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New Sets for the New Season

They’re nearly a month into filming for Teen Wolf and we have a better idea of how some of the more familiar locations of Beacon Hills will change in Season 3.

The Palisades Charter High School will serve as the new Beacon Hills High School.

Here is a touch of before and after for you –

The Teen Wolf Team filmed there starting on Monday December 17, 2012 after students were dismissed for Winter Break.

I believe, based on the images released, that the school location was used for both exterior and interior shots during the week. However, the most oft used interiors will likely be shot on the show’s primary sound stage in Northridge, a neighborhood in the San Fernando Valley in LA.

Pali High has a long history in television and movies.

  • Auditions for Star Wars were held at the school during production of the movie Carrie on campus in 1975.
  • GLEE Creator/Producer Ryan Murphy’s first hit show, Popular, was filmed at Pali in 1999.
  • They used Pali for the 2002 Will Ferrell film Old School.

That’s just a partial list. You can learn more at the main Palisades Charter High School page.

See more images of the school at their website.

Orientation Cover

The school interiors, hallways and classrooms, are shot at the main Teen Wolf soundstage in Northridge, California.

Here are a few examples - 

Superfan Shantal Shoots Season 3

Shantal Rhodes, who went from fan of the show to actor on the show, did a full day on the Teen Wolf set from Friday into Saturday.

She spent most of the evening and early morning shooting her scenes at a house on this street in Encino, California.

Teen Wolf Behind the Scenes Encino House

Rhodes won a contest last year to appear on the show in a small walk-on role in a single Season 2 episode (Party Guessed).

This year, Shantal is back as guest star.

Take a look at the pictures, the view out the window looks like Lydia’s house with the pool and stuff but I don’t have official confirmation.

Season 3 is filming now in Los Angeles - Daily Behind the Scenes updates are available at our Special Teen Wolf Behind the Scenes Page.

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