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Teen Wolf Season 5 Behind the Scenes

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121715 - REAL Interview with Jeff Davis

After a month that saw the release of a couple of fake interviews with Teen Wolf Executive Producer Jeff Davis, Teen Wolf News is pleased to report that we actually talked to Davis this week as the production enters the final stretch of Season 5 and begins work on Season 6.

For those who may have been lucky enough to miss the faux interviews, they were amateurish and obviously fake but a number of people believed the bad info after the links made it to the top of Google News and some equally disreputable outlets quoted them.

Teen wolf news fake interview response 122015.jpg

The childish fakery made the rounds at Teen Wolf Headquarters in Northridge, California as well, “Yes I saw those interviews,” Davis told Teen Wolf News. “They were hilarious.”

The End is Near

Here is the very latest, real, honest-to-goodness, truthful news from the Teen Wolf set this week -

Showrunner Jeff Davis and the rest of the Teen Wolf Crew are working overtime trying to wrap up production on the final Season 5 episodes. “We’re still dragging ourselves across the finish line,” he says. “I can’t tell you just how unbelievably difficult this job is.”

Teen Wolf Season 5 Behind the Scenes Shelley Hennig Tyler Posey hospital scene undated.jpg

They are supposed to wrap principal photography on Friday December 18 but, at this point, it looks like they may not make that target. “We’re currently shooting 518, 519 and 520 at the same time,” Davis explains. “We’re shooting first and second units, plus pickups.”

Davis says this type of aggressive shooting schedule is now more common with cable shows, “A number of shows do this, including Walking Dead. It’s the only way to get everything done with trying to make TV look like film on a TV budget.”

No Rest for the Writers

Even once they finish filming on Season 5, there won’t be any rest and relaxation for Davis. “There is no break. None!” He says.

Back in July, MTV renewed the show for another 20-episode season, Season 6. Davis says that means a lot more work for everyone involved. “Season 6A just started the writers room and we’ve hired two new very talented writers to help out.”

Teen Wolf Season 5 Behind the Scenes Writers room 040815.jpg

The production schedule for Season 6 is not yet set but the group is already busy coming up with new threats for Beacon Hills. “We have ideas for several episodes already and the overarching theme and mystery of the season which I think could be very fun.”

Beyond Teen Wolf

In addition to his duties as Head Writer and Executive Producer on Teen Wolf, Jeff Davis is also working on a new cable/horror drama. “I am currently working on Let The Right One In for A&E.”

Teen Wolf Season 5 Behind the Scenes Jeff working with puppy.jpg

Davis and actor-screenwriter Brandon Boyce (Teen Wolf’s Surgeon) are working together to adapt a Swedish vampire story about a bullied teen boy who befriends a young female vampire. The story was originally a best-selling Swedish book by John Ajvide Lindqvist that was subsequently adapted into a critically acclaimed 2008 movie.

We didn’t hear much about the project after the initial announcement back in March but Davis tells TWN that he’s busy working on it now, “Hoping to finish a new draft for them to read for the holiday.”

New Night! New Time! New Episodes!

Teen Wolf returns to MTV with brand new episodes on January 5. The network has moved the show to a new night and time for the remainder of Season 5. Watch MTV on Tuesday nights at 9PM EST.

112315 - NEW VIDEO Teen Wolf Season 5b Promo

MTV released the latest promotional video for Teen Wolf on Monday evening.


Teen Wolf (Season 5B) Official Trailer MTV

The 1:42 clip includes the return of former cast members Gideon Emery ( Deucalion) and Michael Hogan (Gerard) as well has tantalizing glimpses of the Beast of Gévaudan.

Described by Deucalion as “History’s most vicious, most famous werewolf,” the Beast of Gévaudan terrorized the French countryside in the 18th Century. The new Teen Wolf promo video suggests the Dread Doctors have managed to bring it back and they want Deucalion to help them steal its abilities.

Also included in the clip:

  • A short but great Stydia scene inside Eichen House
  • Theo explaining how his newly resurrected chimera will be going to high school and fighting for their lives
  • More Deucalion
  • A Theo/Malia fight
  • The return of Dr. Deaton
  • A Liam/Hayden kiss

Teen Wolf episodes return in January on a new night at a new time. Watch MTV Tuesday January 5 at 9PM.

112215 - O'Brien contracted for Season 6

Despite the endless stream of clickbait reports from unreliable sources over the past several weeks, Dylan O’Brien is NOT leaving Teen Wolf at the end of this season.

TeenWolfNews.com first reported back in July that O’Brien would remain with the show into its sixth season. Despite this, a few out-of-context quotes from the actor and from Teen WolfExecutive Producer Jeff Davis led to a flurry of false reports suggesting he would exit the MTV show after the second half of Season 5.

The "Dylan O'Brien isn't returning for Teen Wolf Season 6" false rumor dialed up a notch this week with reports that the next Maze Runner movie is slated to film starting in February which would seem to conflict with Teen Wolf’s filming schedule.

TWN talked to Jeff Davis on Sunday to clear up any confusion about the actor’s future withTeen Wolf.

While both Maze Runner Director Wes Ball and the Director’s Guild of Canada say Maze Runner: The Death Cure will film in Vancouver between February 29 and May 31, 2016, Davis says those dates could still change, “Despite what you’ve read those dates are not confirmed.”

While Teen Wolf has traditionally filmed in the late winter and early spring, the dates for filming on Season 6 are also not yet set, “We don’t have a start date for production,” says Davis.

Even if the two productions’ schedules do conflict, Dylan O’Brien won’t leave Teen Wolf, “He’s contracted for both,” Davis said.

It will be up to O’Brien’s representatives and MTV to figure out how to share the actor if needs be. “It can be a scheduling nightmare to be honest,” Davis explains, “but I think it’s hardest on the actor, actually, who can find themselves doing a lot of flying.”

This isn’t the first time Davis and the Teen Wolf production have had to work around a major conflict in an actor’s schedule. “The most difficult scheduling we’ve ever done was working around Jill Wagner’s Wipeout shoot.” Davis is referring to the actor’s stint as Kate Argent back in Season 1.

At the time, Teen Wolf shot in Georgia while the game show Wipeout was produced in California. “She would fly to Atlanta to shoot with us and then be back on a plane a few hours later for shooting with Wipeout.”

Whatever difficulties in scheduling that may arise, Davis says Dylan O’Brien is under contract to remain on Teen Wolf for Season 6.

110415 - Teen Wolf adds Skinwalkers

The Teen Wolf family will have another shapeshifter to contend with in the second half of Season 5. In addition to the Dread Doctors and their La Bete, Executive Producer Jeff Davis tells Teen Wolf News that Kira and her mother will be tackling a creature right out of Native American lore - Skinwalkers. Without giving too much away, Kira and her mother will travel far from Beacon Hills in search of a fix for her fox spirit’s attitude problem. This will bring them face to face with the tribal legend. “We worked with a Navajo consultant,” Davis explains of bringing this piece of aboriginal American lore to life.

In the actual legends of the Navajo peoples’ of North America, Skinwalkers can transform into various animals and, in some cases, steal the identities of other people. Since Teen Wolf News avoids spoilers, we’ll have to wait and see exactly how the show will interpret the legend. According to Davis, the episode will bring Kira and her mother to another state, “The scenes take place out at Shiprock in New Mexico,” he says. The production shot those scenes at the famous Vasquez Rock formation north of Los Angeles in September and will use CGI and other onscreen trickery to transform it into the New Mexico location.

Teen Wolf News Tamlyn Tomita Jen Lynch Arden Cho.jpg

Frequent Teen Wolf Director Jennifer Lynch returns to direct the episode. “She's back for episode 513,” Davis says, “and we're very happy to have her.” Teen Wolf Season 5 resumes on a new night and at a new time. MTV will start airing new episodes on Tuesday, January 5 at 9PM.

102915 - Teen Wolf Delves into Native American Lore

From Teen Wolf News:

New casting information and images from set provide a glimpse into a possible Native American twist coming to Teen Wolf in the second half of Season 5.

A few weeks back Teen Wolf News posted an image of a blackboard at Beacon Hills High School showing details about the Ojibwe or Chippawa group of Native Americans. We’ve now learned that actor Tonantzin Carmelo is shooting scenes for Teen Wolf on Friday.

Teen Wolf Season 5 Casting Tonantzin Carmelo 102915.jpg

Carmelo, who is half-Native American on her mother’s side, drew raves reviews in 2005 for playing Thunder Heart Woman in the Emmy-winning Steven Spielberg miniseries “Into the West” and often plays Native American characters in movies, television and video games. While Carmelo’s native heritage is Tongva and Kumeyaay, not Ojibwe, we believe the earlier image from set and her casting are connected. So far, in the first five seasons, Teen Wolf Executive Producer Jeff Davis has explored French, Aztec and Japanese legends. The show delved briefly into Native American lore once before with the introduction of the Wendigo in Season 4 but, it appears, this season’s foray into tribal life will be more extensive.

Teen Wolf returns this winter with the second half of Season 5. Episode #511 will debut on January 5th on MTV. The show is moving to Tuesday nights at 9PM for the rest of the Season.

101115 - Teen Wolf #NYCC Interviews

Check out the Teen Wolf Wika interviews from NYCC 2015.

Jeff Davis fills us in on what Lydia is doing after her mom committed her to Eichen House and says there'll be a pack team-up coming in the second half of Season 5.


Teen Wolf Wikia Jeff Davis Interview NYCC 2015

Cody Christian explains how he'll lead his chimera pack and tells us what it's like to play a most-hated character.


Cody Christian Teen Wolf Wikia interview NYCC 2015

Dylan Sprayberry talks about Liam's relationship with Scott and if his love for Hayden can survive her (temporary) death.


Dylan Sprayberry Teen Wolf Wikia interview NYCC 2015

Tyler Posey talks about how Scott's death changed him and his plan for getting the pack back together.


Teen Wolf Wikia Tyler Posey Interview NYCC

We're still looking for pressroom video from other sources.

This guy was at our table so the videos include much of the same information but there's a lot more of it.

Posey - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HQXP7l321Uc

Sprayberry - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CqbV8llm2YI

Davis - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CMm_gcQhBF0

MTV did some fan interaction stuff too - it's not new stuff about the show but is kinda fun I guess.

MTV features - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=emUEWeXolac&list=PLBPLVvU_jvGviO5lo3HNzhebpla-NM93P

Entertainment Weekly Radio has an AWESOME - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PjRgKwAfaok

UPDATE - Teen Wolf NY Comic Con Panel

I've posted a full rundown of the important stuff from the Teen Wolf New York Comic Con panel for you. Much of the information is spoilery in nature so I can't post that stuff directly here due to our Wikia rules.

You can read it here - http://moviepilot.com/posts/2015/10/10/video-teen-wolf-debut-jan-5-spoilers-3583316?lt_source=external,manual

We've also posted the full trailer for you -


Teen Wolf Promo Season 5 Part 2 NYCC

If you have an hour to spare you can watch the full panel video -


Teen Wolf at New York Comic Con 2015 MTV


100915 - Teen Wolf LIVE TODAY

Teen Wolf Comic Con Live Feed 2015.jpg

As Teen Wolf News reported first on Tuesday, actors Tyler Posey, Dylan Sprayberry and Cody Christian will join Teen Wolf Executive Producer Jeff Davis at this year’s New York Comic Con.

Even though the annual pop culture event is sold out, you can still experience the Teen Wolf panel live today at 5:45 PM EDT thanks to Twitch TV.

Instructions for viewing the Teen Wolf NYCC panel LIVE are at - http://bit.ly/TeenWolfLIVE

100215 - Native American Lore?

The news out of Beacon Hills has been pretty standard since the big trip to the desert last month.

This "almost naked" Ryan Kelley shot broke the internet as you might expect.

Teen Wolf Season 5 Behind the Scenes Ryan Kelley naked dirt makeup undated.jpg

Speaking of stuff that "broke the internet," visit the Teen Wolf Wikia facebook page to see Dylan Sprayberry shaking his moneymaker.


We also saw indications that Eichen House will play a role in more than one episode with the return of "Nurse Creepy Guy" and "Nurse Ratched" during last month's shoot with director Jennifer Lynch.

Teen Wolf Season 5 Behind the Scenes Clayton Froning Jen Lynch Mandy Levin Teen Wolf HQ undated.jpg

Then there was this dedication plaque from the Eichen House set at Teen Wolf HQ in Northridge.

Teen Wolf Season 5 Behind the Scenes Eichen House sign dedication undated.jpg

Executive Producer Jeff Davis confessed he'd not seen this particular prop until Teen Wolf Wikia brought it to his attention but he apparently liked the story it tells. "I’ve never even read that. But consider it canon!" he said in an email.

Perhaps the most interesting item to cross our screens this week was this image of Costumer Daniel Flores and photographer Jason King in Mr. Yukimura's classroom.

Teen Wolf Season 5 Behind the Scenes Daniel Flores Jason King classroom 093015.jpg

Not that the boys aren't interesting but the stuff on the blackboard, the detailed history of a tribe of Native Americans, is vastly more so. I'll just leave it here for you to ponder.

092015 - Teen Wolf on the Rocks

Teen Wolf cast and crew took over one of the most iconic spots in genre television this week.

Teen Wolf Season 5 Behind the Scenes smoke machine Vasquez Rocks 091615.jpg

Vasquez Rocks appears in all the various Star Trek flavors, Buck Rogers, Buffy, Charmed and even MMPR.

A couple of high points from the week -

Arden Cho returns!

Director Jen Lynch (I. E. D.) returns!

Teen Wolf Season 5 Behind the Scenes Jennifer Lynch at Vasquez Rocks 091615.jpg

Jeff Davis on Set!

Teen Wolf Season 5 Behind the Scenes Daniel Flores Jeff Davis wardrobe work Vasquez Rocks 091615.jpg

We also saw Posey and an indication that Dylan O'Brien was at this location too.

Writer Angela Harvey was also out on the rocks suggesting that she penned the episode they're working on currently. We hope to have more details and a few more images in this week's Teen Wolf News.

091615 - The Jeep LIVES!

Lookie who we found on set this afternoon!

Teen Wolf Season 5 Behind the Scenes Stiles Jeep at Vasquez Rocks 091615.jpg

That's right, Stiles' Jeep is looking good on location at Vasquez Rocks.

The 25 million year old rock formation may well be the most historic location the production has ever used. They are instantly recognizable to anyone who's even glanced at a TV in the past 45 years.

I won't list every TV show or movie that's used this site but someone over at Wikipedia did so check that out if you're interested.

Right now we'll all celebrate the revival of Stiles' Jeep. I wonder if they filled up the tank with that green stuff Theo used on the chimeras?

Check out this week's Teen Wolf News for more on other, formerly dead, cast members who came back to set this week.

091215 - Teen Wolf on the Waterfront

You can add another, truly historic, location to the Teen Wolf Universe. This week cast and crew headed down to the docks for filming. They set up at the historic Municipal Warehouse No.1 on Signal Street inside the Port of Los Angeles.

Teen Wolf Season 5 Behind the Scenes Port of LA Warehouse no 1.jpg

Construction on this site started back in 1916 and was completed in 1917. Touted as the largest such warehouse west of Chicago, the building became the “welcome sign” for folks arriving to the city by sea and is currently on the National Historic Registry.

There are plans to turn this area into an ocean research center called AltaSea which will house research ships and scientists and will be the future home of Elon Musk’s “Space X rocket retrieval ships.” Currently though, it’s just an abandoned-looking warehouse next to the water.

It’s hard to say just what the production needed at this location. They have a warehouse exterior back at Teen Wolf HQ in Northridge and we don’t have any images from inside Warehouse #1 to see what unique features it might offer. We do know that Dylan O'Brien, Tyler Posey, the Dread Doctors and actor Jordan Fisher were on site. Fisher plays the blood-drinking chimera Malia fought during the midseason finale.

This is the second time they’ve shot around the Port of Los Angeles in Season 5. Last time, for episode 508 Ouroboros, they were just over the Main Channel at the Terminal Island Water Reclamation Plant. It doubled for both the Russian location where Deaton met the Desert Wolf and the tunnels Scott, Malia and Mason searched when they were looking for Hayden and Liam.

Teen Wolf Season 5 resumes in January with new episodes airing weekly on MTV.

Tyler Posey and Jeff Davis Kill Teen Wolf Rumors

Several of the more questionable news sources cranked up the rumor mill on Wednesday with stories claiming that “Tyler Posey Might Not Star in Teen Wolf Season Seven.”

According to Executive Producer Jeff Davis and Tyler Posey, these rumors are completely baseless. Scott McCall is NOT leaving Beacon Hills.

Most of the “reporting” was the same clickbait schlock we’ve come to expect from sites like “Realty Today,” “Design and Trend,” and “Christian Post” but even some of the usually reputable sites like “Seventeen” fueled the false information as well.

Teen Wolf News usually just ignores these false reports, taking a “caveat emptor” approach and answering fans' questions directly as they come in. In this case though, both Posey and Davis reached out to reassure fans that those reports are mostly false.

I say “mostly false” because, as with most damaging rumors, there is a grain of truth in all these stories.

It started back on August 24th, when The Hollywood Reporter published a post mortem on the first half of Season 5. In that interview Jeff Davis was asked directly about the future of the show past Season 6.

Q: Do you think the show will probably wrap up after season six?
JD: I have no idea. [Laughs] Who knows if [that] will be the last season or not. [But] beyond season six, I’d love for someone else to take over the show. If it still has life, if there’s still stories to tell, that would be great — [to] see maybe Dylan Sprayberry take over the role of the Teen Wolf and see Tyler Posey move into more of a Derek Hale (Tyler Hoechlin) role. That would be the Degrassi High version.

For some reason, weeks after this was published, many of the aforementioned “news” outlets picked up this statement and, in what I will generously assume was a failure of reading comprehension, thought Davis was addressing Posey’s future on the show.

Posey tweeted about the reports on Wednesday, “Teen Wolf is my baby and I would never leave.”

Davis, in an email to Teen Wolf News, addressed the rumors directly, “When I said ‘beyond season six, I’d love for someone else to take over the show,’ I was talking about me!”

Once Season 6 comes to an end, Davis will have been piloting the Teen Wolf ship for eight years and says he might like a new Executive Producer to step in and take over for any potential future seasons.

While Davis can see himself moving away from Beacon Hills, he says he doesn’t see Scott McCall going anywhere. “I can’t imagine Teen Wolf without Tyler Posey,” Davis says.

091015 - Building a New Parrish?

It looks like there may be some intense special effects in Ryan Kelley's future.

Teen Wolf Behind the Scenes Ryan Kelley upper body cast 091015.png

Today he instagrammed this selfie with his upper body covered in a FX mold. While we don't know for sure what they're making here, this would be one step in the process of making a large prosthetic piece that the actor might need for filming an upcoming episode.

The effects we've seen with the Jordan Parrish character so far in Season 5 have been mostly CGI (fire, wounds, etc) but a large piece like this opens the door to a wide array of practical SFX during the second half of the season.

Also this past week we saw the return of Susan Walters and Holland Roden to set as well as a Melissa Ponzio/JR Bourne reunion, Ryan Kelley in drag and a return to the Eichen House location in Los Angeles.

090415 - Busy First Weeks

Teen Wolf cast and crew have been busy little beavers during the first couple of weeks back on set.

While they filmed a bunch of stuff at Teen Wolf HQ in Northridge, they also went on the road to Thousand Oaks, California for some scenes featuring the newly returned Chris Argent (JR Bourne). We also saw Posey and Ryan Kelley on location too.

We know Cody Christian has returned along with Melissa Ponzio and the Dread Doctors.

Dylan O'Brien was back for the first week of filming but now it appears he's off promoting his new movie most days.

We've collected the following set images from the farthest reaches of the internet for your enjoyment.

082415 - Dylan O'Brien is Back on Set

Jeff Davis sent us this shot of Dylan O'Brien and Linden Ashby just now as work resumes on Season 5.

Teen Wolf Behind the Scenes Dylan O'brien and Linden Ashby TW HQ 082415.jpg

We'll post more Behind the Scenes goodies as we get them!

082315 - Teen Wolf Filming Resumes Monday

Teen Wolf cast and crew report for filming to begin on Monday August 24.

As Teen Wolf News reported last week, pre-production got underway a few weeks ago at Teen Wolf HQ in Northridge, California. The actual work of putting a show on screen begins tomorrow.

Due to a scheduling conflict with one of Teen Wolf's go-to directors, they'll be shooting the next couple of episodes out of order. "We start shooting tomorrow. Interestingly, we’re actually starting with episode 512," Executive Producer Jeff Davis explains, "This is to allow Tim Andrew to go off and direct an episode of Supernatural."

Andrew's other obligation will push production of episode 511 into September.

Davis could not answer one of the most frequently asked fan questions - when will Teen Wolf be back after Monday's Midseason Finale? "Unfortunately, premiere dates are a heavily guarded secret," he says. "I don’t even know the premiere date. But I can tell you it will be sometime in the winter."

That's pretty much what most of us figured since MTV's new fantasy drama The Shannara Chronicles will bow in January. Teen Wolf still brings in decent enough numbers in the outdated traditional television ratings to give new shows an audience boost. MTV got burned last winter when they hung Eye Candy out without the benefit of an existing hit to draw eyeballs to the new product. It is unlikely they would make that mistake with a gamble as big and expensive as Shannara. They'll likely pair the shows, Teen Wolf and Shannara, in some way to add some hype to the winter premieres.

Davis was willing to share one other bit of welcome news with us. Teen Wolf Wika users want to know if Chris Argent (JR Bourne) or Peter Hale (Ian Bohen) will be back anytime soon, "I can say that JR Bourne will be back sooner than later," Davis says. "That’s all I can say on that front. Sometimes these things are not up to me, but have more to do with agents and contracts."

If filming on the second half of the season progresses at the same pace as the first, they've got about three months of work ahead to complete the next 10 episodes. We'll continue to bring you all the behind the scenes information we can find throughout production.

UNDATED - Random BTS Released During Hiatus

As the title suggests, this is just a random collection of the stuff we've seen from cast and crew since the hiatus began.

This is just a smattering of the BTS images released while the crew's been on hiatus. There are more. I suggest you check out Make-up Artist Eric Porn's instagram. He's got tons of cool BTS FX shots but he's become weird about letting folks repost his images.

Also, for all the "Parking with Parrish" fans, Actor Ryan Kelley has continued to post in-character location poses on his instagram.

Pre-production on the second half of Season 5 officially began at the end of July but they've been doing reshoots all during the hiatus.

Starting in the first week in July, some actors and crew returned to reshoot some scenes or add some scenes for the remaining episodes in the first half of the season. They did a few scenes featuring some of the main characters, Scott, Stiles, and Theo, at the beginning of August too.

Production Manager Sam Childs spent the last two weeks setting the filming schedule, securing locations and planning all the details necessary before the cameras begin to roll.

We expect shooting on Episode 11 to get underway shortly.

061515 - Teen Wolf Writers Return

After just two week’s on break, Teen Wolf writers returned to their lair deep inside the Northridge, California HQ on Monday.

Teen Wolf Season 5 Behind the Scenes Writers room 040815.jpg

They have 10 more episodes to work on for the second half of Season 5.

Right now it looks like the rest of the cast and most of the crew will remain on hiatus until mid-July when production will resume in earnest.

Teen Wolf Season 5 Behind the Scenes empty writers room 052715.jpg

Teen Wolf Season 5 Episode 1 debuts on Monday, June 29 at 10pm on MTV. On Tuesday, June 30 at 9pm MTV will air Episode 2 of Season 5 followed by the debut of SCREAM at 10pm.

052915 - Teen Wolf Production Hiatus

Friday May 22 marked the final “regular day” of shooting for the first half of Teen Wolf Season 5. The production wound down the remaining scenes on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday of this week.

Now begins a short hiatus, a vacation of sorts, for most cast and crew.

There is still some more work to be done. They still need to add effects and edit the last few episodes and there may still be a few scenes that need to be reshot or added. If that is the case we could see actors back on set during the break.

Some of the cast had already scattered to the four corners of the planet. Arden Cho is attending a wedding and doing a special concert in Hawaii. Linden Ashby and his wife Susan Walters were in Australia for a Teen Wolf convention this weekend.

Holland Roden saw the break as an opportunity to get her hair cut in a very non-Lydia fashion.

If the last "split season" is any indication, the break in production will last a few months. The hiatus between Season 3(a) and 3(b) lasted from May to the end of July.

052615 - Bad Blood is BADASS!

Despite our earlier report, it looks like we got a “high-concept” Teen Wolf promo for Season 5 after all. We’ve first saw the new “Bad Blood” commercial on TV so far but, MTV released it into the wild Tuesday evening.


Teen Wolf Season 5 Promo - Bad Blood Will Reign (Off-Screen)

This year’s promo is nowhere near as elaborate as the Season 3 and Season 4 promos. It harks back to the simpler production we saw in Season 1.

I imagine folks will immediately start seeing spoilers in the various images but, if past years are any guide, the “high concept” stuff is not to be taken literally. It’s all about the symbolism.

052115 - Lydia gets Superpowers in new Trailer

The second Teen Wolf Season 5 trailer hit the internet on Thursday and reveals a number of details on what we can expect when new episodes begin airing on June 29th.


Teen Wolf (Season 5) Official Trailer MTV

1. Lydia Gets Superpowers

Teen Wolf News Lydia Super Power.png

You can see Lydia using some sort of force to hurl an orderly down the corridor of what looks to be Eichen House. She's wearing the long-sweater look we saw earlier as she is being admitted.

2. New monster man

We don't get a clear look at our new Teen Wolf creature but he's in a lot of the scenes.

Teen Wolf News Parrish takes on new creature.png

He pushes through a concrete wall to get to Deputy Parrish.

Teen Wolf News new creature tangles with Scott.png

He lift's Scott McCall right off the ground with those enormous clawed hands.

Teen Wolf News new creature glowing goo.png

He also apparently glows under a blacklight which makes for an interesting shot. Note the elongated claws again.

3. Deaton is stumped

Deaton doesn't know what to think - “I’m starting to wonder if the rules to our supernatural world aren’t as ridged as I’d once thought or maybe someone is trying to change those rules.”

Teen Wolf Season 5 second trailer Dr Deaton.png

4. Stydia Moment

It's brief but it's there. A genuine Stydia moment with Stiles and Lydia cowering from the doctors.

Teen Wolf News Lydia and Stiles hide from the doctors.png


5. Stalia Moment

Malia is still Stiles #1 Bae.

Teen wolf news Stiles and Malia Kiss.png

6. Mister "Third Eye" Returns

Valack, the guy with three eyes and a hole in his skull, is back and welcomes visitors Stiles and Lydia to his Plexiglas abode.

Teen Wolf News Valack Lydia Stiles.png

7. Bro Time

Scott and Stiles get some Bro Time early in the season.

Teen Wolf News Scott Stiles Jeep Bro Time.png

Heavy is the head that wears the True Alpha crown as Scott worries that things have been too good for too long meaning bad stuff's coming.

Teen Wolf News Liam Mason Run.png

Bros Mason and Liam only moment in the trailer is one of sheer terror as they try to escape a wall-crawling doctor.

8. The Library

It is the biggest new set of the series but it's only in the trailer for a second. We get a hero shot of the core cast walking down the stairs.

Teen Wolf News Core Cast in the library.png

9. New Wolves

We kinda already knew that Cody Christian would be the new wolf in town but the trailer gives us a good close-up look.

Teen Wolf News New Wolf growl.png

The trailer also features a few other, as yet unknown, new wolves.

Teen Wolf News New Wolf grrril.png
Teen Wolf News Doctors lair.png

Teen Wolf Season 5 debuts on Monday June 29th at 10PM on MTV. The second episode of the season will air on Tuesday at 9PM.

051515 - Wet Wolf

Southern California got some much-needed rainfall this week. While it was good for the ongoing drought, it was bad for the Teen Wolf production.

Thursday found cast and crew in the woods near Malibu Creek State Park. The area is familiar to fans as the Beacon Hills Preserve and home of the Nemeton. Teen Wolf brings the equivalent of a small town each time they go on location. It is a major undertaking, planned weeks in advance. One thing they couldn’t plan for was this break in California’s drought.

Storms moved in over the location shortly after noon on Thursday. The rain was moderate (and manageable) at first. Then the big storms moved in, dumping a quarter of an inch of water on our wolves over the course of the afternoon.

Teen Wolf Season 5 Behind the Scenes Shelley Hennig Ryan Kelley Malibu Creek 051415.jpg

Television productions can deal with rain. Light rain doesn’t even show up on camera so it’s not that hard for them to continue. Once the heavy stuff started to fall on Thursday, they had to seek shelter and we saw the actors huddled together under umbrellas as they waited out the storms. While it was an inconvenience, I think everyone on set will agree that the rain was worth it just to get these shots of Ryan Kelley wearing a clear plastic rain bonnet to protect his perfect hair.

Teen Wolf Season 5 Behind the Scenes Ryan Kelley rain hat.png
Teen Wolf Season 5 Behind the Scenes Ryan Kelley Rain bonnet.jpg
Teen Wolf Season 5 Behind the Scenes Ryan Kelley Malibu Creek rain 051415.jpg

051015 - Bring Your Mom to Teen Wolf Day?

We got to see Dylan Sprayberry in his full Season 5 wolf make-up this week.

Teen Wolf Season 5 Behind the Scenes Laura Pallas Dylan Sprayberry wolfface 050415.jpg

Despite some idle chatter on the web, that is not Sprayberry's mom - it's his manager. Laura Pallas of Pallas Management Group handles the business of show for Sprayberry and his sister.

We also saw HollywireTV reporter Ciara McVey at Teen Wolf HQ. We should hear some behind the scenes interviews from her shortly.

Teen Wolf Season 5 Behind the Scenes Ciara McVey Holland Roden 050615.jpg

For more behind the scenes shots from the Teen Wolf Set visit teenwolfnews.com.

042815 - Melissa Ponzio’s Wandering Eye

Actor Melissa Ponzio has become the unofficial documentarian of Teen Wolf Season 5.

It seems she always finds something of interest to shoot and publish whenever she is on set. Her images create a rolling record of the minutiae behind the scenes. You're not going to find the type of stuff that interests the average fan here. There are no shots of Posey being goofy or Sprayberry making his patented "sourfaceselfies" but you will get views of the process that usually only actors and crew see.

042415 - Season 5 gets Sh*tty

At least one episode of Teen Wolf Season 5 is going to stink to high heaven!

Cast and crew spent last night filming at the Terminal Island Water Reclamation Plant in San Pedro, California. The complex is basically a series of pipes and tanks that take sewage from Los Angles, cleans it up, and then dumps it back into nature.

Teen Wolf crew members dubbed the location the "Poop Plant" and "Sh*t River." While we don't have a any context for why the location was necessary or what it has to do with the plot, we did get a few decent behind the scenes images that show off the area they're using for the episode.

The production is currently working up to Episode 8 of 20 planned for Season 5. Teen Wolf will debut over two nights. Episode 1 airs June 29 at 10pm and Episode 2 airs June 30 at 9pm.

041515 - Teen Wolf Season 5 Synopsis

MTV has redesigned the Official Teen Wolf website and released a brief synopsis for Season 5.

teenwolfnews.com reports that the new MTV website features the “drippy” Teen Wolf logo seen in the first teaser (see below) and the primary accent color switched from bright yellow to a color my computer identifies as “outer space,” sort of a slate-bluish-grayish sort of thing.

Teen Wolf Season 5 logo.jpg

The new Teen Wolf Season 5 synopsis reads -

“On the eve of Senior Year, Scott and his friends find themselves facing the possibility of a future without each other, a next phase of their lives that might take them in different directions despite their best intentions. Little do they know that outside forces are already plotting to break the pack apart long before they ever see graduation. New villains that use a combination of science and the supernatural for a malevolent and mysterious purpose that will eventually pit Scott and his friends against their greatest enemy yet.”

The “new villains,” we know from the first teaser trailer, are The Doctors. The fact that they “use a combination of science and the supernatural” conjures up all sorts of ideas about just what we’ll see coming in Season 5.

Also generating some buzz is the line “facing the possibility of a future without each other.” There’s been a great deal of idle chatter about Season 5 being the show’s last. There is little in the way of facts to back up those rumors but this synopsis will likely add fuel to that speculative fire.

Teen Wolf Season 5 began filming on February 9 in Los Angeles, California. They are currently working on Episodes 7 and 8. The season is expected to air beginning on June 29, 2015.

041215 - Meet the Doctors

Teen Wolf’s first tease for the upcoming Season 5 debuted in the MTV Movie Awards Sunday night.

Teen wolf season 5 tease logo.png

It shows a body in a tube of liquid and three mysterious leather-clad figures ascending stairs with the caption “The Doctors will see you now.” We also hear the voice of Dr. Deaton (Seth Gilliam) saying “The rules have changed.”


Teen Wolf 'Villain' Official Teaser (Season 5) MTV

As with most teases, the images are quickly cut together and offer very few details but we’ve isolated a few relevant images so you can look for clues. First, we have the body in the tube. It’s not anyone I recognized right off.

Teen wolf season 5 tease body in tube.png

Then we see “The Doctors” themselves walking up the stairs and a couple of close-up views that give a few details of the costumes.

Teen wolf season 5 tease Doctors stairs.png
Teen wolf season 5 tease doctor close-up detail.png
Teen Wolf Season 5 Tease Doctor eye close up.jpg
Teen wolf season 5 tease Doctor close up victim.png

We also have the pre-requisite screaming from the victim pictured above.

Teen wolf season 5 tease screaming.png

There are also quick cuts showing the main cast including Arden Cho, Holland Roden, Shelley Hennig, Tyler Posey and Dylan O'Brien.

Teen wolf season 5 tease Tyler Posey.png
Teen wolf season 5 tease Dylan O'Brien.png

MTV usually releases the video to everyone after the initial broadcast - teenwolfnews.com will post it as soon as it becomes available.

041015 - Beacon Hills Library

If you listened to the Doin' it Raw podcast with Tyler Posey and Tyler Schanbel you've heard about the "elaborate new sets" Teen Wolf production built for Season 5. The one new set the Tylers talk about extensively is the new school library.

Teen Wolf Wiki has sorta/kinda confirmed that this is said library.

Teen Wolf Season 5 Behind the Scenes new beacon hills library set undated image.jpg

I say 'sorta/kinda' because we still can't get any of our sources to outright confirm - but they all seem annoyed that this picture is out there. In my experience - when Teen Wolf folks are 'annoyed' it means I've found something they didn't want people to see.

040615 - A SLOOOOOW Week

After the excitement of Teen Wolf's Return to Eichen House a couple weeks back - we've seen nothing much at all from Season 5 filming.

We expect that to change this week as we'll see scenes with lots of extras in a very public location meaning more opportunities for behind the scenes goodness!.

In the meantime, here are the few images we got from set during the past week or so.

Teen Wolf Season 5 Behind the Scenes Arden Cho with tiny shopping cart 040115.jpg
Teen Wolf Season 5 Behind the Scenes Daniel Flores with fairy wings 040115.jpg
Teen Wolf Season 5 Behind the Scenes Holland Roden and Daniel Flores BH Hospital set 040215.jpg
Teen Wolf Season 5 Behind the Scenes Dylan O'Brien with fan Teen Wolf HQ 040215.jpg
Teen Wolf Season 5 Behind the Scenes Dylan O'Brien Tyler Posey with fans Teen Wolf HQ undated.jpg

You've got Arden Cho with a toy she found on set, an April's Fool shot of costumer Daniel Flores with fairy wings and some lucky fans with Dylan O'Brien and Tyler Posey.

Like I said, this week we should see more from the Teen Wolf set.

032715 - Meet the Sluagh

Teen Wolf found its Sluagh this week. According to teenwolfnews.com, they cast 16-year-old Texan Michael Lynch to play the fan-designed creature in an episode of Season 5 of the MTV series

Teen Wolf Season 5 Behind the Scenes Mike Lynch and Sluagh design by Jessica Short.jpg

Brooklyn-based artist Jessica Short designed the Sluagh (pronounced sloo-ah), a creature of Irish and Scottish myth that eats the souls of innocents and sometimes places parts of its rotten soul into the bodies of its sleeping victims.

Mike spent 2 days on set this week. They did prep work for the shoot on day one and spent the next day actually filming as the Sluagh.

Teen Wolf Season 5 Behind the Scenes Arden Cho Matt Lynch Dylan O'Brien Tyler Posey Holland Roden Eichen House 2 location 032715.jpg

Mike got the part through the Make-A-Wish foundation. His wish was to be an extra on Teen Wolf. Instead, because the timing was just right, he will become a lasting part of the Teen Wolf Universe as the very first Sluagh to appear on screen.Our source on set during the shoot says Jessica’s design and Mike’s performance combined to make the creature “terrifying."

The Sluagh scenes coincided with the Teen Wolf crew’s return to the Mary Andrews Clark Memorial Home near downtown Los Angeles. The building serves as the exterior of Eichen House in the Teen Wolf Universe.

While it’s still not clear exactly how they plan to use the creature in Season 5, the return to Eichen House suggests the Sluagh may be involved with the secret supernatural jail housed inside the mental health facility.

You can see more pictures of Mike's Teen Wolf Adventure on his newly established twitter page.

031915 - Jeff Davis' Drag Race

This week saw the return of drag to Teen Wolf. We all remember fondly Scott and Stiles night at Jungle back in Season 2. This week we saw the return of at least one drag performer to Beacon Hills.

Teen Wolf Season 5 Behind the Scenes extras party Scene 031915.jpg

Ms. Cake Moss was on set for a club/party scene filmed at Teen Wolf Headquarters in Northridge California this week.

Moss is familiar to drag fans in Los Angeles. The Ohio native began performing in 2013 at Evita, Micky's, Hamburger Mary's, and The Abbey (a favorite spot for Teen Wolf Production Manager Sam Childs). While it's unclear just how "featured" her role will be, it's just nice to have a bit more diversity on set.


Teen Wolf Season 5 Behind the Scenes Club Scene extras 031915.jpg

Also on set for the club/party scene - Los Angeles Model/Actor Jared North and Brazilian acrobat/Cirque Du Soleil performer Gabriel Christo. We've not yet identified the "trois" of this Ménage. If you know, tell us in the comments.

This was a massive scene including dozens of extras. It is the largest party we've seen on set since Season 4's The Dark Moon and the bonfire during Perishable.

031815 - Teen Wolf casts Heartland Heartthrob

Canadian actor Gabriel Hogan will appear in at least one episode of Teen Wolf Season 5.

Teen Wolf News Gabriel Hogan Headshot.jpg

Viewers of the long-running, north-of-the-border primetime soap Heartland will recognize Hogan as Peter Morris. He was the rich bad guy who turned love interest who then lost all his money.

He also happens to be the son of Teen Wolf actor Michael Hogan (Gerard Argent).

There wasn’t some big announcement about Hogan coming to Teen Wolf Headquarters in Northridge, California. We got word through a casting notice for stand-ins – they’re looking someone who looks like him to stand in during the setting of shots prior to filming for scenes on Thursday, March 19th.

The same type notice announced the return of Benita Robledo for the same episode.

Teen Wolf Season 5 Behind the Scenes Benita Robledo makeup.jpg

Robledo was last seen on ABC as one of Agent Carter’s neighbors at the Griffith Hotel (the same building they use for Eichen House in Teen Wolf). She played a nurse named Carol.

You might also remember her from her time as Amalia on Gossip Girl like five years ago or the role in which I recognized her - as “Genius!” girl in this ad for the USPS.


Robledo was filming on set last week and thanked her fellow actors via twitter "Had such a blast shooting #TeenWolf!!! Thank you so much @lindenashby @the_ryan_kelley @AshtonMoio + everyone for making me feel welcome!"

As is always the case with castings of this sort – we have no idea how large a role Robledo or Hogan might play within this week's episode but we do know they’ll be shooting a party or nightclub dance scene on Thursday. That means TWHQ will be crawling with good-looking extras!

Teen Wolf is now in its sixth week of production on Season 5. They are filming scenes for episodes 4 and 5.

031715 - Underwear that's Fun-to-wear

Saint Patrick’s Day apparently brought out the impish leprechaun in Ryan Kelley.

Teen Wolf Season 5 Behind the Scenes Ryan Kelley Boxer Briefs 031715.jpg

The Teen Wolf Deputy wore his traditional Irish green underneath his costume and stripped down at Teen Wolf HQ in Northridge, California to show it off in a couple of Instagram pictures.

Teen Wolf Season 5 Behind the Scenes Ryan Kelley Boxer Briefs set 031715.jpg

The impromptu modeling session didn’t go exactly to plan. According to Kelley, “As soon as I stripped down, a pack of teenagers walked by visiting set - oops! Welcome to Teen Wolf!”

Kelley’s character, Deputy Parrish, is very involved in the 4-5 episodes shot since filming on Teen Wolf Season 5 began back in February. Producers promise that the mystery of “what is Parrish?” will be explored during the season to come.

031415 - Just Hangin' in Northridge

The Teen Wolf production stayed home this week, filming scenes inside their Northridge, California headquarters, The opossum was back in the rafters and on top of the set walls and we saw action inside one of the Beacon Hills Hospital operating rooms.

The Opossum, or maybe opossums, live inside the studio. We saw a couple of different crew photos of the critter this week.

Inside Beacon Hills Hospital, someone is on the table and the doctor is dressed for surgery. The set dressing is a real mri scan of a 41 year old man's spine. The name "David Baker" appears on the scans but this is probably the real doctor who ordered this real scan back in 2009. Again, this is set dressing and the information on the prop has nothing to do with the scene in which it appears.

Highlights of the week include the cast’s trip to PaleyFest and Ryan Kelley’s traffic cone obsession!

You can see a replay of the PaleyFest Teen Wolf Panel at teenwolfnews.com

031115 - Hoechlin no Longer Series Regular

Derek will be mostly absent from the action during Teen Wolf Season 5.


It says he wants to pursue more movies. While he won't be a regular both Jeff Davis and MTV say he will be back in some capacity.

031015 - Another New Guy in Season 5

You may not have heard of 22-year-old Ashton Moio before, but he’s been in a lot of good TV and movies in his short life.

Teen Wolf News Ashton Moio Casting News 031015.jpg

According to Linden Ashby (Sheriff Stilinski), Ashton will be part of Teen Wolf Season 5. Linden said on Tuesday, “I've been working with Ashton for a few weeks. This young man is a really, really, really, fine actor! Teen Wolf is lucky to have him!” You might know him as Rico on the short-lived ABC Family show Twisted. He also did an episode of HBO’s The Newsroom as well as Nick’s Victorious and ABC’s No Ordinary Family. Ashton’s movie efforts include the upcoming summer release Insidious 3 and a film called Dope that got some decent reviews when it screened at Sundance this year. Since we’ve not seen an official announcement on his casting yet, there’s no word on what he’ll be doing on Teen Wolf. Linden’s saying he’s been working with him for “weeks” suggests it is a substantial part. You can find out more about Ashton Moio at his IMDb page.

030715 - No Coach so far in Season 5

According to Comedian/Actor Orny Adams, his tour schedule conflicts with Teen Wolf Season 5 filming meaning his Coach Finstock character does not appear in any of the episodes filmed so far.

Adams made the announcement Saturday afternoon while hosting the Days of the Wolf convention in Burbank, California. He did not rule out returning to the show but said, so far, his schedule hasn’t allowed him to film.

Teen Wolf News Orny Adams Days of the Wolf 030715.jpg

His absence on set this week was particularly noticeable since we saw Tyler Posey, Dylan O’Brien and Holland Roden filming at Woodley Park in the San Fernando Valley.

Teen Wolf Season 5 Behind the Scenes monitors Woodley Park 030315.jpg
See the teenwolfnews.com This Week in Pictures section for more images from set.

The site was used as the Beacon Hills High School lacrosse field in Teen Wolf Season 4 and all the episodes filmed there featured Adams’ character prominently. There is no word on how (or if) they will explain Coach Finstock’s absence on screen.

Teen Wolf, in a Van, Down by the River

The Teen Wolf Family returned to a familiar section of Los Angeles this week when they set up production downtown near the 6th Street Viaduct.

We're not sure what all went on down by the river but we do know it involved a chase and a whole bunch of blood!

Teen Wolf Season 5 Behind the Scenes follow van 6th Street Bridge location 030515.jpg

This "follow van" is used in chase scenes so the director and director of photography can follow the action on the monitor as the chase progresses.

We know it was bloody because Tyler Posey was covered in crap after a long Friday night shoot.

Posey was in a sarcastic mood after a tiresome night of working "7am just got done with work covered in s--t and fake blood. Teen wolf season 5 how I love thee." He also bared his neck to the camera to show off a bruise he got on set, "I got a hickey from a werewolf."

We saw this location next to the Los Angeles River in Silverfinger. The warehouses where Isaac met with Kincaid are near where the crew shot Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

030315 - Lacrosse Returns for Season 5?

We got a series of images from set on Tuesday suggesting Teen Wolf cast and crew are filming on the Beacon Hills High School lacrosse field. This doesn’t necessarily mean the sport will be featured in the first half of Season 5 but does give LAX fans hope that they’ll see some stick action coming up.

Only one image, from buzzfeed’s Jarrett Wieselman, shows the lacrosse sign. Wieselman later removed that image from twitter.

Teen Wolf Season 5 Behind the Scenes Lacrosse Team Sign Woodley Park 030315.jpg

Lacrosse was missing from Teen Wolf throughout Season 3 and returned in Season 4. Most of the main characters, Scott McCall, Stiles Stilinski, Liam Dunbar, and Kira Yukimura are on the team. On Tuesday though, the cast didn’t seem to be dressed for the sport and we don’t have any images of sports equipment.

This week we've also seen the return of Khylin Rhambo (Mason) and Cody Saintgnue (Brett)

030215 - Teen Wolf Casting for a Kelsey Chow Photo Double

A casting notice for Monday was seeking someone to photo double for Kelsey Chow at Teen Wolf HQ in Northridge California.

Teen Wolf News kelsey-chow cast in Teen Wolf.jpg
“SAG CASTING NOTICE - shoots on MTV SHOW, Monday Mar 1 in Northridge. You must live in SO CAL area to submit. RATE IS UNION: 177/8.
PHOTO DOUBLE FEMALE , 18-30yrs. 5’6 to 5’8, 95-115lbs Must look like the girl in the photo. Please email a current color photo, your union status, height/weight and contact info to: SandeAlessiCasting@gmail.com Subject line should read: PD KELSEY”

The listing, and one for a Tom Choi (Mr. Yukimura) stand-in, has since been deleted.

The photo double (or body double) is a stand-in for an actor during the setting of a shot or other situations when the actor isn't needed or available. They need to be of identical height and body type, with hair style and color that match. The double then stands on the actor’s marks so the crew can light the scene, set up the cameras, and the million other little things that must happen before the actor comes in and the camera rolls.

You might recognize Kelsey Chow from her Disney XD’s Pair of Kings or the CW’s One Tree Hill. She also did a small part on ABC Family’s Baby Daddy. There's no word what her role on Teen Wolf might be or just how much she’ll we’ll see her Season 5.

022615 - Real Wolf on the Teen Wolf Set Today

This has been the week for animals on the Teen Wolf set in Northridge, California. Monday we saw a bobcat and a possum, today it was a wolf (or wolfdog) named Romeo.

Teen Wolf Season 5 Behind the Scenes Romeo wolf dog actor.jpg

Romeo’s friend and trainer Tim Williams says we’ll probably be seeing a bunch more of him. “Romeo should be doing a ton of work in Teen Wolf this season.”

Teen Wolf Season 5 Behind the Scenes Romeo Wolf Dog actor 2.jpg

While Season 5 is likely to make him a star, Romeo almost didn’t become an actor at all. Williams, who trains animals for a number of TV shows, films and for private clients, almost didn’t agree to train Romeo. “I normally don't take in wolves or Wolfdogs I didn't raise,” he explains, “but I’m so glad I took in Romeo. He is turning out to be a good boy.” This won’t be the first wolf we’ve seen from Williams and his Santa Clarita Animals located just north of Los Angeles. They’ve supplied wolves for the show since production moved to California in Season 3.

022615 - Werewolves on Skateboards

It seems werewolves in Beacon Hills are trading their lacrosse sticks and cross country togs for skateboards in Season 5.

Actors and crew were on location last night in a quiet neighborhood in Winnetka, California filming scenes for the first block of episodes.

The location is a drained swimming pool described by the owner as an “oasis for skaters." While we didn’t see anybody we recognized  An observant tumblr follower pointed out that the image above seems to feature Cody Christian in the pool - the “humpbowl” as it is known to the locals. You can see what he's wearing in a few shots from earlier in the day with fans who stumbled upon the production’s base-camp.

Teen Wolf Season 5 Behind the Scenes Holland Roden with fan location unknown 022415.jpg

This is our first shot of Holland Roden on set.

In addition to Cody Christian and Ryan Kelley, we’re told by someone on site that Cody Saintgnue (Brett from Season 4) was there too – but we don’t yet have any photos of him.

022515 - Deputy Parrish on Patrol

Oh the life of a big Hollywood star - the parties, the fans, the hanging out endlessly in parking lots goofing around.

Actor Ryan Kelley is living that life this week at Teen Wolf HQ in Northridge, California.

Teen Wolf Season 5 Behind the Scenes Ryan Kelley unknown location 022415.jpg
Teen Wolf Season 5 Behind the Scenes Ryan Kelley Teen Wolf HQ base camp 022515.jpg

Adding the hashtag #parkinglotpatrol, Kelley said "No one gets by me!!! Except that one guy behind me, but only him!"

022315 - Dr. Deaton Returns to Beacon Hills

Actor Seth Gilliam returned to the Teen Wolf set today.

Teen Wolf Season 5 Behind the Scenes Tyler Posey Seth Gilliam TWHQ 022315.jpg

The actor is just returned from a stint on AMC’s The Walking Dead. Gilliam appeared as Father Gabriel Stokes in the zombie drama. He also found time to film a small role in the critically acclaimed film Still Alice which garnered a Best Actress Oscar for Julianne Moore on Sunday night.

In Teen Wolf Season 5, Gilliam will be back as Druid Emissary and Veterinarian Alan Deaton giving cryptic advice to Scott McCall and his pack of friends. It's a good thing the town vet returned when he did - there are creatures on the Teen Wolf set today.

Teen Wolf Season 5 Behind the Scenes Arden Cho with bobcat 022315.jpg

Arden Cho posted this "selfie with bobcat" Monday afternoon then added a shot with wolf and cat together.

Teen Wolf Season 5 Behind the Scenes Arden Cho with bobcat and Tyler Posey 022315.jpg

We also saw an uninvited animal co-star on Monday as an opossum was spotted climbing the rafters over the set.

Teen Wolf Season 5 Behind the Scenes Rogue Possum in the rafters 022315.jpg

teenwolfnews.com's report prompted fans to weave the little critter into their Teen Wolf head canon -

@mylasicetea - Looks like someone wants a cameo
@MintOnarel - Is that Stiles in full shift?
@KendraMacCall - he is definetly cute so why not a werepossum XD
@KatieGwalksi - Best guest star tbh

More details about the marsupial visitor are up now at teenwolfnews.com.

022115 - Cody Christian on Location

On Saturday, Teen Wolf Official released the first image of Actor Cody Christian on the set of Teen Wolf.

Teen Wolf Seasn 5 Behind the Scenes Cody Christian, Dylan O'Brien, Dylan Sprayberry malibu creek.jpg

Christian is best known for his role as Mike Montgomery on ABC Family’s Pretty Little Liars. On Teen Wolf he’s playing Theo, a character described as “a lone wolf who is drawn to the spooky California town in search of a pack" MTV also says he's "athletic and charming yet covert, and while it may appear that the young adult is new to town, his past might suggest otherwise.”

Beyond the PR puffery, there is little of note in this image.

It is undated but seems to have been shot in the woods near Malibu Creek which is where the show’s been shooting for the past three nights. This is the same location used in Season 3 for much of the Cross Country action and as the location of the Nemeton.

021915 - Lost on Location

The torrent of first week BTS images and info has dwindled to a trickle in week two. This is possibly due to the fact that they hit several different locations in a very short period of time. It appears they are trying to knock these first episodes out super quick.

We got a couple of images from Ryan Kelley on Tuesday at an, as yet, unknown location.

On Wednesday night they set up shop in the woods near Malibu Creek - it's where they shoot a lot of the Beacon Hills Preserve stuff.

The only thing we saw from there is this rough shot from writer Eric Wallace.

Teen Wolf SEason 5 Behind the Scenes Eric Wallace set pic 021815.jpg

Look closely at the monitor and you can imagine all sorts of things there.

021615 - Who is Back for Teen Wolf Season 5

As is always the case when we start a new season, folks want to know if their favorite cast member is returning. MTV officials remain mum on who all is returning for Teen Wolf Season 5 saying only that “casting is often last minute and sometimes comes down to if the actor is available at the time.” That means we have to use set photos and other means to confirm who is actually working on the show this season. Here is a rundown of the actors Teen Wolf News can confirm on set for Teen Wolf Season 5.

  • Tyler Posey as Scott McCall – Posey’s been all over the place in set photos and a video from MTV official from the first day (see below).
Teen wolf season 5 behind the scenes Tyler Posey wolf makeup Rachel Zemlin unknown date.jpg

We’ve even got one image that purports to be his Season 5 werewolf makeup but Teen Wolf News CANNOT CONFIRM whether this is from Season 5 or earlier.

  • Dylan O'Brien as Stiles Stilinski – It seemed O'Brien was in every scene during the middle of the week while they were shooting at Palisades Charter High School.
  • Tyler Hoechlin as Derek Hale – We’ve only seen Hoechlin in images from Teen Wolf HQ and nothing yet from the Teen Wolf set or in front of the camera.
Teen Wolf Season 5 Behind the Scenes Daniel Flores Arden Cho Tyler Hoechlin wardrobe 2 021015.jpg
Teen Wolf Season 5 Behind the Scenes Daniel Flores Arden Cho Tyler Hoechlin wardrobe 021015.jpg
  • Holland Roden as Lydia Martin – We’ve seen no images of Holland from set but Linden Ashby reports he worked with Holland on February 10 – “Worked with her last night. She looks GREAT!”
  • Linden Ashby as Sheriff Stilinski – Lots of images of the Sheriff this week mostly on Tuesday.
  • Melissa Ponzio as Melissa McCall – We’ve not seen Melissa but she’s posted a number of images from the set throughout the first week.
  • Arden Cho as Kira Yukimura – Arden was everywhere in photos the first couple of days. Later in the week we didn’t see her but she did report she was working some late nights. “Happy Valentine's Day!!! My date is MTVteenwolf Good morning! I'm still on set!!!! #TeenWolfSeason5 #latenightfilming”
  • Shelley Hennig as Malia Tate – Shelley was on the hospital set with Tyler Posey and Dylan Sprayberry on the first day of filming (see video below). She was never far from Dylan O’Brien during filming at Pacific Palisades Charter High School during the rest of the week.
  • Ryan Kelley as Deputy Parrish – Most of the images of Deputy Parrish are from early in the week and all seem to be at Teen Wolf HQ in Northridge.
  • Tom T. Choi as Mr. Yukimura – Choi was filming on Friday (into Saturday) at Woodley Park.
  • Dylan Sprayberry as Liam – We saw a lot of Dylan Sprayberry early in the week. Mostly pictures and a video on the hospital set at Teen Wolf HQ.
  • Cody Christian as Theo – Cody has yet to show up in images from the Teen Wolf set but according to Tom Choi, he’s already working there. “What a great guy this @ReallyCody is. Really enjoyed our talks on set and looking forward to more. Welcome to #teenwolf”

Here is a rundown of the Teen Wolf Season 4 actors we've yet to see on set for Teen Wolf Season 5.

  • Khylin Rhambo as Mason – dropped off twitter in October and hasn’t instagrammed since December. There is no indication he has returned to Teen Wolf.
  • Cody Saintgnue as Brett Talbot – very active on social media and had lunch with the actor that plays Satomi this week but, so far, we’ve no confirmation that he is working on Teen Wolf.
  • Lily Mariye as Satomi – says she expects to return “See you on @MTVteenwolf xo”
  • Meagan Tandy as Braeden – is not on set. From her tweets it seems she doesn’t have a contract for Season 5 and has, as yet, not been approached for a guest spot. "Missing the teen wolf fam so much. Braeden is ready when they are!"
  • Matthew Del Negro – very active on social media but says “looking forward to working on it. I know NOTHING about it at this point.”
  • Jill Wagner as Kate Argent – not on set
  • JR Bourne as Chris Argent – not on set
  • Orny Adams as Coach Finstock – not on set
  • Seth Gilliam as Doctor Deaton– not on set
  • Ian Bohen as Peter Hale - not on set
  • Tamlyn Tomita as Noshiko Yukimura – not on set
  • Ivonne Coll as Araya Calavera – not on set
  • Susan Walters as Natalie Martin– not on set

More Set Images

021215 - Those Sneaky Swedes

MTV has revealed that Teen Wolf’s first location of Season 5 was Palisades Charter High School in Pacific Palisades, California. Pali, as it is known to students and alumni, provides the exteriors for Beacon Hills High School on the show.

The production used the Pali campus for a couple of night shoots on Tuesday and Wednesday and, despite increased security, Swedish Au Pair and blogger Rebekah Salomonsson and her entourage managed to walk right into the set.

“We went under a bridge there and up to the stairs to arrive, which perhaps was not the smartest thing we stomped right in amongst all the cameras where they would record haha. We were pretty quickly sent away further back.”

After failing to penetrate the set once, they tried again. They approached an unnamed crew member who allowed them access.

“…we met a guy who worked there and talked with him. He said that he would take us behind the scenes so that we could meet them (the cast). As excited as we were, we went with him into the building. There where all the film cameras and actors and all the other thousands of people who worked behind the scenes. We stood just a few feet from where Dylan O'Brien and Shelley Hennig recorded one shot, we saw and heard the whole scene, a kiss scene was even. So awesome!!”

It was here that security took notice of the unauthorized visitors, “There was a guard who asked how we got there and we were kicked out. But we did not give up, we had to talk to Dylan (O’Brien).” Salomonsson says she and her friends looked for other ways to infiltrate. “We ran around there at the school as the worst spies and looked for ways to get in. When filming was paused again so they could change location, we took the chance. It was all or nothing so we barged straight up to Dylan haha.” O’Brien was, as he is with all fans, kind and courteous. The girls got a hug and a number of pictures of filming.

Palisades Charter High School Location Image Gallery

Teen Wolf News always attempts to avoid plot spoilers when posting set images.

021215 - Security!

The new Season of Teen Wolf comes with a new level of security for its biggest celebrity.

Teen Wolf Season 5 Behind the Scenes Dylan O'Brien with security 2 021115.png

Dylan O’Brien, an international superstar after his turn in The Maze Runner brought in more than $340 million in worldwide ticket sales, was surrounded by uniformed private security during Wednesday’s filming.

We’ve not seen this level of protection in set photos during the previous four seasons.

Teen Wolf Season 5 Behind the Scenes Dylan O'Brien with security 021115.png

Another new addition, each member of crew must wear these badges at all times.

Teen Wolf Season 5 Behind the Scenes New Security Badges 021115.png

Even familiar faces like Production Manager Sam Childs and Producer Damon Jackson have to prove who they are to get on set.

Teen Wolf Season 5 Behind the Scenes Daniel Flores Damon Jackson Sam Childs Dylan O'Brien at base camp 021115.jpg

We’re still not revealing where they are, Teen Wolf News policy forbids publishing that information until after they wrap the location. Once they do we’ll post all the images from today's action in a special gallery.

021115 - Hey! It's Dylan!

Dylan O’Brien is on the set of Teen Wolf Season 5 today.

Teen Wolf Season 5 Behind the Scenes Costumer Barbara with Dylan O'Brien on location 021115.jpg

In this image from Daniel Flores, Costume Designer Barbara Vazquez and Dylan are on location for day 3 of filming.

Melissa Ponzio was on site at this location late into the night. She described the shoot as “Late night at #teenwolf basecamp BTS…too much top secret stuff tonight guys…”

Teen Wolf Season 5 Behind the Scenes First location shoot basecamp 021015.jpg

And we saw Ryan Kelley acting goofy outside his trailer today as well.

Teen Wolf Season 5 Behind the Scenes Ryan Kelly Parrish trailer pulls face 021015.jpg

We have quite a few more images of the cast on set but Teen Wolf News policy prohibits identifying active locations. As soon as they wrap the site we'll publish a gallery of today's activity.

In addition to the folks we saw on set today, we heard that Holland Roden was back for last night's shoot with Sheriff Stilinski. Linden says "Worked with her (Holland) last night. She looks GREAT!"

And Teen Wolf Official released another of the videos they shot on Monday (the first day of filming). This one features "Malia or Shelley or whatever" along with Tyler Posey and Dylan Sprayberry.


Teen Wolf News Season 5 Behind the Scenes Shelley Hennig first day vid

EXTRA - Cody Christian Joining Teen Wolf

19 year old Cody Christian, best known for his role on the ABC Family show Pretty Little Liars, is joining the Teen Wolf cast in Season 5. The announcement from Teen Wolf Official of a new cast member was preceded by two versions of the same image. The first had the face blacked out.

Teen Wolf Season 5 Behind the Scenes New cast tease image 021015.png

The second pixelated the face and blurred the background.

Teen Wolf News Cast Announcment 021015.png

By combining the two images into one, Teen Wolf News was able to find a match using a simple Google Image search.

Teen Wolf News Cast Announcment combined 021015.png

Google says this is Cody Christian.

Teen Wolf News Cody Christian Joins Cast 021015.jpg

While he is most recognized as Mike Montgomery on PLL, Cody also appeared on HBO’s True Blood and ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy. Here's what MTV has to say about his role on Teen Wolf - "The 19-year-old will be featured as senior Theo, a lone wolf who is drawn to the spooky California town in search of a pack. He’s described as athletic and charming yet covert, and while it may appear that the young adult is new to town, his past might suggest otherwise. Say what?!"

021015 - Good Morning Mr. Kelley!

It's another early call on Day 2 of TWS5.

Ryan Kelley was getting wardrobe with Daniel Flores at 7AM -

Teen Wolf Season 5 Behind the Scenes Ryan Kelley Daniel Flores outside 021015.jpg

We're expecting an announcement of a new cast member tonight at 8PM (I'm assuming that eastern time since they didn't specify in the tease).

Teen Wolf Season 5 Behind the Scenes New cast tease image 021015.png

This is sure to upset the "y'all have too many new people and we don't know enough about the old people" crowd so I expect plenty of bitching after we find out.

Hoechlin Back

Despite all the baseless rumors, Tyler Hoechlin returned to the Teen Wolf studios today.

Teen Wolf Season 5 Behind the Scenes Daniel Flores Arden Cho Tyler Hoechlin wardrobe 021015.jpg

He posed with costumer Daniel Flores and Arden Cho on Tuesday afternoon.

Teen Wolf Season 5 Behind the Scenes Daniel Flores Arden Cho Tyler Hoechlin wardrobe 2 021015.jpg

Arden also posted a few images of Tyler Posey and Linden Ashby posing on motorcycles.

Teen Wolf Season 5 Behind the Scenes Tyler Posey Linden Ashby motorcycles 021015.jpg
Teen Wolf Season 5 Behind the Scenes Tyler Posey Linden Ashby motorcycles 2 021015.jpg
Teen Wolf Season 5 Behind the Scenes Arden Cho motorcycles 021015.jpg

She added, "Working hard today @tylergposey @lindenashby... We're clearly not having a good time."

020915 - Filming Begins

It's the first day back on set for the Teen Wolf Family as filming for Season 5 began bright and early on Monday, February 9.

It was a 5AM set call for makeup and prosthetic wiz Erik Porn, "Day 1 of Teen Wolf Season 5 begins at 5am. How fitting! Here we go!"

He was joined on set a little bit later in the morning by Linden Ashby, "Hi Ho Hi Ho it's off to work we go... Beacon Hills High is officially back in session!"

Writer Angela Harvey says they got down to work around 7:15AM, "All right, rehearsal's up! :-)" and filming began about an hour later "Picture's up! First shot. #giddy Rolling!!"

Teen Wolf Season 5 Behind the Scenes Damon Jackson Daniel Flores 020915.jpg

Two very familiar BTS faces - Damon Jackson and Daniel Flores are back for Season 5. Danny added, "First day of school! @damon_jackson_ #teenwolf #backtoschool"

The only thing we know for certain about what they're filming today - it doesn't include the Beacon Hills High School hallway. We know this because that's the only image released so far today by Teen Wolf Official.

Teen Wolf Season 5 Behind the Scenes dark hallway 020915.png

We got some equally interesting images from Melissa Ponzio of the Beacon Hills Hospital morgue and hallway.

Teen Wolf Season 5 Behind the Scenes Ponzio shot of morgue instruments 020915.jpg

Teen Wolf Season 5 Behind the Scenes Posey and Ponzio's chairs 020915.jpg

She also wanted to make it clear that the crushed water bottle, half-eaten sandwich, and cellphone were not her mess, "For the record, none of that stuff is mine...#TeenWolf."

Late in the day she offered up the first actual clue as to what they're shooting today -

Teen Wolf Season 5 Behind the Scenes Episode 501 Marker McCall home set 020915.jpg

That's the slate for the first episode in what appears to be the McCall house. Maybe?

We also got this little video from Teen Wolf Official too -


Teen Wolf News Season 5 Posey first day on set

Check back throughout the day for updates and new images from the set!

020615 - Liam's Incredible Bulk

It is safe to say that actor Dylan Sprayberry has been bulking up in preparation for Teen Wolf filming to begin.

Teen Wolf Season 5 Behind the Scenes Dylan Sprayberry bulked up for work 020615.jpg

Dylan says he's been working out with Kickboxer/Trainer Ronin Boushnak, "My secrets to success listening to rage against the machine #RATM while training with @roninme!"

Boushnak claims to be a 3 time World Champion Kickboxer but I can't verify that anywhere outside of his own gym's website. While his pedigree may be in question, the trainer's results with our little wolf pup are evident.

Dressing Mr. Kelley

Ryan Kelley returned to Teen Wolf Headquarters in Northridge, California today to get fitted for his Season 5 wardrobe.

Teen Wolf Season 5 Behind the Scenes Ryan Kelley costume fitting with Adam West TWHQ 020615.jpg

He shared this selfie with set costumer Adam West and added, “One of my favs #TeenWolfTime #UhOh”

So far we’ve seen Kelley, Linden Ashby, Arden Cho and Tyler Posey return to TWHQ as they get set for filming to begin on Season 5.

020515 - Producer Posey

Tyler Posey is back at Teen Wolf Headquarters in Northridge, CA today.

Teen Wolf Season 5 Co-Producers Meeting TWHQ 020515.jpg

As Posey was elevated to "Co-Producer" this year, he and the other producers met today to discuss the upcoming filming schedule for Season 5.

You might also recognize Damon Jackson. In addition to his work behind the scenes, Damon played Danny’s Boyfriend in Seasons 1, 2 and 3.

I believe that is writer/producer Ian Stokes there in the middle.

Here's a wider shot of the room - these are the folks we seldom see but without whom there would be no Teen Wolf.

Teen Wolf Season 5 Producers Meeting TWHQ wide shot 020515.jpg

020315 - The Wheels on the Bus...

Teen Wolf crew loaded up and headed out this morning for a "Tech Scout" of the locations for the first block of Season 5 Episodes.

Teen Wolf Season 5 Behind the Scenes Tech Scout 1 Leaving Northridge 020315.jpg

Folks tell me this is a necessary field trip to deal with all the BTS stuff necessary for the shoot.

  • Production - Where do we set up base camp? Do we have a spot for Craft Services (food)? Bathrooms? Parking? Safety hazards? Equipment storage and transport?
  • Camera Angles - Necessary for shot lists, storyboards, blocking, lighting, boom placement, art department, etc.
  • Set Dressing - How much needs to be covered up? Where can we put the props? Can we paint stuff?
  • Lighting/Power - Do we need a generator? From where can we pull power?
  • Sound - How noisy is the location? Airports? Traffic noise from highways?

Generally, they cover everything they'll need in advance so, on the day of filming, they can just show up, set up and shoot. The fact that they're doing it today suggests location filming could begin in about a week.

012815 - Welcome Back!

Teen Wolf Headquarters in Northridge, CA is showing signs of life again. The folks in the Wardrobe Department announced their return today.

Teen Wolf Season 5 Behind the Scenes Megan and Daniel Wardrobe Dept 012715.jpg

That’s Megan Smith and Daniel Flores, part of the crew that does the costumes for the show. Danny added – “We're back! #teenwolf #teenwolfwardrobe #season5” to the post. This is not the first we’ve seen of the costumers this season; we've seen Megan and Head Costume Designer Barbara Vazquez working on various projects at TWHQ since the first week of December.

Also back on site, Teen Wolf Production Manager Sam Childs returned to his office full time a couple of weeks ago. He’s responsible for planning out the season’s budget, scheduling filming days, locations and generally organizing everything that has to happen before filming can begin.

Actors are not back on set yet – there’s still a lot of work to do before they return. They do, however, have their first couple of scripts in hand.

Teen Wolf News Arden Cho first episode tweet.png

Teen Wolf News Linden Ashby first two episodes tweet.png

And at least one of the writers, Angela Harvey, repeated today what we’ve been hearing for a while now – promises of a great season ahead.

Teen Wolf News Angela Harvey scripts tweet 012715.png

For now all the action is in the offices and the writers' room. On set, the old props from Season 4 still lay right where they were left last summer.

Teen Wolf Season 5 Behind the Scenes dead marco prop body.jpg

Teen Wolf Season 5 Behind the Scenes Bones from Season 4.jpg

There was a good bit of speculation after Jeff Davis released this image of the first Season 5 script.

Teen Wolf Season 5 Behind the Scenes episode 501 script from Jeff.jpg

Some of our Teen Wolf Wiki contributors suggested it might be a Rocky Horror Picture Show reference but that is apparently not the case.

Teen Wolf News Eric Wallace creatures of the night tweet.png

That’s from Teen Wolf writer Eric Wallace who should probably know considering he works closely with Davis.

While there are a number of songs called Creatures of the Night, the most famous by far is from the band KISS. The album was not one of their most commercially successful efforts but is praised by critics.

Jeff Davis would have been 7-years-old when the album was released.

Filming for Teen Wolf Season 5 is slated to begin within the next few weeks.

012015 - Season 5 BTS Video Preview


Teen Wolf News Season 5 Behind the Scenes Preview

Teen Wolf News presents a Behind the Scenes Preview for Teen Wolf Season 5.

Teen Wolf Headquarters in Northridge, California is mostly quiet right now waiting for February when filming is slated to begin.

In the meantime - Teen Wolf Wiki has verified a few more details on what we can expect in Season 5.

For more Eric Wallace on the Gecken Podcast - [1]

For the very latest verified information on Season 5 - http://teenwolf.wikia.com/wiki/Season_5

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