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Werecoyotes are shapeshifters introduced in Season 3 of MTV's Teen Wolf.

Real World Myth[]

Originating from Native American folklore, werecoyotes have been the subject of stories and myths in various cultures.

One example is that is the Navajo people. The creature is seen as an irresponsible troublemaker and its ceremonial name is Áłtsé hashké which means "first scolder".

Often connected to witchcraft, the Navajo believed witches can assume the form of a coyote and is considered an omen. The saying is that if a coyote crosses your path, do not continue your journey as an unfortunate event will occur for you.

Teen Wolf Myth[]


Much like their Werewolf counterparts, werecoyotes can shift into a canine-like creature with human characteristics. They have fangs and claws of similar size and design.

Malia and her mother's eyes flashed blue, however Edgar's eyes in Triggers flashed yellow which confirms the same "Werewolf Eye Color" rules apply for werecoyotes.

According to Jeff Davis, they too can have packs like werewolves.


Like any shapeshifter, the werecoyote has enhanced strength and speed relatively similar to werewolves.

They have a unique ability to fully shift into a full coyote and can remain so for as long as they choose. (Anchors, More Bad Than Good, Status Asthmaticus)

According to Malia's mother, when she gave birth, some of her power was transferred to her offspring. It is possible for the mother to take back that power by killing their child. (The Sword and the Spirit, Apotheosis)

Much like werewolves, after joining a pack, werecoyotes claim the status of beta. (Face-to-Faceless)


They have the same abilities as well as their weaknesses such as a loss of control on the full moon and susceptibility to Wolfsbane and Mountain Ash.

Alpha werewolves appear to have limited mental control over werecoyote as Scott McCall was able to force Malia Tate to revert to human form as seen in More Bad Than Good.

Known Werecoyotes[]