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'Teen Wolf' Season 6 Episode Titles

Thanks to a source close to the production, Teen Wolf News can exclusively reveal the titles of the first five episodes of Teen Wolf Season 6.

Memory Lost

The meaning behind Memory Lost is pretty much explained already in the various teasers and trailers released by the network for Teen Wolf Season 6 (warning, these videos contain mild plot spoilers).

Teen Wolf (Season 6) Official Teaser Trailer for the Final Season MTV

Teen Wolf (Season 6) Official Teaser Trailer for the Final Season MTV

Teen Wolf (Season 6) Exclusive First Act of the New Season MTV

Teen Wolf (Season 6) Exclusive First Act of the New Season MTV


Strictly speaking, superposition means overlapping waves, but the way the word is used in various branches of science could make it particularly appealing to fans of the Teen Wolf Meta theory.

With Quantum Superposition, atoms can be in two different states at the same time. Remember the Schrödinger cat thing? It’s like that. The two distinct states collapse into one once the atom is observed. This is the doorway to the many worlds theory with alternate universes and other exciting possibilities.

In the case of Teen Wolf Season 6, we know that characters will exist and yet not exist at the same time and that an alternate universe with those characters removed will be the primary mystery.


Sundowning is a common term for a predictable period of confusion, restlessness, and agitation among those suffering dementia or delirium. It usually develops around sundown.

Much of Teen Wolf Season 6 deals with characters trying to remember or being forced to remember. It could also be a play on words since the Ghost Riders come in the night.


A relic is an object surviving from an earlier time, especially one of historical or sentimental interest.

We’ve seen a few relics in some Teen Wolf Season 6 behind the scenes images.

Radio Silence

Radio Silence is a status in which all fixed or mobile transmission sites in an area are asked to stop transmitting for safety or security reasons.

It’s too early to know just what this title will mean for Teen Wolf.

Teen Wolf Season 6 debuts on Tuesday, November 15 at 9 pm EST on MTV and the MTV app. It will also be available on iTunes and Amazon Video.

Davis’ LTROI Pilot Shoot is a Mess

Teen Wolf Creator Jeff Davis remains in Canada this week as filming continues on his script for the Let the Right One In pilot episode. Teen Wolf News requested an update on the production, Davis wrote, “Hey Paul, no real news about the pilot. Shooting in mud and snow up in Vancouver.”


Earlier-than-normal snowfall has peppered parts of British Columbia since early last month, and more rain and mountain snow is in the forecast for the province as a new storm system moves in this week. The forecast warns of mudslides; that’s how much rain they’re getting.

For Davis and crew, this weather may well be perfect for the story they’re telling. As the writer told TWN earlier in the process, his Let the Right One In story begins in deepest, darkest Europe, “The pilot script currently starts in Stockholm, Sweden and sees the vampire, Eli, traveling to America with her caretaker.”

An International Cast

19-year-old Kristine Froseth is playing Eli, the ageless vampire, with Norwegian actor Kristoffer Joner taking the role of her caretaker Matheus Volk. Matheus traps and bleeds victims for Eli. He’s apparently very good at it, but even the best can make mistakes.

If you’re unfamiliar with Froseth’s work, you can see her emote like crazy in this video from The Weekend.  VIDEO LINK -

Joner you might recognize from The Revenant where he played a small role, Murphy, opposite Leonardo DiCaprio.

While Froseth has the fangs, it seems 16-year-old Benjamin Wadsworth will be at the center of LTROI. He plays Henry, the victim of bullying and other torments. The friendship between Henry and Eli is the basis of the drama, but according to one TV executive, Henry’s perspective sets the show apart. "It goes way beyond all the normal vampire shows," ITV Studios President Maria Kyriacou told The Hollywood Reporter. "It just becomes something different when you can tell it through the eyes of the boy's experience."

Kyriacou and ITV are involved in the project via Tomorrow Pictures, a partnership between the studio, Marty Adelstein, and Davis.

Henry’s chief tormentor is Lukas. He's described as “the alpha male of a cluster of teenage bullies.” He targets Henry and reportedly “delights in tormenting him to the brink of unconsciousness.” Darren Mann plays Lukas. He’s already a veteran of genre programming having appeared in episodes of iZombie, Supernatural, The 100, and Wayward Pines.

Even before the arrival of the vampire, Henry has at least one ally. Cameron Gellman plays Kyle “an attractive bad boy, who, despite appearances, is not a bully. He’s friendly toward Henry and thinks he should try being a bit more aggressive with his teenage tormentors.” Gellman is a newcomer with a handful of credits including The Thundermans and Days of our Lives.

Here Come the Cops

Of course, as Eli and Matheus settle into Henry’s small town, people start dying which attracts the interest of international and federal investigators. German actor Thomas Kretschmann plays Inspector Eriksson. The character spent ten years tracking a series of gruesome deaths through Europe. The trail leads him to the Canadian border where he finds three bodies drained of blood. The crime also attracts FBI Special Agent Sarah Church played by Necar Zadegan (Girlfriend’s Guide to Divorce).

Both officers believe they’re pursuing particularly deadly serial killers. Eriksson links over 100 victims to the spree but remains a few steps behind his quarry all along.  He knows their methods but does not yet know their faces and names. Investigators may get a break in the case when Matheus gets sloppy.

Pilot Shoot – Then What?

Davis and crew should have the pilot episode ready in the coming weeks. It will then be up to the network (TNT) to decide if they want more. The show is a joint effort with TNT’s in-house production arm Studio T, so the network is already heavily invested.

Of course, the company is on a bit of a spree with pilot purchases of late. In September alone we saw orders for three new shows. In addition to LTROI, they’ve got one based on historical crime novel The Alienist and ordered a suburbia-based pilot called Hinges. It’s possible all will make it to air, but TNT already has a pretty fat pipeline for a cable net, so there are no guarantees.

Director Posey Gets Great Reviews

Teen Wolf Tyler Posey said early on that he was nervous about directing Episode 613 of his show, but according to his fellow cast members and Teen Wolf creator Jeff Davis, he’s doing a heck of a job.

Davis tells Teen Wolf News, “I’ve seen the dailies from Posey’s directorial debut and can tell you he’s a natural.” The writer and executive producer is apparently keeping up with Posey’s progress despite the fact he’s in Canada working on another show. “I was getting texts and pics throughout his first day from proud crew and producers.”

Teen Wolf directors Russell Mulcahy Tim Andrew Kate Eastridge Tyler Posey

Appearing at this weekend’s Entertainment Weekly PopFest in Los Angeles, Teen Wolf actors praised their newest director.

“Asked which episode they’re most excited about, the cast agreed on No. 13, which they’re currently filming. 'Tyler Posey is directing an episode,' said (Khylin) Rhambo. 'You guys are gonna love it.'
'I second that!' said Shelley Hennig (Malia Tate)."

Episode 613 is part of the second half of Teen Wolf Season 6 and should air early in 2017.

Teen Wolf Hieroglyphics

It appears at least one class at Beacon Hills High School is learning about ancient Egypt in the second half of Season 6. This behind the scenes image appeared this week showing a blackboard filled with history and hieroglyphs from pyramid land.


We’ve been unable to confirm that all this Egyptian lore has anything at all to do with the second half of Teen Wolf Season 6, but it took a lot of work for the art department to write all that.

New 'Teen Wolf' Character Revealed

Beacon Hills High School is getting a new humanities teacher/guidance counselor, Tamora Monroe. She’s described as “charismatic and smart” and is said to inspire students with her passion, “a passion that can get too intense."

Sibongile Mlambo Teen Wolf News Season 6

Zimbabwe-born actress Sibongile Mlambo will play Monroe. You might recognize her from her recurring role in Black Sails on Starz. It’s unclear if Mlambo will appear in the first half of Season 6, but we expect to see her quite a bit in the second half.

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