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Teen Wolf News 082515

Teen Wolf News 082515

Teen Wolf Returns in January?

According to a tweet from MTV’s social media team, Teen Wolf Season 5 could resume as early as January.

Teen Wolf Season 5 Social Media predicts January return

That segues up with what Executive Producer Jeff Davis told Teen Wolf News over the weekend, “Unfortunately, premiere dates are a heavily guarded secret. Network likes to make specific announcements. I don’t even know the premiere date. But I can tell you it will be sometime in the winter.”

That's pretty much what most of us figured since MTV's new fantasy drama The Shannara Chronicles will bow in January and Teen Wolf still brings in decent enough numbers in the outdated traditional television ratings to give new shows an audience boost.

MTV got burned last winter when they hung Eye Candy out without the benefit of an existing hit to draw eyeballs to the new product. It is unlikely they would make that mistake with a gamble as big and expensive as Shannara. They'll likely pair the shows, Teen Wolf and Shannara, in some way to add some hype to the winter premieres.

Teen Wolf Cast Back to Work

Filming resumed on Monday at Teen Wolf Headquarters in Northridge, California.

Teen Wolf Season 5 Behind the Scenes arriflex camera set up 082515
Executive Producer Jeff Davis says they skipped over episode 511 and started right in on episode 512 to give Director Tim Andrew some free time next month to direct an episode of the CW show Supernatural.  “511 is now in prep and will start shooting in September,” Davis explains.

The first shot back included Stiles (Dylan O’Brien), at Beacon Hills Hospital. Andrew posted an image of himself and Dylan discussing the scene on set.

Teen Wolf Behind the Scenes Dylan O'brien and Director Tim Andrew TW HQ 082415

Also back on set Monday, Tyler Posey, Dylan Sprayberry and O’Brien’s onscreen dad Linden Ashby.

We don’t have confirmation that Cody Christian was back for the first day of filming, but he did spend the evening hanging with Posey, Sprayberry and behind-the-scenes wolfie Tyler Schnabel. You can see all their antics on MTV’s official Vine account.

If filming on the second half of the season progresses at the same pace as the first, they've got about three months of work ahead to complete the next 10 episodes. We'll continue to bring you all the behind the scenes Teen Wolf action we can find throughout production.

Midseason Finale Overload

There was soooo much information in this week’s Teen Wolf midseason finale.

1. Parrish is a Hellhound – Lydia found a book with the details but we still don’t know why he goes all zombie when he looks at the queen of diamonds.
Teen Wolf Season 5 Episode 10 Status Asthmaticus Parrish comes for chimera

2. Theo is a Chimera – We kinda thought that but he was all like “Yeah! I’m a Chimera!” and was crossing Mountain Ash and feeding Scott wolfsbane and stuff.

3. Theo knows way too much about everybody – he knows Malia wants to kill her biomom, he knows about Void Stiles (honestly, I thought that was a name we made up here on the wikia) and he seems to know how the Doctor’s injectable mojo works to bring dead stuff back to life. Theo is perhaps the best organized character on the show at this point.

4. Scott now seems aware of Theo’s new, subhuman, level of evil. It will be interesting to see if he gives him another chance (no, really, that’s a serious thing that might happen given Scott’s past behavior).

Teen Wolf Season 5 Episode 10 Status Asthmaticus Theo guts Scott

5. Lydia is down y’all. We now know how Lydia ended up in the state we found her in during that first six minutes of Season 5. Something I did notice, she goes catatonic before finding out if Scott is alive or dead, that seems important to her early season predictions.

6. Melissa McCall is everything in Season 5.

Teen Wolf Season 5 Episode 10 Status Asthmaticus Liam and Melissa with Hayden

7. Where do they keep finding new deputies after all the ish that goes down in that station? The radio chatter was priceless.

8. Mason is like “What the Hell Dude!” and Liam straightened up real quick. We all need a friend like Mason to smack us when we start acting a fool.

Teen Wolf Season 5 Episode 10 Status Asthmaticus Mason in the library

9. What is with the Doctor’s redecorating? That mural was awesome but they were all like “We found hardwood under that ratty old shag carpet!” Did they not know it was there?

Teen Wolf Season 5 Episode 10 Status Asthmaticus Dread Doctors Strange Mural

10. Braeden is like “Whoa.”

Teen Wolf Season 5 Episode 10 Status Asthmaticus Braeden Returns

11. Actors rejoice when the dead rise. Four lucky, formerly dead, characters will get a couple more episodes out of Teen Wolf to pad the old IMDB profile. Henry Zaga (Josh), Kelsey Chow (Tracy), Michael Johnston (Corey) and Victoria Moroles (Hayden) are all now back from the great beyond. I have to wonder if Ashton Moio (Donovan) was like “Hey! I’m laying here by the magic tree stump too ya know!”

Teen Wolf Season 5 Behind the Scenes Episode 10 Henry Zaga Kelsey Chow Michael Johnston Victoria Moroles

The full recap of the episode, including what the Dread Doctors were saying there at the end, is up now on the Status Asthmaticus page.

Also – here are a few behind the scenes images from the filming of episode 510.

If you were wondering how they did that amazing moon/clouds/fight scene thing on the roof, it was a ginormous video screen with CGI projected in real time.

The Dread Doctors needed help between takes to cool off.

Teen Wolf Season 5 Behind the Scenes Dread Doctors cool down
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