he had a short list of people he wanted back and more agreed than he expected. With all those returning actors already busy with their post-Teen Wolf schedules, getting them all on screen might seem like a Sisyphean task, but Davis says the crew managed to do it.

“We did not have as much foreknowledge as we hoped, because it’s a lot of schedules to work out, sometimes it can be money. Sometimes it can be getting everyone in the same place. Really, scheduling is tough. My first ADs and second ADs go out of their minds trying to get everyone to show up at the same time.”

There was also the challenge of writing all those returns into the show in a way that made sense and didn’t come off as just another casting stunt.

“These appearances are not all in one episode. I would be disappointed if these were just cameos and I can tell you these are definitely not cameos. We didn’t want to bring them back as just a quick appearance in one episode. We wanted to give them real storylines and real moments. The most important thing to me was to actually give them great moments where the fans would cheer.”

Derek and Stiles Are Back In The Debut

One of the most popular character team-ups in television history - missing since September 8, 2014 - will be back on your TV on July 30.

Dylan O'Brien Tyler Hoechlin Teen Wolf Season 6B
“I can tell you that both Derek and Stiles make an appearance in the first episode so you should definitely tune in for the first episode because it’s kind of surprising how that comes about.  It’s not a flash forward, but it’s fun. You’ll see. I’ll probably be able to say more at Comic-Con, but we were able to get some of the actors for more episodes than we initially thought we were going to get them.  Not all of it is just for like the last episode.”

Hunters, Hunters, And More Hunters

While we get a glimpse at a new supernatural force instilling uncontrollable fear in the people of Beacon Hills, the more physical threat this season seems to be the well-armed hunters who’ve moved into town. Gerard Argent is back, but there also seems to be a strong woman in charge of this new band of hunters. Sibongile Mlambo joins the Teen Wolf cast as Tamora Monroe.

Sibongile Mlambo Andrew Matarazzo Teen Wolf Season 6b
"She’s fantastic. She just came in on an audition, we watched it, and we were like, ‘She’s perfect!’ I think she had a lot of fun playing the character too. Her character is a villain who’s not actually a villain. You totally understand her motivations. There is a flashback scene, which ties her to the bigger events in Beacon Hills during a previous season that you’ll see. It fits in quite nicely."

New Ships Sailing In 6B

Perhaps the most jaw-dropping moment in the trailer is a shower scene between Malia and Scott. We have certainly not seen this pairing in this light before, but Davis says they have had it in mind for a while.

Shelley Hennig Tyler Posey Shower Scene Teen Wolf Season 6b
“There were scenes in previous seasons where we began to test it out and say to ourselves ‘do we like this?’ I asked Shelley and Tyler as well. Tyler and Shelley, specifically, they are so invested in the show, and so I wanted to make sure that, if we were going down a certain path, that they would be comfortable with it, they would be up for it, and they were absolutely up for it."

In the end, Davis and the writers saw undeniable chemistry working between the two and the relationship developed very organically.

"Once we started writing a scene or two, we saw that there was a spark with them. We were like, ‘Okay. Let’s go for it. They look good together. They’re fun together. Let’s go for it!’ There’s a real build towards it, and it’s one of my favorite parts of this new season, to be honest."

The other big shipping bombshell in the trailer was the short scene of Jackson and Ethan walking the hall at BHHS. We've not seen Colton Haynes since Season 2, and Charlie Carver left the show at the end of Season 3. The characters never met each other, but they are somehow together in the new season.

Charlie Carver Colton Haynes Teen Wolf Season 6b
“Their story begins in London. The way they return to Beacon Hills is really fun. I can tell you that their relationship is unexpected. I hope the fans really like what we’re doing with these characters and how we bring them back into the story.”

Another favorite coupling for Davis involves a teen chimera and a supernaturally adept human.

“I absolutely love Corey and Mason together. They’re two of my favorites. There are scenes with them in the last episode that make me smile because they’re so freaking cute together.”

And, because I would be assassinated if I did not ask - What about Stydia?

“Yes, there will be Stydia.”

But Wait, There’s More!

If that wasn’t enough information about what’s to come, Davis says you won’t have to wait long for even more 6b bombshells.

“There’s going to be a brand new trailer that we’re going to show at Comic-Con in two weeks, and there’s going to be a third trailer, which is the “This Season On …” or what we call the supertease. That was edited by one of our regular editors, Kim Powell, and it’s phenomenal. She should be doing it professionally, she’s so good at it.”

We pressed for more, as we always do, but to no avail.

“Unfortunately, I’m going to have to say it a few times; you’ll have to wait and see.”
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