Victoria Argent was a recurring character on MTV"s Teen Wolf played by Eaddy Mays. She is the late wife of Chris Argent and the mother of the late Allison Argent.

Throughout much of Season 1 it was unclear if she was aware that her husband and sister-in-law were involved with werewolf hunting until she ordered the group to kill Derek Hale.

Since the men of the family are hunters and the women are leaders, she was in charge of the hunters in Beacon Hills until her death.

Aside from her role as a hunter, she also held a job as a buyer for a San Francisco boutique (Wolf Moon) and teaching math at a boarding school for boy. (Ice Pick)

Season 1

In subsequent episodes she is shown only in the role of housewife and mother. She first appears answering her door to find Stiles asking for Allison. (Read More...)

During a family dinner in she was nicer to Scott McCall than was her husband and seemed to approve of Scott’s relationship with her daughter. (Read More...)

She accompanies her husband to a parent/teacher conference where she learns her daughter skipped school that day. (Read More...)

When the Hunters have a meeting at her house, she encourages them to kill and cut Derek Hale in half on the night of the full moon. (Read More...)

She shouts at her daughter to stay quiet about everything she's learned about werewolves. She is also shown to be more in charge when her husband doesn't know what to do. (Read More...)

Season 2

She searches through her daughter's room to see if Scott is around, Later, she and her family are escorted to Kate funeral to avoid reporters and photographers. (Read More...)

Along with her husband and other hunters, she kidnapped and tortured the high school principal, removing him from the school so that Gerard could take over. (Read More...)

She is suspicious that Allison and Scott have not actually ended their relationship. She finds a love note in one of Allison's textbooks. She cuts herself with a large kitchen knife as an excuse to go to the hospital and question Melissa McCall about the kids. (Read More...)

She makes dinner after a lacrosse and reluctantly allows Scott over when Gerard invites him. (Read More...)

She substituted for one of the teachers at Beacon Hills High. Later, she tells Allison to stay away from Scott so they don't have to kill him. (Read More...)

She is told by Melissa McCall that Scott and Allison are having sex. She calls him to the office to question him about it. While she does she also sharpens a pencil down to a tiny nub in a threatening manner. Scott denies the accusation. (Read More...)

After seeing Scott and Allison kissing in the chemistry classroom, Victoria decides to kill Scott. She hits him with an SUV then places wolfsbane in a cannabis vaporizer. The vapor fills the room and Scott is rendered helpless. Derek comes to save him but is also somewhat overwhelmed by the wolfsbane vapor and Victoria is able to overpower him. He manages to bite her twice before she can escape. She is still alive at the end of the episode. (Read More...)

With the help of her husband, Victoria took her own life rather than transform into a werewolf. (Read More...)

Season 3

Waking from a dream Allison sees her mother yelling at her when in reality it is Ms. Morrell. (Read More...)

While trying to thread a needle to sew up Scott's wound Allison again conjures an image of her mother and imagines what she would say under the circumstances. (Read More...)

It is revealed that she and Allison are the ones who almost ran Scott over in Wolf Moon. She was reluctant to go back, but Allison's insistence put her to it. (Read More...)


It is unclear if Victoria can be considered a werewolf at the time of her death. The mechanism or "process of becoming" is unclear.

Gerard seemed to believe that the change had already come while Chris seemed to hold out hope that the bite might not take hold right up until the end.

While many viewers point to her glowing eyes as "proof" of her status, the character's line "I can feel it. It's happening." just before, suggests the process was not yet complete.



  • You find him, you kill him, you cut him in half! Anybody want a cookie?” — Mrs. Argent to Chris Argent and other Hunters in Lunatic.
  • Say it!” — Victoria demanding Allison's understanding in Code Breaker
  • Remember, so long as you stay strong, we won't have to kill a 16-year-old boy.” — Victoria to Allison in Frenemy
  • I've heard the cry of an Omega. It's a miserable sound. The howl of a lone wolf...” — Victoria to a dying Scott in Raving
  • I can feel it. It's happening.” — Victoria to Chris before her death in Party Guessed
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