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Next on Teen Wolf: After Images

The next episode, After Images, is very special because it marks the television directorial debut of Teen Wolf Tyler Posey.


If you’ve watched any of his social media videos over the past six years, you know Posey has a natural eye for scene composition. He’s also been learning a lot from watching other Teen Wolf directors like Russell Mulcahy, Tim Andrew, Jen Lynch, and J. D. Taylor.

Executive Producer Jeff Davis knew Posey wanted to direct, and, with the series wrapping up, decided to give him a shot. Davis says he was genuinely impressed by the results.

“We were really blown away by Tyler Posey. He came in so prepared. He had so many cool ideas. When he was shooting his episode, I was up in Canada and I had my production designer Tom Hallbauer with me up there. He showed me a picture and said, ‘Finally, a director who shot this set (the library courtyard) with the one angle I wanted them to shoot it with, the one angle that was meant to be shot.’ Tyler had done that and he made it look beautiful. None of the other directors had used that angle yet. Tom was very pleased.”

Posey also had whole lot o’ crazy to work with in this episode.

Gerard Argent is back and Hogwarts for Hunters is apparently open next week. The old hunter takes amateur Tamora Monroe under his wing for a little in-the-field education on killing werewolves.


'The Hunt For Brett' Official Sneak Peek Teen Wolf (Season 6B) MTV

We’ll also get to see Froy Gutierrez really show off his crazy eyes as Nolan completely cracks under the pressure of living in Beacon Hills surrounded by supernaturals.


'Organisms Can Change' Official Sneak Peek Teen Wolf (Season 6B) MTV

Davis says we should also look for a great Spielberg-esque sweeping shot at the end of Posey’s episode. “I think he could really take off into a directing career if he wanted to.”

After Images is coming your way this Sunday at 8 PM on MTV. New episodes of Teen Wolf are also available on the MTV App, iTunes, and Amazon Video.

Double Teen Wolf Night

What’s better than a new episode of Teen Wolf on a Sunday night? How about TWO NEW EPISODES of Teen Wolf on a Sunday night?!?

Due to a scheduling conflict with the MTV Video Music Awards that will preempt the show on August 27, the network will run back-to-back episodes of Teen Wolf on August 20 starting at 8 PM.

The action kicks off with Episode 614 Face-to-Faceless. That’s a big episode of firsts as we get to meet Andrew Matarazzo’s new character Gabe for the first time and get to see Linden Ashby’s television directorial debut!

Episode 615, Pressure Test, follows at 9 PM with a promised “unlikely ally” joining the fight.

Mark your calendar or reset your DVR or whatever for August 20 and two hours of Teen Wolf goodness!

Orny Adams: More Than Loud

As Coach Bobby Finstock on Teen Wolf, comedian Orny Adams has been yelling his way into our hearts since the very first episode. On September 9 at the El Portal Theater in Los Angeles, he films a new stand-up special for Showtime called More Than Loud. He’s hoping the Teen Wolf family will show up in force to support him.


Getting in touch and interviewing members of the Teen Wolf cast one-on-one for Teen Wolf Wiki is sometimes impossible so, over the years, I’ve settled on a system where I email questions, and they just send the answers back whenever they get a minute. Orny Adams is the first to answer me in what amounts to a voicemail. He’s traveling, I can hear restaurant noises in the background as he thanks me for the interview and settles in to talk about himself and his new special on Showtime.

“My agent pitched me and Showtime bit. I’m super excited. I couldn’t be happier. I’m just excited to get this out. I have a completely new act. I feel like the energy is different. My perspective, I feel like I’ve matured.”

Orny Adams Turned Up To 11

Even if you’ve only ever seen him on Teen Wolf, you’ve already seen a lot of Orny Adams’ personality and his sense of humor. If you like that, but want it dialed up to 11, go see him perform live.


ORNY ADAMS stand up demo 2017

Even while Teen Wolf was in production, he spent most of his time away from Beacon Hills out on the road touring, a process he kind of hates.

“I hate getting there - flying, the different hotel rooms, checking into hotel rooms, being in the back of cars and not even knowing the driver – I hate getting there. I hate trying to find coffee in the morning. There’s so many least favorite parts (about touring).

The reason he puts up with all of that is so he can enjoy the hour or so he gets to spend on stage with a live audience. Orny Adams says comedy is the “essence” of who he is.

“When I’m up on stage, I feel justice, and I don’t feel that in other parts of my life. I feel alive, and I feel like that’s where I’m meant to be. It’s getting through the rest of the day that is the struggle.”

Creating Coach


Two things really impressed me in the Teen Wolf pilot episode - Dylan O’Brien’s performance and Orny Adams’ hair - I mean, his performance - Orny Adams' performance was impressive is what I meant to say. Both were outstanding and immediately struck a chord with audiences.

“They did an amazing job because the Coach character connected so well with the fans, that’s through the structure of the show and the writing. I give all the credit to Jeff (Davis) in that regard.”

The one time I met Orny Adams in person, he was playfully ranting to someone in the Teen Wolf production office. I was trying not to eavesdrop, but it had something to do with a bit he’d wanted to try in a scene and a director who shut him down.

In today’s interview, he says he doesn’t remember meeting me (it was two seconds at like 5 PM on a random Thursday, so I’m not surprised), but that his rant that day was nothing unusual.

“That’s typical. My process is to push boundaries within a scene and try and get things in ( the scene). I don’t know the vision of the director or the person who wrote the particular episode. I just know my particular suggestions don’t fit in with the flow, and I recognize that, but it doesn’t mean I don’t get frustrated.”

Teen Wolf Season 3 Episode 19 Letharia Vulpina Coach gets shot.png

“Sometimes I throw things in, and they get there, but the essence is a part of me. To have the liberty to yell and say things that you should not get away with is super exciting for me. It’s fun, and it’s fun that the fans really like it.”

Leaving Beacon Hills

As the final episodes come out on MTV, Orny Adams says he doesn’t actually feel like Teen Wolf is over because he’s still connected with everyone on the show.

“I won’t miss Teen Wolf because I keep in touch with them. I truly believe that Jeff Davis and I will work together again in the future. I hope to work with much of the cast and crew. The crew was amazing. All the people behind the scenes that you guys never saw – absolutely amazing. We’re a family, and I love them all.”

The comedian says doing the show was a boost for him, not just for his career but in his personal life too. In 2009, just before he booked Teen Wolf, Psychology Today ran a piece called ‘Orny Adams On Failure’. At the time, he was best known for appearing in a movie with Jerry Seinfeld about the difficulty of finding a successful career in comedy. Seinfeld was the “success story” that he was supposedly “failing” to achieve.

To me, that movie (The Comedian) doesn’t seem a very accurate reflection of the reality of Orny Adams' career back then, but landing Teen Wolf did propel him to new heights.

“Without a question, Teen Wolf changed my life. I’m very fortunate to have the duality of a stand-up career and then an acting career. I find the Teen Wolf fans so loving and dedicated. Sometimes I wish my stand-up fans were AS loving and dedicated. I’m very lucky. I thank Jeff and the entire fandom for being so super cool.”

Orny Adams: More Than Loud goes down live on Saturday, September 9 at 7:30 PM and 10:00 PM at the El Portal Theater in North Hollywood, California. Tickets are $15 and you get to be a part of history as the show is taped live for the Showtime network. You also might see some of your favorite Teen Wolf Family members in the audience!

If you’re going to be in the Los Angeles area on September 9, grab your tickets now - http://elportaltheatre.com/morethanloud.html

Orny Adams More Than Loud Showtime Special Sept 9 2017 El Portal Theater Los Angeles.jpg

Article Mentioned Above - https://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/brainstorm/200906/orny-adams-failure


Ian Bohen and Tyler Posey are just back from a cross-country motorcycle ride to raise awareness and money to help find a cure for HIV/AIDS.

Tyler Posey LIfeRide8 red hog.jpg

Bohen and Posey took part in Life Ride 8, a week-long motorcycle ride across the country that raises awareness and funds for amfAR (Foundation for AIDS Research).


The Journey Begins LifeRide8

The event is a fundraiser sponsored by Kiehl’s skin and hair care products. Over the years, the company has donated more than $2 million and funded 8 cure-related grants though amfAR.

Both Bohen and Posey shared behind the scenes media from the 11-day trek.

Ian Bohen Tyler Posey LifeRide8.jpg

Ian Bohen – “This is the newest brother of the liferide, all of whom saw a new bond yesterday as we flung our bikes and ourselves into a storm and rode out the other side. We're making noise and people are hearing us. Thank you for your support. A cure is within reach, we're almost there.”

Tyler Posey - “Thank you, guys, for sticking with me through this journey, just paying attention is helping spread the word about the heart of this motorcycle ride, which is ending HIV/AIDS."

“A special part about being on this ride for me is that I'm the youngest rider. The reason why that's a huge deal is because the HIV crisis is affecting our age group. Please be safe and spread the word. AIDS will be a thing of the past if we band together. Humans have a lot power when we merge as one.”

The Teen Wolf Team in LifeRide8 also included The Beast himself, actor Gilles Marini.

Tyler Posey Giles Marini LifeRide8 .png

You can catch up on some of the adventure on Kiehl’s YouTube page. Most of Posey and Bohen’s stuff was IG video, which is fleeting, but PoseyFingers has uploaded a bunch of it to Tumblr.

LINKS: https://www.youtube.com/user/KiehlsNYC/videos




Raw Talent

I know some fans took a modicum of pleasure in seeing former “big bad” Theo Raeken homeless and living in a van down by the river. Okay, it was actually a pretty nice SUV. Still, he is homeless and forced to sleep in a succession of parking lots until rousted each day by the local constabulary.


Theo’s entrance was epic and seems to be a continuation of the writers’ efforts to redeem his character. I mean, I was feeling genuinely sorry for him when he had to cut that evil spider out of his back. The fact he was about to call Scott when he was so rudely interrupted added to the strong feels. I was really liking old Theo and ready to forgive most of his evil right up until the point he apparently got blowed away by ninjas with shotguns.

All that was just the pre-opening credits scene. This episode was WAY too packed with wolfie goodness for a recap to do it justice here. You can read our OVERLY DETAILED summary of events on the Raw Talent page.

Here are the highlights for me –

  • Scott, under the influence of the supernatural fear beast, gets all paranoid and flashbacky. He actually attacked the Sheriff who proved he will shoot a teen if necessary.
  • They put the new kid Aaron (Rhenzy Feliz) in a red shirt.
  • Tamora Monroe has an admirer who leaves beautiful stabby gifts in her office at school. (SPOILER! It’s Grandpa Stabby from Season 2!)
  • Argent’s laptop password is apparently ALLISON.
  • John Posey (Conrad Fenris) KICKS ASS!
  • Brett returns, kicks Liam’s ass, and then gets his balls kicked by Tamora Monroe and a pocket full of Wolfsbane.
  • Lydia is under the influence of the supernatural fear beast and flashbacks but still manages to save Parrish at Eichen House (yes, I’m aware it was very similar to an earlier scene).
  • Supernatural fear beast is going to be tough for a Teen Wolf Pack to beat.
  • Malia and Scott have their first official “this could actually be a ship” moment.

There were more. This episode had a few character-driven laugh-out-loud moments (courtesy of Shelley Hennig and Dylan Sprayberry mostly) and a couple of good jump scares. You should watch it.

Sibongile Mlambo Interview


Sibongile Mlambo’s exploding career finally calmed down enough over the weekend for us to do our interview for Teen Wolf News. She’s lived an amazing life and built an equally amazing career.

We posted this on Saturday, but if you missed it, check it out here - https://teenwolf.fandom.com/wiki/User_blog:Paul.rea/Teen_Wolf_News_080517.