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Werewolves of London is the 17th episode of Teen Wolf Season 6. This episode is the first network television writing credit for Kyle Steinbach.

Episode 617 shares the same name as a song by Warren Zevon from 1978. It is also a reference to John Landis' 1981 film An American Werewolf in London which was last mentioned on Teen Wolf at the beginning of Season 3 after Jackson Whittemore moved to London.

This episode marks the return of Colton Haynes and Charlie Carver to Teen Wolf. Haynes last appeared at the end of Season 2. Carver's last appearance was at the end of Season 3.

Former Alpha Pack leader Deucalion returns in Episode 617 as well.


After a shocking attack leaves the pack reeling, Scott McCall sets out to recruit reinforcements.

Full Recap

Ethan paces in his flat overlooking the Thames River in London, England. He repeatedly attempts to call someone but keeps getting an automated voicemail message (provided by longtime Teen Wolf Director Tim Andrew). He becomes increasingly frustrated as time ticks down to and then beyond the opening curtain of the show he and his boyfriend are supposed to see for their anniversary.

Jackson Whittemore is thrown through the door of the flat, apparently unconscious. A woman dressed in black (Milissa Sears) follows and promptly shoots Ethan in the chest with a dart. He gasps and exhales purple wolfsbane smoke from his lungs and collapses to the floor. The woman’s male companion (Ethan Rains) reminds her that they need to ask them questions, on orders from someone else, before they kill them.

She says Ethan and his “boyfriend” have been tracking other werewolves and she wants to know their names. Ethan notices Jackson’s claws extend and tells the woman she should have used Yellow Wolfsbane saying “regular wolfsbane won’t work on him because he’s not just part Werewolf. He’s part Kanima.”

Jackson breaks the rope tying his hands, grabs a silver ice bucket and brains the male attacker. Ethan smiles. The woman fires another dart at Jackson, which he catches just before it hits his chest. His eyes glow blue as he attacks her. They fight throughout the apartment (the Stilinski Family home redecorated for this episode). Ethan cringes as they break an antique bowl, a lamp, and some recently framed pictures of him and Jackson.

Jackson gains the upper hand and the woman is knocked out. He scoffs at the idea that Ethan thought he’d forgotten their anniversary. They kiss.

Casualties of War

Scott sits in the waiting area at Beacon Hills Memorial Hospital as doctors perform surgery on his mother. He’s honed his hearing to the point where he can hear every word, the beeping monitors, and his mother’s heartbeat. Dr. Geyer says the bullet missed the ascending aorta and that the brachiocephalic artery is intact. He removes the bullet. Scott is joined by Malia who places her hand over his clenched hands. The doctor says Melissa will be okay and Scott relaxes. He takes Malia’s hand in his.

Later a nurse injects a sedative into Melissa’s IV and tells Scott that he only has a few minutes before it takes effect. Scott stands at his mother’s bedside. She is very weak but she tells him not to run, insisting that he stay and fight.

Scott goes to check on his father and finds his hospital bed empty. Sheriff Stilinski explains that Agent McCall was transferred to “San Francisco Memorial” and will be fine. The Sheriff goes on to explain that Mason is out of surgery and Lydia is “all right” too. He says “the bullet missed everything that matters” and everyone is going to live. The sheriff promises to post deputies outside each of their rooms, cordoning off the entire floor, to protect the wounded pack members.

The sheriff says he’ll find out who shot up Scott’s house. Scott says the sheriff and everyone else already knows who is responsible.

Malia catches up to Scott in the hall. The Alpha says he’s done with peace summits, running or half measures. He says they will take on Gerard, Tamora Monroe, and all the Hunters. He says they’ll need an army.

High Noon In Beacon Hills

Sheriff Stilinski confronts Tamora Monroe in his office. She denies shooting up Scott’s house. The sheriff already knows she wasn’t directly involved because a surveillance camera caught her outside the school at the time of the crime. He knows she’s behind the violence against supernaturals and says he wants Gerard.

Deucalion surveys the damage at the McCall House, broken glass and bullet holes everywhere. Scott has called him to enlist his aid in the fight against the hunters, but the former Alpha Pack leader says his fighting days are over. Scott and Malia are incredulous. Deucalion stands firm saying “eventually the bodies pile up so high that even a blind man can’t ignore them.” Malia asks if he’s moved into a cave and taken a “vow of uselessness.” He says he’s changed and his lives in a condo.

Scott tries a different tactic, acknowledging that Deucalion has changed but pointing out that Gerard has not changed and will not stop at Beacon Hills. He explains about the map and says the places circled are Toulouse, France and Brasília, Brazil. Deucalion adds Logashkino in Russia and Zhengzhou in China. Each place apparently has a Nemeton.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Logashkino, while still a place name in Siberia, is considered a “ghost town.” The settlement was abolished in 1998. Prior to that time, it was a trading post at the mouth of the Alazeya River in an area of tundra, swamps, and lakes. The other Nemeton sites named are heavily populated.

Scott says Deucalion knows and can outthink Gerard. He says with almost everyone against them now, he needs help. Deucalion says Gerard wasn’t the first to capitalize on the public’s fear of “the other” and he won’t be the last. He says Scott’s power will always make him an outsider. Scott asks once more for his help to stop Gerard’s army. He refuses again saying that stopping Gerard will meaning killing Gerard.

Malia mocks him for being a pacifist. She attacks and he easily avoids her using a martial arts style he calls “Bagua.” He describes it as a “martial art that takes the path of least resistance.” He says Malia will beat herself if she keeps trying to fight him. She continues and he easily avoids each move leaving Malia prone on the floor.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Bagua is a reference to Baguazhang, one of the three main Chinese martial arts of the Wudang school. It is said that Bagua Zhang combines and integrates the entire pantheon of Chinese martial art fighting techniques into a seamless whole.

Malia gives up and says that while Deucalion can defend himself, he’s leaving everyone else to get “their eyes stabbed out” a reference to Gerard’s first attack on Deucalion. (See Visionary). Deucalion laments what his war with the hunters turned him into and says he’s not afraid to lose his eyes again, but he is afraid to lose his soul. He says while he won’t fight, he will offer guidance. His first piece of advice is that they lower their standards for allies.

Gerard’s Global Reach

Ethan and Jackson bicker playfully as they tie up the hunters who attacked them. Ethan is still upset that Jackson forgot and was late for their anniversary. Jackson wonders if getting kidnapped earns him any sympathy and Ethan says he can make it up next year. Jackson says he will if they’re still alive next year.

Jackson explains that he tracked a group of omega werewolves they were looking for to the Epping Forest (an ancient woodland on the outskirts London). He says the hunters got to them first, killing them all and taking fangs from each as proof that they were dead. Jackson questions the woman asking who they're working for because “there is no way in hell two random amateurs” could go after that many wolves and survive. She says they work alone.

He asks them about Gerard. She says they don’t have to say anything. Jackson glances to Ethan who is listening carefully to the hunter’s heartbeat. He says she’s already told them because “he talks and I listen so we know when you’re lying.” Jackson says they’re getting pretty good at it and concludes that Gerard armed them and sent them after the werewolves in London. He asks if Gerard is also in London. The woman says that Jackson knows where the old man is, Beacon Hills.

In the locker room, Liam assaults Gabe in an attempt to find out who shot up Scott’s house. Gabe denies knowing anything. Liam crushes his head against a mirror until it cracks. Gabe’s face begins to bleed as Gabe begs for him to stop. Theo shows up and points out all the logistical efforts they’d need to go through to actually kill Gabe. They would need to figure out where to hide the body. If anyone saw Liam grab Gabe, they would have to kill those witnesses too. Theo says they’ll need shovels, plastic bags and maybe a chainsaw. Liam releases Gabe and the boy falls to the floor. The cracked mirror is smeared with blood.

Liam asks why Theo continues to try to save him. He says if the chimera is trying to get in good with Scott so he can join the pack, it won’t work because Scott will never trust Theo. He reminds Liam that Scott’s goal all along is to keep people alive. Gabe pipes up that they should try harder. Theo grabs him and crushes his head back into the mirror. Gabe relents and explains there are a number of other bodies.

Monroe Is Warned, Nevertheless, She Persisted

In an attempt to convince Monroe to stop aiding Gerard, Noah Stilinski shows her a series of pictures and tells her, in graphic detail, about Gerard’s duplicitous past. He explains how he killed Matt in an attempt to take control of the Kanima (See Fury). He shows her an image from the distillery where Gerard killed his own men in an attempt to frame Deucalion and start a war between hunters and supernaturals (See Visionary). He says Monroe might be his next victim.

The sheriff explains that Gerard is at least partially responsible for the attack that almost killed Monroe. He explains that the old man withheld vital information that could have stopped The Beast sooner. He says Gerard wanted to kill the historic foe to rebuild his street cred among the hunters. He says if Scott had known sooner what they needed to kill the beast, he might have prevented all the pain it caused. He says they must start understanding each other to avoid the conflict to come.

Monroe turns Noah’s argument around saying she understands that the sheriff can’t control the violence in his own county and refuses to see the truth. She says she was lied to and told that she had been the victim of a bear attack. She says the sheriff lied to protect “them over us” and says he only chooses “them over us.”

Sheriff Stilinski walks Monroe out of his office and orders Deputy DeWitt to escort her “out of my station.” The deputy hesitates and looks to Monroe. The guidance counselor questions if it’s still his station. The other deputies present cross their arms in defiance. DeWitt defies the sheriff as well. Monroe says the station is hers now.

He tries again to reason with her explaining that Gerard only cares about himself and his ambitions. Monroe says she doesn’t trust him, but she knows he’s going to win and that’s what she cares about. She again turns Noah’s arguments against Gerard to her own point of view saying “nothing is more important to Gerard than this fight. Not the life of a young man, not the lives of his allies, not the lives of his own men. That’s how strong his belief is. He won’t stop and that’s why he’ll beat you.”

She orders the deputy to take Noah’s badge and gun. The Sheriff warns him that if he tries he’ll feel the pain of a whole lot more than just jail time. Noah heads toward the exit but turns first and clarifies, “I never said Gerard wouldn’t beat me. I said he wouldn’t beat Scott.” He leaves the station to Monroe.

Lydia’s Vision

Lydia awakens in her hospital room, but finds everything frozen over. There is a thin layer of snow on the floor and her breath escapes in little puffs of condensation. She rises from her bed and enters the empty hallway. Here too, ice covers everything. The frozen hospital is deserted and she shivers as she makes her way down the hall following what appears to be a wide path in the ice leading her to the morgue.

Inside, she sees the ice has melted off one of the cadaver drawers. A warm glow shines from the edges of the drawer. She opens it.

Peter Hale Dodges the Draft

Peter Hale agrees to meet Scott and Malia at Eichen House. The former Alpha says he was curious. He refuses to take on another suicide mission to help Scott's Pack. Scott says they could not have won against the Ghost Riders without his help. He says Peter is stronger than all of them. Peter stops this trail of flattery saying his ego is already “quite healthy.” Scott asks what he wants and Peter says he’s fine. “My penthouse apartment is filled with mid-century furniture. My passport has more stamps than the Post Office. And did you see the car parked out front? That’s a Shelby 1000 Cobra. There are only 100 in the entire world. I have two.”

EDITOR’S NOTE: The Shelby 1000 Peter refers to is a real car. It is a transformed Ford Mustang based on the Ford Shelby GT500. The company made and released just 100 in both 2012 and 2013. The starting price was $150,000-$200,000.

Scott points out that Gerard has an army that wants the werewolves dead. Peter says Scott can’t win. By way of demonstration, there is a hunter locked in one of the Eichen House cells with an unloaded automatic rifle. Peter explains that when he first encountered this hunter (Joseph Boyd), the gun was pointed at his face. He says it’s a G-36, which fires 750 rounds per minute.

EDITOR’S NOTE: The weapon Peter describes is a Heckler & Koch G36 made in Germany and used in a number of international conflicts and civil wars since its introduction in the late 90s. As stated, it has a rate of fire of 750 rounds per minute.

The weapon is empty, but Peter passes a full clip through the door to the waiting hunter. He says the hunter will kill them all unless Scott is willing to kill him, which he doubts the young man is willing to do. The hunter quickly loads the gun and begins firing at the windows of the cell. The weapon jams. Peter explains to the perplexed hunter how to unjam it by sliding the bolt back. He resumes firing. Scott tells the man that they won’t hurt him but he just keeps firing. Peter explains that he’s trying to kill them because he’s afraid and because “he hates us.”

The bullets crack the glass but it doesn’t break until the hunter throws himself through it. Scott wrestles with the hunter and asks him why he’s attacking. The hunter says it’s “because she want’s you dead.” Peter points out the man’s blind obedience. Scott throws him against the wall and knocks him unconscious.

Peter says someday they’ll learn they can’t save everyone. Scott counters that you can’t kill everyone either. He says Peter can fight with them or alone, but, one way or another, he’ll end up fighting. They walk away leaving Peter shouting that no one makes it through a war with clean hands meaning Scott is going to have to kill in order to win.

Later, Peter agrees to meet Malia outside the library at school. She says she needs to give Peter all the facts. She plugs his claws into her neck and he sees the half of the Anuk-Ite as it confronted them in the tunnels and at the sheriff station. He breaks the connection and seems truly shaken. She explains that the creature feeds off of fear and is affecting the hunters and driving them to come for all the supernaturals including Peter. He scoffs at the idea that “incorruptible Scott” believes he can keep from killing.

In addition to the new big bad, Peter also saw glimpses of Malia’s growing attraction to Scott. He says she knows the only way she can protect him is to surround him with those who are willing to kill. He again refuses to help. She tells him to go running back to his cars because he cares about them more than anything else. He hands her a car key and says one of the Shelby vehicles was for her. She throws it back at him.

The Primal Pack

Malia arrives at Scott’s house and suggests they try to enlist the help of a pack known as “The Primal.” She says this pack "gave up everything that makes them human – rules, morals, electricity.” Scott says he’s heard of them and their pack symbol is a circle with a crescent on top. Scott says, “they’re not only strong, they’ll kill anything that crosses their path.” Malia points out that they’re no worse than Deucalion and Peter. Scott says he knows those two killers and hesitates to enlist aid from the Primals if “they’re murderers.” Malia says she agrees but points out that they don’t know of anyone else who could help. Scott wonders if they’re that desperate.

Gabe leads Theo and Liam to a freezer chest somewhere on campus. There are three bodies inside, one teacher and two students. Their eyes are gaping holes, similar to how victims of the Anuk-Ite’s spider hoard look once the arachnids leave their bodies. Liam says unless there’s a gun in the freezer it’s not helping them find the shooter.

Theo asks why Gabe hid the bodies. He says they didn’t want to get caught testing the students to see if they were werewolves. These people apparently were but Gabe claims the hunters didn’t kill them. He points to their faces and says something else did it. Theo says it was the Anuk-Ite. Gabe is confused. Liam questions why a creature that feeds off fear would want to kill because dead people aren’t afraid.

Theo surmises that death is just a byproduct of the Anuki-Ite looking for its other half and that it’s searching supernatural creatures. Theo points out that Gabe has been helping it. The novice hunter says he was just helping Aaron. It was all Aaron’s idea to test students. Liam and Theo realize that Aaron is half of the Anuk-Ite.

Scott and Malia arrive at the Primal Pack compound in the woods. They are overwhelmed by fear and Malia starts to run. Once Scott takes her hand, she calms down. Inside the shack, they find several bodies with the hollowed-out eyes of Anuk-Ite victims.

A noise startles them, they turn to find Lydia - still barefoot and in her hospital gown - standing in the doorway. She says Halwyn led her there. Malia points out that Halwyn is dead but Lydia says the connection between Hellhound and Banshee is apparently stronger than death. He wanted her to come there to find a body. Scott and Malia point out that there are several bodies inside but she says that’s not the one she’s looking for.

Lydia leads them through the woods. Malia says she doesn’t smell any other dead bodies. Lydia points out that she is a “harbinger of death” and says they should trust her.

Nolan follows Gabe into the locker room. He’s explained the situation with Theo and Liam and says he didn’t tell them anything about who shot up Scott’s house. Gabe says he did it but told Monroe that Nolan did it to protect the boy from the hunters. He says Nolan should be grateful because that’s the only reason he's is still alive.

Anuk-Ite Part Two

Lydia leads them to a skinless bloody lump of a body partially covered in leaves. Malia is confused because they saw Jordan Parrish burn up the last lump in the tunnels. Scott points out that this is a different one. There is a burned outline of a Primal Pack tattoo on one arm. Scott explains that werewolves have to burn in tattoos in order to get them to show up (See Tattoo).

Lydia surmises that there are two of the bloody lumps because the Anuk-Ite has two faces. Scott says Halwyn sent her there to find the Anuk-Ite’s other face.

Later at the school, Liam and Theo show Scott and Malia the bodies in the freezer. Malia says it’s a bad day for finding bodies. Liam says it’ll get worse if they don’t find Aaron’s other half. Scott says they at least know it’s a werewolf. They question what might happen if the two halves merge. They don’t know for sure but do know it won’t be good.

Peter shows up. He is covered in soot and holding a partially burned steering wheel. He claims the hunters blew up both his cars and he’s there to help them stop the Anuk-Ite and promising there will be hell to pay.

Peter gets into Malia’s car. Peter is in a rush, claiming he has a lot of revenge to plan. Malia says she’s not moving until he tells her the real reason he came back. He says it’s because of the cars, but she says he’s lying. She says something he saw while he was in her head convinced her. As Scott gets into Stiles Jeep, Peter flashes on all the scenes of Malia’s burgeoning relationship with the true alpha. He sees how Malia protected Scott from the Ghost Riders, how she took away his pain in the tunnels, and how they almost died in the armory. He sees their kiss too. Peter warns Malia not to fall in love with a dead man. She says it’s “too late.”

The Return of Jackson Whittemore

Jackson and Ethan arrive at Beacon Hills High School. The first adult they encounter is Tamora Monroe. They ask for Scott indicating that they know he is an assistant lacrosse coach at the school. She asks his name and then recognizes him as “Jackson Whittemore.” He seems flattered that she’s heard of him.

Jackson and Ethan are tied to a metal scissor gate inside the hunters’ headquarters. Monroe douses them both with water. Ethan scolds Jackson for being so flattered by Monroe that they ended up captured. She asks what they want with Scott McCall. Jackson drags her mercilessly saying he doesn’t know who she is and is not impressed by her “little show.” The counselor dials up the electricity sending a shock through the gate and into the prisoners. She repeats her question.

Jackson says he actually has some questions for her. She says that’s not how it works but he continues that she needs them more than they need her because she wants to know what they came to tell Scott. She shocks them again.

Jackson asks why she’s killing werewolves in London and why did they send hunters to chase them down. She shocks them again. She says them asking questions of her is not how this works. Ethan disagrees, he repeats the line from earlier that Jackson talks while he listens. She shocks them again.

Monroe exits. Jackson says “Happy anniversary.”




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